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economy is expected to go it's also the most used. in twenty minutes time. it's five pm here in moscow you're watching our show you live with me and you for now way our top story moscow is vowing to do everything it can to make sure the u.n. security council doesn't sanction a military intervention in syria plays from russia's top diplomat as he wrapped up a briefing on twenty eleventh's foreign policy parties peter all over it at the foreign ministry. russia blames both the assad government and the opposition for fighting continuing in the country and moscow wants to see both sides put down their weapons and come together around the table to try and hammer out a peaceful solution to what's happening there now what was new that was said by sergey lavrov on wednesday is that the proposed peace talks that are being put
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forward by the arab league which could take place in cairo sergey lavrov said should they break down should they not come to fruition then russia was willing to step in to mediate and broker a peace in it both the opposition and the syrian government welcome to come here to russia to try and sort out their problems sort out their problems now one thing that sergey lavrov was. there was very strong on was reiterating russia's pushtuns that they will not tolerate any form of international interference international military interference into syria now he pointed a finger towards the united states accusing washington of having led from behind when it came to the crisis that we saw in twenty eleven in libya. saying that said the level of and the russian government did not want to see a similar situation of foreign military intervention happen in syria warning the
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u.s. not to try this lead from behind tactic as he poses when it comes to syria saying that international military intervention of that kind can have huge ramifications saying that it can spread beyond the borders and become a major international incident. of course leading countries are closely watching the situation in the region the changes they're far from over it's only the beginnings of we have to understand that if we want nations to seoul their own issues that we mustn't interfere especially militarily we must support dialogue between the conflicting signs we have to explain to the opposition forces that they have to find an agreement not. ousted regime this is a way to a wide scale all those that will affect not just the reaches but countries so far beyond the look. of the saying that russia supports dialogue and bringing about peace in syria and warns other nations against attending any kind of foreign military intervention. well the u.n.
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security council is mulling over russia's latest draft resolution on syria that was put forward this week the kremlin says it's balanced and aims to appease all sides in the conflict while the u.s. is continuing to garner call to get president to go in syria itself the warring sides have agreed with ceasefire in a cafe near the capital but the government crackdown reportedly grinds on in the flashpoint city of homs later this week arab league observers will deliver their verdict on whether the regime of complying with the peace it will then decide whether to extend its mission or after we went to intervene catorce already proposed sending in troops and even turkey syria's neighbor and former ally has turned its back on gryphon arsenal looks into the fallout. handshake he says embraces his close friends due in february when this was filmed prime minister and syria's president where indeed considers friends like in the ninety's
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the neighbors were not doing well together series support of kurdish separatists drew wedged between the two but by two thousand and three when turkey refused to provide its territory for the us invasion to iraq golden earing turkey syria relations began with free trade agreement the visa regime dropped and several presidential visits the views it became especially close families living in both sides felt they shared a common home the turkish lira was even accepted at markets in the syrian city of aleppo but the honeymoon didn't last long following leave is revolution in two thousand and eleven turkey switched on its supposin series of positions and aligned with the country's harsh and the us in doing so they have. around five antagonized iraq. well because now rockets come out quite strongly in support of syria and of course the lebanese government by his war has also been
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very very critical of turkey to switch from a zero problem policy with your neighbors to a problem create a new position you need good reason turkey seems to have more american means in other actors otherwise this gap can be fulfilled by you want maybe by russia so there's a kind of let's say. cohabitation between america and turkey so turkey is helping to this in exchange for some kind of stuff and through this channel turkey is profile is becoming more and more influential some of those who doubt the benefit will be equal for both sides to the turkish economy suffers a lot from the sanctions and supported against syria especially as syria is turkey's expurgated the world for this reason turkey is endeavoring to establish a new exporting routes to lebanon and through iraq to the gulf states turkey is policy should be more autonomous should not be identical to that of washington or brussels to radically politically and religiously took has always been the crossing
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point of decidedly different roles so what's in it for them we are going to calculate the only question of time before the syrian government goes and therefore i think it want to put it want to be riding the wave ok put on the crest of the way the quest of the wave of reform and change in the middle east and to be seen as the leader of this movement believes that it is set in the middle and long term turkey has no chance to to to get the benefits of the region if our side goes ok then so we're tough but if if if if he doesn't somehow manage to ride this out. well i suppose it's going to be gone for months you know and they'll have to pull back from a position that you had to clear actually is not really tenable any longer you've got to deal with this guy you like it or not really to. me looks slippery you
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mention how dangerous maybe this seems to be. without a u.n. security council resolution it will do vetoed by russia and china and leave a stall intervention will definitely fail in syria change in tactics the western powers turns to these regions countries to get them involved this take isn't turkey which has started to play a very important role in this conflict some fear it's perhaps too far. turkey but is media briefing in moscow foreign minister lavrov also stressed the kremlin is stepping up efforts to prevent war in the persian gulf russia thanks to western attack on iran would be catastrophic for the entire region tehran says it's ready to resume international discussion on its nuclear program but that won't come easy this is party talks broke down a year ago with the west suspecting you bond is developing a nuclear bomb a tough bar go on iranian oil is already in the pipeline and tehran's threatening
