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school discipline rules agreed in december but concerns mount the cash cow in germany is on a power grab in turn for its investment. for the last twelve months were characterized by a political and economic discontent ending in mass protests across the world next we ask russia's foreign ministries commissioner for human rights where he's assessment of what's happened. because i mean thank you very much for joining us today in two thousand and eleven we've seen a number of human rights violations taking place throughout the world and you want to throw the implementation of human rights a broad so today i would like to talk about those issues that caught your attention in two thousand and eleven but first of all i want to start with domestic issues and what is your view on the protests that took place in russia after the parliamentary elections in the country under some of the fourth does extremely important to stress that the reaction of the authorities has been
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a very responsible one and i will see a very measured one like the reaction in some other countries and we've seen even so not only in the united states but we've seen in the for instance last summer in the united kingdom obviously it was quite a serious challenge to the authorities definitely it was not to be ignored but also what was some sort of all we reaction and it is not to be ignored so some of our partners tried to teach us some lessons of democracy we tell them that we are absolutely ready to listen to good races but we are not ready for some sort of lecturing some are saying that the us government's reaction to the occupy movement is going to result in further limitation limitations of the rights of the us citizens to believe this so the reaction of the authorities to those meetings and manifestations there was rather rude able to see and we've seen
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it in the united states i mean the famous no movement occupy wall street it's also spilled over to some western european countries we've seen on c.n.n. on b.b.c. and other news channels we've seen pictures of wild forceful disruption of those protests and meetings by the police be have been quit a number of limitations. interviews after the terrorist acts of nine eleven and the famous patriot act has been adopted and inactive and there have been quite a number of limitations significantly limitations introduced and on the other hand the functions and progressive solve the of the f.b.i. and some other lawyer for small agencies have been significantly brought up so it is well known that the american human rights organizations are not satisfied with the situation and let's now talk about the so-called arab spring for a little while and how is actually going to react to the apparent abuse of human rights in libya will be raising the issue in different formats and unfortunately
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during the period of armed conflict in libya there have been quite a number of aliens of international humanitarian norms and international humanitarian law both by the forces loyal to moammar gadhafi and by the forces loyal to the then opposition forces and also they have been careful to significant casualties among the civilian population resulting from the nato operation it is not to be ignored and it is not to be hopefully condoned by the international games so the usual is very much in the focus of the international attention the human rights council based in january has established a special commission of inquiry and it is mandated to deal with all human race wally actions in libya and we can cater eating as a rational going caper rating with this commission and as other countries we are providing some information which we have on the facts or suspected human rights
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violations definitely the reason to a national criminal court and it has been mandated to deal with the situation in libya by the un security council it was aleutian until seventy so it is also to please all we know that the libyan the newly been authorities have pledged to come back to sri investigation and certain steps have been undertaken towards this. by the libyan authorities which we welcome and we hope that this particular inquiry will be carried out in an impartial professional way. you know that quite recently this issue has been discussed in the u.n. security council. upon the initiative of russia and unfortunately western countries members of the security council the i'm not in the mood. to discuss the usual responsibility for me for the for the civilian casualties which have resulted from something but
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a number of other members of the security council very much support our position all whaley's all transgressions winter meshal humanitarian law committed in libya to be thoroughly investigated and those responsible to be brought to justice what about syria how do you assess the work of the monitors of the arab league there. any closer to bringing the country to consideration as you know we do very much support the peace initiative by the league of arab states. if you're several components. it is there was a very important elements dealing with the prevention of international international interference in the libyan i'm sorry in the syrian affairs. also another element is we need to. stop the violence anyway let's see. whatever what you have come from might be. another element definitely
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use. the need for. the political battle in syria we have was going on with you are submitted was critical for you for your the security council. which holds for the business a seat where you are welcome so we are in it because it's reviewed walking through the violence unfortunately violence has come up from the from the. from the government forces from from the army and police but. significant risk also from all sorts of. extremist elements those who try to hide behind the backs of peaceful peaceful demonstrators let's just go back to the united states president barack obama promised to close shut down guantanamo bay and he still hasn't fulfilled his promise yet he is running re-election campaign do you
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think american people will forgive him for that and will he i raise the issue again if you become president again there have been sort of discussions between the administration and the congress. they have been. at least initiatives but. unfortunately the prison is still there. yes fully agree that the administration has failed to close it down there are certain internal political complexities there but the but the fact is the fact that the president continues to operate on the as far as i remember. it's one hundred seventy one prisoners are still there kept there including by the way one russian citizen and. of course in terms of international law. the the continuation of. the existence of this prison.
