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years of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand fully that you have to live the. real life stories from. six. to nine hundred forty five dot com. tonight on r t flight recorders from the plane that crashed in northwestern russia with the loss of forty four arrives here in moscow for analysis bad weather conditions and human error thought to be that way. at least fifty more civilians killed as nato bombers miss a topic tuffy aid but instead the birthday party of his four year old grandson. showed up in the greek parliament the pm savage new austerity cuts face a no confidence vote for the country on the brink of becoming the first eurozone nation to default. and in business are we
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looking at the euro facing a slow death and if so what could this mean for russia to find out on the bulletin around twenty minutes time. watching r t it's ten pm tuesday night here in moscow it's kevin zero in with you this hour with our top story and officials say the bad weather and pilot error of the likely causes of a plane crash which killed forty four left eight injured in northwestern russia on sunday night the russet a flight on route from moscow to predators of course crashed onto the road just a kilometer from its destination our correspondent tensors said a report from the city. just before midnight on monday a plane from moscow to a pepper's avoids had crashed here and right behind me if you can see this is in the northwest of the contrie it had crashed on a road it's just less than two kilometers from the actual airport according to the
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if we said we're talk to here the crash is actually perpendicular to the main road because it was trying to make its way to the airport which you can see just to my left over here as we were we were going around here we still saw pieces of the plane being picked up hoarding it to the record that they had there were fifty two people on board nine crew members and forty four of those people were killed in this crash eight of them survived including a young boy and a young girl including their own mother as well now as of now the five of those survivors have been flown to moscow to receive a further medical treatment that they need for burns shaukat multiple injuries but three of them are still in very critical condition and have had to stay at the local hospital as to who was here first it was actually the with this is we were walking around and there were houses just right by the road it's actually very lucky that the plane did hit anyone on the ground if reports say that only a parked car was damaged those who had come here were trying to save as many people
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as they can get it was around midnight so only the locals were first on the scene. three people in the wreckage one was. i could not sell which was launched and then the mine was haunches it was dark and there was a man and also was unhappy and was launched into me and then we carried people from the wreckage in the middle of the rooms another man reached. him everything sources actually. everything was in my final story. now on the plane there were four foreigners there was one swede a dutchman as well as two ukrainians. as well as a family of four were dual russian u.s. citizenship and there was also a football referee in fact by the name of. a work for the russian premier league now as to exactly what happened in the local investigators here as well as
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those that have flown in from moscow don't want to stick to one theory at the moment but there is one that have kept coming up the possibility that to be bad weather conditions as well as human error could have been because this there's a theory that the plane had descended far earlier than it should have it when it was about two hundred meters off course and that the local ground control had given a statement and had said that they had asked the pilot to make a second approach a lever he had declined and said that he will be able to he would have been able to make the landing however of course he didn't and according to some initial reports the plane had hit a high voltage the power line which did the lighting system on the actual runway and it took a few seconds for the backup generator to reactivate the lights and when it reactivated it was too late now the tuple of one three four itself it does have quite a bad reputation and back in two thousand and seven the a russian air transport minister had said that this model of the plane is obsolete
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and should have been replaced within a five years now a but some of the some experts would argue that in most of the crashes this twenty eighth or the specific model that in most of the crashes it's usually a very there are a variety of factors that lead to a crash and more often than not it's a human error. which i don't think anything would go with the plane itself in future years of operation the three for his extreme a reliable aircraft in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame and the same is true here. should have made a second landing approach this is exactly what happened to the polish presidential poll ever again it's still too to early. come up with one theory and say exactly what had happened what had been the cause the flight recorder of the black box had been recovered and have been flown to moscow will be examined there will be listened to and from there we can find out exactly what happened at the last
