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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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well our team tonight flight recorders from the plane that crashed in northwestern russia with a loss of forty four lives arrived in moscow for analysis bad weather conditions and human error thought to be to play. the fifteen more civilians killed as nato bombers mr tucker duffy abel instead at the birthday party of his four year old grandson. and showdown in the greek parliament the pm savagely was totally cut spray said no confidence for the country on the brink of becoming the first eurozone nation to default.
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watching r t it's eleven pm chooser night here in moscow my name's kevin owen folks have been with us from our top story now officials say bad weather and pilot error are the likely causes of a plane crash that killed forty four and left eight injured in northwestern russia on monday night the russe air flight on route from moscow to petra savors crashed into a road just one kilometer from its destination a corresponding test for a city reports from the city. a commercial plane that would have landed on schedule and ended up in pieces and in flames this tuple of one three four carrying fifty two people from moscow the bettors avoids good northwestern russia crash on a road around a kilometer from the runway now really missing a row of houses and killing forty four on board airport officials say the plane hit a high voltage power line that cut off lights on the runway which also knocked out
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the town's electricity. at around midnight the lights went off in our house we were going to check the electric transformer when we heard the sound of a huge explosion we arrived at the scene of the accident airplane was seriously damaged we could see its wing jutting out of the bushes and everybody scattered all around the field the lots of them below where here at the side with a total of one three four crash landed on a road and as you can see behind me there's a lifting parts of the plane the man living here was first on the scene because the plane had landed right in front of his home. thank you and three people out of the wreckage long was either a girl or a woman i could not sell but she was larger than the mine it was hard to see it was dark and there was a man he also was unhappy he was not to then me and then we carried out two more people from the wreckage in the middle of the road another man reached out his hand towards me but i couldn't make it to him and everything started exposing i could not get any closer everything was engulfed by fire so henri. among the eight
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survivors were a young boy his teenage sister and their mother five had been flown to moscow for medical treatment initial reports point to human error and bad weather conditions at the time as possible causes of the crash ground staff at the local airport claimed they had asked the pilot to make a second approach but he said he'd make it the first time however investigators say there are several theories and nothing has been ruled out just yet so that's good. gaiters continue their work at the site of the tragedy the debris there is spread across a three hundred meter radius the flight recorder has already been found communication recordings are being analyzed forensic analysis is being carried out we're looking into several versions of what caused the tragedy in these include the human factor such as an air of the crew or the ground services severe weather conditions technical failure and several other potential causes this is the twenty eighth
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crash involving eight people of one three four tarnishing its reputation even more in two thousand and seven russia's transport minister called the aircraft obsolete and should be replaced within five years but some would argue that in most plane crashes human error plays the biggest part. of which i don't think anything would go wrong with the plane itself in forty years of operation the triple of one three four has to do extremely reliable aircraft in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame and the same is true here apologetic made a second landing approach this is exactly what happened to the polish presidential airplane while investigators work on the case relatives of the victims and survivors are dealing with their own grief one shared by the people of beth as avoids declaring three days of mourning us are still here r t and the russian cover your region. well try and build a picture of what may have gone so badly wrong here let's bring into the
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conversation captain mark vice is a former pilot with american airlines good evening to you thanks for being investigated is a saying so far they think bad weather conditions maybe pilot error could be the reason for what happened here from the information you've got to agree. well you know accidents don't happen from a single cause or a compilation of events leading up to the catastrophe so certainly weather is a factor human dynamics play into this again it's a combination of events that led to this catastrophe sadly i mean what are the challenges facing a pilot landing a plane in bad weather presumably although this is an old model plane oldish model plane it had the usual safety equipment like other passenger airplanes out here. well you know remember something pilots are trained this is not a typical weather this is normal operations that pilots go through on a daily basis one of the questions that need to be asked and certainly when the
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flight data recorder and the voice recorder are analyze it will have a better idea but certainly one of the things we have to find out was whether this aircraft was in fact. did it have on board ground proximity warning which would have alerted the pilot that his closure rate to the ground or his distance from the ground was either too close or too fast for the appropriate position on the phase of flight that's also my employee that would lead that would shouts out that the pilot yeah. yes it would say terrain terrain too low pull up various types of warning systems like that on aircraft and the other question certainly is what exactly what type of an approach he was on there are a variety of approaches you have to runway some being pursued approaches would have a glide path which take you down pretty much over
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a regular path that would lead you to a point beyond the threshold the end of the runway that gives you obstacle clearance there are other approaches that have bring you in on turns or other approaches that don't have the accuracy of that precision instrument landing system now depending on the type of approach is how how low the aircraft can go before it has to by law make a missed approach go around and on the precision approach it slow it down or approach that doesn't get you the same parameters as you will have imprecision so the question becomes a what type of approach it was did the pilot go below the minimum level that they were allowed to go because they. but they could get in or would be getting a rude use information from perhaps ground signals or was there something on the airplane so there's a lot you look very easy to point to yeah i was going to say it's very i'm sorry
