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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2011 6:01am-6:31am EST

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protesters out of camps in zuccotti park eyewitnesses claim pepper spray and tear gas were used on demonstrators seventy of whom were arrested the raid followed a pledge by activists to heighten action this coming thursday to mark two months since the movement began artie's maria port i was watching the events unfold in the big apple she joins us live with more so a lot of arrests have been made what are the latest developments well the latest developments matt is that right now five hours after the new york city police department made a precedented surprise of the occupy wall street headquarters activists are being allowed back into zuccotti park what has happened in the past five hours is probably from a scene arguably from a bad movie because this began with hundreds of protesters many hundreds of police officers rather many in riot gear descended on zuccotti park handing out notices to the activists from the park's owner brookfield properties saying the park how to be cleared out because it has become unsanitary and hazardous this is according to the
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property owners now these activists that have been living inside and camping out of it in zuccotti park for the past two months had no idea this was coming one activist said it felt like the cops were raiding a place without any provocation one protester did say on the record that cops were using knives to tear open the tents that people were sleeping in and were yelling at them to get out and to remove their property from the park now many of the peaceful protesters didn't leave and agreed to go but many others did not many tied themselves to trees there were reports also of many activists forming a human shield to prevent the cops from breaking down the kitchen that was basically built in sukhumi park and that is when according to witnesses on the scene cops reportedly used here gas on the protests. to break up that human shield
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and get that resisting activists out of the park there was also a video that you can see where things got very violent the activists got tackled dragged by their arms and legs sound cannons reported over the use by the n.y.p.d. to get activists out of the park. as you mentioned at least seventy people have been arrested in the past five hours but what was probably hardest for these activists to see is watching their camp completely be destroyed and thrown out by the sanitation department the tents all the personal items belonging to these activists have been destroyed and carried out the activists say that five thousand books that were donated to their library were thrown out by the n.y.p.d. a to remember in zuccotti park the occupy activists build a library of first aid center a cafeterias a mention the kitchen a media center so anything that the activists did remove was removed by the police
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when this all erupted at one am in the morning police set up barricades making it very hard for any members of the media the press that want to get down there to report on this story to witness what was transpiring to actually access the site but as i mentioned these these activists the occupy wall street activists are being allowed back into the park now according to city officials they can continue to be in the park but they are not allowed to bring tents their sleeping bags there or tarps there and clearly those conditions are going to make it very difficult for the activists to comfortably occupy the park when the winter weather really settles in the next few weeks there have been similar raids and other u.s. cities as the clamp down on protesters changing into a higher gear maybe it certainly has there's no denying that we saw that there was an evacuation of the occupy. camp in oakland california we saw many arrests i think
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shiftier so in portland this is clearly an act by by uniformed personnel that is not just limited to new york city it is a nationwide probably one would argue clamp down but this is the ground zero this is the headquarters of the occupy wall street movement and that's why it's gaining so much attention that there was this kind of unprecedented secretive evacuation of the headquarters of the occupy wall street movement but we can't disregard that the two month anniversary of the occupy movement is coming up thursday there have been many reports that the organization of this movement is planning on holding many of them strike new york city on thursday and there is sorry to interrupt you for a second marine of these are live pictures just to let our viewers know that we're looking out from zuccotti park where you can see the cleanup efforts the man in the orange vests. yeah that's the sanitation workers absolutely and you can imagine how
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difficult it is to toot for those that were living in the park to see their belongings being thrown out by officials and seeing their there that they call their homes they built a little community there on what they called their principles and they were committed to it and this raid came and unexpectedly and when the city attempted it's a month or so ago in the negative because the unions went down there to defend these protesters but that's because we knew ahead of time is getting ahead of time that it was going to happen and now it's going to happen and the protesters were defended by many of the unions this came out of the gloom and so as i was speaking before we saw those live pictures and when i was saying was that the occupy movement in new york is planning they announce that they are going to attempt to shut down the new york stock exchange on thursday when the movement marks its change and then a verse or six clearly you could imagine a new york city officials want to preempt any efforts to create
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a conflict or chaos or just struction in the city mayor michael bloomberg has already said over and over he would not allow any force laws to be broken that is the mayor of new york city a billionaire mayor who has been criticized from be very far removed from the occupied movement from the ninety nine percent because he falls in the one percent what i can say is evacuation no evacuation to these these activists it's you if you want to put your money on it you can put your money on the fact that they will be out in the streets thursday if anything this may have inspired more people to take the streets thursday as the movement marks its two month anniversary all right artie's we're an important ira leifer new york thanks for that report sure. russia and syria see eye to eye when it comes to military intervention syrian opposition leaders say they want to peaceful solution to the eight month long crisis in the country a delegation is in the russian capital for talks with moscow diplomats as pressure
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continues to pile on bashar al assad's regime including suspending syria from the arab league or he's peter all over as the latest. it's long been russia's position that they were against any foreign military involvement in the syrian situation and the syrian opposition leaders have today said that they also do not want to see any military involvement from outside countries in syria they said they don't want to see syria go down the same route as libya where nato led intervention was a key feature in the toppling of colonel gadhafi they don't want to see foreign intervention. they also said that the opposition all willing to enter into negotiations with the members of president bashar al assad's government now they did say that they would enter into negotiations but only with those members of the government whose hands were not bloodied. and they did also have praise for their.
