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one in jason to the well established university center on. the other by the massive petrochemical plant complex in its turn or the zone has a specific mandate to attract innovative residents with process intended to ensure applicants have ideas and products to contribute to an expanding knowledge base economy the main site in the city southeast will eventually be a fully equipped with congress an administrative centers office space solutions for large and small businesses alike and top quality infrastructure combinations and amenities for all their workers guests. a company looking to set up its. constructed building here. is similar project outside the special economic zone at least eighteen months. thanks to the incentives and breaks we can offer here because. those benefits are enough to attract already an established player in the russian microelectronics market with twenty years of experience and more than
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a thousand highly skilled staffers on their payrolls sitting up inside the zone where firms pay social taxes in a bargain fourteen percent on salaries instead of the russian standard thirty four should keep the clean room compensation highly competitive. new products important are ships their microchip production is largely directed towards hardware for telecommunications systems radio locator devices and microwave electronics fields with fierce international competition for new ideas and markets they've already shown their ability to corner important mishits is applying top quality microelectronics systems to the specialized needs of siberia's economy river transplant was long lifeline for isolated cities. and it remains a vital link in the latest equipment to stay competitive and safe.
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pinpoint leadership. and previous generations provide the location of potential hazards. the inevitable siberian ice flows. in the fact that it's fully by. technology there's no high voltage and the peak power uses is twelve volts this means high reliability of all its components we expect the mean time before failure to be thirty thousand hours which means years and years of uninterrupted operation as for operating range the key difference from existing systems is that this one has no blindspot. the manufacturing of the right body is similar to the production of printed circuit boards it's very efficient so we hope it will allow us to cut prices significantly in the future. is just one of the many destinations for me. as technology has improved their price of these devices has come down dramatically leading to increased demand for the longer
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lasting data transmitters. and the applications keep right on expanding. our customers include oil and gas drilling. and those that require wireless transmission mobile phone operators in particular. last year we completed an order for. they needed a large network. based on our p d h. stations for the. regions. and some of the world's most isolated regions. largely on their own.
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most electronics are fairly temperature sensitive but your mic on is testing their receiver transmitter from a balmy fifty above all the way down to a frosty fifty below. degree of expertise and experience big shots nokia siemens cited. for its russian joint venture aimed at producing the backbone for the country's first nationwide four g. network. forces to the special economic zone in a project to pump. stations a year. brings its own scientific base and original solutions to the project particularly in the field of a lot of technology we are planning to include. later this year mcclellan will have made yet another contribution to the vital infrastructure connected and just as they work to ensure the viability of every
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invaluable uplink they'll be working to ensure the information bridge to the future starts today and. most of the water in and around homes plenty clean enough for leisure activities like a lazy day out fishing or the occasional summer swim still you probably won't catch anybody drinking it straight from the source and local beverage producers have even higher purity standards to meet fortunately a filtration method pioneered by scientists is helping us quench our thirst for crystal clear. one of many companies to emerge from the ideas and talented minds of tomsk university in this case for me institute of string physics and material science. filtration research is produced effective membrane methods but costly and limited in throughput volume. discovered instead of straining water . especially treated electorate. material might be used to suck up these elements
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like a magnet. filters have found a happy customers in rural schools. and other parts of siberia where naturally high iron content is a real danger to children they also help brewery and other bottlers meet state regulations with perfect and near perfect results often stumping testers the best news and the magic material appears to have even broader applications. initially this material was meant to filter water purifier from microorganisms viruses and bacteria which is an important issue. the material was developed quite successfully only after that an idea emerged that could address a major problem facing clinical medicine you could even say it's a problem facing all of humankind and that's the developing resistance of microorganisms. so how can this substance help rework
