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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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offers these treasures. between users in the sky. ten thirty am and moscow these iraqi headlines and scores of occupy protesters arrested across the u.s. in confrontations with police as authorities confiscate tens and ban people from happening overnight meanwhile foul weather hits the east coast testing activist resolve to. fight going. greek default narrowly averted but now another troubled euro nation crying out for help portugal wants to renegotiate terms of its balance raising concerns that the rescue fund is not enough to avert a new wave of debt. feuding russian billionaire as poor as paris osceola romano
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promoted schroeder fortunes at a high cost battle in the u.k. court accusing are below but you're blogging in the billions of dollars something the chelsea football club owner denies. u.s. troops set to exit iraq by december leaving behind a campaign that's cost american taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars up next starkey talks with a man who says the u.s. is wasting its money trying to build democracy a false democracy in the region stay with us. we're sitting down with peter van buren the state department foreign service officer who a few years ago had it in iraqi reconstruction team then he came back home and wrote a book titled we meant well how i helped lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the iraqi people and now he says the state department one thing fired because of the book what what's in the book that they don't like so much as i'm sure when you
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throw parties the clowns they sometimes get angry state department is a lot like the mafia you don't talk about the family outside the family and the state department was i think bothered by the fact that i told the true story of what happened in iraq which contradicts what they've been putting out through the media for almost eight years now tell me a little bit more about the projects that you were involved in as part of this nation building a team that in the sponsored by the united states why do you think those projects failed around two thousand and seven a number of state important people were sent to iraq to spend a lot of money to rebuild the country and hopefully create a nation that was going to be our ally and friend and a happy spot in the middle east it didn't work out that way. instead what happened was that when we were sent over there with almost unlimited funds but no vision we had lots of time and lots of people but no one in charge we lacked many things
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including adult supervision so instead of the long term cool word needed efforts that real development work requires we got short term efforts that were thrown together not guided by any broader philosophy and almost were required to fail the very first thing that happened to me was i was presented by my team mates with a fraudulent receipt to sign they had over spent three thousand dollars on snacks for a conference and wanted me to sign off on a personal receipt for printing to make it all right and he then tried to talk me into spending twenty five thousand dollars to buy a few sheep to give away to a few widows and that was are going to be our contribution to democracy in the war effort the more i was abroad it was as close to we were going to buy some sheep from a guy who was going to give them to his relatives who were going to raise them and put the rest in his pocket you could buy a toyota for what we were going to pay for sheep in iraq. the problem was that these were not isolated incidents what i thought might have been just
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a really bad first day at work turned out to be evocative of the entire year of our peoples or there was like a systematic squandering of resources there absolutely squandering of resources occurred at very small levels of thousand dollars a couple of thousand dollars here and there and zoomed all the way up into hundreds of millions of dollars that were spent on hospitals that never opened or prisons that never took any prisoners in the united states lack a plan constantly being forced into short term solutions we were constantly being asked to produce publicity stills and have something ready by next thursday for the photographers to show up c.n.n. is coming over the weekend better get something ready none of these things were part of the long term the slow work of development it really is necessary if you're serious about rebuilding the country i want every something from him he's serious some use irate the government watchdogs so praise the alarm about billions of dollars of war zone waste and fraud are falling silent or are missing in action
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this is newsnight item is actually about the commission in wartime contracting and the charge that they were working under it has expired and has not been renewed and i'm just going to tell our viewers that this commission a wartime contracting claim voice no five may have siphoned off up to sixty billion dollars from contracts in iraq and afghanistan now this watch that could be out of business are you surprised who might be interested in it i'm actually ashamed that the commission on wartime contracting is going out of business and there's actually more to it than even the story that you just shared with your viewers first of all the state department has attempted to exempt itself from the scrutiny of the committee but you refer to the state department has claimed that it was not part of wartime contracting that it was involved in diplomacy. and therefore not controlled by that organization and they didn't want them to peek into what the state
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department was doing even worse the committee as it's dissolved has sealed all of its records and no one will be allowed to see any of the results of its work what's already been published until two thousand and thirty one so the things that the committee on wartime contracting uncover of the incredible amounts of waste fraud and mismanagement that they documented in the limited public documents that they do produce all of that is being swept away i don't know how old i'm going to be in two thousand and thirty one i'm going to be a lot older than i am now but it's shameful shameful that we will not be able to see that information why aren't they allowed to publish that before they eat official version is that there may be classified information in some of their reports that needs to remain undercover for that long i think most intelligent people realize that the reporting from the committee is so horrific it needs to be put away to avoid embarrassing the government even further the u.s. government says we brought freedom and democracy to iraq it doesn't matter on what
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grounds we'll end it there true or false they've proved to be false but anyways we got rid of a terrible man in power and we are building a democratic society there and that's the argument you were out there in the field what is the reality on the ground as you saw it who still i don't think you can dismiss so casually because it's that sent america to war in iraq we entered the iraq war under the guise of looking for weapons of mass destruction when we didn't find any as if there ever worry we then changed it to a new medium which is all we got rid of saddam he was a terrible man and brought freedom to iraq. saddam was not a nice guy i'm not here to defend him no one could possibly defend his actions however. we killed over one hundred thousand iraqi citizens some of whom were killed a record by the united states some of them were killed in the sectarian violence
