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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 12:31am-1:01am EDT

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come forward with proposals on territorial issues within the next three months but some fair more empty promises for the middle east quartet's efforts to resume direct peace talks doomed to fail when next we ask one israeli politician what's hampering the negotiations. you know. what may i have yelled a young israeli politician and author and also the daughter of moshe dayan one of israel's most revered chiefs of staff thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. in your opinion has the american president barack obama and the united states let down the palestinians by threatening to veto this statehood bid at the united nations years suitably and i'm very surprised because the i thought to be. the key and to. both to negotiate in i didn't take into account what you could do
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a year ago it cannot do now because of elections so obviously it is called to be. was. almost negative we did not in nepal says can some of the blame be put on israel the argument that is well through its settlement building and its expansion policies and its occupation could as well not be harming the reputation of the united states the goals together we didn't go into your org only start in. we are not wanting to save the world we are not successful in saving all since. on the other hand we're very dependent on america in we get to be budgets for good for armament so we had some kind of fear fusion. i don't think can be dissolved but we never had
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such an extreme government. which. refuses nick to use altogether so i don't think. i think we instead of opening up beings. wrong power being the. power to compromise we have it all and instead of opening and being generous for our own sake we are closing more with more the possibility to even begin negotiations israeli leaders are against the palestinian bid and accuse it of being unilateral but isn't the israeli occupation unilateral of course everything that we did this is you need to go after sixty seven in. the only time that we had. negotiations or something happening was doing or slow. and the result was the
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association of rabin so you know. if there was no settlements occupation the police should not. everything is the only tool palestinians will most likely end up appealing to the united nations general assembly for statehood is this a good thing for israel of course it's good because what we don't understand. maybe we will understand. the international way because we keep saying that is the. most the reason we can. if most of the countries of the world. forward palestine i don't think we can ignore you. and i think it will show a direct action of justice do you think this way the prime minister benjamin netanyahu commitment to peace talks is genuine and will result in something if it
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would have been generally we would have been sitting together girl i didn't. i didn't. warn nobody knows what to really wants it's very clear that he doesn't want palestine and he doesn't want. evacuate settlements. is not a mineral for two state solution you mentioned the assassination of the former israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin and you have said that there are certain streets in jerusalem you're nervous to drive down and yet public wellies for example sometimes you require security guards are you concerned that they could be another assassination of a high profiled lift when israeli unfortunately no because. we're not could see the . image or we can really take decisions. but i'm more concerned with tribute to sort of the said against
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palestinians in our against. really the jewel that we will not be able to store it killing stealing. to see how seeing it's preventing them form a normal life. army and police are not. successful in food so my feel is always the next palestinian be killed by jewish extremists more noise whaley's do not want to serve in the israeli army in one thousand nine hundred eighty there was twelve point one percent who did not want to serve and the projections are that by twenty twenty it could be some forty three percent now we've spoken to soldiers and former soldiers who believe that the i.d.f. contacts unjust wars for example the most recent war in gaza and also that it can
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no longer be relied upon to protect the state of israel what are the implications of this i don't think it's harmful because it feels to fall a lot of those who don't want to serve are not. they're not to really conscientious objector what's their waists i mean young people don't want to waste from their point of view. army begin their covielle sir after worlds do is equal nomic instability and people young people are pushed to. higher education or to jobs only stood a. little bit off. altogether and of course one of the reasons that most people are looking forward to peace is because we think that having an army so big and compulsively sylvie's is doable ways to feel more new
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sources what about the way the army has been internationally are you not concerned that the reputation of the i.d.f. that will father help bald is declining internationally i don't know no i don't think so i think it's too about the entire world i think in that the cannot. is becoming more and more sophisticated of calls when do we call that a choice war people know louis listens to the us i mean it it could be very it can be as a story contact i.d.f. the party blamed for the fact that israel has angered its former allies egypt and turkey and the country is becoming more and more isolated i think it's more with the political picture than the military because. called gratian. we had with turkey on the military way on the military side was very very
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developed and they didn't want to stop it even now. we see gypped in attitude towards the army something that they have to resolve the egyptian army but . we didn't have all the of peace we didn't have really any clear the closure so important. but it. meant that really harmful to egypt just to smirch is to is one of the biggest achievements in your father's lifetime was the peace treaty with egypt he was one of the architects are you afraid that it could collapse i don't think it can it can collapse it can be minimized but not it will it will not collapse into war. and i push through a normal wall situation then in. peace if it cannot be maintained what will happen after the arab spring will things get