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moments before the crash and ask for the of families of the survivors some of them we were told have been making their way to his avoids it today and some will come to morrow specially via families of the forty four that were killed the bodies are now in morgues as for the the republic of korea where but as avoids is they have declared three days of mourning for respect for those who have been killed as well as the survivors now before forty four and more than were killed also get insurance from gross error all of them were insured for a two million rubles that's about seventy one thousand u.s. dollars and those that have survived i will also get some financial aid from authorities both law school authorities and local authorities here are working together to give them all the help that they need and it was still see some of the locals actually here just a trickling in trying to see what's going on some of them carrying flowers and bringing them to the site to sort of center of course what reporting on the action of last night will chris you know if you're an expert says there are too many
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factors to pinpoint an exact cause of the questions. you know there's all sorts of factors come into this and the story of those who are going right for the information from the ground controllers that we have in question go getting the right sort of weather information from our work from other key points. and also whether there would be knowledge or a radio where the controllers were keeping track on the aircraft heights and so on because of course around airports we know where the various obstacles are to have an impact on the safety of a landing or a takeoff so provided we had all that information given to them then there should have been rooting moment. can we have a few minutes in the program when fighting terror brings more tell us drone attacks in pakistan and yemen keep claiming civilian lives causing an uproar among locals
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and send them into the arms of the taliban. just a day after admitting killing nine civilians in a bungled airstrike nato has been accused by the libyan authorities of causing at least another fifteen deaths confirmed it carried out another bombing but has not responded to those allegations of civilian casualties are his breath financial reports from tripoli another day has brought more death and destruction to libya a large private company and the rest of the capital tripoli has been leveled reduced to rubble in a parent's airstrike. rescuers have discovered the remains of fifteen people according to libyan officials. the houses destroyed belonged to general who. one of the people closest to colonel gadhafi he was among those who took part in the military coup to bring the libyan leader to power forty one years ago the generals caved to injury but most of his
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family died in the attack. this man is talking about little al who one of the grandchildren of the general and one of three kids killed in the incident the day of the bombing the family had gathered with friends to celebrate his fourth birthday. libyan civilians it is. in the early hours of this morning killing fifteen people including. children are. mothers you know. the number is fifty and. nato has denied these claims just as it's never been to the deaths of more than eight hundred eleven government says were killed by their bombs and nine people killed in sunday's bombing of a residential building in tripoli remain the only civilian casualties i can or
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which by the lines which claim to mistake technical failure a former pentagon official says the only thing clear about the nato campaign is the mountain casualty toll and it's inflicting on the libyan people they try to achieve a certain level of humanitarian effort and initially about the protracted bombing is now increasingly hitting civilian targets and it's creating a very negative reaction i think it does raise the question of what is nato's role continued role going to be there as discontented actions and crazies are the voices become more and more to the voices of the libyan people. and it seems that the more anger they feel about. the more they support a leader. this is seventy. six was.
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the. united states is. that. you want to deliver a lot of this is. what is the. dying. r.t. . well for analysis of major's actions in libya and what's in store maybe for the water and country let's not talk to lawrence davidson of the festival the sister thanks for being on the line with us on r.t. as our correspondent said in that report that nato is actually in libya it appears aren't winning over hearts and minds instead they are paid if it comes to twenty people support for gadhafi what they didn't want over three months on should there
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be a change of strategy. well it depends upon where you're getting your news you know your program. admirably clinton treats at least sometimes. the victims of the nato attacks and the media in my neighborhood never get. the american people don't realize that the the if i get the story well. yes and then the one side that comes out ahead unfortunately usually is the side that can kill more people than the other side. but i think. what this points into question is the original justification for american intervention which was humanitarian my own personal opinion is that that was. just a media story. to mess to consumption you cannot intervene.
