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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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we're starting this drawdown from a position of strength so is this obama's version of mission accomplished or is the us going all right back to where it started. and first there was the turnaround in iraq let me then king winning the war in afghanistan and now the pounds to leave the cia but will america's favorite top brass pass as america's top spy. remember the good old american dream looks like it's still alive and well just not necessarily in this country coming up we'll take you to india for despite generations of cultural barriers the rags to riches story is not only possible it's
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happening. and it's a grand old walkout republican lawmakers storm out of talks with democrats so as the debt ceiling standoff seems to be tumbling down what does this mean for the u.s. economy. it's thursday june twenty third eight pm in washington d.c. i'm christine friends out here watching our team starting off this evening what lies ahead in afghanistan we heard president obama last night lay out his plan for u.s. involvement in what has now become this country's longest war in history. starting next month we will be able to remove ten thousand of our troops from afghanistan by the end of this year and we will bring home a total of thirty three thousand troops by next summer fully recovering the surge i
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had at west point all right a lot of focus has been put on the numbers is it too many troops too few but i want to broaden this discussion and talk about what this actually means to do that earlier i spoke with james carafano national security expert with the heritage foundation and the host of adam vs the man right here on our team i asked them if they saw any change in the afghanistan of today ten years after the start of the war here's what they had to say in two thousand when you had to push everybody out and then the united states basically went to sleep it didn't really do anything to capitalize on that success and by two thousand and five the taliban did build up their capacity and they started coming back then you got kind of war number three which is the united states coming back in two thousand and nine and not giving the troops that the commanders wanted only about half as many as they wanted so they pacified one problematic area the country the cell they didn't pacify the other problematic area which is the north so now they're turning to the north but
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unfortunately we're we're cutting troops at the same time we're doing that so this is the beginning of the end but i don't think the ends going to be pretty honestly and here part i mean has there been noticeable changes for all the resources all the money all the time that we've spent there well the main thing that's changed about afghanistan is that as an excuse to justify the liberal nation building welfare program for the military industrial complex it's kind of wearing thin with the american people as we see that that money would be better spent here at home and in terms of what's happening on the ground when that happens and obama is forced by if anything public opinion and political pressure to withdraw troops to spend less money although i think with this latest announcement really insignificant in the number of troops he's going to find other places to support a spy. doesn't keep that government gravy train going so that's why we have more intervention in libya that's why we have bombing in yemen that's why we're looking for all these other excuses for more big government spending it's kind of like keynesian economics you know you got to dig
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a hole you know even if you hire the guide to fill it up the next day in military spending your it still counts if you hire a guide to dig a hole and he sleeps in it i want to say you know president obama last night said a lot of different things and i want to play a small fortune out of his speech about the position this country is in and can discuss we're starting this drawdown from position of strength al qaida is under more pressure than at any time since nine eleven together with the pakistanis we have taken out more than half of all kind of leadership and thanks to our intelligence professionals and special forces we killed osama bin laden all right osama bin laden is indeed gone but what about the notion that even if it's true that the taliban have retreated don't they simply just have to hang on for a few more years and that and get back to business out of well this is the whole premise of being in afghanistan flushing out al qaeda is really kind of ridiculous it's like trying to be anonymous on the internet when they took root in
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a dozen different countries bin laden was even killed in afghanistan he was killed in pakistan so i mean the whole notion the foundation that basic concept we're going to flush al qaeda out of afghanistan by keeping the taliban out who harbored them i mean remember those who allegedly attacked us on nine eleven were trained right here in the united states we can't keep our own country from harboring terrorists or the idea that armed a nation building and supporting a corrupt government in afghanistan is somehow going to provide for national security and kind of ludicrous that you know what james i'll let you respond to that. well you know i would i want to go on the record that adam and i agree on almost nothing and i think everything he says is actually pretty silly but it doesn't matter because we were this is how does this come in the only guy who said that the united states is a democracy i don't know if you know this or but it's actually a constitutional republic and there is a very important difference there so i certainly disagree with you on that ok adam so if you want you can do all the talking and i'll just sit here and listen