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that we set loose in the aftermath of our invasion of iraq today remains in the bottom percentages of any statistic the u.n. cares to count access to water access to medical care access to education iraq is not a place that represents the investment of sixty three billion dollars in reconstruction funds iraq has had a number of elections but it doesn't have a democracy press reports are constantly reporting secret prisons militias targeted killings government killing soldiers people in military uniforms committing assassinations bombs going off none of those things are indicative of democracy i think if that's what freedom represents most iraqis are not very comfortable with it and i think the united states failed in its efforts to bring freedom to iraq there's one thing that very feel any loss in can admit and that is that is the fake . actually they're talking about whether or not it was immoral to invade iraq
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a but not quite about the defeat and what were you writing in this book it's like a raw material of failure do you really see it such as a defeat absolutely i actually title the title book actually includes the catchphrase i helped lose this war and i accept my responsibility for not doing better than i should have and some very most americans really don't understand why their government continue spending so much money in iraq they were told about the withdrawals by next year and now they hear that washington is maneuvering can stay there and that deadline what's your feeling why it is rushing to want to stay in iraq who benefits from it i myself i'm not sure why the united states has spent and continues to spend so much money in iraq i think one of the old sayings when you're in a hole the first thing you do is stop digging does apply. the united states has said
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that on one bet is made it so one does not know the iraqi people they made it clear that they don't you know they but they put do they have a say when their government is all that money from the u.s. and it's actually the you know i don't think any of the money is going to an iraqi people i think a lot of the money their government is going to government leaders i think a lot of the money disappears no one knows where billions of dollars actually physically actually went however it is interesting to note that iraq is planning to buy a lot of weapons from the united states iraqis hoping to buy a number of sixteen's they already have bought and will continue to buy and one tanks from us all of these are very expensive toys and more importantly come with a very long tails each of these tanks requires maintenance requires spare parts requires extra equipment and requires trainers and mechanics it's not like buying a car where you get to say to parchman pushes those contracts so i know for a fact that we do it's one of the duties of the state department is to help sell american products overseas and we work very closely in
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a number of countries around the world with the military in order to sell american weapons that's not a secret it's not unique to iraq in any way whatsoever foreign military sales represent a significant duty of the military in conjunction with the state department overseas what is difficult about iraq is that this is a country that doesn't seem in a position to afford these type of things iraq is a country where people don't have access to water don't have access to medical care don't have access to electricity and instead of spending on those things their government is buying weapons and getting itself to the united states for years to come something seems wrong there now i understand what the state department wants to write but thank you very much for this interview thank you very much.
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. today. again flared up look these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today plenty.
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most of the occupy protesters arrested across the u.s. in confrontations with police as authorities confiscate tents and then people counting overnight meanwhile foul weather hits the east coast testing activist resolve to keep the anti-corporate fight go. greek default narrowly averted now another troubled euro nation crying out for help portugal wants to renegotiate the terms of its bailout of raising concerns that e.u. rescue fund may not be enough to avert a new wave of debt. if you think russian billionaire boris berezovsky and roman abramovich throw their fortunes in a high cost battle in u.k. court. using our promoted of robbing him of billions of dollars of the chelsea football club owner in the eye. of the latest now if you know neal and sports
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so four days' work two million dollars i'd like a payday like that but that's not about it we're going to rory mcilroy i was just about to say that's what you earn in a month you know it's not it's not bought at all you have the shanghai masters he's just won the biggest pay packets in golf the first prize is two million dollars crazy is that when you think about it yeah absolutely and he's only what twenty two exactly right the future looks indeed bright he's twenty two golf needs a superstar much you know that he's gone remarkable he's got the talent he's got the confidence i think he's going to be the next big thing we're going to look at his latest success in just a sec. pretty happy with as this is for today this monday morning here in central moscow plenty ahead including. moving on our last two leapfrogs city rival sports on
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local t.v. and to third spot in the russian merely. new track same story champion sebastian vettel storms to victory albion or real indian grand prix in formula one leading from start to finish in new delhi. final comment on we can't shop with russia's top ten tennis star viewers valerie over who shares her views on next weekend's davis cup decider with first timers the czech republic. we start with football as you know moscow's first win in three games seeing them rise to third place in the russian premier league the blue and white seeing off bottom dwellers f.c. told in the first of sunday's two games that their stories essentially rubbing off a tree with in the opening half in siberia per former abundantly good stories making the difference as me some of which are getting things going with a sublime free kick twenty eight minutes in it was then kevin corelli's turn to