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anywhere with this munitions and not kill civilians so ok you're going to protect civilians by intervening with the type of munitions that cannot avoid killing civilians and the military of course no instance. what about what happened last night the family and close a fell victim to the latest airstrike it's a great card quite get the good fever they say they're not purposely out to kill you well they do want to stand there and i will do nothing you know because it seems they are striking at those close to him in. absolutely and if they could kill gadhafi they would and there but the type of munitions that they're using where there are these are you know piloted aircraft or drone strike in the afghanistan i mean you cannot employ that you can't these are not smart weapons whatever they might say if you're going to attack a building in a in
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a urban environment you don't know you know there's a margin for error it's all right and you're going to kill civilians it's just they know that they know that and they've only admitted to go to why but you know that there has to be more well what about the other question mark about the initial idea that the big nobut so the drug nato said there would be other that wouldn't be happening you think we're closer to that now well there are groups on the ground there is not a lot of them but they're the british and they are american cia people. and and there are british trainers and what have you so there are troops on the ground the queen queen is that i don't think that nato and its commanders and the president and the politicians involved in this are beyond a point of no return so they simply cannot stop thinking in terms of their own mind and what they've invested in this and therefore they will end up doing whatever is
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necessary to secure victory in libya and they were project media stories to cover and i think that's what's going to happen lawrence we touched on the two sides to every story earlier on as the civilian deaths go up in libya as it were do you think ever going to be held accountable for the no deaths you know should they be of course they should be but just like in afghanistan i mean they're already in iraq. in the united states there are many many people who want to george bush. held accountable for simply waging an unnecessary war that's not going to they're being protected. obviously there so. you can commit any kind of crime and as long as. you don't lose. the war and the other side takes over your protective
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or i look at what that historical story is in it all i was going to say is there's a history repeat itself laura jason a professor of middle east history as you are thank you for your insight on the program been a pleasure. ok now the greek government which is trying to push through harsh austerity measures is facing a no confidence vote in parliament later tonight its survival is a critical first step in securing a new loan from the e.u. designed to prevent its defaulting on its debts and triggering a eurozone crisis he finance ministers have given two weeks now to force through tax hikes and spending cuts in return for a twelve billion euro lifeline the conditions though are deeply unpopular with the greek public and regardless of the way the vote goes m.e.p. david campbell bannerman of the u.k.'s independence party told me he believes greece's future prosperity rests with the collapse of the year the question is are
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we throwing good money after money. how many billions can you throw at this you know the tolerance of the people for carts for extra taxes as you see to greece the real trouble over there is trouble in spain and particularly i think it's in major trouble the euro and as i've been saying for some time i do believe it will collapse the heart or totally. and probably quite shortly no good to be honest i think you leave your is a political prison for a country such as were. since they need to be liberated from their prison recreate their own currencies have devaluation make their exports cheaper make it easier for tourists to visit their countries and they'll get back and on their feet i think they should go back to the drachma i think they need to get out the euro it is a prison for them and to recreate the drachma i know there are no plans at present to do that but of course they can't sort of plan for until the euro actually fails
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i think that is the salvation for greece and that's the way it really should go but obviously that's a matter for the greek people and that will be decided tonight i will be covering it as well and thoughts about the story to find out is financial guru max kaiser he says the greeks are being fooled into paying off a debt they're not responsible for to hear more of his thoughts and catch the man of the scandals about economic turmoil in greece next and it's also on the line and . it's the annual aviation showcase when companies battle it out for control of the skies a multi-billion pound deals that the label joy air show is underway outside paris and in the past russia is always at a large presence there but this year it's gone all out with more planes on off than ever before and the super jets win the super star among with delegation and his regular. i think there is there are so russians around the putting on display it's development in civil aviation design and that is this is one hundred sukhoi design
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. designing that has the right to receive numerous offers for the craft but the primary hold for this craft is to replace most of the how did it to you one fifty four seventy you one thirty four is just like the one which fell in korea on monday morning and that is the hope of russian and of course the designers of this if we support it are saying that the plane's design has particular focus on the security systems of the controls so. while it's. so it's kind of predicting the area which could be made by a pilot therefore making the plane a much they brought to the already existing aircraft however when exactly this secret. project will enter the fleet of russian aviation companies is not yet known . also making headlines for us tonight tens of thousands of take of the streets of course in support of the country's president bush. earlier said address the nation
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promising political reform and general amnesty for prisoners however the impact will be they gave no sign of stepping down it was the third public appearance of syria's president since the uprising began in march. president obama sort of the scale of u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan on wednesday the speed and size of the pullout has caused the visions with some of the military warning that a jew haste will be dangerous around one hundred thousand american troops in the country will start next month and conclude twenty fourteen and afghan forces take over security. the latest drone attacks and pakistan have reportedly killed twelve people only nine of them confirmed taliban fighters the growing number of civilian deaths the greens more angry locals are joining the militants and with the u.s. no turning its attention to yemen to the uproar looks set to become even louder as we report next. the u.s. is looking to expand its war on terror but its methods are under fire in pakistan