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definitely a serious problem well in fact american prisons hold several elite leading russian citizens how is russia going to address that issue and is there still hope for those people and. also has it has been saying that there might be an asymmetrical response to. this issue so is there any chance for those people to come back home we hope so. it's not easy at all legal terms it's not easy unfortunately in political terms because of those. those cases have been politicized in the united states no doubt if you mean in the cases of mr wood and mr. will in the case of both. the. embed has not been i mean the. formal indictment has not been announced yet. so we've been obviously.
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reiterating our position on this case to american colleagues in the case of. we have expressed more than once our position that we consider the. sentence too severe we consider them just in both cases unfortunately what we witnessed. transgression of international law norms of international law by the united states authorities. russian citizens who have been basically kidnapped in the territories or third country transported to the to the united states without and you know if you have the russian authorities this is just another way listen it's a very least we consular convention which exist between our countries and we are adamantly against. extraterritorial implementation of national laws and that's what unfortunately we you know what the practice is where all this procedure is being
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practiced by the united states that are different to many but there are certain legal instruments we have to be used to. convince from. the council of europe convention which was adopted in maine to make it three. provides for some opportunities to achieve this goal. as a looking into this definitely we as diplomats we continue to. stress at this point to the to the americans you know very very clear we thank you very much we thank you very much thank you. this is our time. to reclaim the american dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth
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that out of many we don't want that war we breathe the we hope. to me the american dream is to live in peace and prosperity and freedom and a government under socialism is not a government a free. man. you . have very motivated out cross the country who are activists who are willing to fight for what they think is right for themselves but the fact is already we're bridge and. we are counting. properly drowning and i think it's spread by it's cutting off our. it's making the marker see. all but impossible.
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no it's not about spilling blood. it's the war of the barricades from one side and fears blockade from the other. invisible border it has cut people from the land for twelve years. the conflict that divided serbia into two hostile parts is still not over.
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if they shoot something inappropriate for public they can easily be shot by accident casualties of war ok. i wish it would never happen but it has happened. in a war a t.v. camera becomes an unnecessary witness their own safety all foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave. and this clear what happens with such witnesses i got on my site. one. text. pushing a merciless shooting on our t.v. . wealthy british soil it's time to.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to gaza reports on . the arab league urges an end to brutality in syria but doesn't want the u.n. involved however the group itself has come under criticism for failing to stop the violence while manny of the troubled country just want to return to peace. again a stand a man the keys to the prison within a month the task or those held in the u.s. run facility say they have been repeatedly abused and tortured. and euro survival is back on the agenda whether region's first couple doomy to embroil and discuss implementing fiscal discipline rules agreed in december but concerns about the cash cow in germany is a power grab and turn towards investments we have here in our sports next with kate
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. hello welcome to the sports and these other top stories battle of manchester wayne rooney schools twice and paul scholes returns from retirement as united winning three two at ten thousand city to knock out the holders in streaming f.a. cup third round tie the next going to liverpool. andy murray enjoys the perfect preparation for the australian open with a straight sets victory over how xander build apollo when the brisbane international. lions tamed drew brees was frozen three touchdowns to meet new orleans saints during n.f.c. wild card victory over detroit in the n f l. but first a football of the sort of arises when rooney scored twice as manchester united survived
