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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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i bail out battlefield angry so as new austerity measures move and protesters remain on the streets what will the disconnect do for the global economy and what should the u.s. be learning artie is on the ground in athens. and another day of powerful testimony in the casey anthony murder trial same stick different day but what are we missing in the real news. government that will. say on the oil for political gain. then this is a god damned shame
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a twenty five year sentence for members of the newburgh four convicted of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction but is this justice or just the way the u.s. goes about the war on terror. and tuning out the brains behind the brawn the white house and veils a new counterterrorism strategy but what's different and will it work. that afternoon it's wednesday june twenty ninth four pm here in washington d.c. i'm lauren lyster and you are watching r.t. well austerity maybe it's a word you've heard it seems to be the word of the summer california just passed around a bit in response to its budget crisis they're cutting our purse billions of dollars to schools the health care programs for the poor they're increasing fees to close more than nine billion dollars and another at and nationwide congress. san the u.s.
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is struggling to try to stop piling on to fourteen trillion plus dollars of debt and agree to raise the debt ceiling meanwhile in greece this is what the reactions look like so that they passed austerity measures well on the streets violent protests have been raging people angry that our country is being saddled with debt and a bailout that they'll never see a dime of but artie's sara first has the very latest on the story. on the streets about the polices of discontent it's very loud. it's a war we did not create this oil going to pay for this but we want to become less but if we continue to fight against economic ruin second bailout. and attempt to prevent greece from defaulting on its previous lame payments the greek people will be feeling any. sense of this buyout money actually comes into the greek
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economy it all goes out. the battles on save the banks and prevent a large scale financial crisis the people the price is simply too high they see their income going down they see taxes taxes taxes and nothing else their money that's not go to very early a year a struggling against heart of stereotyping measures that the government now faces an electorate a case to and not the bailouts they are going to get all this the. state. property and they are going to get almost everything. and. of the good people they're going to get in this in this. case rick. it's certainly come as a high cost cuts in public spending raising taxes and any question of privatization programs it would mean so many quick public assets this is robbery this is theft
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this is tension on the streets of athens continues to mount violent scenes witnessed recently disturbing testimony just how situations t.v. races one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is that the banks don't have to take a serious policy lending policy so there's almost as if there's a holy alarms. all politicians and bang because it will repeat will it's a fight that the people say they're not. on sea. and have joined me from greece to make sense of all of this is dmitry kovtun us he is on the ground in greece on the streets covering the protests now i know thank you so much for joining us we have seen these austerity measures passed amidst violent protests on the street you bet on the ground there describe what is happening now what's been happening what is the worst day that i've seen yet and
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i've been to a lot of these protests in a lot of these rallies usually these things down after they get very violent or at least when we head into the night time there's a there's a brief period where things calm down before they get violent again but we really haven't had that here it's calmer now than it was before but it's still extremely violent even right behind me right now there are clashes with police going on. an interesting thing is some some bikers who actually rode down yesterday from northern greece and more and more people got on the on the bandwagon as they came down the road by again in front of parliament once again people get very excited when they come through it's very hopeful so it's i think there's a mix there's a mixture of excited and hope because of the the response but also there's a there's a concern a fear because there's a lot of violence and and that's a concern not only for the protesters of those who have been injured but also for the government because with these with this type of violence it becomes a much more difficult for them to kaiser started measures and privatization schemes that are widely unpopular in this country right but yet they have passed his austerity measures under the pressure of the e.u.
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and i am against the will of the people that you've been covering on the streets there so do you think that the will of the people will be heard at any point or there will be actual repercussions for the government. yeah well i mean first of all the first memorandum according to scholars here in greece for constitutional scholars and former members of the government they claim that the measure complete unconstitutional the first place because you need one hundred eighty members of parliament to pass a sort of legislation first of all second of all they can pass whatever they like but if the people don't agree to it and the people are not willing to sit down and take it it doesn't really matter what they pass and that's what we're seeing here right now and and they can just keep trying i mean even if they pass this along and everything goes smoothly in there and they're able to continue to to move this government along they still have a huge vote coming in april and september i'm sorry so this is not going to end in the greek people are not stupid and i said this before they understand what's going on they've seen this before not america they've seen in africa they've seen the caribbean and they're not about to be the first european country to be taken over.
