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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2012 11:48am-12:18pm EST

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moment said touchable. and malone is right up there next to this one because it's just the tournament that i always dreamed of winning and. but this one i think comes out on the top because it's just. the fact that we played on the six hours is incredible incredible i think it was it's probably the longest finals in history of all grand slams and just to hear that fact is. making me cry really. now he's the best of the world. that's how. five rounds last so the history is. the study says that. there's a patent on the history today winning winning. one of the world will see work for here as well which maintained his well top ranking ahead of the dollar going to federal prison leave according to the story and i think it is are in fact number
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one for twenty two year old becomes the first belorussian to do so and also the first player to skip the move to ranking in finalist maria sharapova moved at one place to number three picked over no move the second time around as nancy has probably did to fourth place after sixty seven long consecutive weeks this summer. football now where ukraine and shot targets goalkeeper alexander has been banned for two years by u.a.e. for after failing a drug test the twenty four year old tested positive for a prohibited diuretic last year following a league match the ukrainian had been in contention to play for his country at the european championships in june his club shutout described the punishment as extremely harsh and will appeal they claim he taken the directive to lose weight but haven't told the club's doctor i don't simulate manchester city defender color tour it was handed a six month ban last year after he admitted taking his wife's water pills for me
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while the stadium that will host the opening match of those euro twenty twelve championships has been officially opened in warsaw the venue staged a rock concert and firework display and thousands braved the cold winter temperatures to enjoy it the stadium cost six hundred million dollars to build and sheffield to open last june that deadline was repeatedly postponed because of construction problems co-host poland will play greece here in imagine june right on the poles with them play russia at the same stadium four days later. staying with football and robin van. he scored two quick penalties as arsenal came back from two goals down to beat aston villa three two in the fourth round of the f.a. cup richard dunne and darren bent had given villa a two no half time lead but three goals in seven minutes gave the gunners victory theo walcott's fifty seventh minute strike for sandwich between found percy spot kicks as arsenal completed a stunning comeback and elsewhere at sunderland drew one one in northeast darby
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with middlesbrough the replay will be at the riverside on every seven or eight. on the quick look at the last sixteen draw a season also travelling to either sunderland or medals for chelsea will play calling cup holders but i mean a stroke travel to be called to account in invents forestier everton will play the winner of the replay between black and wednesday brighton's reward to be the new calls it is a trip to liverpool long haul to the millwall southampton norwich take on championship side less than. thirty a steven h. during the first round for the first time i was not sure if we played on saturday february the eighteenth. now it will rank as one of the most shocking meltdowns in golf after american calls stanley was in line to win the farmers insurance open in san diego but still away a straight shot lead at the final hole for going on to lose to brown's no decade in a playoff well nerves got the better of stanley at one point he was seven shots clear of the birdies on the first two hours on the last day and even more
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significant finished his round strongly he was still three shots off the pace despite a birdie here at the last. say stanley came to the eighteenth looking sets to play his first win on the p.g.a. tour but his approach to the group you tend to like man as the ball rolls and rolls and rolls before dropping agonizingly into the water. three putted for triple by again and that meant to go into a playoff with snyder. where in the second extra hole stanley just missed his pot the hands of the title and the million dollars prize money. you know toss of really aren't walking out there refocus to really get back in the new tournament doesn't matter if this was you know if you're going to back my way in a playoff need to make sure i was ready to play and i did get some great shots made some good parts and i'm just very very fortunate to be where i am for sure. action
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there from the n.b.a. where kobe bryant's thirty five points help the l.a. lakers beat the timberwolves one hundred six points to one hundred one in minnesota the win was only the second on the road this season for the lakers they were in complete control the read way through the third quarter with bryant making it work seventy one fifty five second long shot question that's in the middle of the fourth minnesota managed to go back to winning two points as martell webster finished off across a fast in the key. and then the home side edged ahead with michael beasley ninety one eighty nine bucks it was not enough as bryant to be unstoppable at the end of the game by his post and a one hundred six point two one hundred man with a. wife now with a week to go before the super bowl the traditional pro bowl has been staged brandon marshall scored a record for touchdowns in the area of c's fifty nine to forty one win over the n.f.c. hawaii was the backdrop for this all star game that sees the best players from the n.f.l. get head to head and quarterback aaron rodgers the other three fourteen the lead
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this past two hundred fitzgerald to. four touchdowns from miami dolphins wide receiver marshall faith the a.f.c. victory and among those t.d.'s was this link up with one resulting research lesson keep your eye in the board. just watch this he replay fifty nine forty one again the final score for the a.f.c. . west and finally rushes wrestlers dominated the annual event yeah reagan grand prix in siberia a promising test for the russian team ahead of the london olympics ron costa reports. the three day event wraps up with the most captivating of ballots in the men's heavyweight division and once again wrestlers from russia have made it into all of the finals with only one american wrestler making it was at the moment stage in the one hundred and twenty kilograms of vision the most prestigious weight class saw a battle between olympic silver medalist russia's medal and four time all american