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to block a vital fuel transit route if mr actions prove harmful but the u.s.'s will use force to keep it open just over two hours on r.g.p. to the vowels and in cross talk debates the effectiveness of sanctions on iran. we had tim geithner going around the world trying to get countries not to import a rainy and oil i mean from a transcript of that's basically an act of war you're going to choke off their economy why should be why should these people be punished. it's punishing about your relationship between an economic sanctions and military action one is within the realm of. peaceful measures the others are something that could spark a war but there's. just a spark a war and it's going to go back to go ahead in fact many make the mistake of implying the sanctions are just peaceful means they're not they are
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coersion they killed innocent and for the latest round of sanctions i mean you go back to iraq half a million children died the future of iraq was destroyed and malin all by turned around the city was worth it now you apply sanctions because you don't want to expend the military expenses you cannot iran and hope to sit back and have no casualties and that the war chest would definitely be depleted so sanctions are imposed hoping the iranian people would get so fed up they would overthrow their own regime and it hasn't worked for the two years so they're trying other ways other means of making this happen. well every day millions of people turn to one website as a one stop shop for their and cyclopedia greece search but right now there's this we can be via is deliberately blacking out it's the english language website it's
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going to twenty four hour protest against anti-piracy bills making their way through the u.s. congress if passed they would allow the government to block search engine links to any website which may contain what's perceived as copyright material by the laws are designed to protect people's work from being shared without permission or payment by an internet campaign or say they would go too far but let's talk more with one man who is in charge of another web site that isn't on strike today rob this is a managing editor of the bong bong up blogging site thanks for being with us what's your biggest fear over this anti-piracy legislation or fear is that the law would have unintended consequences and that it could be used to suppress the innocent web sites like it was but a few minutes from the descriptions of technical stuff it creates censorship tools right out of the authoritarian playbook so if you wrote a book made a film or composed a song what you want to make sure your work was protected from someone effectively
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stealing it on the internet of course but the thing is and you know these laws and aggressively to creation from the industry none of it has ever had the slightest impact on piracy so there's no reason to think that pirates wouldn't be able to find ways around it this time so well but there would still be all these new legal mechanisms ready to be used so what's the benefit for anyone where do you think the middle ground is here in stopping the flood of internet piracy while at the same time keeping the internet's founding ideals of being open as they are. well one middle ground is that laws could be written in consulting with the technical community instead of rushed through by the media business targeted carefully at specific criminal acts and avoid some of the kind of draconian internet breaking measures that these laws in the united states outline but i mean they say that but the thing is the internet the way it works it turns piracy into to a general problem and i don't think that there are any easy answers how much are
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the anti-piracy moves potentially opening the door to the american government in trying to exert its control over the wider internet i mean after all if i quote someone in an article could i feel the force of the wa well there's a problem and it's a problem that's happening in other jurisdictions as well for example london england these are. very aggressive libel laws so people because everything is published everywhere on the internet people will shop for the venue in london if they want to sue someone for libel and the same could be true for copyright infringement when this kind of thing goes through the basic problem is that us bodies have been given control of the fundamental parts of the internet like the domain name system and the more us politicians try to interfere with how it works the bigger problem if you can this for the rest of the world. but there's strong opposition to these bills i mean even the white house says that it isn't behind them what do you think the real chances are of this piracy bill actually becoming
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a law when one hopes that it's very low charms and it's looking less likely now that the white house has said that it doesn't like the bill and pretty much everyone has said except you know the entertainment industry the pharmaceutical industry they don't want the law to pass that's why we're doing this blackout stuff where the boeing boeing we could pedia used to illustrate for everyone what will happen if the rules do pass and the bill sponsors have proved that they are determined to get it passed however they care. because the managing editor of the boy wine technology and culture website thanks for your input thank you. well your opinion matters to us so we're asking what the anti-piracy bills mean to you it are too darn calm so far this is what the numbers are looking like a majority of you believe it's a conspiracy to kill freedom of speech around a quarter think it's a cash grab by greedy entertainment giants the final few are split between seeing
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it as an overstated what started as a noble cause or whether it's an honest and to piracy drive being marred by paranoid techies give us your thoughts to vote today at r t dot com here's what else will find there. where do you turn in a world without when your previous twitter users are almost filling the gap with a few fun facts of their own just make sure you take them with a pinch of salt. also the prize bronze backside iraq demands the safe return of a chunk of saddam hussein's demolished statue read more at our two dark calm and we've plenty more online video reports for you on our you tube channel. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to overreach and to rule the day. in other news several hundred occupy activists rallied in washington d.c.
