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it is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism look at those who understand it fully that you have to live a. real life stories from. six. to nine hundred forty five goals. oxys latest headlines in the top stories from the week to more people including a teenage girl died in hospital following monday's passenger plane crash in northwest russia bringing the number of victims to forty seven. reports of mounting civilian deaths across libya and political cleansing by rebels in benghazi forced many to search for safety alcide the hometown. skeptics in brussels staged the euro's funeral as leaders hash l.g.'s another multibillion bailout for greece but you're starting to spark anger in athens.
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and up back at the main stories of the past week and the latest developments this is the weekly here. a man and a teenage girl who are among eight survivors of monday night's plane crash in northwestern russia have died in hospital a cheap one three four heading from moscow to russia's republic of korea crash landed on a major road just a kilometer from the runway a disaster has now claimed forty seven lives. and sent this report from the crash site. struggling to keep are composed it isn't just the surgeons if you friend. you know. i do not understand why it happened he was one of the best people i've ever known i don't often the sounds he beats frayed the law didn't have to happen. a russian premier league football referee bloody me
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a prick i just want to be forty four killed monday night we need to live one free for kerry fifty two people from moscow to reduce the votes to northwestern russia crashed on this road missing the run rate by kilometer. it's awful my late husband was a pilot he had landed planes of this airport many times it's very personal to me the start of the crash has been cleaned up the roads have been reopened the wreckage of the plane completely removed but there are still clear marks evidence like this for us that reminds people of the tragedy that struck on monday night and for those who have been here to witness the rest see as they say that those memories are unlikely to go away. i didn't sleep for two days i couldn't even form a sleep i kept calling people screaming and i was pulling bodies away from the plate which if you get me was one of the first to see his house only metres away from where the plane came down. i heard the explosion and ran outside lights
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friend's house i ran to the site and we started by string people out here we drank when man two women and the pilots walk each day while all the bodies have been recovered the relatives of the victims still have the tough task of identifying their loved ones investigators say all of the equipment were functioning properly at the time of the crash and they've also refuted initial reports that the navigator had high levels of alcohol in his blood for now they suggest bad weather and pilot error appear to be the likely cause this is the crash the suggestion that didn't sit well with some little kids just. it's easy to blame the pilot because he's dead i think the airport itself is to blame. family and friends are waiting for answers but all they can do now is remember those legalized. just recently r.t. russia. and you can find more details of the cheaper one three four crash on our
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website just go to www dot com in the online exclusive section to get instant access and also for more on the other main news stories of the week analysis and blogs all that are available online all the time doughty dot com. the number of civilian casualties in libya is reportedly rising drastically the government says a nato air strike has killed at least fifteen people in the eastern town of brega denies the accusation saying it attacked buildings in the band an area deemed the just military targets opposition leaders in benghazi say they expect to receive approval from tripoli which could end the drawn out conflict but many in the country believe the rebel force is not interested in peace or democracy. promotion i went to meet some of. these family hasn't had a war. like this one for months they've escaped from the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi to hide in this refugee camp in the west of the country after
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a life in their native town became a nightmare. it's not safe there anymore it's become dangerous and it's not only because of explosions and got shot so one day people from the government and then you call them rebels we call them terrorists came to me and told me we have to arrest your daughter because we know that she supports gadhafi. these cave has been long and hard for the win and the family well i remember i was there couldn't i had to hide for some time from them as they've been searching for me then we knew there was a mass coming from benghazi to tennis here the bus with the rebels for their purposes we took that bus with our faces covered and everybody was against gadhafi on it we told them that we were also against him and a lot of sense. of some. reed a surgeon has also fled the city he says they've made three attempts on his life but he only finally left when he saw a killing and they get taken more from from or from i.c.u.
