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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2012 2:01am-2:31am EST

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casting live from the heart of the russian capital you're watching r.t. amid calls by the u.s. to increase international pressure on the syrian president to step aside the mask us is now saying they had our arab league monitors to extend their mission in the country however it's against any change in the scope of their brief observers all to ensure compliance with a peace plan mission has drawn criticism from syrians themselves for failing to help stop the violence or furthur ports. that are going to proceed with the scenes they greeted observers as they invoked in one of the final visits around the country for their observer mission ends come to the town of. just twenty minutes.
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thank you. thank you. thank you thank you. thank you thank you thank you thank you father we thank you. thank you. really think that if. we want to. only because we want to do this get me going are going to be gone only. them everybody and. none of them to be. everyone here it seems has been affected by the ongoing crisis everyone has a story that i think they think the. right thank you yes they did want to run their lives i'm not sure yet offered the guy
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we. didn't start wishing graphic mobile phone footage of a man he protesters claim was tortured and killed by security forces the government insists that they're fighting militant groups evidence of the rest is everywhere hey you have bullet holes literally lining the streets you could anti regime slogans written along many of the walls as well a very clear indication of the sentiment here appearing from the window days not everyone comes to join in some people keep their faces covered frayed was the cameras are gone they tell us they feel they might not be safe. despite the observers visit providing a chance to publicly voice their opinions everyone's happy with the way the mission is being conducted i see i must be good if you can see that but i think you'd be ready to give in to see them they do nothing oh no we already have the will save us after every fact all across the country in places where the arab league observers
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have visited questions have been raised about the credibility and you charity of their mission. have a little and listening we're trying to give them beepers but we don't think they listened to was the minimum. it service were meant to see the implementation of the arab peace plan and there's no peace. these particular protests to the more poignant due to their proximity to the capital damascus is surrounded by suburbs like this one place witnessing similar unrest the crisis it seems now pissing white to the very heart of the country. the sides to the i rest you don't really think that was a very very corrosive thank you to the right thanks but the fire brigade. i know i don't bloody conflict and the people. i meet i mean to keep on fighting.
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say this other than my fist there. well with the arab league observers mission set to present its findings later this week middle east experts are a risk i think so i've stayed something steered into a biased report. well the arab league was very clear and has said that the that there was cooperation from the syrian side it also has said that there have been groups however there will be a pressure from the west to take an attitude or take a position which is more hand to her side so i am not sure if that the report will reflect truly the far facts on the ground but i think that the report will be will be politicized in order to show that there are some victims a lot of show that our side for example and the syrian army are still practicing oppression you have to remember here that qatar and maybe even turkey is where all their main aim is to be a leading sunni voice in the region the only arab country which has a soyuz maybe to intervene which has a military of
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a size to intervene is egypt in egypt is procope with its own internal problems so i think this is mere rhetoric which we're hearing from i don't think will have the support of the horrible nor will it have the support of so in western powers will be pushing for stability through dialogue in syria calling for no military action against iran and furthering ties with past about upping economies just some of the issues moscow has been busy with on the global arena in twenty seven. and that is shortly to face tough questions from more than three hundred russian foreign journalists on the country's policies during the past twelve months and he's put all of the foreign ministry for us now. been trying to mediate a peaceful resolution in syria and those efforts are still very much alive and they . well that's right so to get lavrov the foreign minister has just got underway with his address to those journalists who gathered to you to listen to speak and then ask him questions about wrote russia got up to and the international scene in
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twenty eleven and what was planned what they plan to do in twenty twelve syria very much said to dominate affairs russia's position on syria that they blame both sides for their individual parts in the the ongoing violence both the government and anti government sides in the middle eastern country for the the ongoing situation then they want to see a peaceful solution through dialogue now one thing that russia vehemently opposes any form of outside military intervention into syria with sergei lavrov said to talk about in his address right now. you know russia feels that they were let down by by what happened in libya in twenty eleven that as far as russia saw it the the outside military intervention went far beyond the parameters laid down by the u.n. resolution and russia is pushing for an investigation into why that was allowed to happen now another major topic that set for discussion is the iranian nuclear
