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adventure enthusiastic the not put off by the hardships of the journey this group of tourists is from the city of chelyabinsk an industrial center in the urals their hobby is rock climbing today that destination is the top of a cliff called a quick noisy crest waiting to cross this mountain stream is a dangerous task even on a quiet warm day it's flow is still too fast. during the day will be wouldn't take food and fuel to the parks outposts and checks tourist trails income sites. i'm valentyn grigori of ranger the national park service from should have been did you register yes yes did you get instructions before you came in yes. which way are you going we're going to climb the rock spend the night and climb up click ny the next day place to make campfires where you know it's supposed to it's dangerous to do it now yes yes we've got it. well have a nice trip with thank you. half
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way to at click noise crest the tourists are treated to an unpleasant surprise. all of a sudden the weather has changed to wrenshaw rain washes the trail out in a matter of minutes. alexander guitar of the man in charge of the group of rock climbers to science to lead them to stone river. most of those things may get difficult because of the rain but it's easier this way. every serious to supposed to get their feet wet in stone river. so cold stern rivers are scattered across to go nine national park they are in fact a massive big rocks covered with lichen. it took geologists a long time to understand when and how such rivers of stone came about they
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eventually came to the conclusion that the rocks began a long downhill slide after a bit of cold wind and water eroded the mountain slopes over hundreds of years. it's thrilling wonderful rain and rocks. this is my first trip into the wild in the year. a number of custom vehicles and a quad bike join valentino grigori have on his way to the remotest outpost of the national park even driving such cross-country vehicles over tiger noise dirt road solo is a risky affair. it could break down at any time there are no communication facilities in this out of the way place if something goes wrong help will be a long time coming that's why a small caravan on wheels is a safer bet. the governor there was in perth the room with tell you know is a beautiful place so many tourists come here but you can't reach this place on fort
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carrying a heavy load. only quad bikes and this custom vehicle can bring a gun with her value to. the car a man makes slow progress towards the remotest down pursed as he situated on mount dani tucker night cross country vehicles normally take six to seven hours to cover thirty seven kilometers of what is otherwise impossible to rein. tourists prefer to walk on the tiger nice paths trekking enthusiastic know how to move around taiga night from their own experience they have a simple rule a long walk is better than a bad drive. the washed out roads are bad enough my vehicle rocks from side to side all the time even it has difficulty coping with these roads. after a long trip the full rock climbers reach and click no
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a crest the second tallest peak of the tug and i ridge. always supposed to climb it. yes but make a detour it will be less daunting there's a special trail over there frankly i'm really scant about it don't worry you'll get over it everybody else has managed it sends it will get through it looks nice and very much it's hypnotizing in. the cliff is one thousand one hundred and fifty meters above sea level it is cold out click noise crest sound bounces off it's almost vertical face to produce a reverberating echo. origin is shrouded in incredible legends. mystics see it as a wave from an ancient ocean petrified in mid air it is true that there was an ocean him millions of years ago dinosaur enthusiasts believe it is the fossilized
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remains of a state a source very tangled francey the cliff was a huge tome left behind by a giant a long time ago a good time tonight using chanting i really do want to get to the top we had a lot to follow that path in the company with the rain but when you all face to face with that huge block frankly you get very scary because you realize that you have to go all the way to the top but i'm keen to make it anyway. the tourist decide to company glade in a firth forest on the bottom of the cliff this is their last stop of before they head for the peak. that heights won't be a walk in the war at many points you'll have the urge to just give up and serve back but i'm sure each time you'll muster up enough strength to go through to the
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end. this will teach you to be just as determined. in other situations to. valentino gregorio designs against going to mt don't need to go night and strays from the caravan of cross-country vehicles to come to and click noise crest the warden has decided to see for himself to the rock climbers are ok hello again. going ok have you been there already no not yet we're still making preparations have a seat thank you cooking nice. with found a stone near i mean what is it richard. well look i mean this is a courtside with a bit of mica in it. and these nice looking specs garnets all their semi precious stones and what they will look even nicer if i pour water on them or there
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they are sparkling red. gannett's a cut off polished and used in various decorations. a mine called shire. is near the village of magnitka. it contains nearest god it's that they used to mine. the amato sky mine is a geological landmark it is situated in the west of the tiger nine a park a massive diverse gannets ascended the name of the gannett crown the mine was abandoned a long time ago now mining is banned here let's say true skinless one of the few local scientists allowed to look for stones in it he has a streak of luck each time he visits the mine after seeing him and what german geologists dubbed him the gannett custodian. and here i