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show his coolly finishing after finding the space with no end of talent six minutes from the break. would end as final regular season clash with spartak moscow next weekend will now decide who finishes third. while in the last notch of game week twenty nine credits for a goal too good for f.c. terrace in summer the who's taking the lead through anton bobber with half an hour of dawn on the clock the direct running of marriage c o though would result in the game being tied to one the one per thirty six minutes of the. second half would belong to korea will get cold via the man week giving the lead for his team eight minutes after half time two on the final score to korea. princes to be english game or tottenham have joined chelsea in newcastle in third place in the premier league not after spurs took care of london rivals queens park rangers on
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sunday a brace from garth bale sandwich by a rough feel van der vaart strike out saw them won this one jade with roy that did reply for rangers put it was the home side dominated proceedings at white hart lane harry redknapp charge is now able to boast a record of six wins from seven games. the action continues later on monday with newcastle aiming to take control of the third position from spurs the magpies await to meet people stoke new castle on leaders manchester city are the only unbeaten side so far this season. the spanish premier league table has a more familiar ring to it this monday with real madrid and barcelona the leading lights however that is only after the leaders heading into the weekend suffered their first loss of the campaign little live antti brought down to earth let us assume it besides free flowing which can serve them so well this month kept quiet and calm cloner of getting a soon off the mark half
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a dozen minutes from the break that's was followed up moments later by a spot of head tennis francisco nino eventually getting things grounded that would make it to know that was the final reckoning of the surrendering the chance to move top of the league. it's business as usual on the former one truck the man already crying champion this season sebastian vettel winning or grew a formula one grand prix in new delhi prior to the race there was a minute's silence for italian movie g.p. rider mark wilson and shelley who died in a crash last week after a malaysian grand prix. to the action where fair to all who started from paul gradually increased his advantage over the chasing pack or early on and he never looked back the german eventually finishing eight point four seconds ahead of the koreans jenson button florrie's fernando alonso was a distant third almost twenty five seconds behind the winner couples red bull to
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meet mark webber was fourth and after the race the double world champion took the time to remember a cement cheli undone world in the indy car star who died a week before the attack. on the one hand i'm very very happy is the first grand prix in india and i'm very proud to be the first winner and i think we can be as a team but on the other hand looking back at last weekend lost two of our mates. yeah i didn't know them well then but obviously it was a big it was a big name in motor sport i got to know this year marco simoncelli and obviously our thoughts are with them now the drinks are in remark arroyo this week the northern irish golfer claiming the biggest first prize pay packet in the sport after a victory the first ever shanghai masters event but let's start by taking a look at the undoubted shot of the day on the chinese greens world number two leave westwood holing in one on the par three twelfth brilliant hour for helping
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west would finish fifth overall u.s. open champion marker oid began the day with a three shot lead the fight back from a stroke join on the puck nine to finish level with american artfully came at eighteen under the playoff with mark arroyo interest from the cup kim knew he had to make that one too tight proceedings in to the next three or four it was not to be a costly mistake to save a least not julie sinking his shot to pocket a cool two million dollars not a bad weekend at all for the twenty two year old. to have won enough in my four years as a pro i feel as if i could have won a lot more. but. you know today was great for me you know i was under pressure on the back nine and you know i was i was going behind with or to go on you know to be to be able to win from that position you know gives me a lot of satisfaction from it's not a problem for that young man well let's talk tennis where patrick of each of us has won the end of season w t a championships in istanbul following three separate
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three over victoria as a record twenty one year old check of aging a tiger opener seventy five but her twenty two year old belorussian of the storm in the second to take in six four would force a decider in the third set though was to belong to wimbledon champion divied of wrapping up the tournaments on a six story line victory also ensuring competed in this season ranked a career high number two. if you will now lead the czech republic team in their fake cup final against russia next weekend we were finding out first hand in istanbul what can we can do on the court on r t caught up with the russian star ahead of that massive should dine in moscow. when it comes to the. emotions they're special and you could never experience that when you play individual competition and definitely that. emotion will bring
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a lot of determination a lot of desire hopefully we can create you know great competition czech republic is very strong and very consistent they have a lot of good players they are not only good in singles but they are also good into our goals so it's going to be yeah it's going to be tough challenge but we're excited about it and we've got a lot of great players and we can easily form. maybe even three teams and it is great because we've got a lot of choices at the same time you know sometimes it's because some players get injured and sometimes we try to find the perfect combination between singles and doubles and trying to create. the best team sometimes it's not easy because we have so many choices and we want to bring people and we want everyone to play their role in these parts for four players. and the level of our team is very strong and i'm always support each other we're always going to do well in the. hearts of two
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thousand and. you know i think people look at my season and they have a. perception of a. grand slam finals last year but this year it was a very consistent year for me in. that i lost in the grand slams they you know really well throughout the season i really have bad matches throughout the whole season i didn't lose the first or second rounds i've been playing deep into the tournament so i had a very consistent year no matter what and i think pretty satisfied about it of course i wanted to go farther in of course i wanted to reach. it something i'm working on my game every single day i'm trying to improve you know hopefully. town that has all the sports not healthy hollowing to everybody i will see you with
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more action in just under two hours time c.n.n. . culture is that so much of the good news going to be made into a lot of people a very hyper look at is the world populated as the world reaches still another population benchmark the debate continues as to whether the planet. wealthy british science holds sometimes.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. .
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