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killing him in front of i.c.u. and hanging his body on the world because the doctor says people from the national transitional council were behind it this is the rebels' official political body set up after the revolution in libya started in the mid february its members are recognized by many countries throughout the world as the only legitimate representatives of libya there is no other venue there will be new. you must be. better you are idealistic. about freedom and democracy there is no freedom or democracy please just want to play rock the refugees here recently now finally feel safe that's not that's a friendly sound of the frontline either. these people have gathered in the west of tripoli to bury those killed in one thousand airstrike according to the libyan government officials a ball landed on a private compound and flattened the road. including three key this
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conflict has to come to an end immediately which is very unlikely to happen any time soon or well known to has already claimed that the operations of protect civilians must go on with clashes continue and benghazi and nato intensifying its bombardment of tripoli both eastern and western parts of the country are perilous to stay in and people are dying on both sides of the frontline many on the ground fear that's when the democracy the west talks about will finally come here they'll not be enough people left to experience it regional r.t. reporting from western media. that's a good journalist michele cohen says that nato would be deflected by concern for civilians as its ultimate aim is to control libya's natural resources and financial reserves they are killed more civilians that's the losses from the initials problems there are few small civilians the nato bombings so the real id is not
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protect civilians the rio de east to achieve the economical is tragical interest off there of the rest of us in europe i mean the oil i mean the financial reserves of libya i remind that the us is a bankrupt country and also all preventing that kind of who has sort of a turn of the i.m.f. some buying for african development revisit the people in hospitals and we saw victims and indeed the civilian population is attacked that must be very clear that it has nothing to do with him in its air and war. and when nature's intervention in libya stalemate and civilian casualties mounting the u.s. is coming under fire on a different front washington's drone strikes are being blasted for fostering not fighting global terror people grow tired of the ever increasing number of victims.
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and also still to come this hour to investigate the real radiation situation in japan's fukushima nuclear plant the international community tightens up atomic security levels the. story still to come first the european union has agreed to bail out greece one more time but only if athens introduces savage new austerity measures parliament's vote on the cuts totaling more than one hundred billion euros is expected on choose day the proposals of course an angry response from the greek public for the promise of more massive protests the vote may be decisive not only for the fate of greece but also the. skeptics in brussels even state a symbolic funeral for the currency service this electorate the university of the aegean believes that greece can only move forward by banning what he calls the absurdity of the euro. the problem is we cannot we are getting twelve billion lifeline. but the biggest part of which is going to be used to repay debt
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to repay previous states this is totally absurd it is for the benefit of greek people to have an immediate exit from the euro from the euro zone the euro is a monetary absurdity in a way it's a totally irrational financial and monetary architecture that is also a contributing factor to the debt crisis and in general to social crisis in greece so i think that going back to a national kerensky and regaining public control in a way national control of monetary policy is a very necessary step to be taking it is not a road to disaster as the government is saying on the contrary it's going to be a very positive step. and join going to the e.u. referendum campaign in britain is also ahead he says the currency is on its last
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legs and it's time to stop wasting billions trying to keep a failed concept afloat. if we just keep pumping money into greece it's only putting off the death of their economy they are already bankrupt we have to wake up and smell the coffee and say enough is enough greece is going to go all in is going to go portugal and of course the big one everyone is worried about is the state of spain that it will have some of our banks like or close up in juice in our liabilities and buy because clearly the property slump in spy is much bigger than the spanish government is telling people places and even a drop of a two percent on the radio shows and by people losing seventy percent sixty percent in a fire you of their homes and their development spain will be the next one but why should we the u.k. taxpayer pay homage to the german taxpayer pay for the ineptitude of the greek government john gaunt they had
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a five day nuclear form in vienna this week saw widespread agreement for increased safety measures for in japan's atomic crisis in march r.t. shaun thomas went to focus shimon just outside the twenty kilometer no go zone around the stricken plant to witness the deadly legacy of the disaster for himself i really ominous and constance teaching the geiger counters how scientists working in fukushima city concerned similar i'm in charge of the group of radiation detection and survey from fukushima university where now thinking spirit creation protocol and process set up by the japanese government is not enough and myself i think i should evacuate from this area but because of my job at the university i can't my family and my friends' families are evacuated mcdougal's officially fukushima city is in a safe area eighty kilometers from the thank you plant reactor one and a full sixty kilometers outside the various danger zone but still radiation levels here and much higher than normal. just to give you an idea of the consistency run
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on the bank account is really quite telling nine records which is about thirty times what is more than acceptable but it's a program director where just through it all i love how i put the regular quickly jumped up and it still climbing earlier we got a reading of the right to know my career which is about a thousand times more than it was me except a level of relationship. but in order to claim that fukushima is truly safe from reading radiation the japanese government has had to be creative with the numbers but the government did they change the gravitational quantum level standard the levels from run. to twenty million twenty times. the. standards before the accident and now. they raise the. standard so that they can say it's safe
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before actually the standard has changed the new higher levels mean that fukushima can be classed as being outside of the exclusion zone some say that evacuating the city would be simply impractical given the huge numbers of people affected to try and mitigate the circumstances to some degree a group of scientists have changed up to find simple ways to reduce the radiation levels. we're just trying to do a pilot project and do the decontamination work by ourselves and we are not using especially great men we just use normal child bulls. scoops. we just. don't come in the top soil is a small effort to bring some security to a community facing a scary and uncertain future in fukushima city sean thomas r.t. . malcolm grimston from the with the u.k.
