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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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watching r.t. live from moscow these are the top stories our seniors are taking to the streets of the west bank to show support for the early years bid to win u.n. recognition that as russia tries to help them plan through despite u.s. opposition. the u.s. is accused of encouraging the arab spring to achieve its own interest even though it sacrificed the position of its closest ally israel even isolated. greece makes good progress in talks with debt inspectors and athens hopes to get another aid package to stave off the fall but the imam warns
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a global economy is in a perilous state with the u.s. and e.u. close to falling back into recession. and that's the first part of a special report on a gradual day out of a place i was once the heart of america's car industry. it's something we don't really system which is the construction of not only a mile back and he's in the park but we're going to see some improvement on eight mile. away i remember the motors going bankrupt remember the feeling. not being surprised at all. for us it was you know
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a day like any other day. when they're going to work. it was in the daylight shocking news it was more like the inevitable death of a very old member of the family i felt like ok now. we can move on the issue of a total teaching on which he has reached a deal is going to go to certain issues it's of jeeves subunits. it's it's it's almost bigger than life just a rock of gibraltar you can't go bankrupt. it was almost like hearing that. you are a child in your parents that depend upon for your existence is on life support. there's a chance of snow showers friday's high holding to about thirty degrees thirty four is detroit's current really it was kind of a sad day. we were just all this believing in all that it actually happened.
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when you have when you have some of the smartest guys in charge of things and they say bankruptcy is the way to go i guess you know you have is the hope that they know they're talking about that you have emerged from that become a better company. they're the type of company that's always said oh it will just make what the people want. but obviously that's not what they were doing. the bankruptcy of g.m. was kind of you know it it's not really a popular thing to say around detroit but. i was actually pretty excited because i thought for once. maybe this big company had a chance to change. general motors with. you. since two thousand. seal saying to sixty you know it's.
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this was this is like. where i played i remember you know playing with my old trucks and this and this for trailing i remember seeing you know in the afternoon the school kids coming and going and then at a different time in the afternoon watching a factory workers walk to work many people just walked out here in america now everybody drives people drive to the end of their driveway to pick up their mail.
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but then there's a different kind of community. it is a great neighborhood really. most of the people who live here work for general motors and buick factories just just a few bars box their way so it was a working class neighborhood it was in a poor neighborhood. most of the people who work in the automobile factories did really well. nobody realized how fragile their economy was because it was always there general motors was actually born here and flint grew up here and people people who worked in the factories especially after the one nine hundred forty s. made very good wages. more than a college graduate would make. you
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look at. this house like thousands of others. was abandoned and when people leave they don't take their houses with them and they also don't pay taxes anymore on the property and so my office. is responsible for tax collection and when people abandon their property and stop paying taxes we take that to court and we get a judgment and take ownership of the property so this house now is owned by the land bank we get those properties and we try to make a decision about what to do with found with with all these thousands of abandoned houses. that brings back a lot of memories that heard that bell ring. really. funny because they're the sounds that i remember. i remember the church bell
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ringing and then i remember the factory whistle ringing you know the factory whistle saying it's time for the shift to start course you don't hear that anymore but. hey how you doing i'm doing aright. and there think so you know this is the house i lived in when i was a little boy oh yeah yeah yeah well welcome back oh yeah exactly. in the morning and. i knew that. this was a city of about one hundred ninety thousand people and we had eighty thousand people working for general motors so the odds are if you had a job in flint it was a job working for general motors for
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a job that depended on general motors only during.
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thank you. now i mean the problem we have is that the legacy of general motors is what i'm left with i deal with empty houses where g.m. workers used to live with empty buildings where general motors used to have factories with wide open space that used to be a. factory and it's now empty you know piece of abandoned property that we're now on there's an office building that was once a general motors office building that the milan bank now on so in many ways were left i'm left dealing with the cleanup of this mass.
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of these are all by i i own all they're all sherry's. each one has a different role i guess that our lives that you see here we have a dump truck that we use in our business to deliver different things trees and stone and bolts and things or here we have the box man which if we want to move things around and i get what you put things inside plus we hook the mud truck which is the black truck up over there you go to the mud dogs and we haul at the black truck here to the trailer we move our equipment around that the skid sear that sets over there and they ask you mater the one next to the black truck over there is the white blazer and what we do with that is you go to the sand use a plane to say and one for the mud one for the sand. my truck here is for got to find it's flour out here in a farm keep the roads up it's stuff i read when i drive to work in the wintertime which also has a plow on it and i when i drive in the summertime it gets better gas mileage has six owner in it and this is my wife's car.
