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both by russia and the e.u. because it's been part of europe's energy networks since two thousand and six recognized by the european parliament and the e.u. council of energy ministers brussels wants all russian energy companies not just gazprom to be allowed to export gas to europe what are the implications of that for gas prom and europe is key to any. new regulator a position is not the issue but the e.u. germany and the rest of the nations need gas to sensibly reform their energy policy to get russia on the other hand has to sell gas to keep its budget in order so there's a codependency which is a good thing i would be happy to see european companies invest into russia and european markets open up to russian companies it's a good free market economy and i think europeans need gas or gas has many uses here with the political uncertainty in north africa it's good to have a stable partner that you can rely on and russia is one of the you know better than anyone else for a space that written recently switched from export to imperial europe needs
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a gas supply to maintain a stable mix of energy sources but its climatic conditions require it needs norway's gas but also russia's gas and therefore i think opening the market up to goshen companies would be a wise and of course a shorter name to do some officials opposed russia whatever it does get us is for it or just most money i guess it is so we have to admit that what i hope we will get over it it's understandable is the european union needs russia geopolitically but the reverse is also true it's not a question but with the time has come to start cooperating and stop looking back at ideological differences yet again that misrata could russia switch supply east to china if brussels keeps up its hostility was there listen as it were to your level men's of which is in a situation where it could ship gas to china and all of asia and europe i hope russia never has to make a choice the russian government is evidently pro. european but europe cannot keep
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pushing russia away it hurts russians pride and we have to keep in mind that while russia has the alternative of shipping to asia europe has no such alternative and europe's geopolitical position will only improve if it manages to enter a tiny heartless ship with russia on and at the same time grant all u.s. session to turkey that would be a sound strategy aimed into the future the rest is yesterday's debate unless and is guess that if russia does decide to go east could that mean the gas shortfall for europe now does vitter sneak know that low not happen russia was an exceptionally reliable supplier during soviet times so no one has to worry about that junction i will say again that europe kamarck it is incredibly important for russia to keep it a budget balance among other things therefore we're not talking about dependency here but a codependency to get progress in shipping liquefied natural gas. makes europe less dependent on pipelines can that affect this project and. i don't think it would
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have a negative effect on the project as europe's liquefied gas market is quite limited to move there's nowhere to sell it in germany or poland has a developing market important is that it's in no way a danger for us and that's not the reason i'm criticizing is the indication that there are alternative sources the low spot prices on gas they're dubious spot deals can be of no more gain than long term supply agreements in the short run but they do not offer stability for us to go for plague or because in the wake of the fukushima disaster germany is closing all its nuclear power plants do you support that and how will it change germany's energy mix. have been damaged mind lloyd and consider this me and my team were the people who originally negotiated that deal with our energy suppliers we had agreed to make a sensible exit out of nuclear strategy that was followed by a short period when the federal government thought our agreement should be overturned and they've. since gone the other way and started supporting what i had
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negotiated on this does not mean bridge technologies like nuclear energy cannot be used until energy efficiency is sufficiently developed we need gas as an interim energy source for the sake of energy security that's the reason we need to buy gas from normally from other cultures but primarily from russia and the reason we need to build a gas power station. with this huge debt crisis mr sarkozy says no hero no europe surely europe will survive without the euro so that there's i know i know former well this is a quote my successor in office likes to go to of course europe is going to have problems if the euro has problems but there's one thing you can be sure of and if the euro is going to survive as a common currency even if erotically things turn out differently which i find very improbable you think we will still have a united europe it is vital in or plug you would chancellor when greece cooked its books to join the euro should you have stopped athens from joining the single
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currency government does. it towards your invalid i do not think that was our situation of the european commission its employees that had to conduct an inspections they had let us know that we could take the responsibility for greece's e.u. a session on ourselves but it was a purely preparatory mission conducted by the european commission the national government we had made the decision to take greece in we could not claim without having firm proof that the information we got then was on diplomatically speaking not entirely correct very much keep in mind that the european parliament voted in favor of greece's membership almost unanimously including the conservatives who are now trying to distance themselves from that decision sometimes in politics you don't want to believe things that he wants condoned or actually happening. for unless the other the commission was wrong or the handling of greece has been wrong since it ended which which is it ends in a bogus. it's pointless to talk about how things were in the past we're talking
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about the future i hope we manage to keep greece in the eurozone for that to happen you know i hope the package of aid agreements that european leaders have agreed on is implemented if that's the case then i think we can start taking care of stabilizing the market because it was a great deal of help from greece of course there is one point i would like to make the country should not be broken down not only does greece need the budget discipline which is of course true but what greece needs most on our investments that it will be good to see wealthy greek citizens who are currently investing abroad pay taxes in their own country instead of looking for investment opportunities is there a red line beyond which german thursday we're not going to bail out southern europe anymore or does germany have a historic debt to europe as from what they've been digging about i'm not against discussing a red line the problem is that if you start to talk about a red line then you'd eventually have to correct it germany is interested both
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politically and economically in a functioning europe and the economic interest is easily explained what it is forty percent of our export goes to the european union and beyond that if those countries are hit by a crisis then so is germany secondly or the lesson we learned in the past and our prospects for the future dictates that germany is not strong enough geo politically to play a significant role in a game where the u.s. is one superpower and an asian leader in this case china is the other new european state it is only a united europe can take on a role like that if that's why germany is interested in a night in the us that is not just because of the past but for the sake of our citizens future of that conference a lot of being to small question many germans many dutch people many finns are angry at having to pay. of a role that's enough for it see and i can understand that but i have to explain it very consistently to the current generation of political leaders. well it's within