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their hosts here in moscow thanking what they called their russian brothers for helping them to come to moscow and come to the dialogue table they said they wanted russia's help in trying to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis in syria the arab league is meeting on wednesday where it's expected. that decision to suspend syria from the group they've also put forward a plan to send a five hundred strong delegation into syria on a fact finding mission now that delegation which contain military personnel they are saying and syria has welcomed this offer of sending this this fact finding delegation into the country now in syria across syria we've seen protests from pro government protesters against the decision from the arab league to suspend them now we saw the embassies of saudi arabia and qatar the scene for some of these protests saudi arabia and qatar to countries which voted to suspend syria from the group
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their embassies being targeted as well as protests across damascus another plane. isn't serious people believe that the decision is a wrong which will bring about peace in the country any time soon. libya has big plans for its post-war future with hopes of it being reborn as the next dubai on paper it's got all the qualifications beach sun and rich oil reserves and western companies are lining up for their state but it's the ones in the u.k. but i'm always so you seem likely to come out on top for more on this we're joined live from london by our g.'s laura smith good to have you with us so why does it appear that the british companies are being favored here. well what we're seeing is essentially of course we remember that this was the effort to talk pull gadhafi was an effort that was initially led by the u.k. and also france and the u.k. sent in its air force and it also used its navy to make a naval blockade around libya and now the national transitional council in libya is
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saying that its friends will be rewarded and these are not just words we've seen a couple of trips in the last two weeks or so earlier this month for the u.k. department of trade and industry of working party to libya to have a look around see what needed doing what needed rebuilding and now the national transitional council has come to london to hold a meeting with top city business executives to drum up interest of what they're calling massive opportunities in. libya so what we're seeing really is this direct correlation between participation in the effort to oust gadhafi and contracts that are awarded off to its we have seen earlier german companies express an interest in taking part in the effort to rebuild libya and the libyan saying no you know you didn't participate in the. in the no fly zone and you had no part in that so you
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will have no part in the business opportunities either and of course this is the same thing that we saw in iraq conflicts again. and french companies said to the iraqis after the conflict was over that they wanted the opportunity to participate in contracts and the iraqi said no you didn't participate in the war so you won't get to participate in the business afterwards the majority of those contracts were awarded to u.k. and u.s. companies and we have already seen that the u.k. department for trade and industry has a star on the ground in libya ready to welcome british companies that are awarded those contracts nor does it appear that the cynics will say that this was the primary goal of the humanitarian mission which there was no favorite countries unleashed a few months ago well yeah i mean people have been saying that all along really since the very beginning we know that libya has the biggest oil reserves in africa but this seems to give more fuel to that argument seems to make it more obvious that the constant professions of this over humanitarian goals seem to have been
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made a mockery of by this and as someone said to me last week we bomb you know we destroyed and now we get the contract to rebuild the place and that there is this seemingly direct correlation as i say and we also heard at the time of reports of evidence of bartering before nato even got involved in this we've heard reports that the national transitional council told the french that if they sent in their war planes then the libyans eventually would awards total the french all company thirty five percent of all contracts up for grabs and for the u.k. of course which which is looking like it could be one of the main players in this this is turned out to be excellent business estimates vary as to how much the the war cost the u.k. but it was sort of settled around half a billion dollars now and now we're looking at thirty billion dollars in contracts up for grabs over the next ten years so it certainly looks like an excellent investment all right artie's laura smith live for us in london votes for that