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a riveting fight back to win three to attend our rivals manchester city to knock out the holders in a pulsating f.a. cup third round of the against the run of play rooney headed united in front after ten minutes and it got immediately worse the city as captain vincent kompany was controversially sent off for a two for to tackle on which the club later announced they would appear however united took full advantage danny welbeck volley them further in front of the half an hour and rooney headed in the rebound from his own penalty to make it three no by half time as united look to exact some revenge the sixty six wanted to create a traffic tobar but the home side fought back straight after the break through and found a lot of free kick and so i wear i pulled back another following error from returning substitute scholes after sixty five minutes however despite a frantic finale and penalty goals for both sides we wanted to go through to the first round. i don't like chelsea scored three times in the last five minutes
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as this one for now it's time to portsmouth second half goals from sebastian lawson and james maclean gave sunderland to nose with peter brown and chris o'grady snatched the late winner as least once sheffield wednesday west found it had a tendency saved twelve following those times the draw for the fourth round was made and manchester united's reward for winning at city is a critical part rivals in the support and take of the sixteen time is otherwise all leads to play on monday but in the last you can also move go to either brighton wrexham stark make the sure tricky diving everton rock and fallen in an all premier league fixture. elsewhere the winner of michael steele's bolton's replay will have swans they want are the empty dons or q.p.r. will place six time with chelsea but remember wolves will go to sheffield united as a team. ne obvious sunderland welcome to talk of getting me if i want food and
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respond take on all those games will take place on january twenty eighth or twenty nights. probably means i'm paul scholes decision to come out of retirement was announced an hour before kickoff at the end he had stadium and he played the final half an hour from group in cup tie the thirty seven year old had called time on his glittering career at the end of last may and was coaching at old trafford he made his united debut in one thousand nine hundred ninety four and went on to make six hundred seventy six appearances when you ten premier league titles the f.a. cup three times and the champions league twice however the sixty six capping the midfielder has now chosen to carry on playing until the end of the season before his injury had former missing darren fletcher and gone cleverly in midfield. tennis now and andy murray has enjoyed the perfect warm up for the upcoming australian open with a comfortable victory over alexander dog apollo in the brisbane international final right from the start of the world number four showed his intention to clinch his twenty second title and first under the guidance of new coach former waterborne
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yvonne lendl the scot won his first three service games without dropping a point on the way to a four one lead a little resistance from ukrainian before taking the first that six one the world number fifteen stuck the crowd into life in the second it was not enough to stop murray for wrapping it up six three four an impressive first victory of the new a.t.p. tour season murray's focus now switches to the australian open is going to be confined to the past to miss the first grand slam of the season starting the sixteenth. also want to thank. mr learned think you got there somewhere hiding. out first with your team and you know it was good i really enjoyed it still will bring more success in the future. fine. thank you very much the crowd the whole week not just for my matches but for. of matches it is pat you know it makes a huge difference when everyone comes on sports events and really really appreciate
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it thank you all to come back. living on to the n.f.l. now where drew brees strew for four hundred sixty six yards and three touchdowns to lead a new orleans saints to a forty five twenty eight n.f.c. wildcard victory over the detroit lions new orleans to set a new postseason mark a total yards of six hundred twenty six beating the previous record set fourteen years ago greece fired the ball downfield fifty every henderson caught it in his stride running for a forty one yard touchdown as new orleans went seventeen fourteen ahead in the fourth quarter brees made a forty one yard pass. to edge of the end zone two downs later how did the ball off to you here thomas you took it in for the game serious school so decided to beat the last forty by twenty eight to advance the second round of playoffs downtown to san francisco to take on the forty nine ers next saturday. now
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let's continue our look back over some of the big events of last year and this time it's the turn of swimming in october american star michael phelps took just two goals from six races at the world cup stage here in moscow while russian world record holder kenny cata teach again did perform to his best winning the one hundred meter butterfly comes in but out of his left. despite moving to be formed where after a below point his plan to use the fourteen time olympic champion michael phelps produced almost identical santa results on day two of the world cup in the russian capital in the two hundred metres freestyle the twenty six year old american was overtaken in the last fifty by john the world record holder paul be their mom and had to settle for silver. and phelps competing in moscow for the first time frame to make it to the boardroom in the one hundred metres butterfly where world record holder you gain you can out the skin ripped first place to the delight of the home crowd. you mean you have all of the it was very important for me to win today so