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in a kind of corporate liquidation and i think that's i think that's the real message of the people on the ground well you mentioned that these are i.m.f. policies that we've seen in many of the countries that die at the i.m.f. has given loans to privatization austerity cuts in spending but yet this is something that has been implemented all over i'm curious if you think that you know there is going to be any change. look i mean i think what you're looking to have happen is you're going to see a fall of this governor at some point i said if things really the violence is a really big issue because if if the violence if this results in casualties not just massive injuries then that's going to that's going to lead to a collapse of this government will that mean that the next government will come in and actually do something productive maybe maybe not but then the government have to fall to i don't see the people in this country lying down we saw in ireland the government fall they put up a new government and nothing changed i don't think that's what you're going to see here in greece because people are very angry here and they're very upset and they understand what's going on and understand these measures are not going to help them
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and their future there are a lot of educated people in this country a lot of capable people people living outside of greece who want to come back to this country because they love it and they're not about to see it get liquidated for some for some morsel of bread and some islands in the aegean that might have natural gas underneath that's not going to happen but you know what you really see is the alternative because they've your opinion in the united states i.m.f. of all said that you know greece faces the fall this can rock the entire global financial system if they don't get bailed out if they don't have these loans so what is the practical alternative. but i think the government doesn't offer one and i think there's a reason that they don't offer one because if they offered one people would take it . and i think i think right now that what's happening is that people are saying as much as you want to create a climate of fear which is what the government's promoting we we're not stupid and we understand that there is no other hope so i think the only. the only real option left to the to the people of greece is is no option it's the option of default it's
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the option of default and some some catastrophic return to the drachma because that's what that's what you're seeing here again the government is pushing this line of we need the money everything to be ok but people are still out here they're still protesting there's a lot of violence and there's no sign of that's going to abate ok i want to ask you because i know that you're based in new york as well you're a financial journalist you cover the united states as well obviously within the u.s. weigh in and say greece needs to pass these measures get together they're threatening the global financial stability this is at the very same time that the united states is concerning the world that's going to default on its debts by passing all these that deadlines to raise the debt ceiling do you see any hypocrisy and that any comparisons between the two countries. well i mean obviously if i could see their first of all the united states doesn't have to tonight go study measure because it just prints its way out of its problems but eventually that's going to that's going to be its undoing and many people have commented that on on the united states i don't think i need to get into that here but is there a threat to the financial system absolutely that's
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a greece's fault it's the fault of an over leveraged system that has no capital there's no capital the system it's just passive amounts of credit and there's a legitimate concern because everything is. there's a huge counterparty risk in the system that you still have all these credit default swaps out there on greek that on irish debt on portuguese that on spanish that you would have credit default swaps on u.s. debt so there's a lot of counterparty risk there's a lot of risk in the system and it's not even a matter of specifically how much can the system absorb specifically of greek losses but there's also the concern that was what we saw during the financial crisis in the u.s. in two thousand. it wasn't just you know what affected lehman's actual balance sheets but what affected people's faith the banks fear about the balance sheets of other banks and where their exposure was how did that affect liquidity and that's the real concern the real concern is is this going to freeze up capital markets and and i think is a very good chance that will happen i think that the markets have not priced in a greek default and if a greek default were to occur that would be certainly catastrophic for the banking system because it has an error in their way and i applaud you for getting up an
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actual analysis while there is gunshots and firing going on in the background what's happening right behind you right here i know. what's going on behind you right now. that's that's a good idea i would have to say pretty much what's been going on regularly which is you'll kind of look at the square and you'll see maybe one pocket here one pocket there where cops are engaging protesters or or protester throwing rocks at police because you have a lot of people here with sledgehammers breaking concrete off the ground taking the marble and throwing it at the police and so there's a push of the model back but it's just it's back and forth and you just see a lot of this one side and gauging the other back and forth and that's what you're seeing that's what you're hearing before we had a giant fireball go off in the square on the right side of parliament and there was smoke billowing out everywhere you had the hellenic postbank lit on fire so it's chaotic i mean i don't really here during the day after this aftermath i'm first i just want to break in cause we're all go out of time but i just want to ask if you