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there are awful lot of things that must be considered here but of course one of the big fingers pointed at the plane itself took off model a russian plane aides getting quite old now they are the work or says of the russian skies there's a lot of them still flying around but all these aging aircraft do you think still really fit for the purpose. will certainly aging aircraft if there are properly maintained and with the proper instrumentation have a life expectancy beyond what most people would think they are again the question becomes what instrumentation was on board that aircraft that would have allowed it or not allowed it to continue that approach with information to tell it that there was a potential opportunity for catastrophe if it continued or whether or not the pilot exercised poor judgment it's early to make that determination and it's again generally a combination of factors ok mark thanks for being on the program our vice former
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pilot with american airlines there on r.t. tonight. and bit later in the program we will be reporting on the newest safety hopes for russian aviation the latest aircraft designed to make pilot error a thing of the past take to the skies of the largest show in the world we've got a report from france a bit later. now though just a day after admitting killing nine civilians in a bungled airstrike nato has been accused by the libyan authorities of causing at least another fifteen deaths the alliance confirmed it carried out another bombing but has not responded to those allegations of civilian casualties of his riff national reports now from tripoli. and another day has brought more death and destruction to leave here a large private compound west of the capital tripoli has been leveled reduced to rubble in an apparent airstrike rescuers have discovered the remains of fifteen people according to libyan officials.
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the houses destroyed belonged to a general who already one of the people closest to colonel gadhafi he was among those who took part in the military coup to bring the libyan leader to power forty one years ago the general escaped injury but most of his family died in the attack . this man is talking about a little alcove one of the grandchildren of the general and one of three kids killed in the incident the day of the bombing the family had gathered with friends to celebrate his fourth birthday. libyan civilians from it is. attacked in the early hours of this morning killing fifteen people including. children are. there is still the mothers.
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but. the number is fifty and. nato has denied these claims just as it's never been to the deaths of more than eight hundred others and even government says were killed by their bombs and nine people killed in sunday's bombing of a residential building in tripoli i mean the all the civilian casualties i can always buy the lines which claim to mistake technical failure former pentagon official says the only thing clear about the nato campaign is the mountain casualty toll and it's inflicting on the leading people that they try to achieve a certain level of humanitarian effort and initially but the protracted bombing is now increasingly hitting civilian targets and it's creating a very negative reaction i think it does raise the question of what is nato's role continued role going to be there as discontented actions and crazies are their voices become more and more than two voices of the libyan people.
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and it seems that the more anger they feel about nato the more they support their leader. this is the second thing is that. this is this is this is. this is the it's. the. united states is. that. we will not you want to deliver our to mrs doolan a good leader said the bomb being guy backing libya what certain is the more indeed dying. or a functional r.t. tripoli. there is davison's
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a professor of middle east history at west chester university told me it was the target of see its libyan campaign through to the bitter end. the queen is that. negro and it's commander and president politicians do this far beyond a point of no return or so they simply carry out stuck in terms of their own mind what they've invested in this and therefore everyone can end up doing whatever is necessary to secure victory in libya and they will project media stories to cover. and coming up a few minutes when fighting terror breeds more terror us from attacks in pakistan and yemen keep claiming civilian lives causing an uproar among locals and said to go into the arms of the taliban and we've got more on that coming up. next though the greek government which is trying to push through harsh austerity measures is
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facing a no confidence vote in parliament tonight it's survival is a critical first step in securing a new loan from the e.u. designed to prevent a defaulting on its debts and triggering a eurozone crisis in finance ministers are given greece two weeks to force through tax hikes and spending cuts it return for a twelve billion euro lifeline conditions are deeply unpopular with the greek public to discuss the unfolding drama in the parliament and the greek debt crisis there's talk no to so terrorist particularly if he's lecturing the university of the aegean he's joining us live from athens disappeared because it's like spring with this the blame for what's happening in greece right now is being thrown around like a hot potato isn't it any in your opinion who are the main contributors to the crisis in your country. i think about what we are experiencing is a very deep social crisis the whole austerity package that had been implemented for at least a year has aggravated this crisis that's why we are now facing this uprising
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this is a sort of a popular insurrection right now and we have all will have entered nothing. days of political crisis i mean i listen to you explaining that the government is trying to pass the new low this is when it's not sure if this really if this is going to happen i mean we have a government right now that last week sort of resigned and then decided to have a cabinet over how this is a sign of a very deep political crisis even if the government manages. to have the confidence vote tonight it's not sure if they can put up stand up to the pressure from the streets especially during the two day national strike at the days when the new austerity package is going to be discussed in parliament what was the option here i mean are these do you prefer the proposed to seriously measures are going to be very painful we've seen a process it is going to be hard to imagine the greek public putting up with the
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one of the option is there. i think the only other via the option and what actually the people are demanding these are how the collection first of all people say they do not want to pay this debt i think the first step the first step to make things better would actually be added season from the greek part to for a for a for an immediate stoppage of debt payments we cannot afford this debt anymore is it right either you can run away or walk away from the debts that you've accrued as a country. no i think that this is this is some sort of an ideological blackmail a stoppard's to payments to the debt or even an a new mint of this does not mean that the country's being cattle from the rest of the worst or the country is going to be bankrupt even now even and even if you look at government numbers.