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report. new technocrat led governments in greece and italy are getting down to business to tackle the country's massive debts italy's prime minister designate is in talks with the country's main political parties unions and business groups to rally support for a new cabinet some lawmakers hope mario monti will once go once reforms are pushed through although the former commissioner plans to stand tall the twenty thirteen election clock is ticking for greece with a new prime minister heading up a fifteen week coalition lucas papademos facing a confidence vote wednesday saying securing the next bailout is his priority and i think country must stick with our business editor nick poole explores how the single currency has flaws have led some countries to ruins rather than riches it was supposed to bring peace and prosperity for all for a while it did but now the euro is costing people jobs pensions and even the democratic rights from the beginning the fools with for everyone to see the
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skeptics the economies of the likes of italy and greece which is too different from germany in finland to be regulated by one system optimism and idealism carried the day a new currency was pulled it was strong and stable and was regulated in ways that german central bank might approve of therein lay the seeds of the problem greece italy portugal and spain now had their hands on a strong currency and could borrow against it and unlike before the interest rates they would have to pay would be much less so they could borrow much more which is what they did italy currently has a debt to g.d.p. ratio around one hundred twenty percent greece is more than one hundred sixty percent that's a bit like somebody with an income of twenty thousand dollars a year thirty two thousand on the credit card they will be bankrupt the banks when the many more money the flat screen t.v. will be repossessed and will be a dot of cabbage and potatoes in the worst case the house will be. similar for
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a country but in. stead public sector pay is caught and thousands of people are forced out of the jobs before the euro greece and italy always had the possibility of devaluing the currency when times were this had the effect of lowering total debt and of conferring a competitive advantage as products of this is that they became cheaper this stimulated economic growth it also made people poorer as the money in their pockets was worth less but crucially it did not result in mass redundancies especially not imposed by foreign powers under hard currency like the euro this option is no longer available to the indebted nations so instead they must come out because they remain uncompetitive they cannot grow the worst of both worlds the politicians failed to put a lid on greece and italy's soaring borrowing a question now is whether the new economic task force can do any better or his financial expert max kaiser is far from convinced saying bankers behind the scenes
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are continuing to gain the system. it's the night of the living death and all of these zombie bankers they can't get rid of them you can't tell them they live to bank another day they are a plague around the world and certainly in europe there are no elections but they're putting bankers in charge to bring about total banker domination as the world goes down a slippery slope into banker hell in place of the elected officials put in place an elected bankers and of course they work together they work with the central banks to keep the keys keeping interest rates near zero percent because this allows them to fund their speculations and zero cost they don't want to spend any money to borrow money to put the outrages of bets on the table and every time they lose a bed they impose more austerity measures every time they win a bet they keep one hundred percent of the profits in the eurozone they have an opportunity to bring all the balance sheets of all the countries together and create new lending facilities like a f.s.f.
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which is a new five trillion euro lending facility and they want to build on that to create ten twenty trillion euro lending facilities because bankers get paid on how much debt they create nevermind the fact that the pay for the debt ultimately they have to impose more austerity measures more austerity measures more debt more fees for bankers more financial terrorism. max kaiser there's your host in ten minutes on r t when he and co-host stacy herbert take another side swipe at some of the efforts to stop the rot in the global economy. alternatively you can always check out our website r.t. dot com here's what's plenty of online for you right now looking into claims that israel's intelligence could be behind an explosion at a military base in iran that killed seventeen including a key defense figure in the country plus. a cosmic journey a russian rocket setting her crew of three up to the international space station after a successful launch monday this and plenty more a click away at our t.v.