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think that the united states needs to be paying attention to this as it looks at cuts in its own budget and having and into entitlements for example on the possible talking blotter. look i mean in title months there's an issue with entitlements regardless whether you're for the way these things are implemented or not many greeks here understand that we need to cut the public sector we need to to shore up this this economy we need to create a market that's that they can deal with they can absorb capital and promote private investment. i think is the real issue tonight states and they should look to greece for that is that what happened what's going to happen in the u.s. if you had similar protests in new york what if you had people you know going up and down central park breaking things i mean is that is that possible i don't know it could happen at some point but the u.s. has not really felt this because of the nature of the economy the way that it's subsidized by foreign exports and the way that the dollar has has functioned as a reserve currency for all these years i think that hard times are ahead for the united states i think it certainly picked take notice i think a difference but
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a few differences but often asli a very clear message here on the ground are we so appreciate your insight as financial journalist from greece and from news that matters very much to what questionably matters very little to the actual lives of the masses a case that has captivated the nation propelled ratings cause near brawls to get into the courtroom commanded constant mainstream media coverage a.b.c. news for one has reportedly shelled out two hundred fifteen thousand dollars for scoops on the story that doesn't matter and was taken away from you be the judge. casey anthony the woman accused of killing her two year old little girl the latest on what happened in court today it's the story that demands breaking live coverage on not one but two three cable news networks and another day of powerful testimony in the casey anthony murder trial mainstream media reporting and analyzing every gory detail but there are a lot of people have said in court today and that's because we were hearing
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testimony about caylee's limbs and then he described how animals carnivores dragged pieces of the body throughout the woods her legs being chewed on by animals in her trunk or torso being dragged off and. the american public literally clamoring to hear it all. we're going to tell you what sparked in your bra outside just ahead ask anyone on the street and they can tell you why there is something about this case that is amiss were rising and i do think it's because it's a young girl like this is a fairly attractive young mother it's like a lot and a soap opera and one part of the formula this journalism professor says cannot be ignored but for minorities it would have to be a football player o.j. simpson or an entertainer or a politician something along those lines she's white if it were a black woman was a single mother and the baby was there to be the people would say all that happens
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all the time who cares about that and it doesn't happen all the time and nearly everyone you ask knows who casey anthony is a mother accused of killing her toddler but does this criminal trial affect the lives of americans probably now i think is too much emphasis on it nonetheless america cannot seem to get enough according to pew research last week casey anthony was one of the top five news makers and all of mainstream news behind people like you know the u.s. president and jon huntsman who announced he's running for president. and you are seem to want it to be headline news which has been delivering wall to wall coverage has seen a huge surge in ratings as a result propelling primetime programs to the one or two spot and many occasions but meanwhile. one leaves michael lost and i was arrested torn in movement conservatives for for. robbery every day there are injustices in america they will
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never get a fraction of the attention that most people will never have heard of michael was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit. wrong from for exonerated after a difficult battle despite plenty of evidence of innocence and lies and lies. one of many cases americans may never hear about is they tune into the starting testimony in the casey anthony murder trial whether it matters to greater society or not but who cares because it's the show lauren lyster our t. washington d.c. and one of those cases you may not hear about today nearly as much as not capturing the imagination of the public and anywhere near the same way that you work for three of the four members of the group today have been sentenced to twenty five years in prison a new york court according to our reporter marina part i have was there at the court she said the judge basically expressed that she felt her hands were tied and
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having to sentence them despite what she called outrageous government misconduct in the case for more on just why that would be here's some background from our teens were an important. may two thousand and nine according to the f.b.i. the four men intended to carry out their plan today for african-american muslims are arrested we have to search for paraded in front of new york news cameras present it as the faces of terrorism to be reset to. jewish facilities here in. the military aircraft. a terrifying plot the f.b.i. claims to have ordered the suspects quickly dubbed the new book for our poor illiterate ex convicts with neither passports nor licenses no direction foreign entity or real terrorist group instead direction came from show he hussein a pakistani immigrant on the f.b.i. payroll reportedly paid nearly one hundred thousand dollars for his services f.b.i.