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in bandages known as it can remove infections caused by harmful bacteria without requiring any biopic medication applied widely described help slow the trend of increased resistance to such drugs as well as offering a solution for patients like this man whose condition would otherwise be very tough to treat. when he came in we observed a fourth degree burn of the exhibits at the base of the skull with a significant lesion. cultures from the wound we discovered an infection of purer than bacillus one of the most virulent pathogens hardly susceptible to and to big serial treatment like antibiotics using this material we saw that the wound cleared up rather quickly and that the cleaning period roughly coincided with the formation of new granular tissue as a result our patients despite the serious lesions instead of the usual one hundred fifty to one hundred eighty days. active treatment was something this serious
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recovered in just eighty days. and. like most modern bandaging a new view develops into septic dressing is composed of too sterile non-abrasive fabric layers this secret to their success however lies in the absorbent microfiber layer between these micro fibers are dotted with tiny crumpled balls particles of an aluminum base nano powder dusted on to the layer the key to the materials effectiveness is the positive charge these microscopic particles are packing when applied to a potential source of infection or harmful bacteria electrostatic forces attract negatively charged microbes to the absorbent layer of the dressings locking them down in never letting go. but there are currently no analogs in terms of functionality as a rule the septic material is toxic to the infection placed on it. simply extracts microorganisms viruses and bacteria from the infected areas whether the
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wound is or can't or some sort of look and it does not matter whether the microorganisms resistant to antibiotics or not. while the food is pain a vivid picture of the video vella stressing in action that actual lifting of the microbes is still easier seen in the institute's laboratories where we witnessed a layer of the negatively charged bad guys lining a typical petri dish a small disk of the material layered on top when pulled away the disk really does take off the microbes it contacts. the healing process here happens in an entirely new way. start being healed from the bottom up eliminating the need for skin grafts and no cool scrawny lation tissue is formed the epithelium is restored almost completely pain is either considerably reduced or entirely eliminated. this
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points to good prospects for this material and its usage for various purposes this is what we're working on along with medical specialists studies are ongoing to find out exactly what it does to extract infectious bacteria and why is the electricity activity responsible for the pain relief effect does the dressing serve similar purposes for both long term and more urgent treatment as with the concept for filtering water that came before this is a material properties were first theorized increasingly tested and released products only in accordance with distributed regulations that relate to help impacting arenas like water filtration and medical treatment having passed through this long road from principle to practice. beyond. already this summer in the meantime the lead in the institute behind it are busy pushing their own success story further to see what other exciting results might lie ahead.
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success stories are also coming from the special economic zones north campus many. offense away from the toast nifty plant that's long been one of the city's industrial mainstays is the main research and development center for the massive russian petrochemical seaboard stretching polymers to their breaking point isn't just for the entertainment of guests like us it's an important link in the chain of proposing developing testing and launching initial production of many of the millions of tons of petro chemical products the firm puts out annually this means everything from liquefied gases and polymers to rubbers and some fertilizers that might not sound sexy but these beakers are the basis of so many materials we take for granted in our comfortable lives a great deal of russia's wrong petroleum resources are exported before these value added products can be made only to be refined and processed for great profit abroad suborning the specialists are increasingly taking that work upon themselves. by
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generating cutting edge products above and beyond international standards. a key product in the broad spectrum of petrochemical output is synthesized rubber rubber or used to burning every time we step on the gas of our automobiles but today they're not just turning out any old tires the twenty first century focus on going green to turn green tires doesn't mean you should be expecting a ship to shamrock shaded michelin's any time soon. and in for a more eco friendly future well that's an easily understandable slogan producing the green future turns out to be a bit more complicated. with giving. basis on which will be made and some of it samples have already been taken to test. europe hopes to label. according to specific characteristics.
