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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 4:00pm-4:29pm EST

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at the u.n. security council. president .
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the u.n. security council is meeting in new york to discuss a draft resolution on syria there's major division with western and arab nations wanting president to go. outside force to settle the crisis. she's following the talks in. the u.n. security council meeting. so far bill we have heard members that some members of the arab league speaking to the security council on their plan for syria specifically it was the secretary general of the arab league and the prime minister
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of qatar that in the i dress the international body indicating that they say they tried very hard to decide to solve the problem in syria before the issue before the security council but they underscored the fact that they are calling for a ceasefire from both sides that are in a conflict that's one month but that's waging in syria and they're calling for national dialogue those that just the security council specifically the prime minister of qatar said that this plan does not call for any foreign intervention the arab league does not want to. carry intervention into syria instead they say this is a syrian crisis doubt will be approached in the in the context of the arab of the here's a little bit of what the prime minister of this hall had to say. we're going to the program calling for military intervention. if you can immigration that will bring
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the syrian regime to understand that you can do it would be to the demands on its people of the regime change because it's a matter that with good people should you say to them. you know bill it's very interesting to note the fact that the draft resolution on syria was drafted by the europeans and the arab league does say that the security council to adopt further measures if syria does not comply with its with what is being asked fifteen days after a resolution or to be adopted now what's most important to note in this draft resolution is that it does call for c.m. president bashar al assad to step aside to. hand over his power to his deputy while a unity transitional government is formed interesting to note the fact that what we've heard mentioned from the prime minister of qatar is something that russia has
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been advocating for months russia has been calling for i national dialogue for both sides in syria to come together and talk about the conflict but we do know that u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is as united nations as are her british and french counterparts clearly you see a western kind of force opposition force moving forward trying to push for this resolution to be adopted within the security council and russia has said that you will not subscribe to any kind of campaign that organizes governments of other countries here's a little bit about what the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said he's going to do. we never said retaining bashar al assad in power is a condition for crisis sentiment we should something different with it it's not a part of russians or a policy to ask the leaders to step. change is not our job the decision must be
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solely syria only series of groups and syrians must got to do so using tables list and hammer out a deal if the demand is for him to go and he doesn't know what's next to call in the air force. we've seen of already on the security council will never approve this i guarantee you it would be foolish to move now the main sticking points here what it comes down to what's dividing the security council is that you have one side western countries pushing for for bashar al assad to step down and you have another side russia china india just to name a few that do not support military intervention into syria they believe this is a problem that needs to be solved within syria because syria is a sovereign states how this will and how we will. but it's being reported that this draft resolution will vote. according to what we just heard from foreign minister sergei lavrov russia will not already. thanks very much indeed for that update from
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new york that's more important to discuss the ongoing talks i'm joined a little later with some analysis from the u.s. understand our guest isn't quite ready to talk to us at this stage but hopefully we'll get some live analysis on the current developments there in the u.n. and then later here in the meantime syria's opposition have made a chilling pledge to the country's leader they have found that president bashar al assad and his family will be killed like the libyan leader colonel gadhafi clashes between government forces and rebel fighters on the outskirts of the capital and as damascus reports the syrian conflict is beginning to resemble libya. we've got a civil conflict on your houses just seeming to ramp up evidence today by the violence has broken out for the past couple of days between the two sides now that's not being housed by the statement by one of the members of the main opposition body the syrian national council the mother head said that assad and his
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family would be killed like gadhafi now certainly does against a few of the says on both sides really there's going to be retaliation and revenge attacks coming in this teacher and certainly that is a genuine fear amongst the people here you're seeing a very polarized country right now and the dividing lines are really being too on you know here in the neighborhood has really inflamed you either for only or against people really that moderate middle ground now is being squeezed all the time and very concerning because the dialogue just seemed to being completely overshadowed by this very very strong aggressive rhetoric this conflict is just getting bloodier bloody and more and more violent. with the sounds of gunfire and. oh yeah it was a phrase tests from the streets and the increasingly loud international opinion
