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in india because he's available in the movie joyce he who kills. the greeks we go to the grand imperial truly to tell us to push coromandel maternal socialism good to see don't need to go publicly and run to the kennel was her turn to retreat. to do thirty or more school thanks for being with artsy international. top stories tonight the u.n. security council is holding an emergency closed meeting over fresh violence in the disputed border area between serbia and kosovo serbs claim the cost of both ortiz or imposing unilateral moves to the stoking ethnic tensions. washington's refusing to stop its reconnaissance flights in a china despite beijing's outrage over violating chinese sovereignty experts say
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the asian countries brotherhood military advisers are heading to the pentagon which is losing its wealth. and he waves breaking russia right now but it's raising fears to the deadly small might return to the capital wildfire seasons of the way along with on the ground people the fires which calls choking smoke blanket master of last year. you know talks exclusively to iran's foreign minister about the country's nuclear program and the possible ways out of deadlock. the worst the suspicious of iran's nuclear program well you insist that you have peaceful intentions what is iran doing to convince the west that you nuclear program is intended to serve peaceful purposes. the only international body that has the authority to evaluate our activities a year a new state is allowed to accuse around regarding its nuclear program i'd say i.e.
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a bang to raise or to initiate any international action against iran this is why we pay no attention to the west claims regarding our nuclear research iran is a member of the i.e.e.e. and a party to the nonproliferation treaty iran is going to respect the treaty says nuclear nonproliferation is in our interest as well i confirm that iran has made its intentions quite clear with regard to its nuclear program proving that it is peaceful this is further reaffirmed by the fact that the i.a.e.a. did not state in any of his reports that there is any military activity going on in iran's nuclear sector as for their intentions how come the united states accuse us of pursuing non peaceful purposes while america itself was the first nation ever to use nuclear weapons killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in japan this is why we have no faith in america's intentions as history shows it cannot be trusted during our war with iraq saddam's regime use chemical weapons against iran
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but we did not respond in kind since around policies based on shari'a law which forbids us from producing storing or using nuclear weapons at least the foundation for our constitution our policies and their views. the west has insisted on establishing control over your indian enrichment in iran while iran remains reluctant how long can this situation continue. i mean it. everybody should realize that iran has reached a point in its nuclear research where it is impossible to stop or go back since the reigning nuclear technology has gone beyond up like a nuclear technologies have developed into the domestic industry in iran spreading all across the country and becoming a fact of life for many rehabs now that we have educated and trained thousands of nuclear scientists how can the west or the entire world stop us from enriching uranium this is become a fucked up reality as for how the situation is going to develop it is normal in
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its discussion dialogue and negotiation we see it as a test for ourselves for our patients and insurance through later history we have managed to prove to the world that iran does not give up in the face of suppression and who still if you will thread a new pressure can shake our sovereignty and independence we are ready to pay any price and withstand anything let the west come and see whether iran is bought off in the face of pressure and sanctions or move further on they will see with their own eyes that iran has moved ahead a great deal that is no point in being enemies with iraq i tell them that the more they threaten and push us the more determined we become to move on. when is the nuclear power plant in bushehr going to reach capacity that will share us for a share of all works there were over when vapor was supplied to the reactors core and the turbine began operation all the stages are passing well this allies me to see that the station will begin operation and test more it will generate
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electricity and disputed by a national power grids as for the station itself everything is complete and i don't see any problems with regards to its operation iran is using its own experience to develop the reactor which is planning to launch in the next three or four years this reactor can generate forty five megawatts. what decision did you make following russia's proposal to settle the nuclear dossier issue what are the main provisions of this proposal what do you think about it. my blood pressure could be quickly. first of all i would like to thank russia for its constructive efforts aimed at finding a settlement to iran's nuclear program but as far as we are concerned we consider this proposal to be a step forward for breaking the deadlock that's why we view russia's proposal as opposed to a stick however while iran seeks a new initiative to settle its nuclear problem the west continues claims that iran is producing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads this kind of behavior
