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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2012 1:48am-2:18am EST

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the second leg of their tie with valencia after a one one draw with them a star on wednesday twenty four hours previously i thought to build out the first adelaide over mandates meanwhile russia striker roman pavlyuchenko has to finalise his move to look at motif moscow from tottenham later on thursday for a fee thought to be around thirteen million dollars public says the move back to russia was driven by his desire to play regular first team football. to some sad news from the world of boxing legendary coach angelo dunn day has died at the age of ninety he was best known for working with ali and helping him become the world on a limb pick champion the quarter man also worked with fifteen other world champions including sugar ray leonard and george foreman for his outstanding work done day was included in the international boxing hall of fame in one thousand nine hundred . moving to tennis and maria sharapova has held her first training session in moscow ahead of this weekend's fed cup quarter final with spain the twenty four year old has only have a plate in three fed cup matches but after
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a couple of injury plagued years the world number three reached the australian open final last week and sharapova told richard run poorly she's hoping to continue her good early season form by helping russia which the fed cup semi. it's always great to be in the finals of a grand slam that's why you know always want to be down to the us too and you know for me to be able to come to moscow in a few days obviously it's a tough transition going from the heat to the cold but it's like that for everyone and you know i think we just have to make the quick adjustments but i'm happy that we have a home match a set of away and then i can actually be in my own country and that sort of last time you played for a cup of russia. because you know last year you know it's it's a team effort and i think that's really how it happened and i didn't have a good first day and then the next day you know the whole team kind of raise their level and one zero two so it's just it's such a different environment than what we're used to whereas when you lose a match and then you kind of out in a loser not you still have
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a chance and that's what makes it so special here do you feel more confident because i mean you getting to be crowned some foreigner. but helping to put what happened in two thousand and one two thousand and eight behind you and just moving forward even that you want to get into hurdle going to work to get to the stage of being in a final it's great for me to have. an opening where i haven't been in the second week of a grand slam is a really good achievement for me and you know to be number three in the world is great as well as one final question obviously a huge year for you with the ground so i'm trying to get another grand slam title. i mean this is part of a region where you're playing pick up trying to get in the league because. i mean to you for the olympics has meant so much for me since i was a young kid that was really what we always looked forward to and one day in tennis when i was young wasn't that big and it was always all the winter sports that i watched and i hope that one day i would be an olympian so you know i missed it in beijing with the shoulder surgery and this year looking forward to going to fix everything which i'm. in basketball's era league's top sixteen unix have claimed
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their third successive win with a home victory over italian side a seven the host took the bull by the horns right from the start winning the earning quarter twenty twelve minutes continued to press in the second increase in their advantage to sixteen points by halftime henry drama can top scored for unix with sixteen including this two pointer to make it forty two twenty two midway through the third period because then took their foot off the gas but firmly held on to their lead fifty nine forty four the final school there. in the meantime a group course registered their first win of the top sixteen the greeks beat on a dual fs of turkey at home eighty three sixty five. top scored for the hosts with eighteen points. staying with basketball and in the n.b.a. indiana have beaten minnesota on the road where the pacers scored more than one hundred points for only the second time this season it was
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a pretty close affair during the first two quarters though the visitors would start pulling away late in the third danny granger top scored with thirty six points including this three pointer to make it sixty fifty two in favor of the paces. granger was then involved in an all to cation with kevin love of the referees and managed to calm the players and avoid a massive brawl. granger also shined in the final period adding several crucial points as indiana ran our winners one hundred nine points to ninety nine. to women's figure skating where russia has never claimed a single olympic gold medal however with two years to go until the sochi winter games there's plenty of hope that that run will soon end down un has been to meet one of the most promising young russians in the sport. of. the single this is the only. big gold medal. eluded such
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a big figure skating nation like russia. is one of the few overing major hope and dissipated ladies graham in the sport first of all in sochi twenty fourteen at the age of fifteen so to go has already claimed the russian domestic title three times having also won the world junior championships in twenty eleven release she has already proved a strong will to win she's a fighter and this is something you cannot teach that's given by god she's one of those who can compete and can achieve top results now it's a fact that will be doing years of bradley wish i was for it when my mom took me to skating skill nearby just to test my capability for skating with professional coaches all the kids around started crying when they fell down but i suit up and kept moving forward step by step and the coaches looked at my mother and said with