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wrestler serve the lot and have the first period ended in a drawer but the russian managed to win the clinch despite losing the disc talks. by the third period a little more convincing in the second period and outscored blog net bites importance to one and claimed gold despite failing to reach the top of the podium at the reagan building grand prix the united states team did finish in third place with one silver and three bronze medals these are certainly some of our best rustlers you're talking about the lack of jake barra both medalled at the world championships and certainly have a good chance of medaling at the olympic games so now we have some our best guys here we've got some work to do the final in the eighty four k. division was a crowd pleaser with the local two time european champion and sort of stepping out on the mats against last year's world championship runner up your heat though by of the match had to be decided in an additional third round with across the arctic native getting the upper hand over his opponents from north to city of top honors
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in the ninety six k. division could only go to one place and that's russia's republic of dagestan both wrestlers are represented in the city of much both of the salon and zebra games so you don't have record of the world cup victories in twenty eight cents and were evenly matched up here as well however it was the twenty three year old who outsmarted his club mate and claimed gold should go you know we had hoped for three gold medals with use event and the toughest on the wrestlers teach quite well the witness will soon compete at the european championships well silver and bronze medalists two world cup event there but john. as for those outfits who didn't truly impressed here they have another chance to prove their worth at the russian nationals. russian wrestlers claimed overall first place of the gold in grand prix with a gold and eight silver medals the japanese women helped their side finish second and then merican skein third the olympics are coming up fast and most of the
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wrestlers will meet each other again soon in various qualification tournaments around the world that's all from cross they are i'm on call for of the reporting for our team in eastern siberia and that's all as well for now more in two hours please join me.
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culture is that so much different and there's a huge percentage of the power of mind in the market crude blockade and the turning off of the taps as the united states and the e.u. again sanction iran iran is also threatening to impose. down the official ante up location on the phone called touch from the. life on the go. video on demand. gold coast's and r.s.s. feeds now with the palm of your. machine on the
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dot com. history of fighting soros damascus russia proposes to host peace talks in moscow between the syrian government and the opposition. it could stop supplying oil to some states in response to sanctions against its nuclear program which is currently undergoing a un inspection. broken piece of glass is not the broken heads that the police are inflicting on the occupy movement. the heavy handed police response to as he called for protests in california is echoed across the atlantic where british officers are also accused of excessive use of force. me to brussels for the first summit this year against the symbolic backdrop of
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dirty protests and a general strike in belgium live reaction on that story a little later here on r.t. . international news and comment live from moscow this is our team syria is staring at the real possibility of deadly violence taking hold of the very center of the nation's capital rebel fighters have been locked in intensive battles with government forces in the suburbs surrounding damascus and an invitation from russia to host moscow based peace talks between syria's authorities and the opposition has been accepted by the assad government bodies or for as the latest from damascus. but we've seen the situation escalating dramatically over the past couple of days now over the weekend the suburbs were embroiled in a heavy clashes between the two sides in fact in damascus people were waking up
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yesterday to the sounds of gunfire and shelling in those areas very very alarming indeed some of the reports that were coming from those areas and certainly the response from the government to the free syrian army taking control of some of those suburbs has been a strong well we've had reports of tanks going into those areas and the death toll on both sides extremely high as well and of course this comes on the back of the arab league monitoring mission saying that they had whole says the mission for the time being is that the remaining observers that are here in the country they hadn't really seemed to recover from that decision last week of the gulf states to withdraw their monitors well it's hard to say really exactly what the future of the mission now is there's a little bit of a sense that it's dead in the war so now what we saw at the end of the month of course as they presented their reports i was interesting is the details of that has
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made note of abuses on both sides that was what had been mentioned and on the back of that it was discussed possibly increasing the numbers on the ground and making the mission stronger as well as the other the housing what we saw was the decision for the goal say to withdraw them all this is now today russia's foreign ministry has said that it has put forward the offer of using moscow as a place to hold a reconciliation talks between the two sides pursuing some sort of resolution to the situation through dialogue again because what we've seen with the arab league decision to go to the u.s. the fears are that there's a real close now international and parents the international involvement adding possibly we could see the conflict get even more violent even more militarized and that's not what i. well once this is they said the last few days have been an escalating situation. well for more developments in syria are now joined by dr
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piece of political analyst from jordan well there are conflicting reports from the syrian opposition at the moment some suggesting the opposition has rejected talks involving the government others suggest they are actually thinking about it so do you think they will come to the table and talk eventually. well you see we can talk about the opposition as one bloc i think that we have many oppositions as you know now the internal opposition i'm sure that they would ultimately welcome such an opportunity to open talks with the regime. the rest of the opposition especially those stationed outside syria i think they would reject. not only day but those who backed the region as you know. many of the opposition groups outside syria supported by gulf states or by turkey or by by western countries i think that this external opposition will even not only reject it but will try to.