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total taxation and government revenue can cater for salaries can cater for. social security can cater for the functioning of the greek state so the problem is we cannot we are getting twelve billion lifeline. then but the biggest part of which is going to be used to repay debt to repay previous dates this is totally absurd who to blame you're a great you're a great man yourself must sing it with a lot of sorrow singing country in this mass shooting plain for it. why i think i have to claim all the old all the previous great governments including this one for this choice of policies they choose are very certain in a way developmental talent i can hear in greece which was based on own giving tax evasion for the for working people but very little taxation for businesses
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especially big businesses there were governments who made the choice of overpriced far our own nic in a way big public works for example take for example the big works that public works that were made for the olympic games which are now stands totally useless and deserted these have been political choices that have aggravated the problem of there not salaries not social security payments ok well we're following what's happening with the very closely tonight of the next year as a singer that vote of confidence goes from the stairs chronicle is lecture of university and thanks for your thoughts on the program. i was thoughts about it to us the financial guru most keyser soze that the greeks are being fooled or the paying off but they're not responsible for if you'd like to hear more about what i was to say you can catch his thoughts on the scandals bradley economic turmoil in greece in just over fifteen minutes time tonight on r.t. . it's the annual aviation showcase for companies battling it out for control of
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the skies multi-billion pound deals the air show is underway outside paris in the past russia's always had a large presence there this year is going all out with more planes on offer than ever before i'm assuming the superstar along with delegation parties are going to commission reports. there is here russia is rather putting on display its development and its civil aviation design and that is the same with the project one hundred the super design. designing them has a right to receive numerous offers for the craft but the primary hope for this craft is to replace most of the how did it do you one fifty forcing t.-u. one thirty fourth just like the one which fell in korea on monday that is the hope of russian every show and of course the designers of this it was a project are saying that the plane's design has its particular focus on it the security systems of the controls and so on the. violence even make an error
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so it's kind of predicting the error that which could be made by a pilot therefore making the plane a much needed alternative to the already existing aircraft however when exactly this it. was in project will enter the fleet of russian aviation companies is not yet known. the latest drone attacks in pakistan have reportedly killed twelve only nine of them confirmed taliban fighters so the growing number of civilian deaths means locals are joining the militants and with the u.s. not turning its attention to yemen the rule upset becoming from bout it. the u.s. is looking to expand its war on terror but its methods are under fire in pakistan in the one year that cia drone strikes killed seven hundred civilians but netted only five actual militant leaders. in pakistan in the number of casualties that result because of their own strikes. stringless
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like the taleban. and other groups in pakistan could recruit new members in their doing their. face many pakistanis are furious at their government for helping the americans kill their own people they accuse their leaders of doing that in exchange for billions of dollars from washington americans on the other hand are not too happy with what they get in return for their billions to support governments or large ones when do say enough is enough most governments lie each other that's the way business gets done in washington now sees yemen as the most dangerous outpost and he's planning to step up drone attacks on the country as stablish ing a base in the persian gulf specifically for that purpose especially now when bin lon's replacement i am and also worry is not to be building our will quite as already significant presence in. the us had been cooperated with yemeni
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counterterrorism forces in targeting al qaida but they've since left the field preoccupied is that with the nationwide turmoil against the sollie regime that means the americans are likely to have a freer hand going it along with the cia to take a central role because agency is not subject to the accountability the us military is legally under expect more bombs to fall on yemen when the us starts to get people who are numbers of all colliding new arabian peninsula and then i think we'll worry is that it expands the war to the point where so many people join up with al-qaeda there's security in. yemen over the killing of scores of civilians by the drone strikes in one attack there the american military presumably ming at an al qaida training camp ended up killing dozens of women and children in another strike a year ago a drone mistakenly killed a deputy governor in yemen his family and aides with the expansion of the wrong war it seems to go on to speaking only of itself to fighting al qaida analysts say some