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strongly recommend that you make her continue and that's how i started figure skating was. according to the international skating union is rankings so nicole is currently the world's number seventeen but has plenty of time to fine tune her skills with her coach five ten years to search him down million of a there is a what. have you seen that's come on you should have completed that element every single till and is destined to face tough competition absent downs at the first ever youth winter olympics in is work but in general so it nigga was edged out by her teammate another russian hopeful elizabeth at the mission to get on the line and be at the russian championships in innsbruck the outcome was opposite they always get compared to each other they compete against each other and that's ok it's just like they've been inclusion. in rivalry which only gave a boost. two russian men's figure skating ask the girls only time will tell who's
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better they're both still growing because we have a good relationship i would say we're friends ever usually picks in innsbruck bullet together in the same apartment but when it comes to the ice rink it gets tough which is do battle for survival there is still a lot to be done for adelina sotnikova to fulfill her huge potential but one thing has always been there in her mind. mentality you know actually i can see chances and i always take the risks of doing things which are difficult for me sometimes i mean i don't do well during warm up and my coach tells me to leave some complicated elements out of my program but i always dare to do them i think to myself i'm strong i'm stupid i can delete. this what nobody can teach and so to go or has it. that they're feeling and i think.
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and finally with just one hundred twenty seven days left until the start of year zero twenty twelve excitement is growing across the host countries the ukrainian city of chad cassy which isn't even hosting any games has dedicated its ice festival to the tournament which takes place in ukraine and poland this summer that featured several sculptures including famous footballing trophies as football favor sweeps across the country. this is a gathering there goes on every year they stand it's related to euro twenty twelve the fame is for the caps heroes and everything related to the upcoming tournaments . excitement certainly is growing that's all the sport for now i'll have more for you in a couple of hours time join me that. it
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is heated he says if you.
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russia refuses to back the latest u.n. draft resolution on syria unless it's a managed to clarify to clearly rule out military intervention and an arms embargo on damascus. german chancellor angela merkel arrives in china hoping to secure the border from its wanted to give an army partner in times of crisis and get the genome board the western policy on iran. plus as the international community calls on israel to stop building homes on occupied lands palestinians who live there are trying to stop what they call terrorism at the hands of israeli settlers . the russian mafia opens up today's trading session in the black following on
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from games made in the u.s. europe and asia details of big is in the business bullets and in about twenty minutes time. it is eleven am in the russian capital you're watching r.t.l. marina josh welcome to the program russia says it will veto the latest u.n. security council resolution on syria unless the draft is changed while moscow admits progress has been made it's yet to see a text that explicitly rules out military intervention russia is also reluctant to stop selling equipment to damascus saying that would leave syria at the mercy of unrecognized rebel forces armed with weapons smuggled from abroad i guess is you're going to has more. russia says it won't accept even a hint of an embargo on arms embargo when it comes to syria and its reasoning for
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this is pretty simple it says firstly that the weapons and arms are that russia provides to syria cannot be used against demonstrators thus don't influence anything that goes on inside syria and when it comes to this conflict now secondly russia says that it is only following its legal obligations it's following its international contracts with syria and it's not breaching any international laws at all and most importantly it says that the lessons of libya need to be large because when an arms embargo was put in place on libya what ended up happening was government forces were embargoed but the opposition groups continued to receive openly arms from abroad and this is something that they don't want to see in syria and russia says it's time for the west to stop pretending like armed groups don't exist over there. it would seem logical if there is a conflict let's not supply arms because we saw what happened in libya in an imperfect world this would have been the following no weapons with the government the opposition point is could get them from anywhere that's what that would mean
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especially now our security council colleagues refuse even to admit the prisons of groups they will not condemn them. being supplied with weapons and we will bring hullo contracts and longstanding relations with syria but they will start supplying even more to the opposition groups they did in libya. there's no sign of a break in deadlock just yet the arab and western backed regime change resolution calls for the. syrian president to step down if this does not happen within fifteen days further measures could take place and russia says no thanks we've seen this similar scenario in libya and this particular case moscow says what's important is for talks for syria to exercise its sovereignty for the opposition and the government to sit down together moscow has offered russia as the central. stage for these negotiations but it's important to say that russia still believes that a consensus can be found within the united nations security council it says that