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found again it's specimen of about two centimeters normally such gannett's lie beneath white calcite apart from crimson gun it's there aren't gannets. there from out of sky and mine was named after the pongal amato of a mining engineer two hundred years ago he was the first to study and make an inventor of this rich deposit of gannets and rare rock formations there are more than a thousand specimens of minerals from the acma to scar mine in geological museums around the world many of them have been found by lex a trash can. by the way rocks give off energy and some rocks generate negative energy others give off positive energy it political. aventura is the stone that rules tiger nine venturing blocks sticking out of the earth turn any blade into impossible to rain water washes away the earth to reveal the rocks after
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a long journey the will caravan reaches an altitude of one thousand one hundred twelve meters above the sea level the most forbidding outpost of the national park is here on mount downey tyga night. how i. brought some food for you. please make some tea commodities ready. mound don't need is the northern most peak at the ridge from here one gets a good view of the vast expanses of the southern europe in the south there is a valley between the mountains a pile of rock towers in the west behind it is a shallow gully overgrown with two of pines. even though they're about the same height as humans their age is some two or three hundred years old. or it is
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very hard to get to the place you see behind me this poses a big problem where we get news of missing the terrorists or injuries or rescue teams bring the injured here before transporting them to town. the sun is a rag guest on mt downey tyga ny weatherman colas peek the kitchen when mother nature cooks the severe weather of the souls of new rules strong winds and fog are a constant feature here for the best part of the year. this is to get a calling i'm here. what's the weather like there from asst wind rain and fog in the next three days face that sounds wonderful over. fog never wastes time in descending on down a tug a knife to envelop it in a thick shroud clouds rain over the outpost for two hundred forty days in a year blizzards rains for one hundred thirty two days even hurrican force winds
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cannot disperse the mist many tourists come here for the express purpose of looking at the surreal landscape blurred by let and aids. please. do so. susan. says. seeming. to me six.
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six six. feet more news today for games flared up if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada as trophies for the six. wealthy british style rolls in. the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r.t. . twenty years ago the largest country in the. history to trace it to.
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the beach began a journey. where did it take them. before they begin ascending at click noise crests before crime is decide to take pictures they know only too well that they will be so exhausted after the climb that they will be unable even to hold a camera in their hands. just a lot like. the belting. fighter of. the knife through it said ready. if you look at the click noise crest from a short distance you get the impression that it's an unassailable wall but rock climbers a quick to find an obscure trail among huge adventuring boulders groups of
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climbers they usually guided by the most experienced people the man responsible for the safety is on the other end of the group there's a fat chance climbers will injure their arms or legs sent the wind and water may have polished the sides of the blocks over thousands of years but they still have shock edges the promise make their first stop over to altitude of some five hundred meters. i want to go down any more from dumb to scared we're still quite low it will be even more beautiful when we get higher just enjoy the beautiful scenery look those fur trees are real beauties you can look at the airplane which come closer to the sky on the roof of. this fantasy point offers a panoramic view of the largest peaks of the grand tyga ny ridge. the time the ny
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ridge form some six hundred seventy million years ago according to scientists it is one of the most stable locations on planet earth computer simulations of potential natural cataclysms on a global scale such as powerful earthquakes and floods have shown that the taiga ny ridge would remain intact. the flora of tyga ny is the result of several climatic zones spruces and first grow in the northern slopes of the ridges birch trees and pines are on the eastern side flowers and grass of the tundra grow high up in the mountains. the heather growing on the top of mt downey tyga ny is a rare species that can withstand strong winds drastic drops in temperature and humid folks it is called octopus. it's a very rare planet in its second name is bass. and in grew in the north. from our to then i think it can be found in the mountain
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tundra off now than you ramp or at least blount's my twelve because the botanical parietal of the national park up to going to. the sun still shines of the downy tyga ny outpost when the caravan of cross-country vehicles and box on the old deal of descending the mountain the destination of the national park stuff is the mysterious cliffs call the three brothers. i hear you saying this is a no go situation. we need to get through here. it's dead wood the tree is sick. rain floods the roads an obstacle that even cross country vehicles find difficult to clear thanks but the rain just find a solution. this one is really heavy. well.