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our own interest to maintain stability in other countries as germany's a nation that relies hugely on actual year if markets around us crumble it harms us we have to explain it to our people the new generation the prospects for long lasting peace allies in europe. and when you serve the german chancellor there was no question of receiving financial aid from china or russia directly or indirectly through the i.m.f. do you regret that's happening potentially and what would be the implications if think it doesn't have a dollar do not think we should feel bad about other nations getting stronger be they russians chinese brazilians south africans or indians it should not concern us because these countries offer us more opportunity to export our products as they develop. but that's only the case if we stay better stay more innovative when we fulfill our agenda of twenty ten and sort out our social policies germany is the only country that understood back in two thousand and three that for an aging
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country to maintain prosperity it must provide for change i wonder if the rest of the e.u. states having understood this a decade later will manage to take the action needed to maintain prosperity eyes on the other hand we have an understanding that an aging society with a decreasing number of people who are deployed has problems over that so. we started taking care of our problems in time for the rest will regret it and be forced to take on a harder mission this goes for everyone not just the sound or bust us but if they've been ignored and didn't go soeda chairman of the board for the north stream gas pipeline thank you for speaking with l.t. . wealthy british.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r t. the us. earth.
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odd. the close up team has been to stop. plays to the most ambitious football club in the world. knowledge argee goes to the far east where the timber industry affects the legendary siberian tigers where the ancient native community loses its way in the modern world. and where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. comes to the from mars creature russia blows up.
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arab league observers say syrian leaders southwold have the weapons out of key cities and released three and a half thousand prisoners but the body confirms snipers are still a threat and cold for an end to the shooting. egyptians had to the polls in the third round of parliamentary elections where the vote expected to be dominated by islamist groups but was recent raids on foreign n.g.o.s it's fear of the military's grip on power could remain as strong as ever. and the wrongs missile test in the gulf draw western condemnation tehran also held an exercise simulating the shutting down of a key oil route but said it had no immediate intention of actually doing so critics say the u.s. provoked by slapping down ever more crippling sanctions. as they have lines here in r t and union joins us next with the latest sports.
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thanks for joining us this is sport today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including these stories and very. deadly does in the twelve spots in the n.f.l. are decided with the new york giants claiming the final berth at the expense of. no mercy one of the favorites for n.b.a. glory this year chicago memphis rushing the grizzlies by a forty point. nice. nice when you think the sport images of football and formula one on deniability come to mind but could i say. to the mix. we'll get to grips with that shortly but we begin with some sad news day one of the prestigious off road event that
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a car rally has been marred by the death of a rider horror game martina borrero seen here at the start line in mortal plata argentina died after running off tragically crushing into an open sewer line where a local was thirty eight years old the trunk to be overshadowing a memorable day for. winning the opening stage by five seconds from veteran polish star christophe how off chits while in the bike francisco lopez is them on the couch after day one the chilian up for a rider holding off reigning champion mark of spain by. we now know all twelve squads in the n.f.l. the last of the dozen to replace the new york giants doing so thanks to a no nonsense display against dallas after less than stellar regular seasons to date both teams entered the clash knowing it was do or die time on the. the home
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side started as they meant to continue giants quarterback eli manning instrumental all day long though victor cruz still have plenty to do after this past the speedster taking at home four yards for the opening touched on two more big scores would follow before the end of the second quarter twenty one points to the new york times to. charge thirty one fourteen how would eventually end your make it into the knockout stages for the first time since two thousand and eight while dallas are left through a second straight season with i.p.l. football. thing stateside tending to n.b.a. basketball now or chicago are living up to their preseason billing the bulls are winning their third straight game in blistering fashion seeing off memphis by a forty point margin in their home opener the host truly taking the bull by the horns in the first quarter it's boring their opponents twenty five twelve the next
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couple of periods would bring gets more misery for the grizzlies. carlos boozer ronnie brewer top scoring with seventeen points of pace at the united center. for brewer making it so easy for forty four bowls in the search a forty point advantage that they would firmly hold on to one zero four sixty four the final warm side it's. now ice hockey is normally a sport readily associated with milan but that could be set to change this year when milan no rush so blue joins the kontinental hockey league europe's premier competition robert for dummy and travel to italy in twenty eleven to find out more . twenty years old the goal scored with no end of skill in essence they gave us hokey played at a high level the surprising part it's not canada. or russia it's
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italy. it's the players claiming one of their numerous domestic titles in style from the early ninety's. when all was famous as a big i mean we have a very long history about hockey and in milan or in milan or in a very very long because we're starting the day nineteen twenty three the first. was built in milan and when we were one of the first you know out here on the hockey fans here in milan love the game you are excited by this game and probably there's some people being fired a bit sick of football for other reasons saw there some kind of research for new motions and i believe i saw case it's perfect for that nevertheless i still keep still some distance from talking phil both in terms of popularity here
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a sentiment echoed by a person from the moment of the game canada. home it's played would love but it because it's it's still very under appreciated you don't get the same emotion you know and so you can be mad for a minute but it passes very quickly as opposed to a canadian hockey match it's talked about for you know for months if not for the whole season and so it's that is a huge difference in watching a canadian game versus an italian game this is the stand. one of the main venues for the two thousand and six weeks or olympic program of years own and there is barely a reminder. of the epic hockey battles that to place here the ice rink was removed soon after the games finished allowing the stadium to become the new home for the u. vent those and three no book clubs one hundred miles east however things brighter.