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raw resolutions that are dangerous should not be put on the table that can split the council and really aggravate any sort of conflict and it continues to call for the importance of arab observers to are remain working on the ground as if you're going to reporting there and the u.s. as well as its european and arab allies are committed to pushing president assad out of power but political analyst benjamin barber says forcing regime change is a bad idea that's already plunged other arab countries into turmoil the case of libya the case of yemen and a number of other countries egypt also suggest that you have to be careful what you wish for the west is rather uncritical the recent insurgency is a good thing only to find that insurgency often means. fractionalization splintering various groups up against one another and the triumph over time of forces that are no more welcome to the west than the one for the displaced in libya
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we see a country that is unable to create any kind of we'll see where militias are fighting one another where recently. towns like bond while he's back in the hands of gadhafi forces and the danger of libya looks like some all of that with live on militias in crimes of war so nobody i think did what will happen if assad is overthrown were killed or steps down and no one really knows what the outcome is likely to be as the west is hoping it will be less supportive of hezbollah less supportive of iran and less support of abbas and that could be the case but no one really knows what it's going to look like so the fact is would you support insurgencies you're basically taking a very difficult bet on uncertainty. the armed wing of the opposition the free syrian army claims to have tens of thousands of officers fighting to bring down president but leading british journalist maddy ya son suspects the numbers are
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being exaggerated to provoke foreign intervention watch the full interview in just over an hour's time. there's a huge debate about the f.s.a. and how much first of all how many defections are going on because they claim to be getting dozens and dozens of defective every day every week from the start so we. had to get over the political the fearful regime apologists to say well it's a pity for their exaggerate their story in order to get the quote western division if you look at the history. of the terror you'll see there's an equivalent to the effort for the ground whether in libya which you go about to kosovo the k.l.a. which also said you know give us the go give us the support and we'll do the fighting and it is you know i've got to start you have the northern alone so that actually turns out that these groups tend not to have as much indigenous as they claim to be as much military strength as they claim. leaders from europe's biggest economy and asians are due to meet was germany
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seeking china's support for the euro zone and on e.u. foreign policy goals in the middle east this will be angela merkel's fifth visit to china an important strategic economic partner for germany she is to hold talks with the chinese president hu jintao and premier wen jiabao and try to woo them for investment in the ailing europe also on the agenda marco hopes to try and change china's stance on syria and iran professor simon chan of the chinese university of hong kong believes that china needs an ally to counter u.s. dominance. i think actually there are fewer reasons of archery at first to a lot of the china to assist in the euro debt rises but that's not the only reason you know is cooperating with the states to sanction iran and that is the live the german chancellor that wish to. the chinese that it should not make use of this of a surety to increase the oil imports from here and so that's the second agenda but
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then the only chunk out of germany as to are convinced china should not work well with iran in exchange of germans foreign affairs support and china's than is some. support when it's dealing with the united states and there's a sense in china that there's an and subcommands of china by the united states right now and that's to really engines of the united states in asia pacific so our china needs some balancing at. one of the many important matters that china wish to engage is over and so. well you know log on to our website r.t. dot com to give us your opinion on the possible results of chancellor merkel's visit to china. so far forty one percent saying the visit will help germany access new markets third of voters believe beijing will extend a helping hand to weaken europe sixteen percent say that china will move closer to that western position on iran and a minority believe it lou and with china's support for influencing the council
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resolution on syria so had to r.t. dot com to cast your vote. so i had for this our candidates versus their critics. with me who is the president of. you know i don't know if you know by now why the carroll's comments of u.s. politicians could be costing america credibility on the international stage. you had inspectors say they'll return to iran again later this month in further attempts to verify the peaceful nature opterons nuclear program i officially held three days of talks in the islamic state this week stressing that iran is committed to resolving the atomic dispute western sanctions against the country have recently been stepped up and that fears iran is developing atomic weapons despite hopeful feedback from the u.n. a group of american lawmakers want washington to bully iran into submission the top military official in the u.s. ally israel also says all possible means should be used to disrupt iran's nuclear
