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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2011 12:22pm-12:52pm EDT

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some has been suspended the prosecutor general's office conducted checks and ruled that the emergencies ministry had broken the law with these trips as well as making an unhealthy profit every tourist to the zone has been paying around one hundred u.s. dollars to do so equating to a multi-million dollar revenue every year. we urge the ministry to inform the governments of every dollar earned by these trips we know that a lot of money has been made and we have no idea in whose pockets it ended up why not put the money into the budget and use it to solve the problems. that the ministry is defined it says it stuck by the law it claims these troops are a vital way of educating the world on how to avoid such disasters which are not balls on will never again be inhabited where experts say it could still serve other purposes cheaper. due to decontamination procedures almost half of there has acceptable levels of radiation that's why we can use this large spaces to build
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solar and wind power stations and even grow get a fuel there the emergencies ministry has now filed a lawsuit in a bid to resume tours through the contaminated zone and the court is expected to start hearings in mid september ukraine's thirty kilometer nuclear wasteland will remain closed to the public until then but the debate remains very much open. ski r.t. reporting from kiev and chernobyl in ukraine. by the way all our news videos and updates are just a click of a mouse away here's what's r.t. dot com coffee at the moment could you log on right now near miss a tragedy with nary avoided it one of moscow's airports when a plane carrying almost three hundred passengers collided with a lighting tower. north and that's remaster please get a make over an award winning thirty meter mosaic map of the soviet union made with forty five hundred kills and gemstones is being restored to its former glory.
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stories and plenty of others in our t.v. talk on. twenty four minutes past in moscow not soon we'll be talking to a former u.n. arms trade expert on how serious the flow of arms firearms is and what's being done about it but first marina brings us the latest isn't this different statements from . hello and welcome to business here on araa to see the clouds all the uncertainty continued supply law and europe rising expectations of a greek default and the possible downgrade of french banks are causing the financial barometer to drop sharply and russia is not immune with the ruble now
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it's letting out an eight month low however jacob nelson morgan stanley here in russia believes there are reasons not to be too pessimistic. if you look at what's happening to the reserves which is the kind of results of the entire set of. transactions between russia and the rest of the world every week we've been seeing an increase in interest in the reserves and if you think of oil exports at these prices and what's happened if we text which i think you'll fall in the courage to kill continues to be very strong. public capital it's a little bit less predictable but i think we feel certainty around the elections that may have been an increase in capital for is there not to the level that we saw earlier this year so actually we expect it to rebuild strength from the here and from korea growing forward. let's look a look at the markets now or oil prices are mixed pollen rebounds in the euro and in the stock markets the international energy agency cuts us now for the rand
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growth and some of that supply export stations. in the u.s. markets are mixed this hour as volatility continues across the board the dow is now losing points two percent of all the nasdaq as point five percent. and in europe investors are concerned by the weakness of the global economy and markets there are closed and positive territory with ranks among the top performers following the heavy losses in the previous session. and here in russia the markets bounce back from earlier losses and the dreaded session in the black both the arts yes and the my sex out of point three three seconds and let's take a look at something that's movers on the my side's most energy majors were down this point strong through them bucking the trend was there also mikel the company's board has approved the terms of a new share buyback it's ready to spend one point five billion dollars to buy a seven point seven percent stake from minority shareholders also results says it's ready to discuss the sale of its twenty five percent stake in your skin they call
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it the price is for whites. time now for an artsy business exclusive the c.e.o. of bring on the san carlos says his company will soon take a majority stake in after boss that currently owns twenty five percent of russians top carmaker and the goshi asians to buy more all progressing well. reasonably we should hopefully not be very far from a conclusion it's a question of not that i can tell you that russia will become the largest market in europe first in consequence one of the largest producers wishing capacity russia being built everywhere through rehabilitation of existing capacity like up. to building new plants so i think the future of the car industry in russia will be very strong and back in the old government for already rather out there were investing in russia and the demand in russia is picking up through the government
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of the economy so i'm very bullish on the region. for all its own gas from that is preparing a deal which could less than three years that russia will be locked out of libya following the revolution castro sources say the company will proceed with a plan to develop and all of its steel cold elephants last year it agreed to buy one third of the project from any one hundred sixty three million dollars they had also been concerns russian firms could suffer from moscow slow recognition of the rebel governments and the. courts in central russia has declared the recent search of a moscow office by payless was illegal the raid was done at the request of partners in the russian oil firms. and they're currently suing b.p. for three million dollars in compensation they claim he broke their shareholder agreements at some sense of form an alliance with ross left to explore the arctic their raid on the office was inside that song cover files the lawsuits.