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britain needs to lead the way in making sure we tighten the sanctions the travel bans the asset freezes on syria because the syrian. the syrian case has developed as every side wants to push away the responsibility to another tossing the ball back and forth in the last few days the situation has become so unstable that finding people willing to talk right now is present just a close up of we've had tanks entering in firing and just in job or we've had six people who've died we travel to the suburbs where some of the clashes have breaking out to try to get a clearer picture of what had been happening here in the last few days which. in one of the damascus at the moment now we were traveling. we thought it was a slightly safer area to visit but we just received a phone call telling us that it's not safe to travel. with the situation so volatile it goes to show you really. don't know what's going on in these areas even
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the people who are living in these areas don't really have full grasp of the situation. we make it into the suburbs using that the opposition that just last week had control of some of these areas has now gone underground. and there was a funeral for a resident of died in the file during his funeral people and his relatives were voicing slogans and called for freedom so someone was shot dead during the funeral and we had to go and hide from the security forces of. us who were taken to the f.s.a. . as well as to people they know just being arrested changes in the atmosphere starts to fill say with such uncertainty right now it seems mistrust is rife. it seems. convinced the free syrian army just coming closer to the capital would be simpler no this is
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harmful to the cause of bringing peace to syria. everyone waiting. any outcome will be at the un's briefing by the arab league having to hold. the whole reconciliation till it's not one to be simply dismissed as many have already done they have do political aims they have two political reasons for. the conflict in syria i think they don't want they're not interested in due form and nor are they interested in democracy or freedom was the government accepted the invitation received mixed reactions from the opposition. they cite they call in the past including first syrian solution to the syrian problem repeatedly failed to communicate the work that she did it is running out fast. and with such desperate pleas from many people here the appraising sides continue
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to make it clear they don't want to listen the cool stay in stash election just to keep getting. their. unemployment in the eurozone has hit over ten percent the highest ever since the birth of the single currency figures released show around sixteen the half million people out of work in the seventeen states a day after an e.u. summit in brussels pledged eighty billion euros to create more jobs over felt the author of the end of the euro believes it's not enough. eighty billion euros zero point seven percent of the e.u. g.d.p. so this is really not very much when you want to improve growth job creation possibilities it is more a question of each of the member countries i just think its policies accordingly and then we are talking about tax reform regulatory reform we're also talking about much more flexibility that is needed in the labor market so it's one thing to have
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as an object the growth and more jobs it's quite another thing to come to the policies and again these are first of all measure of policies that need to be addressed in order to come to some real result in terms of growth and jobs occupy protesters have stood up to the authorities in washington d.c. refusing to remove their camps from two parks despite threats of police action activists they were still preparing to resist with officers standing at the ready nearby result wall explains occupiers remain united in their beliefs. so we are here ad macpherson square where protesters have been occupying the park since october throughout the demonstration about one hundred ten have been pitched here the national park service has repeatedly slapped these notices on tents here macpherson square informing protesters that they can no longer camp out here that means they have to get rid of sleeping bags and any other material which allows
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them to live here protesters are responding by painting that symbol on the notice which demonstrates the fact that they do not agree with this mandate there tends can stay about their doors must remain open moving no one is living in it you know it is warns protesters that violate the rule are subject to arrest and it's basically a symbol of opposition. to. you is what everything this movie is opposing right now and so i think the tents are really important part of occupy but police presence was sparse with no reported arrests they stand mostly on the sidelines refusing to answer questions from the media or with what but occupiers made their message loud and clear they are not giving up the fight here as you can see protesters have erected a massive shadow of the statue here at macpherson park it's all in demonstrations of the anticipated a vixen by far cry if this is our tents and dreams we want to be able to sleep here
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so we can dream of a better world where everyone has access to health care education and housing and where the rich and corporations banks no longer have control over political system the federal government and the political leaders and wall street were all tone deaf they could not hear this so the occupy movement has offered them a hearing aid and they're getting our message loud and clear now the purpose of this was to unite us in this space so if they want to arrest one of us after arrest all of us or none of us and washington. don't forget we've also got the world coming for you on our website. all the time here's what's there at the moment no idea. all the money can't have them the same bank accounts and stored in. two billion u.s.