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convinces us that the west does not want a fair solution that it wants to iran to succumb to western influence and obey its orders but iran is ready for negotiation and cooperation with any parties in accordance with the i eighty eight rules based on a new initiative to be put forward. what was moscow's russian oil for supporting around on its nuclear issue what common interests are there between russia and iran if you need. him cutting him so you know clearly russia is a very important neighbor of iran and in my opinion iran is a more significant neighbor for russia it's a reality that history confirms looking back we realize that the u.s. used all its ways and means in its attempts to dismantle the soviet union but today russia is a strong country in the international arena from political economic and military viewpoints and since the u.s. wants to consolidate its dominance in the world it's intends to tie the hands of or
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defeat its only military rival russia therefore it has expanded needles suite of influence in order to approach russia's borders why they want to exert pressure in russia because that or nor the countries around russia's borders syria iran that would be defiant to the west establishing western rule over iran would solve this problem for them this would allow a neat and circle russia complete a little strain imagine what would happen if iran were to fall back into western influence in this instance and nato would completely surround russia here for iran is vitally important for russia and vice versa i be. that russia and iran need each other and russia may be concerned that iran can return under the western influence i want to tell their russian friends this will not happen but i am very optimistic about the prospects of russia and iran relations in the future will prove me right . does iran believe that moscow's support will continue to clear with regard to iran's nuclear profile. we are convinced that russia will keep supporting iran's
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position we have no worries about it but. what can you say regarding the us relations does iran intend to resume. i mean we have stated time and again that iran wants to have good reasonable relations with all countries except for the zionist state as for our relations with washington they will depend upon us actions towards iran if they remain hostile there will be no relations full stop however if washington changes the attitude toward iran and he pleases and still if he with a sense of equality respect for iran's sovereignty and independence then the essence of our relations will cheat and unfortunately there is no evidence that the us is ready to put an end to its enmity against iran america's actions in its wars against afghanistan and iraq speak for themselves innocent civilians are being killed in most countries certainly what i am seeing does not apply to the american people will respect the people of america and the american public for their
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enormous contribution to global industrial and technological development therefore i have dressed my words to the u.s. government and i believe that its policies are unreasonable and based on the logic of force this is absolutely unacceptable to your own mother let's take a look at what's going on in syria how is the situation in syria different from that in iran. that. this fight a serious concern we should carry out an accurate and least a bill analysis of what has been. happening in my country iran supports any mass revolutionary action as long as the pursue legitimate demands as was the case engine is here egypt yemen or any other country but only on condition that such protest activity should be free of foreign interference iran does not tolerate meddling in other countries internal affairs with regard to its own foreign policies and we maintain the same approach of these of the other players if there
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are mass protests in syria and their demands are legitimate and will stand by them but when we see the deliberate misrepresentation of the syrian people's demands by external forces that is unacceptable and iran and flatly condemn such action what we see here is a clear picture of foreign involvement serving colonialist interests the present government of syria and particularly president assad had pledged to ensure the citizens' rights and they have delivered on a lot of their promises syria is currently in the middle of crucial political and economic reforms that are yet to be evaluated i believe that with wise leadership from bashar al assad city it will eventually come out of this trial even stronger and will regain its stability and prosperity syria plays a very important role in that region it has significant influence not just being at the forefront of resistance against the zionist state and the pressure currently exerted on syria is directly related to this country's role in such resistance you can be sure that if syria were to manifestly give up the pressure and the sanctions
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against that would cease immediately but i am sure that syria will make it through this difficult period and preserve its position in the region washington has accused iran of sending a special squad to help suppress the process in syria what is your response to such a claim washington had it before you about how very washington blames iran and islam in general for everything that is happening in the world the u.s. behaves as an aggressive and villager in power and it seeks to condemn any nation that opposes it eliminate all the current crises and tribulations and such. nations therefore iran pays no attention to the accusations coming from washington. the palestinians are currently intending to persuade the international community to recognize the postilion state in its nine hundred sixty seven borders what is iran's attitude towards this issue to support the palestinians in their clothes.
