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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 1:48pm-2:18pm EST

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you tube user who i think is a user name had the wrong paul in it so some people are saying a fan created it and it was it was fear mongering about jon huntsman because my god he speaks the language. which. runs all over. all right so this is what's happening now and i find this to be kind of odd and seeming to be a little out of character for the ron paul campaign because they're basically filing a complaint in court they're saying that the use of his name infringed his trademark and defamed him by improperly implying that he was behind it whereas i don't think anybody thought he was behind it people thought it was just some random guy on you tube who was a ron paul supporter but you don't control your supporters and so they're actually trying to figure out who this youtube user is and get the ad pulled seems very
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strange to me that ron paul would want to get the government involved in anything especially a speech matter or trying to find something out it seems very interesting but who knows maybe the huntsman campaign called and wanted to get behind it it's not that offensive i kind of really doubt that he would do something like this on huntsman's pressure i think i have to believe that he really truly thinks that this person was trying to represent this ad as by him and that he feels like he has the right to sue i mean i think for him it would have to be a scenario where he thought you're you know tarnishing my name i have the right to know who this is and to go after them legally. it is strange don't you know that or so many people on facebook and twitter you know people that love ron paul love ron paul and i feel like there's so many people that have you know some aspects of ron paul in their names that are in their words of course the i just love that it's ok so here we are going after one you tube user where you know we don't know where so much of the money comes from when it goes to super pacs or you know some of these
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other organizations after citizens united and all these ads come out but there is one you tube user and we have to go after him and get him anyway just. to me now to talk about something that's happening in indiana take a look at this. controversial proposal that would require drug testing for people on welfare is getting even more people upset today that's right lindsey mail the bill's main proponent says he would be ok if executives of companies getting tax breaks are tested as well. now not only that but so this republican lawmaker the legislation also now has taken it off because a democrat out of the piece of legislation you know a provision to it that would have said fine federal law makers also have to get drug tested legally you can't do that thanks to a case in the courts and so supposedly the republicans as it is not necessarily against the idea he just has to fix the legal language here are. not against it i
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find it so interesting that these lawmakers are always so gung ho about you know drug testing poor people basically but when it comes to the biggest welfare recipients the legislators no no please don't try to test us i mean i think i think it's true and there's all this jumbo about having to change the wording and oh you know all reintroduced this on monday so the wording is just right. it's very interesting when this kind of stuff comes up i think it does as you say bring up the discussion of wanting to target these poor people i want to know who's going to pay for the multiple amount dozens if not more of the drug testers who would have to come and you know be employed by these statewide offices to drug test the thousands of people who would be required to where where that money come from and it ends up losing the state money we've done the story before because in florida they instituted the exact same thing and shockingly they found out that oh my gosh most of these people are actually on drugs and so now we just spent all this money
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drug testing them and it's really just a horrible horrible policy but i kind of like at least that some people are trying to stick it to them and say final drug test you too am a drug. the corporate executives that all get huge tax breaks and. syria's government. are going to happen listen to this story so a british tourist. had a little fun tweeting some stuff and so his tweet said what i'm set free this week for a quick gossip slash prep before i go and destroy america another tweet said three weeks today we're totally in l.a. pissing people off on hollywood boulevard and diggin marilyn monroe and so what happens is that basically this guy when he arrived got held he told them there was a misunderstanding so that the marilyn monroe reference was a family guy riff and also that the official or the term destroy is just british slang for going out to party and yet because of this he was still held on suspicion of planning to commit crimes and they had their passports confiscated i don't think
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just a royal just are it is slang not. destroyed tonight i think it's definitely taking it too far when you talk about tweets and facebook and that's the problem with the dames that we're living in is you know on one hand we've got all these people who are afraid for our country needing to look out for terrorists on the other hand. this is america we have all these social media outlets and you can say we're going on i think we have to say though i'm really glad this happened because the last thing we need in hollywood is another drunk person stumbling down the streets i mean i think we need to keep the british drunks away and i think what was supposed to happen happened here you know sorry you have your vacation so this is really. you know this is just going to shows maybe some people are going to make jokes it's going to be all slang involving i have no idea and so sorry confiscating your passport to save you're going to commit crimes i mean another another wasn't really rage at the white house it goes to show just how close all of our twitter accounts are probably going to follow to unmonitored point that point i'm sure they like.