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worse for i don't know israel is going to spring i seem clear it's a failure. of two elements one is a over centralized wall in the form of dictatorship with its army or religious likely near iran in egypt and syria. just extreme right wing capitalism i think this systems are collapsing and in israel we have been in first two actual basically social democratic so it will. be formation but it will not collapse in egypt tunisia be our. don't tell everyone what my work or here is in their. ability to form from inside someone will have to go either the army should do sit
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so we civil society should take. a go to shape themselves form. deep ideology because obviously they will not paul dictate tolls but the. power will so i can foresee hope because the students and the young people who are so involved i hope they will get the chance to be helped by maybe your peon cantle is in to form in really. give civil society the world to just build institutions to replace the ones that will or to co-opt or dictatorial what is well missing when it comes to its response to the challenges facing the region people of afraid and this is something that we have to call people still of the to arm ourselves the whole of course people are afraid of being
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they take seriously we're not committed israel is saying i'm going to destroy you. and i have the capacity to do we all when the hamas says it people are afraid to take it seriously they think this may. because it turpin to us once maybe it will happen again so there is something to test to be addressed very deep and there is this sense of self confidence in alliance with the world we can't have the whole world against us and cornfield ins we should the self-confidence form the element of being just and if we are just the world will not be against us and if we do it all name will smith's justice we will be strong enough to avoid any poor diction of destruction the elderly and thank you very much
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for joining us here on r.t. think you. are a. wealthy
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british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. for. this week's top stories here on our take nato has officially announced the end to its military campaign in libya leaving the country's security in the hands of the new government but it concerns about the heavy on population that's been left behind. a massive. debt crisis and say the
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euro critics say that it is a mistake it's just today in efforts. catastrophe. america's anti corporate protesters suffer snowstorms and police pressure that left one activist critically injured squads are sweeping through occupy wall street camps through think tencent arresting those who fused together. and russia's legendary bolshoi theater reopened after a six year expense for going to beijing around dollars attended by russia scramble to cram the world's renowned for the. next weekend sports news with dmitri.
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hello there welcome to the sports it's very good to have a company again and in this world. the sixteenth pole position red bull becomes the first team in formula one history to start that many times from front in a single season. in the fall more than it's a scholar going to do now my spots are more school ruby and angie will play each other for the russian premier league title. and champions back on track. spartak moscow in the cat shelter and their three game losing streak. so let's start with you will finish the first stage of the longest of a russian premier league season among with top eight to one hundred victory against . names made the game for the magical a team opened. and the first. double eighteen minutes then with a blistering long rant but i. began to go
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back an injury time. in safe position so there and ritual there and could have been moved one place up next. in the meantime cuban won the southern russian city. of secrets and away by two and also go. with a brace in saturday's with an artist suffer for their first domestic defeat. to say or a spot most post called three unanswered goals there at the stage of the number this year the top eight teams after thirty games played each other for the title. spartak moscow rubin and country and the other had trick from say to do. spot. in the moscow region for nail varnish man and the right for power in the game but spa talks finish go to federal save. it remains until the thirty
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fourth minutes when wagner finally broke that deadlock but with about fifteen minutes to go in the game the brazilian strike it turned from hero to zero as a pick up straight card for this challenge on judah which despite that loss the home side never lost control things to do. striker going go crazy scoring three times in the space of less than ten minutes in our late stage. return to the twenty three year old is also the top scorer in the champions league group stages four goals in three games before new victory leaves taste second just two points behind leaders suneet. so everything failed to be to restore points were shedding tears on after goalless first half of a torrid but chatty was left on mark in the pounds i read just after the break and they tell him made no mistake giving rubin
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a one lead with pace to the visitors six minutes to level matters as mark seen grigori of slammed from that badly defended toss when or how tender andrew bain failed to leapfrog spot fifth place while bristol city time. much the city have retained their five point lead over closest rivals much to not at the top of the english premier league on saturday following a comprehensive win against wolves three want to tended in favor of roberto mancini's men another managed to side united registered a one nil victory at everton thanks to go from. chelsea and arsenal show their thrilling performance at stamford bridge. to the blues by five goals to a free program per se with a hat trick and bang is meant to know the games from votes. blowgun drew at norwich sunderland and thus the bill also shares the points two goals each while bolton wonder how swansea with their eight defeat in ten games and finally we're going to