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but let me just get my one comment in which is we actually get to the same place i mean i agree that this isn't going to work i mean the president saying we're we're leaving a position of strength that's irrelevant because what you've done is is you have the enemy on the run. afghanistan and you have damaged them in pakistan and then what the president is basically talking about here is now we're going to walk away and adams right what they're going to do is they're going to build up right back to the capacity that we had before and i'm afraid if we walk away in the way that the president has outlined in two thousand and fourteen we'll be back right back to september tenth two thousand and one they'll be able to reestablish their base and they'll be able to do another nine eleven so hey man why didn't you know just to cross a little on this i mean what's your solution here are you saying and then that there should be more troops that we should do another surge instead of starting to withdraw on that initial surge. well you know this is the sad thing is there is no do over i think the original military strategy would have worked if they'd have
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gone in with the numbers that the military had recommended and they conducted simultaneous operations in the south and the north first of all they would have made that would have made a lot more progress much more quickly there were been a lot less u.s. casualties the taliban would have come under much more pressure pakistan would have been much more compelled to to deal with us from a position of strength you know all that's really kind of history now and then you know instead of monday morning quarterbacking i'd rather hear you know what you wish obama would have said last night and i'll ask my question to both of you james what do you wish you would have said that you think may have been may have been a better idea a more responsible thing for how to carry this out. well i think if he if he would allow the military to arrange maintain sufficient forces in the country to conduct a real campaign in the north set a strong message to the afghans then to the pakistanis and to the taliban and to the qaeda that we were going to create i mean i think this discussion about nation building is silly look we were never there to do nation building it's not about
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building a great government kabul it's about building sufficient capacity in the countryside to take away the ability of the taliban and al qaeda to freely operate in a country that was an achievable goal i mean it's still an achievable goal but i am very skeptical that is going to be achieved with the strategy that the president outlined. completely skeptical about the basic premise of this but. that our military has a presence even has the capability of control in an area and keeping a terrorist from gain a foothold i mean like i said it happens right here in the united states and according to the cia just a couple years ago there were less than one hundred members of al qaida even operate in afghanistan so i mean if you take the premise of your argument here to its logical conclusion you have to say well we need to occupy the entire world with our military in order to deny al qaida safe haven and any just reasonable look at recent history shows that that whole premise is ridiculous but it's really interesting to see that the heritage foundation is now supporting such liberal
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voices who want to see more government spending who want to see more liberal nation building even though they don't call it that to see that they're promoting such a great salesman for this welfare program of the military industrial complex who doesn't know what form of government we have here in the united states let alone what we need to do to make our nation more secure and more fiscally sound and really to grow our current defense policy has become a threat to our economic security jane that i'm just a kid and mandation of recording liberals let's hear on and let's hear a song for that so right so adam you know me and you know i was in the army for twenty five years you know i've studied strategy military history and and i would never suggest something so silly as that so you know that that was a strawman. and you know it wasn't a serious comment look and your other comments not serious either look defense spending is the root of america's for schools we're spending half of what we averaged on the cola defense we could take the spend defense spending to zero tomorrow that includes everything not just afghanistan but all defense spending and
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the country still goes bankrupt in forty years because of our economic policies so defense spending is not the problem and you know that as well well the real strawman here is your idea that we can even denies safe havens to terrorists on any kind of large scale it fundamentally doesn't work the idea of fighting terrorism with occupations is ridiculous and it's been demonstrated over and over but you are taking the side of obama on this one and that's certainly a surprise from the heritage foundation you know james earlier you were kind of i want to get in here because there's so much to talk about regarding what's ahead in afghanistan but i know james you were talking about nation building and was it really ever the idea r.t. did an interview with an afghan woman in afghanistan names and joy actually human rights activists she had a lot of experience from what the people there are experiencing and i want to just play a little bit of what she said and then we'll talk about it. i think that the fellow for us i don't give one day i agree with my people that democracy never come by our leash and democracy never complained manipulation to markets never come by class