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the tennessee tea party wants to change some of their history books take a look. it's mainly the issue of slavery that has some tea party members asking for changes i sat down with a local activist who tells me it's not so much what's being in the text but what's been left out and how that could affect your kids. future and future generations of americans. are if you want to know if they're so concerned about being left out as if they're not really sure they like the way that slavery was or trade they think that slavery was seen as too negative and that kids are going to grow up and be taught in history that slavery was a bad thing and they don't realize how much you contributed to the south's economy at the time yeah because i think the worst thing that you could ever think was that you know if there weren't slaves the economy wouldn't have existed and actually we don't have to even look at history books we can look at alabama right now when you kick out all the illegal immigrants of the economy collapses i mean the bottom line
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is the slaves that did build this country in so many ways and we can say that and we can mention it but we should never mention it in a positive light as of. slavery you know really the slavery yeah because they don't want the kids to look back at the founding fathers and think oh my gosh they had slaves they were terrible people all i mean i don't think kids are able to make realistic thoughts on these things i was leading the other lies to you that they were afraid that they were going to think negatively of the founder of the family because i was so let's face it was a big ball i mean that's something that is worth talking about when it comes to the founding fathers is the for all of their principles of freedom and all their wonderful ideals that they were all slave owners so and i know you're getting ready to go to the next story but we actually switch stories because today we have to cover the biggest story of the day the biggest story of the day your birthday. to me. but i'm going to tell everybody. everything
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all right thanks guys. happy birthday a day everybody heard the good lady that's it but a night show thanks for tuning in make sure they come back tomorrow to read a community which took a stand against so but now they're trying to take a stab at writing their own legislation in the talk to read it co-founder alexis ohanian about the free internet act in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the law michelle you follow us on facebook twitter and on you tube if it's a big if you miss can take a thought here when you see that comp slash they want to show and coming up next is the me. wealthy british soil the sun. times by.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. world with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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. cancelled will never approve bombing syria i guarantee it russia's foreign minister rules out use of force against syria to settle the crisis there. never insisted returning assad regime was a condition that. the syrian opposition has rejected a chance for talks with the country's president instead threatening the assad family with a brutal and bloody ended live reaction in syria. plans to expand the u.s. military presence in asia pacific threaten to backfire in the philippines and some in china call for sanctions against the nation to station more american troops.
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and this is first exposed as dipping divisions within the union despite most members agreeing to physical restrictions that critics say is an affront to sovereignty and democracy top stories this hour. international news and comment live from moscow this is a fierce battle is unfolding at the u.n. security council where discussion is underway on a new resolution on syria western and arab diplomats and launching a major offensive to overcome russia's strong opposition to a text calling for president assad to go it also doesn't rule out the use of foreign force of port is monitoring developments in new york. the reality is that russia has maintained a position on syria in which it believes that both sides of the conflict need to
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come together in a dialogue and russia has said that it will not support any use of force into syria on syria now according to the arab european draft resolution that's now being presented to the un security council it calls for a syrian president bashar al assad to step aside hand over his powers to his deputy while and national unity government is formed but most of it in at the end of this war page resolution is is a paragraph that says that the security council can decide to review syria's implementation of the resolution within fifteen days and if the event in the event syria has not complied the security council adopt further measures we need to stress that that is words that can be interpreted in various different ways and that is something that russia china and other member members of the security council are very much against they don't want to see what happened in libya
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happened in syria the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says that russia has not and will never subscribe to a campaign of organizing or overthrowing governments of other countries when you go there. we never said retaining bashar al assad in power is a condition for crisis something that we should something different it's not a part of russia's foreign policy to ask the leaders to step down regime change is not. the decision must be solely syrian only syrians groups of syrians must gather at the negotiating table and hammer on to deal with if the demand is for him to go and he doesn't then what's next we're calling the air force bombing we've seen that already and the security council will never approve this i guarantee it. as more details become available on this story we will keep our viewers updated. well the debate on syria at the u.n. most powerful body is shuttle to start at seven pm g.m.t.