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related to their environmental impact. because of this efforts. that are more environmentally friendly need to be comprised of new materials. so they will not only provide better vehicle safety for those who are inside also for the environment. any of its tire producers to switch over production entirely to make the mix just right green means getting rid of waste in the production process and cutting chemicals that. even wearing tires that are minimal resistance to the motion generated by the motor saving on atmosphere soiling emissions. testing it's clear the blade cuts both ways and the trick is balancing complex tradeoffs. has completed this small stage development and needs bigger. to supply its international partners in order to get
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a better feel for how products will perform in real use it's necessary first and foremost to proceed to the so-called pilot stage we have an up to date politan salaciously letting us model the laboratory process in order to obtain specific types of quantities which gives us something to work with in testing with thai companies and outlining the main conditions of all cooperation here we can adjust the process and the robbers properties be full moving to the full scale industrial production stage with a practically finished. compounds to international leaders like michelin and bridgestone there's an even better chance that tomorrow smart tires come with a touch of. where the rubber meets the road is that the only place the efficiency of modern automobiles to be improved each and every one of their many moving parts has a potential impact and another company reinventing car design. based
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out of the first building of the new special economic zone technology market has had the heart of high tech and soon to be at the heart of the automobile power train. along involute gearing damages most commonly a breakdown of the flank of the gear teeth. after that happens and the gear to the missing tooth it grinds and slips and holds the whole system. it's cheaper to repair them our prize for the repair is lower than for buying substitute gears in this case from germany what is most important is that the lifespan of this production unit will be extended several times over. in systems of involuted gears power is transmitted along a single line of action tangent to both gears based circles shifting pressure on long the teeth in the process the key limitation is that only one point of contact along the line pushes that one hundred percent efficiency. points shift speed and
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size technology market makers of machinery. simultaneously. company president and engineer. power heavy machinery will remain consistently high . in cost of providing the necessary power. they've named eccentric site. there are three stages in the development eccentric six global technology which essentially continues the work of. we made a transmission with power. at this first stage the device had the upside of low manufacturing costs but it had some drawbacks like noise and intermittent discontinuities in the transmission ratio we managed to eliminate the noise but the energy conversion coefficient remained low as in the previous version followed
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already have increased efficiency with almost equal energy input. allowed to transfer this force with a ratio several times greater than equivalent involute gear teeth the grandfather of the concept was. produced in the late twenties by german engineering. technology market kept the model but with parallel shafts so that each eccentric had its own. smoothing the pinion into the contours along the eccentric rotation axis. the noise problematic in the first model to traditional invalid model contact is present along an entire line instead of a single point finally a model was developed with slightly squared off which increased energy conversion coefficient. is the most environmentally friendly innovation in the last one hundred years of machine building is. consumption of the planet's resources reducing metal imports by
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roughly thirty percent. oil and oil products and most importantly electric energy. those are exactly the kinds of green gains. on the minds of the makers of the. the economy car said to be russia's first homegrown hybrid june two thousand and eleven ribbon cutting of their future factory outside of st petersburg it's a pet project of russian billionaire holding company own next some group who hosted the fanfare for friends journalists as well as. technology market may have been three time zones away but they provided a very important to. our colleagues. from the outset of this project proposed a very original solution for reduction manufacturing with a fundamentally new principle of making. which considerably
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reduces the size of the gearing in the. serving other technical specific this is extremely important because wait and eventually the final cost are crucial when we're talking about the energy supply for the car. so technology. made its innovative addition to the. project we still got quite a while to wait for a finished factory put it in mass production in the meantime let's head back out to siberia to see what else they're sending our way. among the residents of this special economic zones months old second building is one of the best known. for his colleagues have built their business on being ahead of digital video curve in its most technically nuanced mishits forming back in one thousand nine hundred eighty from a university laboratory where digital television light years in the future. video codecs constantly updated to process material according to the. latest compression
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standards for professional or mass use it's the kind of programming that stays mostly behind the scenes but ella card provides the building blocks for some of the world's i.t. giants. license in the basic technology. a lot of companies who are. in know all this digital stuff could be used everywhere in simple. in the video so doesn't matter where we are leading. or. we have more than companies who are. from. moscow state universities graphics in media lab sets the standard in testing video codecs put out by the world's biggest players and they're not in the business of taking eloquence word for it we take for granted our curse quietly about when we