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and some by white phosphorus by must by something our wedding parties so i mean maybe this is something that you two fellows can agree on i mean that democracy doesn't come by occupation i think both of you guys have said that is that right or now well i'm against well for democracy in concert i'm not received by definition is bad for minorities majorities violently imposing their decisions on minorities that's why you know i don't think that's the best form of government i think that it's a constitutional republic that our founders gave us is a far superior form of government and i don't think we should be spreading democracy or trying to spread any form of government but we should be peacefully leading by example showing how freedom leads to prosperity that was what our country was founded on and our current foreign policy really turns it on its head to say that we have some right or some need or some cause even to dictate any form of government in any other country james and. well of first of all the united states is an occupying afghanistan i agree with all those comments look the united
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states does both it defends its interests and it works for freedom and prosperity were. you know that paints an america that doesn't exist i mean exists maybe in adam's rhetoric but look america has done a lot of good in the world and it's a lot of very peaceful things in the world and it's also defended itself when you need to be let's not forget we didn't start this i mean america didn't wasn't attacking afghanistan. two thousand and one we didn't start or we should have invaded florida where those terrorists were training now right on that note we got to wrap it up film i thank so much for weighing in i certainly important discussion to have james carafano national security expert with the heritage foundation and of course our own adam kokesh host of parties adam vs the man well general david petraeus is on track to serve as the new director of the central intelligence agency his previous assignments include commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan and iraq and commander of the u.s. central command now in his confirmation hearing today but shreya said his past work affect his future job clearly use on the efforts in which i've been engaged
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however if confirmed when i am in the situation room with the president i will strive to present the agency position. well obviously this appointment has brought about quite a few discussions some saying it's has more to do with star power than strategy correspondent kalen ford was on capitol hill today and has more. thank you he's been called the rock star four star he is without question one of the finest officers and military minds of his generation the architect of modern counterinsurgency i may ask quite often those are all of those. what do you think should happen in afghanistan and my first response to what are we doing a patrol that's direction in which we are going to that's the kind of respect for you carol david petraeus. the trains i'm capitol hill today to be confirmed as the next director of the central intelligence agency and truth my goal in uniform has
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always been to convey the most forthright and accurate picture possible i have to be sure offered more positive assessments than the intelligence community did but although he's been lauded as the man responsible for america's strategy in iraq former c.n.n. pentagon correspondent jamie mcintyre says he has his detractors a lot of people see him as very ambitious very calculating playing the system telling the american people what they want to hear. and a lot of people also some critics also saying that the success that the u.s. is touting in iraq is vastly overstated and despite his star power some in the military say petraeus is better at navigating the media and washington than a battlefield it's called the green zone hero. these are your senior officers who never actually saw any action who have never themselves been under direct czar and have never called the trigger and killed anyone in combat although president obama called him a quote lifelong consumer of intelligence others are skeptical that the trance will
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fit in at the cia their evaluation of iraq their evaluation of afghanistan have been generally diametrically opposed to what betray us has said his characterization of conditions on the ground in that country bears no resemblance to what people in the central intelligence agency who say general petraeus spent thirty seven years in uniform and will hang it up to leave the cia as a civilian senate republican leaders praised president obama's decision for quote choosing competence in continuity i thought same continuity means betrayers will be in charge of assessing his own success in iraq and afghanistan he leaned forward r.t. washington d.c. and earlier i spoke to former cia special agent jack rice for some insight on this decision i asked him what he thinks general petraeus brings to the job here's his response. well let's face it you know that incredible amount of experience and on the ground experience we have seen a huge change over time over the last ten years really the experience that the military has had that has impacted all of those men and women involved he brings
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out to the table and in a sense that's good but there's a negative that can potentially come with it and that's the fact that you see this sort of boring of the winds to the point at the agency could potentially be swallowed up by the department if it's when you start talking about dollars and actual power you realize just how much bigger he is going to take that check to two thousand and one thousand and two thousand three hundred donald rumsfeld secretary to parents and what you saw back then was the effort by the pentagon to essentially small what the roles of the state department and he successfully did that in many many ways the fear is that some of the roles that the agencies have which were exclusive of the department of defense could be smaller in the very same fashion that is a very negative thing a us that speaking before about this blurring of lines between the cia and pentagon i want to go back to that on not just because a lot of people are concerned about it but i want to get your take having been on