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question and the development of an iranian nuclear program now russia as well opposed to any form of military strike against iran but russia saying that a new approach has to be taken between the two developing fresh relations between russia between i figured on iran on the west because the current situation of of sanctions imposed upon the islamic republic certainly isn't working russia wants to see a new fresh approach to iran taken from the west so peter what else is on the agenda today. well the anti-missile defense shield to these proposed by the united states is certainly going to be talked about in twenty eleven that's really raised a few tensions between russia and the united states the united states refusing to give russia any written guarantees about how far reaching this program would be
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russia said well in that case we're going to have to take our own action because we see this is a risk to our own sovereign security so russia placed radar defense shield radar defense systems in the far west of the country in kaliningrad. this is a topic that has been ongoing it's russia says that they're willing to negotiate with the united states but at the united states that won't negotiate with them and it needs to be a game of give and take this is certainly an issue that will be developing throughout twenty twelve and something that sergey lavrov will be addressing today moving away from that side of diplomacy we're also expecting. love to speak about the development of trade with the bric countries the group of where brazil russia india and china those emerging economies so important as russia's trade partners we saw at the end of last year in the indian prime minister arriving in moscow for talks of further trade development between between moss between russia and india and sergey lavrov set to to try and hope to push forward trade in that group of
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developing economies the bric group throughout this year. how to speak of it thank you for that of course we'll cross to russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov as soon as he starts building questions. hundreds of activists from the occupy wall street movement have rallied on capitol hill in washington d.c. the crying corporate influence in america but event didn't live up to the hype of organizers who hope to draw tens of thousands of people how to check out as more. the protesters have shifted their focus from wall street to capitol hill and here they are hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the u.s. capitol building they have a permit to protest on this lawn but we have already seen several people arrested and. protesters say when the interests of big corporations are at stake their voice their interests no longer count and they're angry at the fact that the
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influence of money is only set to grow in u.s. politics supreme court's decision now allows corporations to funnel as much money as they wanted to candidates and protesters say it's legalized corruption. the cozy relationship between big businesses on lawmakers here ledge to the complete lack of oversight over wall street which brought about the financial crisis of two thousand and eight and not just americans were affected but the whole world so people here want money out of politics but it's easier said than done and a lot of people especially outside the movement are very much skeptical about whether the protests can actually change something some say that the tents and banners you know won't change anything what do you say to that i think the tents in the banners are crucial part of being publicized and being public about it because it's so easy to ignore movement unless it's in your face do you think the movement
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has any impact i mean it's been there for four months right on the movement has a huge impact in that a lot of things that are not even talked about in the political agenda usually are now being talked about there is in the news on a constant basis talking about income inequality the fact that corporations are running our government has stolen our elections so many times with all the legalized bribery in the campaign finance system and other things that are most illegal moving into the night hundreds more you not thousands joined the protest and they marched all the way from capitol hill to the white house. here they are hundreds of people standing right outside the white house. and. the movement has certainly it paul i mean you see the last of the chance of the
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country was already under different that is they have a victory of the protesters out of their occupied locations but you see more of these one time actions one day rallies like this one which started on capitol hill and continued all the way to the white house right here these people are here to get their message across all a lot of young people around but again whether or not these protests will bring any result that that still remains very much on clear. but the occupy wall street movement has been protesting against the power of corporations for four months now. speaks to the tourist know we're stuck on the road and that was exactly how money makes us political will go around. well i think corruption is illegal in washington right now ultimately every member of congress is taking a check or a contribution from a lobbyist or from a company or from a union or anyone who needs or get something from washington whether it's congress