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let's do it together here we go up well ready to go. tiger nine national parks network of groups mountain streams from small rivers supply to the caspian sea and the arctic ocean during the summer rainy season small rivers in the swifty formed into two streams some to rain. on the surface in the form springs one of the most famous ones is called grim uchi it has been around for hundreds of years but dried up or changed course where it gets its water from the mains on clear according to one theory there is a lake deep underneath another. tough line from the twin peaks hills finds its way
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into the ground before merging on the surface of the bottom of the slope geologist say the water in his soft melted snow. interesting thing about the water is that it's a unique it differs from the water or. springs treated people i know it's water from. other springs they say this water tastes better. on the way to the three brothers cliffs park employees come across evidence of a passing a ruined ant hill is a telltale sign of the fact that the bad has been here brown bears a form of eating out. well the first king. of it. down the whole lot. you need to fire your gun. yeah scared away.
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the brown bat king of the tiger night always steers clear of the what is known as the three brothers tourists never pitch camping climbers never attempt to ascend the rocks those traveling on their own don't spend the night here the three brothers the three austere rock standing in the midst of an age old forest mistry and rumors surround them it is a mecca for mystics and u.f.o. enthusiasts people staying here for a long time suffer from strange hallucinations legend has it that the rocks were named after three giants who stole precious stones from their father's money box after confessing their guilt they turned into rocks to bear the eternal burden of
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repentance even geologists say the origin composition of the rock significantly differ from the other areas of the taiga ny ridge at the bottom of the rock didn't result from magma gushing from the earth each one smart move for ozone deep underground when the rock n merged on the surface as a result of erosion it developed a vertical cracks thirty erosion by cold weather split it into three parts. unlike the three brothers at click noise crest consists entirely of a venturing. close to the top shoes brock's of rock give way to steep smoothness anyone wishing to climb them will need something other than skill and experience they will also need special gear. pull for climbers reach the cliffs top of the
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same time. while we're here give me a left hand up your upper all for your right leg. that's right. that's right well done. from there they see upon a rung of the tongue rich translated from the turkish language means pedestal of the moon. calling to legend once in a hundred years the earth at the bottom of the titanite is torn asunder eldest come out of the rift to predict the future. they move rocks and rivers and destroy the taiga nigh roads to prevent people coming here in droves to learn that destiny. congratulations and now you know what it's like and i is all about that when we go back to town we'll take a memorable pictures and notes along. forty
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two thousand americans die each year from car accidents only a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us a year part disease is even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year.
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if you're followed up on my death. of a twelve pack and i can't park a car long. and it goes back to a time when people would lie down in their forces in the wild west and pick up these future days and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution there is no longer much company may. kill. him when they go out there he's got weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad can. get good. but we're chasing killers and you gotta keep that in mind others the two million dollar bill police arrest. but not super hero they can be killed to you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. and. once you put it on you and i
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never go back to hunt anything else. will come to the truth what makes a big splash in the world of heights. what turns events science into i ching products they don't understand oh he's he's got the full russian evaders to eat your betters abroad and their big breakthrough back home spotlight on stoke on technology update here on which we've got the future covered. illegal to be able to eat food. illegal. since.
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in india in the movie the joint the hotel room. the gateway hotel
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the grand imperial truly the torch was the. most delicious to see don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was there to treat. norway's first ever terrorist attack admits responsibility for the bombing in the capital and the shooting rampage that followed. i don't have a look right here these are live pictures of a special service for the victims underway in the capital's main cathedral the royal family and a prime minister all present at the ceremony as we know over ninety people were killed during this attack. global economic recovery is. debt crisis talks in the u.s. collapse within the government of the e.u. comes up with a new lifeline to pull the euro back from the brink. media
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mogul rupert murdoch himself for a legal battle in the united states americans say the phone hacking scandal highlighted the country's growing lack of privacy. plus the u.s. led coalition in afghanistan and begins handing control over to local security forces. concerns about the future of the country. top stories of today this week you're watching the weekly with me. a man charged with friday's shooting spree at a norwegian a youth camp and bombing in the capital has admitted to responsibility for the twin attack the claimed over ninety lives the incident has been called the country's
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worst atrocities since world war two and shortly we will speak to r.t. is done a bushel who is standing by live for us and also details on that live report coming your way shortly here on araa to someone who knows and has a believe it personally told r.t. that he was shocked by the news but says it also has a place where radicalism is in the air. not imagine. not even madge and that he must have been rain washed he had an ego and especially. in relation to girls for example the fairer sex for other guys. like you don't. work. and you know a little bit. but still almost but you're not going. on the other hand you look the same.


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