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disturb. this effort this initiative. are you saying that turkey and other western countries are trying to persuade the elements of the opposition to reject those peace talks and if so what. was the reasoning well i think they have their own geo political aims in the area and in syria in particular . the west and they're always countries and even turkey i'm sure they have their own ambitions they have their own vision of a future middle east and i think that syria is pivotal in this respect so i think yeah i don't think they want peace i don't like russia which is of course we appreciate russia's initiative because obviously russia has emerged as a force of peace and understanding but this this does not apply to other countries particularly to the western countries and to the oil countries and to turkey i
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think they have real political aims they have two political reasons for. feeding the conflict in syria i think they don't want that they're not interested in the form nor are they interested in democracy or freedom all they're interested . is to disturb the situation to weaken the iranian syrian lebanese alliance i think that's what they're aiming at and i think that what they're aiming at is some sort of a new middle east that suits their purposes you mention russia moscow's position indicating that it is really trying to encourage peace talks also saying it will not support the draft u.n. resolution proposed by the e.u. and arab states which many say implies future foreign intervention who do you think well judging by what you're saying do you think that russia will be overruled and will not achieve anything over this and will be hard pressured by the west another state well i don't think so i well i think that this is
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a good initiative on blushes part but i don't think it will succeed precisely because of this external opposition i've been talking about the internal opposition the opposition i call the. progressive opposition inside syria i'm sure will ultimately. agreed to such a bold initiative unfortunately the rest of the opposition those who are organizing the the armed gangs i don't think that they will that it is in their interest at the moment to accept such a throw in another observation made by analysts just very briefly the west you're saying would like to see some sort of regime change there in damascus not wanting peace because not only what's going on syria but also what's going on in iran and that would actually weaken serious support for iran bearing in mind the pressures we're seeing there between the west and iran do you think that's another objective just very briefly. oh yeah yeah well you see the way i look at it. i think that
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after the military pull out of the american forces from iraq. it seems to me that the americans want to. insert the opposed forces in the area and they want to weaken the link between syria iran and lebanon in particular so what i mean is that it is a message from the americans we are pulling out of iraq but that does not mean that we pulled out of the area if you think that you can you can actually move freely in your part of the world where you are mistaken we are still we have many tools to disrupt your. celebration that's the way i look at it ok dr. very interesting here thank you for joining us live. thank you. well still ahead for you on t.v.
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just over a month before russia's presidential. prime minister. as the presidential candidate for widespread economic reforms and the occupy movement spills onto the streets of london with police accused of going over the top during a crackdown on protesters those stories still to come for you. iran as well to halt oil exports to some countries for up to fifteen years despite his parliament spending a debate on a complete ban on crude supplies to europe it would be in retaliation to the even posed embargo on iranian oil due to come into full effect the summer russia's foreign minister says tehran threat shows how unilateral sanctions can often backfire. to. russia has firmly held the opinion that in most cases sanctions are not only ineffective but also counterproductive the current situation yet again confirms the old law to every action there is an equal reaction
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iran's announcement was made in response to be european union's decision to ban the purchasing of iranian oil by even member states. name on iran's nuclear program which the target of e.u. sanctions is being scrutinized by u.n. inspectors to run is offered i.a.e.a. officials the chance to extend the mission and said it was ready to answer any question to prove its atomic ambitions of peaceful but some experts suggest the only report western states want to see is one that justifies a military buildup in the region. made up of inspectors they don't necessarily control politically but i think what the united states walls is some kind of well state but you know which then you balance on a balanced way to. the next stage i think what we are witnessing here is is a build up cause of military call for
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a generation we have a massive reply was of u.s. military hardware troops going into israel to be stationed in israel also going to wait. naval. naval forces in the. ocean go there's no i well i would describe as why the actual war the issue of nuclear weapons. nuclear weapons is a red herring but it is a red herring which could well. iran for its part seems confident it can withstand the building international pressure the country's interior minister believe sanctions will end up hitting the countries who impose them not to run his exclusive interview with r.t. is coming up in the next hour he has a preview point. i think. i believe they've made a big mistake as this action results in turbulence for the oil and energy markets