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atomic energy authority is now a policy analyst for the chatham house think tank in london he says there should be no holding back of caves have been because it causes public concern but i don't believe personally that we've seen a massive cover up of information coming from japan what we have seen though i think is a very slow response to questions an attitude which has been far too backward looking about this is what we think might have been happening two or four weeks ago instead of this is what we think might happen in two or four weeks time and when that is the absolute you would undoubtedly people are going to think that the operators are sitting on the information of a don't want to release so until they are more open about it of course people are going to think that way. dozens of people have been killed in afghanistan in separate bombings over the past two days the attacks from the prison the bomb is announcement of his troop withdrawal strategy the latest attack on a hospital in eastern afghanistan left at least thirty five there was some reports putting the death toll at sixteen it comes amid heightened tension between
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coalition forces and the afghan army after a number of nato soldiers were killed by taliban infiltrators in uniform on wednesday president obama announced the withdrawal of a third of u.s. troops by the end of next year and that with still a t among us military leadership but i began combat veteran turn antiwar activist jake and to the president believes the presence of korra forces is only snopes breed insertions. the longer that the us stays and nato stays inside of afghanistan the more enemies we create because what happens in war unintentional consequences innocent people get killed and more people join the insurgency that normally wouldn't not having troops there doesn't allow the insurgency to grow we've seen every year the longer troops stay the insurgency grows and anti-american anti western anti european sense of it grows so that's why we should leave more importantly the not the money we've invested has largely gone to waste and it will continue going to waste by any nation that continues to support it what we can do
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is provide financial support for n.g.o.s and non-governmental institutions that where the money actually hits the ground where the people are at or schools are being built and roads are being built by n.g.o.s if we could to do that it would be good for the afghans if we continue to give money to the central bank in kabul that's bad because that's work karzai and his cronies will steal it. and as the u.s. begins to wind down its presence in afghanistan is coming under fire in a different front and they've been pakistan public anger over mounting civilian casualties from u.s. drone strikes is a boiling point and it's all he's got reports new plans to expand u.s. drone strikes in yemen approaching fears of a surge in terrorism. the u.s. is looking to expand its war on terror but its methods are under fire in pakistan in the one year that cia drone strikes killed seven hundred civilians but netted
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only five actual militant leaders. and pakistan in the number of casualties that result from strikes. straightness like the taleban . and other groups in pakistan can recruit new members in their doing that. many pakistanis are furious at their government for helping the americans kill their own people they accuse their leaders of doing that in exchange for billions of dollars in washington americans on the other hand are not too happy with what they get in return for their billions how and to support. governments or large ones when to say i'm a physician of most governments lie to each other and so a business gets done washington now sees yemen as the most dangerous all cried outpost and he's planning to step up drone attacks on the country establishing a base in the persian gulf specifically for that purpose especially now when bin
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launch replacement i am and also worry is the other to me building our bill schneider is already significant presence in chemistry in. the us he being cooperate in with yemeni counterterrorism forces in targeting al qaida but they've since left the field preoccupied is that with the nationwide turmoil against the sollie regime that means the americans are likely to have a freer hand going it alone with the cia to take a central role because the agency is not subject to the accountability the us military is legally under expect more bombs to fall on yemen when the us starts to hit people who are numbers of all by the new arabian peninsula then i think the real worry is that it expands gorge the point where so many people join up with al-qaeda their security in yemen over the killing of scores of civilians by the drone strikes in want to attack there the american military presumably ending at an al qaida training camp any doubt killing doesn't bring in another strike
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a year ago a drone mistakenly killed a deputy governor in yemen his family and aides with the expansion of the drone war it seems to go on to seeking only a misnomer the fighting on might or analysts say some of the main features of this global base mark not having take into account the boards of the me and the bombing and the lack of accountability when it comes to feel that the truth is that ad not carried on the web strategy may ask what the america is fighting and buffering here at the same time i am getting like now we. are. all still to come this hour here in r.t. the new battle to run well we follow one man's struggle to preserve a world war two battleground to remember the fallen and that's in a special report coming your way in the next turn. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand jammers of change from