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general motors have been number one forever there have been the ones that beat forever you want to talk about a sad day sad days when toyota announced that they their sales were more than what g.m. is you know that's probably a dated fix will be more than the bankruptcy and. i'm the president of u.a.w. local six fifty two which stands for the united auto workers union and what i do is
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i'm in charge of the ministration of the hall of our membership and deal with any problems and we become before the membership. told my dream i'm good i just we're in the business of selling cadillacs all right i think they got them in stock years ago you'd have to worry about market share because you know it was just a given that people bought because that's what their dad drove or you know you this is what you buy and then slowly you know by not paying attention to the usual things on the market and you don't have the loyalties that used to have you know people just buying because that's what you bought you know somehow it got to be uncool to drive a domestic vehicle. i try to be a negative person and try to look at what you need to do right i think there put
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some people in place where they're going to write some wrongs and i think they're going to be all straight up maybe fly right i mean and i think they all that's the people they all that's insults is too good of a company to see that disappear you from the landscape of the of the nation. g.m. donated this building to c.c.'s to use. it's kind of turned into this. at the center of design in detroit with the college that i attend. just down the hall is the clay studio the computer labs everything is kind of right in these halls where so many infamous and. iconic designs were presented right in this very room. i
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guess what makes me different from many of my other colleagues and students is that i focused mainly on sustainable transportation and solutions for the environmental problems that we have today. coming from car design in a more sustainable way and looking for solutions to the problems it's just it's just crazy that now we're in the space where some of those problems were helped to create. i think general motors at one time represented kind of pinnacle of the industrial era. how company could become so dominant in the market just through sheer brute force. general motors simply became too large for their own good it's so many brands that they couldn't even keep up with and
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they just basically became a dinosaur. i guess it's just almost fitting that the solutions are going to come from the same place the generator the problems and hopefully you know myself and the people at the school can do our best to find those solutions. the fisher body plant where pretty much all cars were built from g.m. before they had their own design all the design work and all the body work was done by fisher. to me it just represents the glory days of detroit and it's just so strange to see to see this site and. and environment around is just so peculiar.
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detroit used to be a very diverse city people lived downtown people walked people took the tram in a sense it was one of the most european cities in its design densely populated easy to get about and it had a very very good public transportation system grand central for grant station. was socially the hub of that the epicenter of of the trains and the trams that ran all around the city. so when the automobile. basically came to be general motors saw. the troll is and the public transportation as
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competition for their new product in order to eliminate it basically piled up that industry and saw to that it was not going to be around so the people in detroit were basically forced into the automobile. general motors it will kill you in the situation tell us the next round of layoffs click on this month g.m. said it would change the rules and it would save me three thousand citizens just like you did. the early sixty's six two three four five six those are what i call the innocent years you know people begin to make good money
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things begin to turn around here for african-americans and we as kids begin to experience a better life than our parents did. you have people migrating up here from the south and with very little education get hired in right away at the plant you know people were coming up here by the bus loads you know and it really built a middle class in southeast michigan so now that you see that lifeline is not gone but it has changed drastically i want to be successful spirit i want to be successful naturally i want to be successful
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financially i want to be successful mentally most of the world what good is what helps me to help people in making wise decisions on stewardship i have a discipline in finances hospice if it leaves the area of accounting. that . god has me here for such a time as this it is no coincidence that really greece temple has a pastor who happens to be an accountant. who is it. is who is who. we're fighting to one of the financial times where we're back to put
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some principles in place and here our sales too can. cause really is where the current regard is of what the economy has got still cause us account and this. trying to be as long as about three weeks you know me and looking for a partner partner parted ways five hundred miles i know after forty years is that i was coming to you for help with live with my first month's rent and everything i bet if it's possible i'd imagine the kind of her but they not in the environment you look across three years on motivating people in this day and time is more difficult than it was in my father's pastorate when people were laid off during those decades of you knew how when you would be returning to work so my
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father's days of motivating was i think a little easier then my day they come to me as a bishop when i want to do it and i can't say well in six months planes will be better i don't know so we have to exercise a greater faith in god. we were right. but we thank you all of this day and for this time it seems in these two you brought together in loving unity we pray that as we move toward the nuptials.
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communities all across this country don't know it but they're one decision away from being the next flint michigan. i think the cities in america that are willing to rebuild themselves and not simply pretend that we are the city that we used to be ironically are the cities that are going to be best positioned for growth in the future. now it's a city that is built for twice the number of people where actually have so i think the kind of successful city that if i can be is going is going to require that it become cleaner smaller. more sustainable. but there are also
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not every you know ever again. become dependent on one company. we've got thousands of abandoned houses we've got more houses than we have people so rather than simply selling those properties off the speculators that's the whole idea is that we get the property into the hands of turn to turn to the neighborhood . where is our. phase one was we had gardens this spring i'm going to go more to southern food because i went to the farmers market this year and the first day the crowd of people black eyed peas purple and they sold out immediately and they really i did not have and so i know that we have young children i had ten children here teens were fourteen twenty one teach them how to grow how to become a business person and how to understand how gross and maybe interested in
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agriculture i mean it's the social connections of. the neighborhood you come to try to you know you build the community around it really i mean i know this from seeing the neighbors come out when i've been out here a lot of times neighbors would come on talk on oh you got this going it's like a center for the neighborhood. wealthy british. free. market. can find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report. well the future of
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the weapons grade plutonium is turned into a vital new resource nuclear waste becomes a fuel friendly to the environment and energy outpost a modest gains of the earth russian scientists lead the way in making these innovations a reality in a future of free from the features of nuclear apocalypse the peaceful revolution in college energy on technology update we've done for the future coverage. in the far away line. where human life is ruined my nature. the distant past of planet earth is scarcely preserved by the clear. engine the animals lie hidden in the deep permafrost. and for those who deal with them through stored times are still not over. very first verses of the bible that all human beings are created but some of it all came in god's image and
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it doesn't say trust jews or dodgers. sixty seventy percent of what i did as a combat soldier now answered by territory was to do with the turds doing what we call making our presence so we go out should some bozo they hear a knock on some doors for the other quarter of it a night out religion and nationalism and not just judaism have been a part of the problem they've been part of what leads to. bloodshed if you want on gaza and kill. a thousand four hundred people in a month and you want to expect that this will have no effect on their feet you have to be either extremely naive or its terms ok do you not sit here and still religious jew calling another joe and not not the way they really didn't know. him . mission free credit
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taishan. three. three. three. three three. three .
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