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or not there are both of them so what i propose in my book and the effort that i've been engaged in since i got out of prison is a way to separate money out of politics here and basically to say that if you're a lobbyist or you're somebody who's trying to get something from the government here you may not give a dollar politically of any car because the end of the day political contributions the pie give you something if you're a congressman and i give you a contribution and i want something from you that contribution may not be called a bribe but it is a bribe happy end of the day. for the full interview with the former lobbyist jack up and off will be on that throughout the day or should online right now tottie dot com. well let's get back to one of our top stories now russia's foreign ministers are new address on the country's policies and twenty eleven let's listen in now to set a lover of he's facing questions from the media. like to start. a
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session. from russia twentyfold t.v. channel. don't forget to use to make. beats google's. see it's an innovative chance. if you can write it as a good reader and i might over a series twenty four to the event in the notes of african media least it would be mostly islamic politics come into power. how would you assess the changes and what impact would they have for the region and the world. will you call attentions of many leading states has now focused on the region. i believe that
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actions changes in the region are far from being over where we early stage of the transformation of the it's a huge one neat to understand that. if we believe that people should have the right to define their own future but that's not just from out site most. votes in the ground except choices made by people stop the so that country should not interfere in the dialogue of the elections process with sings along election campaign in egypt which lost to diffuse months and has resulted in school leading which is in. about two years muslim brotherhood set up one of them. which is a voice and some forces that we should mourn even more radical than the muslim brotherhood brotherhood the main conclusion is that. we need to
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cooperate and work with all got to use that live with a constitution among women and this will ensure that those events make region more stable help tackle social economic problems which are the root cause of protests in the countries you have the middle east and the north of africa i want to highlight again. we cannot answer it it's a try and interfere and those processes especially use an armed force that supports truth we cannot try and. find you in the grossest. someone's interest in interest of countries that have nothing to do with a region political to those event who should be formulating their policies and approaches in accordance with the position of these all that. much will miss those countries decisions well once again where just witness in the early stages of the
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pros the most important principle is like doctors say we should do no harm we should support national dialogue we should explain those forces that are in opposition in the world and that they need to. buy an agreement through political process when you produce those and not. tell those issues involved. to take arms and throw over regimes because if that happens not only countries themselves will suffer but countries that are located far away from them bloomberg news agency. which. would a so give it to rich i have two questions if i may so it's. for need you last year you can write but when you go about the show you said that russia has information
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there and western countries and turkey so you are preparing for military intervention in syria. right now including impose a no fly zone is god could you dwell on that. western countries great britain france turkey and other nato. that we might say that this is not true. the shop and second question susan rice the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. yesterday criticized russia over this commission that russian vessel delivered ammunition to syria could you comment on that to see it in your words as to the information that a military intervention against syria. might be planned or was moving so slow and no flight zone is being discussed. similar to the it
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was live in syria well we get all this news from you. journalists which when you report you probably do that on the basis of some sources. actually we have other sources that reaffirm similar plans at least of the discussion stage on what to do should the situation in syria remain as it is it shows no hope. yes you should have heard some counter arguments and to hell with these counter arguments were made sincerely and i would reflect their real approach of the euro and states regarding the syrian crisis. so that such assertions meet the positions taken by russia that inadmissibility over the military interference and i said that as a. no fly zone up in the west indies have been discussing the matter between themselves and i would think i would think that within the nato of this subject was
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not to be beyond the limits of discussion either i have heard. that no fly zone regarding syria probably is not regarded very worthwhile method of her seeing is since. as opposed to the libyan situation this time in syria education is not used against the. civil populace and then there are other ideas which are being translated into life like dispatching so-called communitarian convoys do we hope to provoke a reaction on the part of the government forces border guards and to try to see to that any impression be made that there is a humanitarian catastrophe or also know that nobody contradicts that that arms are delivered to syria arms for the militants extremists who are trying to use this protest movement to their end to carry out the force.