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went down to full them in their relegation zone clash. over to the us nowhere so far finally back on a winning track in the kontinental hockey league the reigning champ bones and one of three games heading into last night's clash respond more school and skill set to put up of now reports the one closer to making that four. both teams and early game being on a poor run spartak won only once in their four made home series with a disastrous goal difference minus ten while the game and cup holder so i want you alive had just do wins from eleven measures including a three mansion losing streak despite enjoying possession territory from the very start so are the life wasted their opportunities well the hosts were counterattacking and waiting for a chance and they received one on the fifteenth minute and finally broke the deadlock alexander to come out as they was the quickest on the rebound after a slap shot four minutes into the second period and the red unwise doubled their
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lead martz all horsa pass to stephanie who send it back in the top corner of the net with a reassured however the bashkirs side got back into the game just two minutes later as. dives get around the net and slid back with his backhand to cut the deficit to just to go to one after forty minutes of play in the decisive period it seemed like the mask of ice will withstand and will secure the cushion but for millions before the end eager to get an off rifle that helm will rashard for him and call isaac and the game went to overtime where the visitors were lucky to cloud to win as many not doubled his telling style spots like say one guy suiting who is flow is for all the game fail to deflect the shot i don't think is better when you're under pressure you know concentrating better. because you're putting it right so much better and everybody but i think one percent again you know we lost by that
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target as the season sometimes you up sometimes down so we just get more forward never a good feeling to put three. bridges that we have. to get someone and hopefully. get. the win grants or a spy for celebrity life who return home in a relatively positive moment. well spark dark suffered defeat on the mystic guys and will try to get back on winning track on the route. not tennis circuit or has become the first player to advance into the final of the end of the season double to championships in istanbul that's after beating samantha stosur in three sets in the same is it was the australian who took the opening set at seventy five feet of a stone back in the second and want to confidently six three with czech also claimed they decided by the same scoreline so. beaten in the tournament. in the form of the russian last bit as an arrow in straight sets in the semi. to form one
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now where a ball have become the first team in history to achieve sixteen pole positions in a single season that's after sebastian vettel successful efforts at the practice for the inaugural indian grand prix the german claimed his thirteenth poll of the year only want short of nigel mansell nine hundred ninety two record was hamilton finished with this second fastest time of the day but will start the race from the fifth spot after three place this will see to slip into the front row on sunday this was the coolest in qualifying another long jenson button will be on the second line was. eleven losses. good good to be here i think it's a very interesting race a challenge will circuit looking forward to tomorrow and here first time in india so excited to race tomorrow. the settler cardinals are the twenty levon baseball
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world series champions after seeing off the texas rangers in the deciding game seven an incredible run from the brink of elimination culminating in trophy. and the cards eleventh league title the efforts of game six were still lingering hometown heroes step to the plate again double in the first time of the game. so the range is cut off just like the start of texas failing to put up any morons have to while the cards kept piling on sixty how attended the rangers have now come up short of the title decider for the straight face was name was well to assemble the crowd absence of slotted for that so the rays twenty several of the cardinals getting the pot to start it for the second time since two thousand and six was used can come the day feeling great vibes about last night texas is too tough we're going to make sure you compete because if we got beat tonight and it was
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a good story we want to it's a group makes us a greater you know so it's just a big or a club i mean they really. is something that is legitimate in a bruce effect but now it's time to think about game six and it's part of historic run and i mean it's hard to explain how we made it happen except the club is great guts. the first month of the n.b.a. regular season has now been canceled the taman a still not on the same page with the players union in negotiations the biggest issue remaining revenue splits with the players wanting a larger sad than the fifty fifty proposition that the onus suggest. made concessions were dropped on the arthur scene from fifty seven fifty two point five . percent each right now since still not enough for the middle east to feel as though he still can
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be close it's not practical possible or prudent to have a full day of full season. we held out that joint hope together but in light of the breakdown of talks there will not be a full and be a season under any circumstances. ok that's it from me and that's for now whether it's next goodbye.
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will come to the. moon is going to trip to a magical land where test asides are just trouble anymore for school children to
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live and learn without ever opening a paper book or einstein's theories and the laws of physics no longer apply and we're big can always be bigger don't be afraid to take my hand and enjoy the ride on technology update here on r.g.p. . the official antti application. i pod touch from the jumps to. life on the. video on demand. mind. and r.s.s. feeds with the palm of your. machine on the dot com. this week's top stories on our t.v. . nato is leaving post gadhafi libya saying its mission is done but the new government is concerned it won't be able to control the heavily
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armed population that's being left behind. he will lead a sign off a massive deal to save the usa but critics who see it as another today too on inevitable catastrophe. america's anti corporate protests to suffer snowstorms and police pressure neal to california with hundreds arrested and blown up to this critically injured. last night to remember russia's of the entry bolshoi theater reopened sondra six year old spent spared renovation an exclusive gram gotta. be without a weekly news review welcome to the program well this week saw nato officially announce the end of its aerial campaign in live.


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