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and we'll be bringing you the highlights of the meeting live right here on r.t. syria's opposition have made a chilling pledge to the country's leader they have veld president bashar al assad and his family will be killed like libyan leader colonel gadhafi saying he's lost the chance of a peaceful next it clashes between government forces and rebel fighters a raging on the outskirts of the capital and as a party sarah firth in damascus reports the syrian conflict is beginning to resemble libya mark two. you got a civil conflict on your house is just seeming to ramp up evidence really by the violence has broken out for the past couple of days between the two sides others not being housed by the statement by one of the members of the main opposition body the syrian national council. head said that assad and his family would be killed like gadhafi now certainly does against a few of the fears on both sides really. going to be retaliation and revenge
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attacks coming in the feature and certainly that is a genuine fear amongst the people here you're seeing a very polarized country right now and the dividing lines are really being too on you know here in the united states really in. the form only or against people really that moderate middle ground now is being squeezed all the time and very concerning because the dialogue just seemed to being completely overshadowed by this very very strong aggressive rhetoric this conflict is just getting bloodier and bloody and more removed violent. with the sounds of gunfire and hillary. yells a phrase tests from the streets and the increasingly loud and numerous international opinions britain needs to lead the way in making sure we tighten the sanctions the travel bans the asset freezes on syria can be hard to hit the syrian.
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the syrian case has developed and every side wants to push away the responsibility to another tossing the ball back and forth. in the last few days the situation has become so unstable the finding people willing to talk right now has present difficulties. we've had tanks entering in firing and just enjoy a war we've had six people who've died we travel to the suburbs where some of the clashes have breaking those to try to get a clearer picture of what had been happening here in the last few days where. in one of the suburbs of damascus at the moment now we were traveling to a suburb called in time we thought it was a slightly safer area to visit but we just received a phone call telling us that it's not safe to travel there at the moment the situation is so volatile it goes to show you really that you simply don't know what's going on in these areas even the people who are living in these areas don't really have a full grasp of the situation at the moment we make it into the suburbs job or
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using backwards the opposition that just last week had control of some of these areas has now gone underground so there was a funeral for a resident of died in the file sharing his funeral people and his relatives were voicing slogans and called for freedom someone was shot dead during the funeral and we had to go and hide from the security forces. after it had taken to meet some members of the f.s.a. . begins and some other members joined as well and there's talk turns to people they know just being arrested the meat changes and the atmosphere starts to feel hostile so. such uncertainty right now it seems mistrust is rife. it seems to. have convinced the free syrian army that coming closer to the capital would be simpler now this is harmful to the cause of bringing peace to syria. everyone it seems is no waiting to see what if any outcome will be the un's
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briefing by the arab league having ground to a halt. the whole reconciliation talks is not one to be simply dismissed as many have already done they have do politically they have two political reasons. for feeding the complicated in syria i think they don't want they're not interested in the form nor are they interested in democracy or freedom was the government accepted the invitation received mixed reactions from the opposition. they size of being taken in the past in calling for a syrian solution to a syrian problem that has repeatedly failed to communicate no opportunities to dialogue are running out fast. and with such desperate pleas from many people here the opposing sides continue to make it clear they don't want to listen because the international action is just going to keep getting louder. r.t.
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damascus and to discuss the battle in an over syria with me now is on the risk of an expert on middle east affairs so a diplomatic showdown at the u.n. with western and arab nations trying to persuade russia to back this controversial resolution what do you expect to come out of this meeting. well i think that the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov made it very clear because basically what he was saying in those statements which we heard is that the u.n. security council will not become a body for regime change and now previously what we had seen is that for example during the bush administration military force was being used for the sake of regime change in libya for example we saw in nato now when it comes to syria i don't think you can either see unilateral american military action nor can you see no to action of course when it comes to unilateral military action from the u.s. the u.s. now its military it is overextended the pentagon is decreasing its its budget and
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also we have america focusing more and more on the chinese threat which leaves that less room to focus on on the other big issues for the reason you won't see any u.s. military action and when it comes to libya a repeat of nato military action syria has a lot more different than the libyan case because syria has very important allies most notably iran and here in lower level of the hezbollah and i think that syria's allies have made it very clear that they will not stand aside if the united tries to attack or tries to bring about regime change so the only choice left for the enemies of the syrian the syrian regime is to go to the security council now even the security council it appears that they don't have a lot of hope because of the veto power and the clear russian the stance of course the russian stance was very logical as well because it said that you know a very clearly the security council is not for a change those who decide on changing the regime are the syrian people themselves