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operatives provided the fake c four and actually showed a fake stinger missile according to court testimony hussein recruited the economically strapped offended by offering carson cash to carry out the orchestrated operation then the agent provocateur testified as the government's key witness in post nine eleven and there are the f.b.i. has upped its ante against terrorism allegedly boiling thoughts across the country question is will there be any well with our government warning in place to help free despite surprisingly little criticism from amnesty international and human rights watch others have expressed a war over what they term entrapments practice considered unacceptable in countries all throughout europe but i don't think it is i'm nobody's entrapped aleesha mcwilliams mccullum is the honor of twenty nine year old david williams one of the new birth for she says her nephew is languishing behind bars for
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a fake terror attack grown in the home of the u.s. government was creating scenarios they are manufactured. crimes that would not have occurred in you had not planned uncle struck to see into a community you are real terrorists out there that we should be concerned about and they should use those resources think bind those individuals in not sit back and rely on informants to make up crime well these are all people that we begin to identify attorney steve downs who tracks cases like newburgh for argues the u.s. government is systematically employing preemptive prosecution targeting those whom officials deemed predisposed to committing crimes before an actual crime is committed there taking some really down and rather vulnerable individuals and not only implanting the ideology of. giving them all the things that they need all the
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material setting up the plan doing all the research everything else and then grabbing them and then claiming that these were homegrown terrorists this is just a fiction downs' created this ten foot wide visual listing the names of individuals he believes were entrapped by the f.b.i. government the size of for some reason your ideology is causes them concern because then they can come after you and they can manufacture crimes against you and they can make up a whole case and put you through a whole thing and eventually if they can persuade a jury that this manufactured case is valid you can go away to jail for a very long time guilty verdicts for all formats as is the case of david williams and the other defendants sentenced to twenty five years in prison i don't have sleigh bells i've got government polls government that will sell a family or for political gain. and this is of god damned shame because of some said to be a god damn load can today. r.t.
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. and during the hour for more is at least mcwilliams mccullum she's there and david williams who just on the story of the newborn bird or who was sentenced today i want to know what is your reaction to this sentence hi how you are going on i told you i thought this is a miscarriage of justice that was handed down by our government you do. larry said the very sad day now i want to know how you feel our reporter that was there today paraphrasing the judge that essentially potential forced to sentence these men and that believe there was a gross government misconduct exercise and she doubt the defendants had any idea what a stinger missile even was how do you feel about this injustice that you just said now that you have this information that the judge agrees and i've been fighting in this i've been fighting this case for two years and this is what we've been saying
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for two years you can go on and probably community do you know that they did not have a single missile was or would see for once we know that the government use its offenders to lead a factual plot so for the judge to say that in that do anything that's what i have a problem with i'm like halls of government accountable for your just deeds you can keep saying it was wrong with these cases but in a don't do anything a new plant flat said it today and you said in march twenty fourth we know it was governor misconduct so do you think anything's going to change do you have any sense that anything could write what you see as this wrong. we have to just keep speaking now we have to stand up king speaking now in staten island that the community need to come out like egypt were so proud of their stand against a community where we see today no one comes out and no council members speak out everybody must be so sal and all these cases why no not even our government even our president why do you think that is the stance again for nazi thing and the fear
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factor when you use the word terrorism. creating that fear among a community you're going at the community for one you're going at a jewish community and then you're using muslims and jews and news and muslims and religion so when you see fear in the white terrorism a lot of people will not come out in stand up and fight but as a family member you're going to stand up and fight for your loved ones you know everything i've been fighting for desoto years has been the more love from the hot there's a definite is a muscle that keeps on pump and keeps all fighting i'm not going to be feared by our government i am an american citizen so i'm glad my government can't feed into my heart when i know that this crime is a man affected by our own government and to use now only day the but you proved this whole family in a political game called war your own american people was a justice in that yet and we heard the prosecutors today according to our reporter