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dollars just disappeared into thin air. the whistleblower in springfield. makes it to the small screen in the five hundredth episode. on our website. just ten fifteen minutes in the russian capital let's have a quick look now at some other world news in brief in the world update thousands of egyptians are flooded the streets in protest of the. election. demonstrators dissolution of the military council which inherited absolute deposed president hosni mubarak is the most parties are expected to win majority control of the upper house of parliament and already hold the majority of seats in the house. the search
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for the remaining fifteen passengers still missing from the stricken costa concordia cruise ship has been called off ten in the fischel say the effort was too dangerous for rescue workers to search it already been suspended several times due to poor weather and choppy water seventeen bodies have been recovered from the since it run aground off the. gearing up for war but for some preparations according to all corners of the nation's defenses result reports many fear the measures will pose serious risks. spectators may know who they're watching at the olympics but they won't know who's watching them surveillance drones like this could be circling the skies of london this summer police may use the spy cameras in their lympics anti terror tactics it'll leave no hiding place the drones can make out a car's number plate from heights of up to one kilometer privacy campaigners fear
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is the start of a slippery slope i think our salute tragedy for britain the largest part of the olympic legacy was a surveillance legacy we installed a sequence in the name of national security and then when that picture over we keep using it a spy in the skies been piloted before in britain by four police forces but never took off after one crashed into a river and the u.k. aviation authority failed to grant the necessary license that's the only legal requirement before this sort of surveillance becomes a reality at the olympics a minor hurdle for what's already britain's biggest peace time security operation total cost over one point six billion dollars it is worrying that the security bill has increased so drastically from initial estimates one of the reasons being given for this is so heightened risk of terrorism which seems incredible as an excuse at
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a time when the original estimates were made around the time of the london bombings when london was considered to be a very high risk give you an idea of the numbers take the olympic stadium capacity eighty thousand ground security at the games is enough to fill sixty percent of that inside the venue will be over twenty three thousand security guards along with seven and a half thousand military personnel and then outside a further six thousand troops along with twelve thousand police total just shy of fifty thousand but that still couldn't stop two fake bombs being sneaked in under the radar at the stadiums. not exactly great value for money london organizers have tried to play down. but with. operation planned the limb pick legacy of international friendship may not be the one that.
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london. stories with is only just a few minutes away from. the year's first. today we're joined by martin and he's an m.e.p. from the u.k.