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and also the business is going out the headlines are lots of barrel. down the official ante up location. i pod touch from the i q sampson. cianci on the go. video on demand
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g.'s minefield costs an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. machine on the algae jolt cola. just join is a very well known and this is all too common in my from the russian capital review twenty four hours a day top stories. for us and romania signed a missile defense pact that's will now pull money authorize the deployment of u.s. and the stick missile interceptors in romania in may washington and bucharest agreed that standard missile three interceptions would be fielded of the them a salute and base near romania's border with the area and with premier live pictures all of that signing ceremony taking place at the moment in washington d.c.
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. in other news this hour libyan transitional forces have given residents of the besieged there is in kidnapping strongholds two days to leave or face on civil rights as amnesty international reports on real problems committed by both the colonel's loyalists and rebels urging the new leadership to restore order and security. also this hour germany attempts to calm fears over greece's potential default by urging members of the euro zone to stick together as stormy skies are looming over europe is debt stricken italy turns to the audience for help. i'll be back with more demands for more stories for you in less than fifteen minutes from now the meantime the uprisings that turned the arab world into an ever turbulent place have also put thousands of guns into the hands of civilians and as new leaders struggle to restore security and safety in the country's concern grows that the circulation of weapons could pose further threats to the population and as he's been speaking to a former u.n. expert on how the challenging task of disarming civilians could work out.
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with all the talk about diplomacy and because of the gun still remains the primary means of solving international conflicts to discuss the current state of arms trade and arms trafficking we're now joined by the former u.n. expert on those issues brian johnson thomas thank you very much sir for being with us today let's start with libya in the beginning of the uprising and the revolution whatever you call it there were concerns that there may fall into the hands of terrorists has already happened in your view well of course sometimes because you go from going off in the interview. it's about to recall the most of the guns that were looted and you know it's not just the missing. in the hands of criminals as
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much as in the hands of terrorists all started off by being illegally maybe you could be sold at some point to go to the court for. the case of libya as you know that's a lot of the rebels were until fairly recently all sort of go that was being made with al-qaeda in some cases so there are some orders to what they might do with them but it's going to finish because i think the whole character of the market which is always the second interesting muslims in libya and once you get support for the revolution of any sort. of control of some of the individuals within it is now prior to the uprising russia was one of the main suppliers of this to libya. but as far as i know it was not the only one and some of the countries that are now waging a campaign a military campaign against colonel gaddafi are also supplying weapons to his regime quite openly yes because it's interesting isn't it that if you look at. the
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moral record to the west i'm just i'm just not good we seem to him to be. iraq and libya because they've got something we want i don't see anyone having any critic who sought to go and invade syria and this was the president so maybe he's got nothing no what he wants so i think that's where the real politic comes into play but yes there was a decision taken whatever reason to support it if you know rising even though the same countries did go to the security council and get a resolution which in part composed in arms about they then went a long long way to go on those terms of reference you could augment the bombing campaign itself was pushing the envelope so what countries every actually talking about apart from russia who was supplying weapons to get out i think most countries some of the most many countries i mean i know for example a shipment of ice tools from bereft of that city because it went through most so
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they made a mistake in the paperwork that it was worth one million euros and you could declare it was not said we're going to go to those so there was if you can sort of how they could put it but they were described i think a sporting weapon is what you will sport you do with a pistol but anyway so we know even though it's only in the submarine world certainly the british ops so military systems i didn't know whether it was weapons or such and they were sold radar and this kind of thing high tech kits to the regime so yes there's been a whole range of supplies from nato all the usual suspects if you know right now what sort of want to just talking about and how dangerous it is. the program with the straight world why does it every year we make more guns that are destroyed so every year the total number of weapons on the planet is increasing. court significant. i think there are probably something like ten dollars more goods made in the destroyed every year because you know it's in the oceans there's
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a vacation in corporate trying to get guns in circulation by brock's by various programs but the money from abroad and who also makes guns but i was always being struck over how to keep guns out of somebody so now one thing i noticed when i was in a little bit in march and because they've got. a gun sort of become based very fancy i don't for the young and so it's almost like having an i pod it's fundamental teenage every young person wants to have it his own kalashnikov and i wondering whether you can really talk about any serious. arms trafficking when you're have a culture of young people really thinking of how being a kalashnikov is really what makes them cool and she this is the problem in so i mean there's i was in gold some time ago and you know sort of the company you know most of them you know i will move most of the saying i'm told it's a good job just know without the gun which in the store is the growth certainly for