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i can say i want to beto and know my aim is to win a war and by that i mean the london olympics. however just as he did on the opening day shelves showed his competitive desire as he bounced back to claim gold in the two hundred metres backstroke after being fourth for the first one hundred fifty metres then american found a burst of power and managed to surge to victory it's all working on some of the small things to really get to the end of the year being able to tie together some of the stuff here the starch turns under waters health i can do that as many times i can leading off in the feel of a child and form a session writer for the london olympics and just nine months away and berber ations are well underway for the swimming event however there are still four stages to go before the end of the world cup even press fondant and swimmers alike were to change it to gauge who will be queen xing the gold medals at the twenty twelve
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games is a bit of a o.t. . let's move to the golf course russia's only female professional golf for maria the trauma of a miscarriage moscow last autumn preparing for a tournament in south korea but she took the time to talk to our business correspondent consenting to top off about her colorful life on and off the course. might even is arguably one of the biggest commercial attractions in women's golf since you turned professional in two thousand and six did you do any five year old muscular it remains the first and only russian plane full time on the ladies' european tour following an impressive amateur career that included victories in the russian austrian lithium and slovenian championships. because i go i go on tour and i was the only russian player and i was there all the girls were half of them were english british and australian and it was quite tough to get myself like good mates and you know in the end of the day they're playing as well the germans
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showed great improvement in her second year on the tour with her career best finished tied for fifty cents being enforced a decree a low round of sixty six in dubai as a result finished fifty fifth in the door rankings in two thousand and eight still have been placing some four and despite having some injury problems she's doing dishes and has lots of goals to achieve with her new coach definitely play for another five years because of my back i don't know how well my bout will give me a chance to play golf but there we set up some goals when it went to the eighty and hopefully get to win down there with a major that i can go. professional goal for spend most of their time travelling from one tournament to know that we can be the hardest part of the job however well in search of success some ladies european tour and many funny stories have a reason. to make area i don't mind to say that here is a cheap hotel and i put my pajamas on i want. to throw came back and my
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room was completely locked so inside so he had to go because it was going away out so i went outside and all the guys were like oh uncle we go through but this. despite bringing mortars to results over the last two years the trauma stays up to . and focused on golf however the one meter seventy six told brunette directs a lot of attention not only with her performances on the ways but obviously also because of her appearance i'm not trying to attract more attention i'm trying to bring something more in go and that the girls who play females that live here and is again better and better now so a young girl is attractive girls beautiful girls getting into gulf there isn't deeded by any in a sport which is widely considered to be a hobby for wealthy people in her homeland and there is still a long way to go before being accepted as a mainstream sport in russia but with the likes of their choice to work the country
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couldn't ask for a better ambassador to lead the way. and that's all this follows i think. if they show something inappropriate for public they can easily be shot. is what. i wish she would have never happened but it has. been a war a t.v. camera becomes unnecessary but this is their own safety all foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave iran. and the spear what happens with such witnesses out of my life can. you check.
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your version. on r t.
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the arab league urges an end to matelote in syria but doesn't want the u.n. involved while many in the troubled country just want to return to peace. ghana stand a man's the keys to the notorious bagram prison after those held in the u.s. from sylvie say they were abused and tortured. and your survival back on the agenda as the region's first couple meet in berlin amid concerns cash cow germany is on a power grab in return for its investments. niamh of the russian capital.


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