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conservative party and he's also the new head of the european conservatives and a reformist group at the european parliament thanks very much obvious or callan for joining us today the first question is the e.u. has now imposed a block wide oil embargo on iran is this part of president and sanctions on the country over its controversial nuclear program i want a joint statement british prime minister david cameron along with french president nicolas sarkozy and german chancellor angela merkel had said that quote our message is clear we have no quarrel with the iranian people but the iranian leadership has failed to restore international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear program now at what cost to the european union is this message being delivered clearly there is going to be an economic cost because you have agreed that we are not going to buy any more oil from iran a number of member states do have. reasonable reason to be considerable purchases from them so they would have to stop buying oil from iran but i think you know the
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overall goal is what you know we have come together twenty seven nations and we are saying to the iranians you know you know we really must get some assurances on the nuclear program it's unacceptable to the rest of the world for iran to acquire nuclear weapons but i will factor will these sanctions be right now you see india still buying oil from iran with gold and you have china that could possibly just step in and buy the oil that the u.s. and the e.u. don't want so how effective really will these sanctions be but i hope countries like india which of course. functioning democracies as well i'm sure other diplomatic pressure being applied to that too to maybe get them on board with the with the regime as well you know we we have to be united as a world to say to iran this is unacceptable you will not be permitted to develop nuclear weapons. we will leave no stone to terms of pursuing this policy let's talk about. the to this question has been long enough even at the recent press
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conference of the the i.m.f. the journalists were trying to get a straight answer of whether or not greece will default or exit from the euro so what do you think will there be a greece default or a euro exit i can give you my opinion about how i think they will default you know effectively. the loss that's being imposed on the bondholders at the moment many could argue that that's effectively a default anyway. maybe your question is. will it be an uncontrolled credit event of this no. we don't know but what is clear to me is the current debt. is unsustainable. in my view that depth will have to be reduced considerably one way of doing it would be for them to default leave the euro i did my view that it's probably the most effective way of doing that and at the same time helping to save the rest of the eurozone well there are still some people who would argue that there are other solutions to this crisis one of which would be the issuance euro
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bonds and other would be the further of funding mechanisms vailable for countries that need them with germany contributing more and germany has said no to all of these suggestions and some would say that this behavior from germany is akin to bullying what do you think considerable sympathy for the germans in this i would if i was a german politician i wouldn't concede on europe. you know i don't see how. it's a solution to a debt crisis you know we need to be getting to finding new ways of issuing new debt all of the time. you know this look at the fundamental democratic aspect of it you know what support will it be from german taxpayers to perceive the greeks having greater levels of public expenditure having better social benefits having early retirement rates. will be in germany for german taxpayers to pay greece to do this is the fundamental problem with the eurozone. never resolved the creation of
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it so i have considerable sympathy for germany in this and i hope they will also continue to resist as well so the december. of course produced a goal to create a compact where does that. leaders have been consistently talking. meetings to push this forward are you now optimistic about the future of having. just left asking myself what is the point of this you know what what's it going to achieve going to solve eurozone crisis at the moment that might prevent the next crisis five years down the right if countries are persuaded to rein in rowing. and run a lower fiscal deficit but you know this is going to take eighteen months possibly two years to be implemented by the time it's been ratified. all the national parliaments of countries that used to sign up to it so this idea there is going to provide a magic solution to a crisis that could explode in the next month or two is fanciful it's not going to happen this is not going to solve the current crisis and what worries me about the
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whole thing is that it's distracting attention from the very real things that need to be done to solve the current crisis and we're engaging in this institution of navel gazing of rewriting treaties and agreeing a new pact. instead of addressing the fundamental problem which is there's too much debt in europe and there is a competitiveness crisis in europe none of these issues are being addressed by this fiscal pact so i don't think it work and i think it's essentially pointless so they're the new had a european a conservative. european parliament you said that the agenda is striking a chord with the european people what is this. i think it's a realistic acceptance of the limits of european integration you know there's a lot of people are very keen to. make you know. hyperbole and statements. about european integration in the course of european unity etc you know you're seeing with the eurozone crisis philip. it's to that that we can make all
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the grand statements we like when it comes to putting. that out pocket to. maybe some european electorate that not so keen on it i was seeing the limits of national sovereignty being being exceeded in many areas the importance of sticking to the fundamental national democratic principle which is the basic building block of the european union. thanks very much for sharing your views on the program. were shot four times in total. three of the boys are still at large bodies. people should be allowed to defend themselves. by these people are now.
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basically military police. to shoot. i'm sorry if you know that the bullet comes out here and this makes it go bang and if what's in here is going to. that's all the training you really really need raise your hand. like a little while one of. the streets. hopefully we will never use the weapons for self-defense so we should be paying the full class including the teacher at. seventeen students. and one of the. wealthy british.
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really happening to the global economy. headlines. are reports. of protection. between. fifty. billion dollars. for.
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the. technology innovation. development from russia. the official. from the. video. and. the palm of your. question. the mission. cretaceous three. three. three three. three.


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