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you know one of the programs that are. going to the trial so just we're going to how it's going to it's archly. more fun to be a soldier with a gun because you couldn't take what you want whether it's food or the woman you just take because you're going to go to their homes and it's awfully hard to get the job and after a decade of war some to come back into civilian life so it's a real problem i mean there are international markets and try and establish what you might call a better organization going to try imposing minimum standards and there is a conference in new york next year up to ten years of discussions on the north which will try and organize an arm straight through you know more of the problems at the moment is that what i do want to bring it on the street treat it as a good idea to have some control of the home stretch that's what goes on in the three conventions critical problems there was a famous. president on close human culture to go to the new one sort of oh god can
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we trust the people not you know it's already goodness because they've made what they need to control you know trade but they don't want to put going to control their own of their own business now regardless of what you're saying about get off track record rather than here supporting the naughty you have to admit that prior to these uprisings lead there was a sort of an island of stability and they're relatively good live in africa which is a pretty turbulent continent. everything that is happening there and with all that a lot of what kind of flowing around what sort of implications of could have for the here in the rest of the region it has implications certainly for the margaret because it's a least in terms of criminals that it's not just here within borders so you know if you use you to organize a bank robbery and shoot this over and on the basis of weapons you get from this turmoil in libya yes i agree with you one of the troubles is the. view the way you could have a society where the good business is if you have it's rituals with respect to too
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little for the for we have to have trust. you know police forces there's never enough police for them to control a any population for us so we have to be policed by consent. countries which policed by consent generally speaking i will that's a gun crime and comfort which of those which are not so policed but it's also true that where you have a hard regime the same thing happens but you tend to find the majority of gun crimes after the not because. people want to hold an illegal weapon because they don't have any trust and someone else looking after them and to the police to talk about them and that's where the problem starts so and that's the libyan transitional national council can very quickly establish he trusted. impartial and dependent police force and the u.s.
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marines say things but you can certainly there will be a temptation of the people to keep going the president depends on the means is a temptation to go to something but you shouldn't be honest what sort of nationalist do you think you believe that there has been a leap into three inches could take an audience here a crazed. percentage of votes but in the population i mean i may be buying them out there or offering some sort of fresh surrender campaign or buying by guns but here's a he said she thinks she's there's no good i mean i've been told and several sort of bought about companies becomes one hundred not just try to do it when there is one occasion i was working in one ambrose about one in the congo comparable country as you know there and. i forget the prospect of going so i thought i don't wish i was so if i go well the port will be the sort of the congo river you could buy the books so people were actually bringing guns for the country became a sort of basis because the business was already going to get a bad thing so they've been tried different ways around this by saying well as
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a community that was a time when there was a bit of if you coconuts and weapons sort of in the forests we'll build you where you will show up for example station and stuff like that so not seems to work better in some ways i have to say the problem of getting weapons are the sort of connection it has much more difficult people tend to think that in kosovo it just felt like it was a very very expensive company you know it was it was embarrassing you know and everyone looked like a look at it like maybe if you can remember it it was easier months to get guns in circulation but through nomination as i mentioned it's happy it's bulky and you can have more success and there's no point going to go you know i mean mission so many ways so domination is the key to concluding larson's weapons if they can get a higher interest in them i'm going to is not going to them now i have another question i'm not sure of whether you can comment on that if i did just a lot of personal observations. surprising because back in march it was primarily
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driven by they see young people like teenagers or young men in the twenty's who ran to the front lines almost for the fun of it but i think pictures are now getting from tripoli show very different sort of troubles there is a middle aged man who seem to be a far more professional than their handling of boris. how did that shift happen i think first of all you know you're on the ground for this so i mean. sort of watching myself through you know that when you're young you think you're immortal i think what is the revolution has become let's go from the stage where it looks like being successful when you get the vanguard and also the people who are in civilian clothes in the middle age i would guess you know this is a good officer we've seen in the work of the just good. fun and i have a question there regarding the recent allegations or theories that some countries may be. illegally. i know with.