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press play on our digital. specialist spend hours quantifying in clarifying. the ele could see from tone skews interesting because they're a group that's given the world several different code ticks. and they've produced products for television and movies. it seems that to keep quality. the industry leaders tend to change a bit. to manufacturers of commercial called x. . in two thousand and seven l a car decided to combine its video expertise with another group of natives interested in emerging three d. technology giving birth to tree access it may have been avatars two thousand and nine release that made three d. a hot topic but triacs is the long been in the business of making the experience our user friendly future. at present the term three d.'s mainly associated with
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watching three d. material with the help of glasses. technology the trick was glasses will be phased down to in favor of a more natural visual experience. where is material for glasses based systems needs just two channels for the two eyes in order to create a broader zoom for serious competition various systems require significantly greater numbers of channels or cameras from five to eight or even up to twenty eight as a result will have better image quality but there are a bunch of drawbacks such systems are rather complex to operates and require a tremendous amount of data storage space also it's not easy to edit to compress to transmit all to receive such huge amounts of data applying an approach when just one more type of data or information about image depth is added to the existing picture is more efficient because it makes use of existing equipment and channels
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for data transmission. where working mainly on problems of preparing through a serial of broadcasting receiving into coding. we have developed special software that not only solve these problems in studio conditions for enhancing previously prepared video material but also in real time broadcasts so the necessary equipment will be the same do stereoscopic cameras used to film today's glasses on blockbusters or home videos the two channels originally intended for your right and left eyes can be used to extract the additional virtual angles needed for glasses free viewing we treat the master software the depth of each image can be extrapolated from the original angles going forward is to improve the accuracy of automatic and live transmission processing greatly expanding the currently limited land of glasses free material. be looking to branch out and build
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a separate each jew within the special economic zone and it seems they're expecting a flood of company years of work ahead before tomes has a full fledged tech the foundation has already been laid and there's plenty of space to grow join us for more on the next technology update and until then enjoy the ride. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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in india all g.'s available in the grand central shirts and the. president bush they would presume no beatriz old. cement hotel. hotel. in the radio to leave the. church in new delhi who took the maori babyhood clarion collection among the clothes of the other maidens hotel. paul. robeson promise to taper cash
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payments. declassified documents reveal the u.k. was happy to hand over terror suspects from iraq to the us with little regard to what would be waiting for them in secret person it's. morning that the euro the fate of the common currency is in serious doubt as europe agrees another bailout to debt laden greece but i would use the country to get behind its savage spending cuts. the former prime minister of ukraine goes on trial for abuse of power that's alleged to have cost the country millions of dollars. around fifteen hundred supporters of gathered in front of the court building to protest what they describe as a parsifal hearing join us for the latest details from the ukrainian capital kiev.
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global news twenty four seven this is live from moscow well the u.k. failed to track detainees handed over to the u.s. neglecting to protect them from possible torture in america's secret prisons it's all been revealed off to an agreement between the two states on the treatment of terror suspects captured in iraq was declassified twenty eight year old pakistani unit. hala is one of the victims of this deal he was seized by british soldiers in iraq in two thousand and four as a suspected insurgent and secretly set to a u.s. detention camp in afghanistan a process dubbed extraordinary rendition the man's lawyers are calling on the u.k. to help to free him as britain wants the detaining or thora tapes. from the reprieve charity who's fighting for his release told r.t. that britain's friendship with america blinds it to the truth there are hundreds of
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prisoners in bagram but what makes you special is that eunice was actually picked up by the united kingdom in iraq in february two thousand and four the u.k. handed him to the united states in march and april there were discussions between the u.s. and the u.k. because the u.s. wanted to send them to the u.k. didn't object despite the fact that at this time even the aboud grade broke making it absolutely clear to anyone who had any doubt what was happening to prisoners in u.s. detention the u.k. says that it learned quote unquote in june of that year june two thousand and four that my client had been sent to bob graham and although there was and no you had to kind of deal between the u.s. and the u.k. that permits the u.k. to get him out of custody and never bothered to do so so we've had to sue them in the united kingdom courts in haiti as corpus to tell them you have to get this prisoner back he never should have been sent out of iraq he was rendered unlawfully in violation of the geneva conventions and you have a responsibility to him he's your prisoner.


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