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in the one year that cia drone strikes killed seven hundred civilians but netted only five actual militant leaders. in the number of civilian casualties that result because of that their own strengths of sharing this like the taliban in our qaeda and other groups in pakistan could recruit new members and they're doing. so very very many pakistanis are furious at their government for helping the americans kill their own people they accuse their leaders of doing that in exchange for billions of dollars from washington americans on the other hand are not too happy with what they get in return for their billions to support governments or large ones when do say enough is enough most governments lie to each other that's the way business gets done in washington now sees yemen as the most dangerous all kind of outpost and he's planning to step up drone attacks on the country as that pushing
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a base in the persian gulf specifically for that purpose especially now when the nonce replacement i am and also ari is thought to be building up has already significant presence in yemen. the us had been cooperating with yemeni counterterrorism forces in targeting al qaida but they've since left the field preoccupied instead was the nation wide turmoil against the sollie regime that means the americans are likely to have a freer hand going it alone with the cia to take a central role because the agency is not subject to the accountability the us military is legally under expect more bombs to fall on yemen we need us starts to hit people who are numbers a lot quite in the arabian peninsula and then i think we'll worry is that it expands this war to the lines where so many people showing up at all kind of their security. yemen over the killing of scores of civilians by the drone strikes in one
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attack theory the american military presumably evening at an all kinder training camp ended up killing dozens of women and children in another strike a year ago a drone mistakenly killed a deputy governor in yemen his family and eight with the expansion of the drone for it seems to go once the seeking only of itself in the fighting al qaida analysts say some of the make the terms of this the race card not having to work on the fourth of the canterbury bombing and the lack of accountability when it comes to believe that. that had not carried out the right strategy for the barricades marty and bob three here at the same time i am getting check out the police we've got this well come up for about twenty minutes my group called leaders from where border to business next over the country. hello and welcome to our tease business bulletin the euro is facing a slow death says former british foreign secretary jack straw and even the optimist
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recognize a currency is vulnerable to shot declines can vaccinate from saxo bank explains how he thinks this will impact on russia. but the thing with russia to remember is that no matter what really happens internally it's still regarded for the most part as an emerging market economy and as such as much as odds are long use the phrase there is very much a risk on risk off mantra operating within the wider financial markets now as with any other emerging market economy when is a general response. economies and countries such as russia are in favor and that means increased foreign direct investment flow of hot money and as soon as the mood of real turns in the market and there's a risk off sentiment risk aversion then just as quickly as the money came into russia it flows just as quickly the only thing obviously the differentiator here is that obviously being rich of natural resources what we will bring predominantly
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amongst those russia has a slightly different different nature of impact that they can play out on its economy so while the central bank maintains its policy of raising rates to battle inside edition and oil stays relatively high and some of its profits russia probably shouldn't feel any more effects over and above what it's already said. the oil price rebounded slightly after losing six percent last week however worries about a possible default by greece as still weighing on crude the country's parliament is due to hold a confidence vote later tuesday holding a lot to pick a from platts energy agency explains why the small country is having such a big effect on the crude market. we already have a historical event similar to this one we have brothers lehman brothers. of course the flight from a couple markets and
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a general loss of wealth as the loss of a current consumption drop while prices fell in two thousand and eight from one hundred forty to forty dollars so what happened from. is trying. something with this drug or south america and africa sort of man. on the part of you my brothers and now it's over. so if something serious were to happen greed is good man we can cracked it more than humans but they would still continue growth even asia and elsewhere sort the result. of the worse it was there but we still have major i don't think we're going to sixty percent of the. one percent is likely if there is a major before you're. taking a look at the markets now prices reversed from earlier gains as traders are an easy
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about greece's parliamentary confidence about light sweet is trading at ninety three dollars a barrel and brant is around one hundred ten dollars a barrel but in the u.s. the markets are responding positively to the potential outcome of tuesday's conference vote in the greek government the nasdaq is one point eight percent in the black and the dow is almost two percent up here in moscow trying to close on a positive note tuesday the r.c.a.'s was driven higher by energy and financial stocks on rebound in the crude and i said look at some individual shares on the ny six ross telecom ended down around four percent after losing eight percent the session before it was due to news that the company will be included in the privatization program meanwhile energy may just bounce back from earlier losses supported by good. during or oil prices gazprom closed almost one percent in the black and banking stops also again despair back up one point three percent. and that's all the business for now will be back with more in just under an hour's time
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stay with us for headlines next. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand janitors
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of range from battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are . on this beach which of course is a very most appropriate city signification i assemble of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate were so many days died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to charles de leon cooper story on archie. wealthy british style but it's time to rise.


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