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toppling of the government starting with some. cities. on the border of this syrian arab republic and this is again inadmissible absolutely counterproductive sense it will result in the. looming over the spiral. violence so we come out against any violence in syria and where it comes from this is a correlation from the plan of the league of arab states to stop the violence no matter where it comes from and those who have an influence over those armed crew bangs in the ranks of position as should use their influence in order to stop violence coming from either side and those who are talking with the government of the syrian arab state indeed need to insist on the worst saying to you that the authorities would start stop using force against civil citizens now
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as regards the assertions of susan rice oh you're expressing concern. over the fact that they get with their russian that cargoes. unloaded its cargo in this year in port i haven't heard that she asked for some explanations there we don't find it necessary to explain to provide any. justification or by who haven't been breaching any international agreements there are no security council resolutions we've been trading with syria with such goods which are not prohibited by international law and the trolling and the one sided sanctions adopted and introduced by us european union and some other countries. cannot be. regarded by us as legitimate with respect to the if it is pursued by the russian federation it's basically speaking lopsided it it is and sanctions there
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are always peeling a collective activities here regarding iran's syria and other places if somebody wants to use the security council. here he needs to address those matters in the security country security there where they need sanctions and i agree there. what kind of security is in addition to the sanctions could be used with a view to helping to calm down the situation but if somebody by him or herself or without consultation with their partners would decide to use such a course if a measure as with some very serious measures and sanctions sometimes and then they will address security council saying well we've decided now you need to support us as many we should the overall feel of the decisions we have adopted without your. participation but it's no way to go to the japanese colleague anymore newspaper
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please take the floor here. with you. good afternoon sir give it to. the end of this month you're playing to this is japan. we would think that over four years the president mediated. being in office so the political relations between our countries have worsened somewhat in particular the leadership of russia has stated that they. are and since particularly the part of the russian federation they are regarded as a just outcome of world war two no this question is closed they say it. doesn't mean their trash. intends to cooperate with japan. only in economy in the field of economy but their territorial issues will not be tackled thank you well i will not on my part. to characterize our relations
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for the past year such as being worse and we were japan as our important partner in asia and the pacific incidentally we have built on a very efficient coordination as regards preparation to the epic summit in bloodless stuck. this has been supported in the course of the conversation of the should took place between the president of russia and prime minister of japan in honolulu on the margins of the epic summit this november last year by all means we are interested in the developed of the trade and economy and investment corporation with japan but i can assure you that we have no less interest on the part of our japanese partners today japan makes part of the ten top flying economy partners of rush hour of late so basically you have restored the turnover which was
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undermined by the crisis last year the turnover has krohn by one third and. basically has approached the maximum crisis statistics around thirty billion dollars which is not bad and on our part. it's more impressive. as he goes but ensure he has not been exhausted by those are results were gained despite all the difficulties faced by the economy of the chip pan with respect to the nature catastrophe which has taken place there we have also noted the investments of japan to the russian economy comprise around ten billion years dollars and we'll be actively cooperating in fuel and energy sector not only there and i'm sure that the new impetus of all partnership will be materialized through the cup aeration the peaceful. cooperation on the basis of the
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agreement which was already fired by the russian parliament last year and correspondingly we had ship has entered into force here and basically talking about the prospects we end digit pan. have been complimentary canonically as a graduate potential first which is a good to a pre requisite for the possibilities to. make so we've been sincerely responding to the calamity country faced we've been actively supporting in all accounting the repercussions of that catastrophe or by providing energy sources and dispatching some of the. search and rescue officials we have received to kids here and for recreation and we have been actively supporting summation of the consequence of the casualty improve the atmospherics and not worsening it instead of have noted the writing is duran duran helping had
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a difficult times is reciprocal and we have a. very much from last year when our fishery boat was having casualty at the antarctic and the japanese side immediately suggested they would send the icebreaker and we are grateful for that certainly been there rightfully pointing out. that in our dialogue there still is the problem of the peace treaty. on the table we're talking about the overdue problem we'll confront again i'll confirm again that what you have just. quoted those islands have referred to is making part of our country on absolutely just full basis on the outcomes of world war two which has been. in try and in the charter of the un and outside of those islands has not to be discussed no doubt about that and we understand the importance of mutually acceptable virtual. solution to the peaceful treaty issue including this aspect of
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the peaceful to me as a boarder and that work and means that the quest for such a solution should not be done in a hurry in a haystack or education it has no place there and. the japanese should forego. provoke cation all. attempts there or we have just mention the fact that these problems are to be discussed in different parts of quiet unbiased dialogue including along the lines of the historians of the two countries to be involved there always has already taken place in a dialogue and naturally in maximum fair both conditions to provide to project an is in concluding this peaceful treaty will be a set forth in the result of the broad without any show or restriction and so a whole set of relations in economy are going to carry and sphere and international affairs we want.


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