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on tuesday marking the movement's four month anniversary of the protest would stretch from capitol hill to the white house failed to attract the thousands that organizers anticipated can join the demonstrators. the protesters have shifted their focus from wall street to capitol hill and here they are hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the u.s. capitol building they have a permit to protest on this lawn but we have already seen several people arrested today. protesters say when the interests of big corporations are at stake their voice their interests no longer count and they're angry at the fact that the influence of money is only set to grow in u.s. politics supreme court's decision now allows corporations to funnel as much money as they wanted to candidates and protesters say it's legalized corruption. the cozy relationship between big businesses on lawmakers here ledge to the
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complete lack of oversight over wall street which brought about the financial crisis of two thousand and eight and not just americans were affected but the whole world so people here want money out of politics but it's easier said than done and a lot of people especially outside the movement are very much skeptical about whether the protests can actually change something some say that the tents and the banners you know won't change anything what do you say to that i think the tents in the banners are crucial part of being publicized and being public about it because it's so easy to ignore movement unless it's in your face do you think the movement has any impact i mean it's been there for four months right on the movement has a huge impact in that a lot of things that are not even talked about in the political agenda usually are now being talked about there is in the news on a constant basis talking about income inequality the fact that corporations are running our government has stolen our elections so many times with all the
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legalized bribery in the campaign finance system and other things that are most legal moving into the night hundreds more you not thousands joined the protest and they marched all the way from capitol hill to the white house. here they are hundreds of people fanning right outside the white house. and the. way the way. the movement has certainly evolved i mean you see the last of the tents across the country because authorities under different pretenses and that is they have a victory of the protesters out of their occupied locations but you see more of these one time actions one day rallies like this one which started on capitol hill . continued all the way to the white house right here the people are here to get
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their message across a lot of young people around but again whether or not these protests will bring any results that still remains very much on clear. the occupy movement keen to keep up the momentum as the protest to gone but maybe it's time for a new tactics next hour former u.s. lobbyist says perhaps they should try their hand at politics. i think the our my wall street movement had behind it some good instincts the problem is that they didn't organize themselves like the tea party movement did which was politically tea party movement had a dramatic impact on the last leg from probably will scold this one and i've spoken to the occupied people quite a. bolt from the until they get themselves organized politically they're not going to be meaningful because in america the street protests don't really mean people don't like street protests in america first of all the struggle to be vandalizing the unsanitary things that go on and most americans are repelled by that what most
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americans will respect is political activism an organization on the left for on the right i. will initial programs are voting out russia's parliamentary elections has found around three thousand violations the prosecutor general's office report has been sent to president and says they were both complaints during election and the election campaign i should say and the poll itself ninety five people now face legal proceedings present its major call for an investigation after thousands rallied in moscow and other cities in december claiming widespread fraud election the ruling united russia party win a majority in the state duma but with a sharp fall in support. more world news now for you this hour and the search for missing people on the capsized italian cruise liner has been suspended after the vessel shifted slightly it was to protect the divers who were desperately searching for twenty four people still unaccounted for hopes of finding anyone else alive
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have all but faded eleven bodies have been recovered since the coast the concordia sank five days ago the captains under house arrest accused of sailing too close to the shore and abandoning ship before it had been evacuated. israel has launched an air strike on northern gaza killing at least one person and injuring three. palestinian security sources say the rate hit a field used by hamas and was accompanied by tank fire tension between the coastal territory and israel have been calm in recent days following in crease in rocket fire attacks in december i. think greece is at another standstill with a mass strike underway just as the country's global paymasters pay another visit e.u. european central bank and i.m.f. delegates are there to try and beat a deadline for greece to get vital funds to slash almost unserviceable that but
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thousands of workers hit the streets to voice how destructive the costs already are even though more may be needed. to tunisia now a region and a region there rich in natural resources expect people to be reaping the rewards a year after the revolution to get them out of poverty but the reality is very different as we're going to go to scott discovered. this is a region where things are run a little differently from the rest of tunisia with. my father worked in the mine for twenty five years my two brothers were in the mine we live in the mining region days arranged by the sound of the film from not by calls to prayer. the gas a-basin is home to tunisia's phosphate mines one of the key exports in the country which ranks fifth in the world for phosphate production yet for the past three years the workers and their families have been involved in a bitter struggle with their employer gasa phosphates that we never took anything