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of them a feature in this new all the face card not having to put down the force of that and that their mommy and the lack of accountability when it comes to believe that features that had not carried out the web strategy where the america is fighting and fostering terror at the same time i am getting a check out with. our. next tonight the mystery of the disappearance of a prominent russian novelist has been sold edward the good authors called a close friend we hear is revealed in a moldova in jail the authorities at last the restroom a man who for two years have boasted of organizing mass riots there in two thousand and nine his country in a zone of it takes up the story. written off russian writer the what but you know it was last seen on june sixteenth in the moldovan capital keesha now. a week later it's turned out that he had been detained by local authorities for allegedly
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masterminding public riots in april two thousand and nine then thousands of unhappy moldovans took to the streets protesting the results of the country's parliamentary elections opposition leaders accuse the ruling communist party of falsifying votes by get himself frequently stated that he was in fact one of the organizers of the unrest but until now not many people took him seriously. i know he was there when the riots with taking place he doesn't deny that fact there were anything but the spies organizing the riots would taking part in any kind of commotions that's ridiculous the only kind of action he would have gotten involved that would have been movie ladies but the police. model authorities however took him very seriously so seriously they issued an order for his arrest and even though he will officially remain behind bars for another month not many officials in question now are willing
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to admit the fact let alone talk about it he's been arrested by the prosecutors his want was issued by the prosecutors and is the prosecutor's office that should be on string questions about him which is providing the cell where he's being held and prosecutors however aren't keen on admitting that responsibility in fact they're trying to avoid admitting anything at all when you don't have removed even the prosecutor general's office does not confirm nor deny the arrest of mr buy gear of those attempted stonewalling would have been effective at the russian consulate staff not gone and visited the men in prison. on the twenty first of june the consular employees from the russian embassy muldoon's or visited brigadier if he didn't. express any complaints about his living conditions or the way the investigation was going he's using the services of a qualified private and of lawyers currently in investigation is being carried out by means of an authority it's in accordance with
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a court decision he'll be held for thirty days the embassy is not a story in this situation. and the orbit of detention could have been a completely routine legal process but the very fact that mulled over the stories are still refusing to part with any coherent information concerning the case is definitely not doing them any favors and it's showcasing them on that one prosecutor's office one of their e unfortunate light. catheters are the party moscow so business and finance of the next thirty minutes for you the latest money scandals of mice causes installment of the piles report shortly after a business update right now. hello welcome to all things business bulletin the euro is facing a slow death says former british foreign secretary jack straw even elsewheres recognize the currency is vulnerable to shot deploy and can vaccinate from saxo bank explains how he thinks this will impact on russia but the thing with russia to
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remember is that no matter what really happens internally it's still regarded for the most part as an emerging market economy and as such as much as odds are long use the phrase there is very much a risk on risk off mantra operating within the water financial markets now as with any other emerging market economy when is a general response. economies and countries such as russia are in favor and that means increased foreign direct investment flow of hot money and as soon as the mood overall turns in the market and there's a risk off sentiment or risk aversion then just because the money came into russia inflows just as quickly the only thing obviously the differentiator here is that obviously being rich of natural resources will bring predominantly amongst those russia has a slightly different different nature of the impact they can play out on its
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economy so while the central bank maintains its policy of raising rates to battle inflation and oil is relatively high and some of its promises russia probably shouldn't feel any more effects all over and above what it's already. looking at the markets now oil prices are mixed out early again days traders are on easy about greece's problem and three confidence about light sweet is trading at ninety three dollars a barrel want brain does around one hundred nineteen dollars a barrel but in the u.s. the markets are responding positively to the potential outcome of tuesday's confidence vote in the great government the nasdaq is two percent in the black one . down just over a percent up here in moscow trade closed on a positive note choose day the l.c.s. was driven high have by energy and financial stocks on the be found in crude. that's all the business for now but you can always came up to date online and our team got call for slash business stay with us for headlines that.
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