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we are convinced that the whole of the palestinian land belongs to all palestinians and we will not accept anything that would involve me or part of palestine what we will only accept a single under divided palestine in iran's opinion palestine belongs to the palestinians you can listen whether they are muslims christians or g.d.s. therefore we welcome and support any measures aimed at bringing about a policy same for all palestinians. what is a current progress in restoring relations between turkey and cairo. most probably by michigan we have had successful negotiations with a number of egyptian politicians egypt confirm that they are willing to restore relations with us tehran considers these demons to be a testimony of good will and we want to see i expect our relations with egypt to return to normal soon by way of exchanging ambassadors and reestablishing diplomatic missions in our respective capitals.
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feeds are now in the palm of your. question on the call. lists. the so. on. mission. couldn't take three schools churches three.
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three. three. two three. three living video projects free media. this is all these little stories the u.n. security council holding up close. pressure. area between. parties or opposing. the stoking ethnic tensions. washington is refusing to stop its reconnaissance flights need china despite. chinese sovereignty experts say the asian countries are rapidly. developing its military heading the pentagon out of fear is losing its. russia right now and it's raising fears the
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small. people from the cold choking smoke from planchet moscow twelve months. with all the sports next. chris obvious complete this is a work study here on twenty four hours plenty ahead including. off the mark barcelona the pirate needed to win the audi cup capital on giants first piece of silverware whole thing you see his. eyes on the prize with the olympic games set to begin in less than a year's time the medals about pleas from longer than four nations will strive to lay their hands on. poland brushes cue the olympic
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hopeful. fighting chance to make it to the london games in twenty twelve we catch up. let's start with couple were spartak moscow about it some dutch steel to their suspect midfield netherlands international demi donning his new red and white jersey after transferring from. the new signing undergoing his first public training session already looking well first then russia's most successful club do things just by sitting a full thirteen points off the top spot midway through the premier league season comes to sports talk with things looking on the optics of winning three of their last games twenty eight year olds who played in last year's world cup but seeing football here is a step up from his nascent love. for the. game . so are they really want to buy me and they will do for two months.
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five years more interesting to play for but i didn't lose a conversation with a trainer. with a lot of people who are aware and good stories about being about to work. or be brave to come to terms being she's. i think the level was more general. waited too long to secure their first title of the season pep guardiola side lifting silverware almost a month before the spanish league even kicks off despite missing of. course the work to do for germany. russia looking every inch the police force even with thought the leading lights. of the much for the catalan story twice either side of the break to know the final score of the arena. or her zillion side internationale meanwhile claim third place in the pre-season tournaments after beating milan on penalties left on abraham
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a bit scoring for the italians in the thirty minutes before international equalized midway through the first off the on drew this for a. lead once again through caught so with an arc on the clock. ten minutes to go the last level. forcing kicks. and it was the brazilians who were just stop it were focused with their efforts wrapping up third place on the fourth to overall. a repeat of last season's champions league final happens on sunday with porcelain from stateside to take on manchester united being a side themselves comfortable winners over a major league soccer all star team last night new york city seeing united net four times against the americans in front of a sold out red bull a rino david beckham went close to breaking the deadlock early on but it was his
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former side who dominated proceedings afterwards under sin set up by making it one it's. individual effort from jason park in the dying moments of the first stretch the victors advantage. further helping extend his side's early eight minutes after the break setting up the majority beautifully. i. put the icing on the cake for not thinking champions did not wrap up their american tour this weekend against barcelona at the home of the washington redskins. were. walked out of the. see to play against manchester united still with ceramics manager still with some of the players i played with when the fans are played in front of many years is emotional it's always going to be emotional come up against manchester united but. it's always difficult as well but football may soon have to