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and we saw on the streets of damascus how and how much support bashar assad actually has so i do expect that in the security council the enemies of the syrian leader or the enemies of the syrian leadership also won't be able to achieve their aspirations or to fulfill their aspirations so in the end i think what we are heading towards i think we're heading towards. people taking into consideration into consideration the russian proposal of power sharing with bashar assad staying in power really so you think negotiations are actually possible clearly russia pushing for that very concerned that foreign intervention could lead to more disastrous results there you think that negotiations could happen. yes i do i do think that negotiations could happen because in the end that is the only and think result and i think you also have to realize that this is more of a broader regional package after all what is this whole issue about syria what's it about previously if you recall when obama first came into power for example there
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was a policy of the morning with syria you know communicating communicating with syria and some of america's allies like the french president nicolas sarkozy paid more than one visit to syria the i am then was to decouple syria from the resistance axis and particularly from iran you know by communication by dialogue by incentives when syria made it clear that it would not be decoupled from the resistance actors and from the iranian led axis there now we have this new approach of the in trying to decouple syria by changing its regime by changing its regime in this way so we hope by thing that into consideration i think the solution to syria will come more as part of a broader regional solution for example when the u.s. and iran reach some kind of draw a grand bargain when there was some kind of a agreement reached between the u.s. and iran if that is possible then i think you'll see a whole all in agreement great regarding syria so when we speak about the syrian
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foyle you can speak of it as a separate issue from the ball broader region i think you have to speak about it as an issue related to iran to hezbollah more broader issues ok despite all the pressures in the intentions from foreign countries we are seeing this this rebellion against the regime coming from the syrian people and the opposition and selves are saying they could or they'd like to see that demise or be inflicted on a sad in the way that we saw gadhafi dying now do you think that now we're seeing them surrounding the syrian capital that actually the assad regime really is vulnerable now in this way that we saw gadhafi fall. no no i can't i can see that the syrian regime is not vulnerable now the syrian regime is obviously in order and not in a comfortable was a position yes but you have to remember as well that in the damascus countryside on the outskirts of damascus the army was able to push back the rebels all the other fighters whatever you want to call them so it has achieved success in addition to
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the fact that we have all seen the huge protests which have taken place and damascus. i've been to a lot of very recently one of the cities in syria and also over there what you hear from many people is of shops many other people and what the only one would you hear is how some media some arab media is playing a role of incitement against the regime so when you go into syria you know the situation is a lot different yes there are some alternatives of bashar assad but he still does have considerable popularity and that considerable popularity i think is what will keep power and incidentally what keeps him very yes go ahead just just very briefly i've got a lot of time to just put it in perspective we talked about a lot of pressure from the west and the u.s. but of course we all sing a lot of pressure from arab countries who are pushing for a sad to go out of course insisting the security council gets involved how significant is it that we are seeing those arab countries with that intention. you know they are these arab countries when you speak about these are countries in europe for saudi arabia and qatar i mean these are the main two countries in
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addition to one arab country which is turkey these printers are very much against any iranian what they perceive to be here a nixie expansion or the expansion of shia influence iranian led access and in syria falls within this perspective within this context the saudi behavior or the qatari behavior his convoy to put a stop to the through what they perceive to be expansionist policies we all know that the saudi regime really really views issues in a sectarian manner and so the war it's waging against syria believe that it perceives it to be part of the war which is that which it's waging against iran and incidentally on the issue which you just mentioned i have heard information that some arab countries in the persian gulf are paying a sum of one hundred fifty million dollars per week to the syrian fighters for those who are of this year regime which tells you to what extent they're willing to go but i think that there are basically i like fortunately is based on sectarianism
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and anti iranian policy or approach interesting thoughts i thank you very much for joining us live here on r.t. on the risk an expert on middle east affairs. a u.s. plan to increase its military presence in the philippines is causing uproar china's state run daily said manila should be made to pay for creating tension and endangering regional security america will also boost its presence in the asia pacific region by putting more of its forces in australia and singapore a strategy seemingly aimed at constraining beijing's growing power. at the international level the philippines know that the u.s. is stepping misty return to asia refocusing its military and security deployment in the middle east in asia pacific targeting china in iran as the primary security concerns now at the regional level the philippines also see that the recent changes in the regional politics particularly in taiwan where mr martin to and to call mr
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asian was successful we were elected there means beijing and taipei would have more stable relationship expression in terms of economic integration across the strait in the coming years and the footprints knows that the u.s. would need a more reliable ally in the asia pacific region so the philippines is reeling to learn it has to be are broken for the kind of particular security concern the us is having in the asia pacific region i have. tremendous pressure from the pm within china asking and urging the chinese government to top up for a tough position towards the philippines however i think the chinese government should be a bit more careful about these internal demand so i think the philippines is all doing that to try to get the best interest from from this china and us relations r.t. .


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