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the inside there in the cia i know there's always sort of been that you know tough relationship between the three a and the f.b.i. right do you think that this could mean that with these boring life having someone literally cross over from the other side come to head up this agency you said it could be concerning what should people be concerned about well we have seen this before with hayden and others so i mean this isn't the first time you had other d.c.i. heads of the central intelligence agency who were military men as well so this isn't the first time and i think somebody at this level in the military this is my big concern and by the way you're right there have been problems in the past with the bureau on one side versus the agency at the same thing took place during the first gulf war between the agency and the pentagon so there was always an effort to . all these closer together but the real problem is this the reason you want these organizations to separate is because you don't what is it you want everybody looking at the problem from the very same perspective after nine eleven we found it
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this failure to connect dots one of the fundamental reasons is that we all look at it from the same perspective the idea that you were working independently if you just have the cia as essentially a junior partner of the department of defense and big c. themselves is that what happens it's the equivalent of getting a lot of yes men around you say you that way we just give people what it is that they want and it's one of the least things that we really need the independence of the agency and other work is ations for that matter is absolutely critical rather than say well the american policy is the little let's figure out what the correct policy is and then actually analyze it and then make everybody come out of individual e. and then fire without a fight with the best interest now is former cia special agent jack rice the ripple of effect on the war is of course also playing out in the u.s. economy and the latest news out is not good the number of people filing new claims
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for unemployment benefits went out yet again increasing by not fifteen thousand between the may and june survey periods but there's one place where the news is much greater than that or old traditions are being left behind in favor of new opportunities for the people it's a place where the fastest growing rate of millionaires went hundred fifty three thousand and that place is india and as a correspondent pre-history there brings us the story of one man was an out with a millionaire despite the situation he was born into. it's who wants to be a millionaire indian style and today in india more people than ever feel like they too have a shot at making it big. he's the owner of everest one types a cement pipe making company worth three hundred fifty million very peas eight million dollars so what makes him different than any other rich indian well he's adult the lowest caste in the ancient hindu caste system also known as untouchables
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for centuries these people were restricted to work such as cleaning sewers and picking up dead animals from the streets my father my mother. support a lot. of that we have from this frost and how we have. sort of that. so just got needed his mission to get an education he worked on his business during the night and went to college during the day while just the claims that he didn't feel any sort of discrimination members of the daleks community say that this growing up of dollars millionaires and billionaires had to triumph over ingrained societal stereotypes. a dalit was not allowed to be in the same room as of. next to the door even though their lips showed it was constant and it was forbidden to fall on an up will cost. jumped up says that these preconceived notions actually motivated him to succeed after completing his education jumped up
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spending this began to grow and today he sells pipes for irrigation purposes all over western india despite his accomplishments he still trumbull about his journey . of business. in this factory this is this is our work and. in this factory the millionaires themselves say it's a sad fact of india's. see that opened up the economy to foreign investment in one thousand nine hundred one since then and many businesses including ones led by dollars have thrived the dollar entrepreneur is also say the government's efforts to make photos for lower caste in schools and government jobs has helped them get an education to improve their lives even though many dollars have overcome their social casting become successful entrepreneurs most of them still live right here in the slums despite use examples of six that many of them feel that the indian
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society is structured to keep them right where they are it is so much i belong to god and people from other. people. in the city. people don't get about us and don't come to see how we live. he said go on the government should do you care of them if they have less money and should give them proper education. but the millionaire is believe that if they can do it then other members of their caste can too good. to prison he could. just be here. using their will power to overcome the odds pre-history there are t. who named india. lots going on at a rapid rate in india in terms of development your figures out actually show that in less than forty years india will overtake the u.s. as the world's second largest trading nation pushing this country into third place
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now india is a country james by many to be behind the times and as we just saw in previous report it's a place with several centuries old caste system and people are actually breaking through it with several stories like the one you just saw of people achieving what we here refer to as the american dream well one of the actual american dream you know that one that happens here in america so so many are finding that it's just not realistic anymore for more personal so you guys. blair griffith this year's miss colorado she just returned from the miss usa pageant i asked her if anything had changed since i last spoke to her when she was struggling to make ends meet and homeless here's what she had to say you know a lot of good. for my mom and i specially think. you last time the most important. things that have occurred for our new job when i was working. miss usa pageant and another important thing that have been we