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shed its reputation as the most innovation fearful of sports field for president sepp blatter saying it's one hundred fourteen world cup in brazil could become the first major tournament to implement a goal line technology the seventy five year old but if there was a dropped smith's are introduced leagues around the world would follow suit. it is supposed to be the will decide. to. be introduced. to dance and to. leave this is to get these. national associations or leagues maybe the right to use these. these would be the new approach. to the pool where there's been more success for russia at the world aquatic championships the country which dominated the synchronized section last week
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claiming its first gold in the swimming discipline of the games to see it reaching the top of the podium in the women's fifty meter backstroke fastest qualifiers two of occurring her speed into the final to see off near a challenger. european champion in the fifteen one hundred meters touching the wall in a time of twenty seven point seven nine seconds american missy franklin rounds. before that's ryan lochte. world record in winning the two hundred meter individual medley the american moving ahead of michael phelps for the opening butterfly leg powering to victory in fifty four seconds improving his own mark by tenth of a second behind in second with another pick me and i'm carrying the last load chase in third blocks mark the first world record since high tech body search for the start of last. the goals which will be hunted down by all the world's top athletes during the twenty twelve olympic games in london helping on failed in the english
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calcutta all their medals which way in around four hundred rounds are among the biggest and heaviest of any summer olympics the front of each one shows images of it and i could go to some of the tree at the last games in beijing hosts china topped the charts with fifty one goals more than a third placed russia the u.s. for sex. and with the most medals in all one hundred ten network designer david walk ins who created the medals for next year's event stating he's pleased with how that turned guy. on the great job i mean i don't think. i did my best but it's come up. the upcoming world championships in paris are one of the most important events for a limb pick hopefuls ahead of the london games which is if your call is one such jewish state i mean to accumulate enough points in order to travel next year but i'm cos red met up with the smolensk native in our own time. when i got
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a call that it was just a child her mother wanted her to go to a dancing school or take up knitting and broidery but by her own admission she's always been a sort of its own boy and lots of flight it was already all the as though that she would become a professional athlete mom the girl wanted her daughters to have nothing to do with combat sports and send her to track and field instead. of empty chunk of president of when i was sixteen i met a girl who was a wrestler and she took me to a wrestling club for the first time i went their secret for months and my parents had no idea my mom was shocked when she found out she was this can be the right sport for women but i managed to turn her around when i started winning that our goal is currently ranked number seventeen in the world according to the international judo federation and it should prove her medal at the world championship in paris she stands a good chance of representing russia under sixty three kilogram category and a lot of them picks one of those nice efficiency and with us we try to be among the
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top fourteen in the ratings in every way category in order to be able to go to the olympic games and i think that each of us can win their rights to be in london and each has a chance to win a medal at the games our positions in the ratings are stable. each country will be represented by only one athlete in every weight category at the summer games that's seven for men and seven for women for russia has its eyes and getting a place in all fourteen and its arguments in paris will set apart the winners and losers. the world championships in august will be testing stage for our efforts and we'll have an entire year before the olympics in london where we hope to win medals the recent european championships have shown that we have a strong national chain of letter but i think that's what a third russia's finest have six days to make good on those promises before getting fighting fit for london for its wealth. or mana cost of r t someone it's.
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hard hitting stuff a lot is all your sport whether it's next season. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on our teeth.
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all. if you while i look on my desk new and better than those. countries are sort of a throwback to an archaic part of our loft. and it goes back to a time when people would lie down in their forces in the wild lands and pick up these fugitives important to mention the sheriff from prosecution the other one company managed to feel guilty. when they come up there he's got weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad can. get good. for jason killers and you got to keep that in mind it was a two million dollar deal because the rest. were not superheroes we can be killed too you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. the little. ones you
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hunted run you'll never go back to hunt anything else.


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