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some rebel groups. which uses facebook it's a breach of security council resolution which one can only people. with a permanent member of the security council goes wrong crossing the resolution which i think it's about. you know real the real world is sometimes not so nice place to be in. a british foreign secretary making century said. friends and it's interests i think it's true of every country it's true for sure that's true of us it's true americans. so people look to their interests as they see the sun but yes it's about thing with the this is not your nation system is not going to work it it's time for it's what a warehouse where he's going to spend as nothing else it is the best system we have and i think it's very unfortunate for the member states of the security council
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then ignore some resolutions they voted for us. thank you very much.
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top stories this hour on r.t. u.s. and romania signed a missile defense pact that will now formally authorize the deployment of u.s. missile interceptors in romania in may washington and that standard missile three interceptors will be fielded. romania's border with. libyan transitional forces have given residents of. two days to leave or face on as an amnesty international report crimes committed by both the loyalists and rebels. leadership to restore order and security. ukraine questions. to the disaster site allegations they were providing unhealthy profits to officials
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and experts say the contaminated land might be just the place for new projects. and also reporting any attempts to calm fears over greece's potential default by members of the euro zone to stick together but stormy skies over europe is dead. for the moment more on those developments out of the stories in fifteen minutes from now and meantime as he was going on in the world of sport with. thanks for joining us this is sports it we've got plenty ahead in tooting all this . no joke novak djokovic proves once again why he's top of the men's tennis three pitching his third grandson kind of the season
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a new york city. on the ice to postpone pulsatile hockey league season begins by days after its scheduled kickoff calling last week's deadly are crushed in your eyes. and yellow pearls coupon make further inroads into the chart of the russian premier league table with the on the way with in chechnya . let's begin at flushing meadows where novak djokovic chose how the long weekend should remember the serve becoming only the sixth man ever to win three of the foreground slams on offer in the same year beating rafael nadal in the final of the u.s. open for the fourth straight time the men's final was rain delayed to until monday in new york and it was a repeat of last year's decider one then by an adult a different story this time around though the spaniard managing should break djokovic in the opening game but it was one of his few highlights to serve maintaining a stunning level of quality throughout the first six creates season final top seed
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talk about sticking the open couple of six six two six four before ruffo fought back in the third forcing a tie break to eventually secure the set but djokovic should return to winning ways in the fourth establishing a commanding five one lead but twenty four year old finishing off managed with a poor winner down the line to claim his fourth round slam crawlin. six two six four six seven six two on the final score. joker quite simply on top of this what do you. think. when you play when you play very well you're must enjoy i mean you must bring your smile the phrase because it's all going well so going forward from your side so. you're focused you're trying to take one foot out of time. so. i'm going to have more fun now
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you know the matches over. here in this sort of races in the first. century. now president bush has never run. you know what. with. knowing that i'm on the way. some stores are meanwhile has already been celebrating her women's singles title but first grand slam trophy of her career easterling clinching silverware on sunday courtesy of a shop window with three time champion serena with. its back to new a three champion's league season gets going tonight one of to sides involved in european football's premier club competition is a neat there in cyprus they face a well that russian visitors favorites to take a win against the team regarded as the minutes of the group but they need to ensure that clash haven't lost their first to miss the game and almost who are months off the weekend. will also have to do with tell us munster be smart in the cypriot
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capital the russian international after breaking a bone in his foot. also in the same group or two holes shocked or jeanette's chelsea will be aiming to get off to a winning start at home to. thrust seeing. will fancy their chances in the other group the contour of group f. looks wide open with. optional olympiakos facing more say this time all right but much of the day go on joy to be taking place in group h. where. meaning champions barcelona. to battle while underdogs victoria pleasant. will be hoping they aren't just there to make up the numbers in this scene. to the russian game nor are we twenty three wrapped up on monday with a single match up the informal coupon of beating f.c. two on in the chechen capital grozny last seen it true or a opening to visitors a kind twenty eight minutes in converting from the spot but it's not cool it was
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good to be felt in the area. level modish four minutes later. all of a large too much spaced out for the pin point. break but were not to be denied the winner coming from montreaux ray in the fifty third minute closely miscue from the turf defender of the ivory and make no mistake thus consolidate its spot in the team. rashad maintain their one hundred percent record after european championships david plus side seeing off donia in their last group stage game in life you can hear tight in country on the night with russia winning by single baskets captain should get money is three pointer to the difference right off the buzzer so it's not much of a knockout stages for serbia await the russians in thursday's quarter final. let's turn our attention to the n.f.l. now where brady turned in an all inspiring.


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