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battle fields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by ground which every where but also there are. on this beach which of course is where most appropriate signification as a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing. to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra with julian cooper story on our t.v. . well parties could soon be represented in russia's lower house of parliament after the president proposed a lowering of the threshold from seven to five percent of the vote will be the minimum level needed to take up a seat in the duma speaking before the decision to move to repair it said it could
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be possible to lower that they go through three percent in the future performance to boost political competition and help modernize the country haven't invaded pointed out that the december parliamentary election will be held using the current regulations that change in the threshold if implemented would apply to elections in twenty sixty. well hoping to give politics some fresh impetus as one of russia's richest men who has set his sights on the parliament we call pocket of has been elected leader of the right cause party which plans to run in december elections it stands for more liberal russia but of himself didn't want to call it an opposition group a promise to make the right course party of the second largest party united russia and said he would like to become prime minister one day an exclusive interview with the billionaire is coming up in fifteen minutes from now and here's a brief previously which will. i'm not the kind of person who tends to dream or plunges into allusions where particular goals to get into russia's lower house of
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parliament with the maximum number of votes what i also understand is that i could be a good prime minister if the party successful i would fight for this position. but this week the far right a dutch politician builders has been cleared of charges of inciting hatred and discrimination he went on trial for publicly comparing islam to nuts isn't and calling for a ban of the qur'an in court ruled his remarks were offensive but fell within the limits of legitimate political debate because came amid increasing immigration sentiment in europe on friday has agreed to tighten border mental belittle parliament member philip clay says with a multiculturalist politics failing any time for more radical solutions example to . forward from we've always been told that multiculturalism was going to be great and was going to solve a lot of problems on the contrary it has become a problem in itself and it's very important that everyone should be able to you
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know to put forward his own solutions to the problem and other balanced and free to take people from outside of europe to come to any country in the european union and shoot it up themselves through the local roles the local way of living as the romans do and this is very important multiculturalism you know in reality does not work in europe we are seeing big problems in major cities major capitals in western europe where we see our societies that have emerged in a with so many people who don't feel they have to do that themselves to their way of living in a country they went to and so this has to change i think we need a much more restrictive immigration and integration policy traveling to the most breathtaking and remote regions of russia delving into history and getting to know ancient traditions all that is available to you on the new r.t. talking entry channel which is launched on thursday. it takes
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a closer look at what's on offer. they travel through snow and rain and cross rivers they go hunting beyond their polar circle and take to the skies they talk to goose from shamans and study dusty archives they are the team of a documentary a new channel made by those who want to share their discoveries of rochelle. are to the commensurate is unique our viewers will not only have a chance to find out more about russian history and nature culture traditions or curiosities but also learn one of the most difficult languages on the planet our mysterious little bit of russian is an adventure in its own rights and that is also why we have a russian letter in our logo on russian d. for russian documentary will see it proudly on the q traveling to the country's most glamorous time corners to hear thousands of stories and find answers to
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myriads of questions. like what's behind be a city in traditional baking three cakes for a wedding and only two for a funeral what kind of a note in a personal diary could have been a soviet schoolgirl ten years in a gulag. question more they say and have owned says it and the models now all i myself have learned a lot through our documentaries i never thought russia has so much beauty and interesting places but my favorite programs that those that look back at history soviet school soviet files meeting with nature places of russia off track art lounge and technology are just some of the proof brands but china will put up with your judgment proud and excited the team is happy with the result i was like i would be yours to see that. russia is not only natural beauty it's also a strong spirit it's also. been tested here with the stories and i want them
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to i want to introduce the world. russian hearts the world of russian soul oh my name is always been collecting stories prove a point is some have already received international recognition and awards others have never seen the light of day but finally this unique collection goes worldwide this is the nerve center and t.v. station from him anything that goes on there is broadcast and from now on the brand new channel all t documentary will take its permanent place on one of these screens hoping it will become a favorite student. carrie pushed over r t moscow. mother you can actually watch that channel right now it's online for you twenty four seven and all the t.d. got all to dot com and also on satellite truck the world. well a recap of the week's top stories coming your way in just a few moments stay with us now live here in moscow this is the weekly on thing.
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in the. news. eh the subset . of the book. the clock next subject. with the books in english. has revolution.


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