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there say that these men were a ticking time bomb who needed to be taken off the streets for good are they ticking time bombs and where they had checked it all without the involvement of the government. says post nine eleven meant post nine eleven our government has the ticking time bomb take that phrase and fades into the self. these cases would not be happening what our government that's only to be a time bomb but i see because of that waste play in that inform in a community and wasted all that money in resource to create a crime to justify your war and the money you get from homeland security some of us know what are you doing now i want to know our government this point is a ticking time bomb and i want to ask you just keep this discussion going for one more minute we just lost tori where the casey anthony case has really captivated the nation one girl one criminal case near wall to wall coverage on cable news if you work for not getting the same attention why do you think that is and what you
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think is wrong with those priorities. this government that was dysfunctional right now i see our government is so broken in lost his morals and integrity of course you don't want to truth come out nobody goes to truth and this is a show you what their priorities are al was ours is made outside the courthouse and was out there today one and this is that was being handed down battle good for we just watch our government make a informant above the law right here on american soil who climbs over see all four mentions who i know what your t. shirt says what a good t. shirt are you wearing my two so says. i am a prime believer in jesus and i wanted them to see this so much different from me and so my faith has been keeping me going for the past two years and going to keep me going in the next few years fighting this case to make sure the disc case doesn't happen to no other people in our community you cannot sit and form this
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impoverished please and set people up and you want to get them like you want to justify your crimes your war crimes in a spec this would be solace and not say anything this is a miscarriage of justice your fight continues after the sentencing of these man i will have to see where it goes but we certainly thank you for coming in and sharing with us and your point of view that was a lesion aquinas mccollum the aunt of david blaine's member of the newburgh for a sentence today now you heard homeland security counterterrorism osama bin laden is dead now the u.s. has announced plans to begin pulling some of its troops from afghanistan and now president obama has revealed a new national strategy for counterterrorism but what is this really mean and who even are the terrorists joining me now to talk more about that is susan lindauer she is a former cia asset she covered libya at the united nations during the lynagh oceans for the lockerbie trial so she really has a lot of insight into libya thank you so much for being with us now first of all
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with this new counterterrorism strategy i'm just curious if you have any. reactions to what changes i mean afghanistan and pakistan are still the target you know the targets al qaeda it's all the same stuff so do you think resources will be just redeployed from afghanistan and other areas i think that it is. i'm very disappointed in president obama for thinking that politics that the platitudes are going to address the terrorism issue when i see a stewing is creating more terrorism through our policies in libya and yemen i think that our actions speak louder than words that adage holds true on anti-terrorism we are firing up islamic fundamentalists and. we are not our actions are not proactive they are not problem solving we're actually making the situation much worse do you think that that's going to continue could as we hear obama give plans for send troops to pull out of afghanistan we
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hear lawmakers call for resources to other areas such as yemen and pakistan and other countries do you think that we just see this war take on a different face in a different country yes and i'm especially disturbed about libya. the united states is pulling troops out of afghanistan so that we can go into libya and what my documentation is showing as an asset as a former asset i have extremely good ties and knowledge and depth of resources inside libya today what i'm finding is the video documentation that nato rebels are actually the same al qaeda fighters that we've been dealing with in iraq and afghanistan who've now come home to libya and that's what i want to hear about what because we just heard obama today today that gadhafi essentially is a terrorist and the u.s. is abiding by the u.n. mandate to fight that the what do you see as the reality and what evidence do you have that it is al qaida that is amongst these rebels well first of all i was
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directly involved in the one nine hundred ninety s. operation to get terrorists. out of libya and i can assure you that all terrorists were removed from libya by about one nine hundred ninety eight thousand nine hundred ninety nine since then khadafi cut off by the way was the first government to inform interpol about osama bin laden could duffy is hated by islamist fundamentalists because he is a socialist muslim and he has a very different agenda that is not sure i am khadafi has very strong record on human on women's rights women have the right to education hold property divorce hold jobs have income many rights that other women in the arab world do not have so he is a moderate and he is not involved in any terrorism at all that is absolutely foolishness so then do you see the united states' role in backing the red.


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