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got my mom medical coverage which is really actually considering my mom constantly thinking in the hospital. that's definitely a good thing but i'm wondering you know what i think what you know what if that was just thinking about your position i mean you're educated you're smart but obviously beautiful what about you know other people who may not have be as good looking or as well educated as you are and they're struggling to make it to and you are without a home yet and you can't remember the interesting thing i find about my thoughts you're interested in people want to listen to you need because i do have the title i have. when i say this is what we're going through we lost our home we home struggling i lost my job struggling to find work and you know people are shocked to hear that but then i think to myself it's great to see how many people
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can help me out but how about those who are in the field advantage we don't have the crown and how can we bring attention and help people realize that there's a huge issue they can be prevented what have been some of the most. difficult things for you since you guys lost your home and especially i know your mom has been in and out of the hospital i mean the biggest struggle for. has entered my mind it though hard to see her going through the health care of not having health insurance and being from one who constantly ill and the kind of miss treats you under insured no insured really mistreated in the but then it's also hard trying to find jobs you know i'm going i have about slippers degree you know i'm a good person i had talent. and didn't go through that process of trying to get
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hired been to be told no it just seems so incredible that someone like me and others who are talented can't find jobs i was blair griffith in this colorado twenty eleven. well just down the street from here on capitol hill an implosion today after a tense talks on how to raise the debt ceiling reach to head over the issue of taxes congressman eric cantor and senator jon kyl both republicans actually walked out of the meeting stormed out apparently over talk of proposed tax hikes which republicans have said since day one are off the table now is president biden has been meeting with lawmakers in hopes of reaching a deal by next week to raise the fourteen point three trillion dollar debt ceiling for the treasury department runs out of money now if congress does not act by august second default could occur which in turn could have bruising effects on the economy and the markets really around the world so what does this mean for the u.s.
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debt for some answers earlier i spoke to courtney comstock editor at business insider i asked her what would happen if the u.s. were to default here's a response. but that's also really concerning. because if there weren't chads that we default on our debt it would just be really disastrous and the fact that there's even that like point that this might happen is just terrifying if it hits august second and we haven't raised the debt ceiling and we haven't the late it longer i don't i don't think i had a lot of people are saying that we wouldn't automatically default on our debt and i find it hard to believe that we would but it's a possibility and even the possibility is. something i don't think the u.s. wants to mess with. as a nation where you know we pay our debts acts and that's one thing i think we want to stick to do it and certainly there's a chance that what we're seeing today and you know this walking out is simply kind
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of putting on a little show for the constituents in case they are forced to raise taxes certainly democrats of some of them have said there is no other way republicans said this is off the table it's not surprising that this is where they came to a head but i want to switch gears now and talk about other issues that are going on right now in the economy news out today of course that the number of people filing for new claims for unemployment benefits went up yet again increasing by about fifteen thousand between may and june. do you think about it's surprising that this is still going on unemployment no not at all i mean layoffs on wall street i can tell you are terrible there are two thousand more layoffs this year in the past year since the year started than there were last year and usually wall street layoffs precede bigger layoffs in the rest of the country so i don't know if i meant just looks like it's going to get worse and the economy is really up in the air right now i thought a lot of people are worried about it and i'm i'm one of them are we all i was corny
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home song editor at the business insider. well i know you can't get enough of our t.v. right well newest member of the family it's called our team or our team documentary . it's a twenty four hour english language channel that was launched a little earlier today with a little help from president to me through mid video in the farthest reaches of the arctic to a close look at russian history documentary hopes to give viewers an in-depth look at the world's largest country and even russian language lessons all in the pursuit to keep questioning more can be viewed via satellite or around the world or online at our t.v. dot r.t. dot com and that is going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to our team dot com slash usa or check out our youtube page youtube dot com slash r t america thanks so much for watching.


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