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from the authorities have always forgotten about us this year the gas company c f g conducted a competition for jobs and just like they did in two thousand and eight we hope their choices would be based on a different criteria this time but they weren't. shares involvement in supporting action for the miners during the authoritarian rule of president ben ali resulted in a prison term. in two thousand and eight we went on strike with the miners and were arrested all those who supported them lawyers teachers professors we were told we were an organized gang who wanted to overthrow the regime. the government has been gone since then but the problems remained so the strikes continue unemployment in the region is a staggering fifty five percent and while local residents believe they should be given priority when it comes to filling jobs at the mine the c.g.s. has been employing people from other regions there are no jobs for those whose
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parents died or were injured in the mines their families never received any compensation for their losses but been protesting here for six months will stay here for years as a. result of this problem. though many tunisians hope the ousting of autocratic ben ali will improve situation in the country the reality is rather bleak as well evolution hasn't solved the economic issues which have been happening for months now the provisional government hasn't even begun looking at ways of battling poverty. for these workers any delay in solving this crisis cost lives a lot of people are killing themselves others are lead. country and some have done it because they were too poor to afford medical help. after the tunisian revolution and the new provisional government has brought a life of prosperity and better employment opportunities for workers in this mining town once passed by by the miners the situation has only got worse the region's
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legation far from the political center of the country means their plight is as unreasonable to the new government as it was to the old one it in the coast guard tunisia. one a few minutes or in-depth report from nigeria a country desperately on the edge of poverty spite of the oil rich delta for vaccine is here with the business. welcome to our business update this out thanks for joining me and we go straight to our top story this hour eurozone debt problems have made the world bank cut its two thousand and twelve global economy growth forecast to two and a half percent bank also lowered its outlook on russia however its economy is expected to grow faster than most countries and which three and a half percent this year jacob will from morgan stanley outlines the reasons behind russia's out. russia had a very deep downturn in the crisis nearly eight percent fall in in growth in two
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thousand to knowing and a slow recovery and what we saw in the middle of twenty eleven was a strengthening of consumption investment of food budget recovery second thing is fiscal policy last year was fiscal consolidation in russia of four percent over four percent g.d.p. and it becomes actually when a surplus an election year which is quite so impressive this year in budget twenty twelve. programs about two percent of g.d.p. fiscal expansion that is increasing public sector wages for the police and military increase in military pensions and the cost of the payroll to that will support consumption particular stories of the year and then later in the year i think after the election when the new government is formed and the policy direction is clear i think you'll have a recovery in investment which is still depressed compared to pre-crisis levels. let's have a look at the markets now european stocks pare losses on news that the international monetary fund proposed a one trillion dollar lending program markets are also supported by successful debt
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sales in germany germany's dax is up a half a percent led by a three percent gain for the two percent rise in a variant acknowledges let's look at russia now here in moscow the markets are recovering from early losses it's a rather chopping day of trading here in the russian capital however both my six and the r.t.s. are trading in the black this hour let's have a look at some index movers on the my xix russia's top oil company ross nafta has slipped back into the red despite strong oil prices russia's largest lenders burbank has had a change of fortunes finding its in the black after coming under pressure earlier in the session as last year's net profit almost doubled topic ten billion dollars but that's in russia's accounting standards and electricity producers russia is higher the company's sales rose nine point three percent last year. and russia saw new. car sales jumped fifty percent in two thousand and eleven as the market enjoyed a post-crisis rally consultancy firm ernst and young says the sales we still are
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sixty five billion dollars with prices going faster than the country's inflation however analysts say that the era of intensive growth is over the programs of state support have come to an end this year they would expect no more than thirteen percent growth and mark. well that's all for now other back with more threats.
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when i'm comfortable question leads to a grave accusation the world who is moore's enough obviously. the president who isn't supposed to hide anything. or it's someone asking him why do you make a secret out that when the powers to be suppress the voice of those who think different culture when you go experiencing very serious problems off of the saakashvili government came to power in two thousand and three but the book that was when the problems began piling up. interviews were now off limits to our journalists they were often beason up and humiliated in public and one of the attempt to protect property puts life in real danger is that we have been deprived
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of the only means of earning a living and i have gone to the originals of all the papers. beyond the little ice the ownership rights on the basis of cocos freedom becomes just a stage prop. here with our to you live from moscow our top stories moscow reaffirms his push for talks to solve syria rejecting any military intervention and pledging to ensure the u.n. doesn't authorize any business as america and some allies mouth calls against the syrian regime which cats are proposing to send in troops. millions on with a preview users are hitting this brick wall right now the world's most popular online encyclopedia is on a twenty.


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