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dot com. among the hundreds of radio stations available in russia there is one apparently out of this world instead of music or news these broadcasts are mysterious voices and noises that have left radio enthusiasm baffled artie's ever piskun of tunes it. this sound has been gripping the imagination of radio spotters worldwide for over three decades. the u.v.b. seventy six also known as the was our. first aroused my interest because it is so strange personally i think it's a legacy device that's been left from the late seventy's or eighty's. the military operations at the time it's original this is a got. the c. has been going like this since the start whenever that was. sometimes the bars are
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stops and the mail robotic like voice lists names and numbers in russian. media is the soviet union's and now russia's contact with spies or even civilizations from other worlds. u.s. law has been a radio fan since his childhood he's also had his share of the buzzer but his explanation of his purpose is much more down to earth. with this sort of connections to stream the reliable it will shut down in case of a large nuclear explosion but only for a few hours it's not dependent on anything that's why it's still widely used today by the army i think the idea is pretty simple a military radio station sends out the buzzer which is received by other army bases by stopping the buzzer operators signals that a command gold of letters and numbers is about to be broadcast and when the
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transmission is complete the buzzer turns on again you just lost said moscow's radio spot in community nor were the signal used to come from a base outside of the capital but this is what we saw there and this man is the only living soul we could find. on the spot he used to work at the bees and still lives in the village nearby. a little bit of this used to be one of the best units in the country but two years ago we received an order to shut it down we were told it consumed too much energy there is also another similar unit. could it be that the legendary buzzer used to be out of this building and with the signal coming from now it looks like we won't be able to find any signs of that mysterious transmitter here because the equipment was literally ripped out of the walls and floors of the building when the base was shut down but some things are
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actually still here like this journal with the last entry dating back to me two thousand and nine. but the sound is still there ever it's coming from. through the radio ether as if it always has. a simple technology that's conquered the minds. of. most of the coming your way soon max kaiser reflects on the future of banks the e.u. and its beleaguered currency but first the business news we're here we're. hello and welcome to the program top officials from the world's leading gas exporting countries are meeting in doha between them they hold more than two thirds of the world's gas reserves and there are some it's aimed at balancing the interests of
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both producers and consumers and another similar discussion is underway here in moscow at the end all gas of russia form this is our cheese mary in the course there is following both events so what's firing up delegates of both talks. well some of the main issues so far have been pricing innovation and competition it's no secret that many european countries are dissatisfied right now with russia's gas from because it links its import rights to oil prices and many believe that given the current market conditions russia should rethink its pricing formula at the same time today ministers. are considering returning. oil to save long term gas contracts and the other issue is europe's third energy package which requires the separation of energy transportation production and sales gas from which of course goes against the wall to have competition on the european
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market but says that changes need to be made so that package in order to accommodate all parties involved and russia's energy minister right now outlined his main concerns for us. firstly it's the supremacy of the long term gas contracts with them. and will stick to it in future secondly it's the principle of linking natural gas prices to. we believe the natural gas. crude because not. be priced in by the market. with and with the. energy demand is skyrocketing around the world and russia's role is crucial to meeting that extra demand also germany wants it abandons nuclear energy it will need to build new power stations worth around fifteen a billion dollars and russia's energy minister already said that russia is prepared to. a large scale project and today we also heard from the vice president of gas
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from who said that energy demand expected to increase dramatically and in the next twenty years there will need an extra two hundred billion cubic meters of gas and that additional lines may have to be built for the nordstrom's. as pipeline. for. fuel it's not sufficient to persecute you wouldn't you for a little. all the lot of stuff that you will continue to grow and you know when you. look in love affairs. when it comes to the immediate future gastro has already forecast an increase in european cells next year of around eight percent and of course we'll be more volumes now with a newly launched nord stream gas supply plane so it's really essential for gas to iron out its differences with its european counterparts. thank you very much indeed
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archies morgan acosta reporting from the gas forum here in moscow. have a quick check on the markets crude is trading near the two day low on speculation that europe will struggle to contain its debt crisis providing some support for prices on expectations that a report by the u.s. energy department jew on wednesday may show declining fuel stockpiles in the us why it's witness trading at under ninety eight dollars a barrel while branches at around one hundred twelve dollars per barrel. now and european markets alone with the euro zone debt worries once again weighing on investors and all eyes are on the rise in spanish and italian born deals footsie is lowest financial and technology companies which declines on the decks all led by you don't your bank and insurer. and finally hit most of the markets down with the r.t.s. and two percent declines on the my six as you can see i am led by banks was sent
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in the rat com make up after the us is lower half a percent the company has boosted its net profit to russia counting standards more than five and a half fold here on here in general september look well as also lower more than one percent. that's it for now from the business team join me in less than fifteen minutes time for another business update and get more storage for web site archie dot com slash business.
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move. to.
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three thirty pm in moscow the headlines anti-corporate protesters who've been
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evicted from new york city park claim tear gas and pepper spray were used to kick them out this after the occupy activism vowed heightened action this coming thursday marking two months since the movement started tents were dismantled earlier at a similar site in oakland california. during talks with russian diplomats syrian opposition leaders say they are against military intervention in their country and are ready for talks with the assad regime but only those only with those whose hands they say are not bloodied by murder a visit to moscow comes amid piling pressure on the regime and a mask a suspension from the arab league. and elected bankers and economists take the reins in greece and italy to tackle their ever rising debt levels the italian premier designate doesn't see his job as a quick fix saying he hopes to stay until the charge until the twenty thirteen election while greece's new leader says he's focusing on securing the next round of bailout money. coming up on our t.v. max and stacy shed light on the corporate world.


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