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there are some blue are set to join the kontinental hockey league in twenty twelve i believe they are a group that we have been agreed that we have a couple minutes in terms of the organization to join the league of course it is not going to be a very good team but. we have time to develop. she called a two thousand and six winter olympics didn't affect the popularity of fucking the country at all of course the games were a great event for the telling people the stadiums are renovated and a lot of infrastructure developed so some local clubs did get a lot but not the telling game as a whole in this respect the kitchen was another chance for us not only for milan but for the entire country to take a significant step forward you know the only people of the match the addition of versus blue may seem like a small step for the kid but for the club itself it is quite simply and message fully. robert gordon r.t. milan italy. correspondent robert was
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a busy man this year he is not here to remind us about one of the most thrilling events of the year the yalta stage of the cliff diving world series the last stop of the season turning into a breathtaking spectacle on one which put a russian daredevil very much in the spotlight take a look at this. this was fillings that's why the sport's most prestigious competition the red world series keeps traveling all across the planet to discover new locations. taking events for the final stage of the season thirteen high flyers made their way to the swallows nest castle one of ukraine's main places of interest on the crimean shore of the black sea. there englishman. who entered the event as the newly crowned champion for stage when seeing the briton retain his world title two
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weeks ago. and the men. in the overall standings russia still. are. looking to claim their first event when gary hahn or is. he really shines with the more difficult. you have somebody like artem you know. it was the lead up to the first three rounds of the competition. execution. ahead of punt and then to the finals the top six now left to do battle in the shadow of the castle and retirement once again he's facing the back the so-called triple quad. who stole the show at sunday's event demonstrating one of the hardest dives the
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sport has ever seen. with blank entry the russian entering the water with his head held high the outcome clear before the judges at. their scores at first film. placed podium finish of the season with a twenty seven year old and force of his career high over it turned out to be more than just a win suit claiming the high still didn't score the competition has ever seen. us play it's not my first win but it's definitely the most precious one for me i'm second in the overall standings but here i'm not i've proved to be the best it's a very happy moment for me i've been here before you all to is an incredible place this time i had my family a lot of my friends and my trainers came over to support me so i was a little nervous at first but up there on the platform which i left to told how humans and just concentrated my diary was while i was. preparing for my dives
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it was kind of strange knowing that the pressure of the series was off everyone else is fighting for places and i was just taken as an end of a vigil competition autumn just perfectly today he's got tens on throughout his dives that's as good as it gets he scored the highest score ever gary has never scored so not even his big dives and he's diving good so often didn't win big time and it didn't matter if gary was diving good or not when after winning the first two stages this year nine time world champion or wounded kid was forced to leave the conclusion due to injury but he's now recovered meaning the twenty twelve season is gearing out to be one of the most thrilling on record. the world clean delving series twenty eleven have just come to an end with all the best efforts of the sport having taken their owners but the point is that each of those who take
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part in this the rising competition can be safely called an outstanding sportsman. r.t. ukraine. simply amazing pictures well all the world weather is next here on twenty four hour r.t. . well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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that you take three days for. three. three. three. three blog video for your media project free media are t.v. dot com.
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arab league observers say syrian leaders have told how the weapons out of key cities and release prisoners but the group is still looking for ways to end the young going violence. egyptians are casting their vote in the country's third round of parliamentary elections but with recent raids on foreign n.g.o.s it's feared the military's grip on power could remain as strong as ever. and iran's missile test in the gulf draw western condemnation but critics say the u.s. provoking tehran by slapping down bad for a more crippling sanctions. it is eleven am in the russian capital you're watching our t.v.
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let me bring in joshua welcome to the program they are of league says syria's government has withdrawn have the weapons from cities across the country and released some thirty five hundred prisoners but the body confirmed snipers are still a threat and cold for an end to the shooting activists claim hundreds have been killed since the monitoring team arrived last week drawing criticism both from within syria and the arab group advisors to the league said observers to be withdrawn because of the continuing violence their mission is to ensure compliance with a peace plan in the country. alice patrick henningsen thanks events in syria are being manipulated with western powers and arab allies backing insurgent groups to promote regime change. a lot of these so-called human rights reports are definitely skewed in favor of whatever the current western policies coming out of the u.s. or london and paris and what they would like to see happen in syria which is many. people in the u.s. .


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