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this very fact it can result in oil price growth in these condition is the west should expect the drop in the euro rate and the euro market or this new decision will result in further economic problems which as we can see have affected them already and so far they've been unable to find solutions with the decisions taken today by the west unilaterally will result in the escalation of their own economic problems. e.u. leaders are gathering for their first summit of twenty twelve with a sense of deja vu greece is still the center of discussion the pressure is still on athens to overhaul its economy with the german finance minister warning it won't receive a second financial lifeline if it doesn't correspond to reports now from brussels. they're supposed to talk more about the fiscal compact they had agreed upon at the last summit as well as push for the european stability mechanism which is the permanent bailout fund we will put in place now in june instead of july these are
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the official informal topics but greece is still hanging over their heads especially since there have been war of words between greece and germany with the germans are calling for moving taxing and spending power over to brussels and the german finance minister saying that the europeans are willing to support greece as long as greece actually implements the this issue instead of just talking about it all the greeks had responded to that but with a lot of still to be saying that this is definitely out of the question especially since it's a matter of national sovereignty and one former economist who's now the greek education minister who actually called it quote unquote a product of a sick imagination so you can you can tell that the greeks are definitely upset with the german suggestion now why did the german suggested this is because of that ongoing talks between the greeks and their creditors it's still dragging it's been stalling for some time now the greeks need to strike a deal with the private sector and their creditors asking the banks for example to
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write down some of the greek back to take some losses about fifty to sixty percent of losses this is in order for greece to get the second tranche of its bailout which it needs to pay some debts in march because if they don't they will technically default belgium is on a general strike a lot of walking and cycling today because all the metros down no buses and one of the airports is also closed the unions are protesting against the government of cutting their benefits slashing retirement age also raising the retirement age rather so they're complaining that the workers are bearing the brunt and the enterprises are not getting here at. city that well for some insight on the subject joined by paul not least a member of the european parliament from the u.k. independence party. leaders are looking for ways to boost jobs and restore economic growth well how do you cheve growth austerity measures which surely hamper growth. well fact is you can't i mean it's as simple as that really and what's going on in
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there at the moment a small committers they're trying to put a lot of pressure on greece and this idea that the germans have that you can almost put a budget commissioner nathanael who will oversee their budgets set taxes is quite frankly an affront of democracy the oldest democracy in the world and if i was in athens of the moment i'd be out on the streets demonstrating as well but greece is crucial to all of this even yesterday prime minister says they were on the edge of bankruptcy surely it's important for everyone to rally behind greece and throw money at the problem in order for the rest of the eurozone to survive if we could europeans with our greece the fall out of the auto all together bull look this is not a multi phenomena a couple of months ago now my party leader met with the council of presidents meeting and said quite clearly to why won't you allow greece to fall out of the or and i think your answer sort of everything she said we know that if greece goes all the countries will go to the fact is that this is a political project it's not
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a multi-year nomics what would make economic sense is for greece to come out of the yard of all together go back into the drachma get a economy kickstarted what about the idea of fiscal control though is is that the right way forward to stop those profit countries over spending and misusing their expenditure and and tax revenue i mean that is surely the way forward isn't that the right route to take. i think it's a an affront to democracy and the scary thing here that you have is once you start thinking with democracy and trying to change things i think you're on a very slippery slope indeed and what's happening at the moment over here is that the e.u. is really showing its teeth showing what it's all about it doesn't want to listen to the people what they're doing at the moment in the building behind me is they're talking about an intergovernmental agreement and this will go into a primary e.u. law through secondary legislation which means that the people can be bypassed there will be referendums across the continent particularly in ireland where there should be a referendum on this and what will happen is they will bypass the people and it will go straight into a huge more and they will get exactly what they want but it is
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a complete affront to democracy affront to democracy we're seeing democracy happening right in the moment and we in brussels under your very nose where we're seeing a general strike happening in protests surely we're going to see more as being promised in the future governments will have to listen to the people when they're. well i'd like to think so and i'd like to see referendums right across europe on this issue particularly in my own country were david cameron is performing to you to say there was a veto rich or so-called veto by him where he said that the e.u. institutions couldn't be used because this isn't a treaty it's an intergovernmental agreement he's now going back on that and this whole intergovernmental agreement will have the use of the institutions and call including the courts of justice including the european commission again this is typical you where it's all backroom deals that smoke and mirrors and quite frankly it is an affront to the market see because the deals are to be taken back in the building behind me a quite frankly an attendant to bypass the people of your door.


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