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program and best of journalist robert perry things the drums are beating for regime change. there's been almost a consensus not just in the united states in the intelligence community but even some degree in israel that the iranians have not made the decision to move ahead to build a nuclear weapon obviously there's belief that they are developing expertise that can be used in the future for such a decision if they were to make one so. if iran is sincere about its lack of interest in a new. weapon and if the west is willing to show some more flexibility in terms of how they're willing to negotiate on this i think there could be some resolution many people in the west do want regime change in iran they would like to see the removal of this islamic republic there's been a lot of propaganda in the west against iran but i do think that there is this there is an opportunity here for. for rand to make to achieve some openings but
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that may not be enough to satisfy many of its critics who would like to see real change in government and we have more news on iraq at our website our get out the power all the petrodollar who profits most probably going to have sanctions on iran and what a bad is likely to follow get the expert opinion firsthand and. also online fighting racism with digital tools to learn how an international happiness group has dealt a blow to american and british white supremacist. plots. the appetite for contemporary art grows as meeting houses an ounce rising profits from sales being the most lucrative.
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the close up team has been to the whole bar of screeching for the country's little wealth starts its way across the ocean. now our team goes to the area. was named after lenin but looking to a different character to represent itself. the local businesses are striving to build the aviation capital of russia. for the four by fours are made and can be tested to the limit. welcome to the greater. russia close up.
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the wonders of us politicians have and spier jokes and parodies for decades as a campaign for the twenty twelve election heats up candidates mistakes are in the
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limelight once again but their critics are laughing as marina for now reports some believe the comments made show nothing more than ignorance and disregard for world affairs. every four years america's top job is up for grabs. with each new election comes a new batch of candidates with compromising foreign policy. credentials when they ask me who is the president of you beki beki beki beki stands i'm going to say you know i don't know do you know i'm afraid that it's a very hard struggle particularly given the situation on the iraq pakistan border you can actually see why russia from land here in alaska africa was a country on the brink on the brink of complete meltdown and chaos geographically illiterate us candidates have supplied comedians with endless material but all jokes aside some presidential hopefuls vying to lead the world's most powerful armed forces know very little about america's military interventions do you agree
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with president obama libya or. libya. forming a cohesive sentence on geopolitics can be a struggle i do not agree with the way he is for reasons. you know that's that's a different one differentiating between friends and enemies is also a challenge obviously got to stand with our north korean allies in the case of republican candidate mitt romney mixing up presidents and prime ministers can be coming i think that president bush represents a real threat to the. stability and peace of the world the overarching ignorance on international affairs has caused american political commentator bill maher to conclude i think anybody could be president in this dumb down tree ok sort of like
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at this point now where i think if you're gonna be it when you register to be a candidate you also have to go take a test about foreign affairs and if you fail the test we might get you one chance to take it again and then i'm saying sorry go run you know for city council in your little town in alaska if a country with the world's highest national g.d.p. is being represented by politicians with a deficit on international affairs the biggest consequence is likely to be america's credibility around the world and even who we target and let me finish with this i just get lost in a blizzard of words there this is where it gets really dangerous for united states of america it's like wait a minute how could they possibly be right about terrorism how could they be right about north korea are going to be right about iran so-called nuclear program when their candidate doesn't even know that there's a north and south korea i think the us is why and so then the world has this very paranoid view of the united states because of the candidates not understanding
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basic facts or understanding basic principles of international law which unequivocally prohibit torture and if i were president. i would be willing to use waterboarding i think it was very effective you may think the consistent streak of foreign policy blunders made by a us presidential hopefuls is quite humorous but it could also be considered a national tragedy if most candidates campaigning to be leader of the so-called free world simply don't know enough about the world outside of america's borders. r.t. new york and world news in brief you know at least seventy four people have been killed and over one thousand injured in clashes between rival football fans in egypt the violence happened in the city of port saying that after an upset victory by the home team over egypt top club the fans stormed onto the field after.


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