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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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on the ground that have fallen in the last few days almost it's really hard to determine what's really going on on the ground there because of safety issues to reach the place and confirm the definite numbers of people. according to that's what according to activists saying that the syrian military has basically. bombed some parts of the city government completely refuted any type of involvement that they have actually. shelled its own people in the city of almost a limit on the terrorist groups that have been taking active role in the city they are spread all over the place there and causing many casualties the government also has issued many statements today that the security forces were able to kill
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tens of terrorists that belong to these terrorist groups that they also believe that are being backed by foreign foreign influence on the ground. russia's prime minister vladimir putin has cautioned against outside forceful intervention in the syrian conflict and warned there was a risk of behaving like a bull in the china shop moscow also calls on will pose to use their political clout to put pressure on both the syrian government and the opposition to lay down their arms and engage in talks and even going to cause more. in light of the ongoing to. the situation in syria russian prime minister said that syrians must be allowed to sell the situation in their country on the their own question prime minister speaking during a meeting with the religious leaders have a warning against any possible us foreign it military involvement in the country among them we certainly condemn all violence wherever it comes from however one
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cannot act as a bull in a china shop people must be allowed to decide their own future and we should help them totally give advice possibly help some restraints to the use of weapons and so on but under no circumstances must we intervene. russian prime minister has also reminded of the situation in libya where following the nato led invasion the situation continues to remain quite unstable fascistic in practical steps in trying to solve the situation in syria on tuesday russian foreign minister said it's. part of the russian delegation to damascus met with the syrian president bashar asad coming out of those talks with russia's foreign minister said the syrian president is ready to said down for a dialogue with the opposition senior member of the opposition syrian national council a welcome dr his role as a mediator and the peace process russia is calling on international pressure on all
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parties involved in the syrian conflict in order to resolve the situation diplomatically where is western powers that is the u.k. the united states and france are want president asad to step down they want him out of the picture the western countries actually lessen their diplomatic ties with syria by pulling out there on the boys to damascus and to the acid rhetoric is also continuing to come from the united states of the where the where the white house has said that the syrian president. these are numbered and at the same time the pentagon has said that they are looking at ways to support the rebels fighting against the regime of president asad although not militarily for now they say. dr. university in jordan says the opposition does not want to negotiate but that russia and china initiatives might bring the opposing sides in syria to the negotiating
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table. after so many a months of military operations by the rebels in syria at this pretty clear that what we are dealing with here is definitely not a peaceful protest but an armed rebellion supported from abroad we are dealing with western military political and security. and to syria both russia and china have created the butler conditions for the opposition to accept dialogue with the government. helping peace more than anything because at the styling the forum by the opposition that cannot count on the foreign intervention as happened in libya and there are two top of the regime and there are four and five the is creating better conditions for the opposition to come to the negotiating table and in that sense as fostering peace.
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by the way plenty more to be found on that top story syria dot com including an exclusive interview with russia's ambassador to the u.n. tell each other kim which you can watch in full on the web site also. for asking for you all for on the outcome of russia's efforts one rebel the complex situation in syria an online poll log on to altie dot com to have your say because hear from. outraged sweeps britain after the european court of human rights blocked the deportation of abu qatada dubbed as some of bin laden's right hand man in europe is the latest in a string of questionable judgment sort of overall domestic decisions nor smith explains patience with the e.u. is running thin. as still greenland with the queen its currency. parliament
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law was made by someone else this building houses what we in the u.k. call list supremum court but in practice it supremes in name only despite being the highest court in the land when it comes to human rights if you don't like the way your case is going to home you can take his abroad to france and decisions made in strasburg could overrule any may taya the european court of human rights was set up after world war two to avoid the persecution of minorities by the state but now it's been de railed and it was never never anticipated of the second world war after the holocaust off the terrors perpetrated by certain tyrannical governments but the court now would be protecting the criminal and not the victim. delays in control of a sea have dogged the european court in strasburg there's
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a backlog of up to eight years and when cases are decided the judgment so often bizarre in two thousand and ten the court decided to give prisoners the rights to vote petition by john hirst who spent much of his life behind bars after killing his landlady the u.k. is still refusing to implement the ruling it makes me physically ill it would probably mean to give the vote to anyone who is in prison aside it could also cost of the last time that we looked at this the cost of complying with judgments on the european convention of human rights was about two point one billion pounds a year that's three point three billion dollars plus another two point eight billion in assume seated one off costs in other areas an immigration ruling means a convicted nigerian rapist gets to stay in the u.k. because of his right to a family life. and most recently the european court of human rights ruled hate
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preacher abu qatada dubbed bin lardons the right hand man in europe can't be deported back to jordan he's now g to be released on to the streets of britain this is somebody who stands up and publicly. hatred about everything that our democracy is and stands for and yet we can't get rid of him because of the european convention on human rights sitting in strasburg forty seven judges one from each country so far so fair except none of them were elected by the people of the countries they're making law for we've got a system of law and order in this country it's worked for many many years for the seat or the mother of all parliaments why do we need purple brussels to tell us what we can and cannot do the answer is we don't so therefore british law for british people those who aren't calling for the u.k. to pull out of the european convention on human rights all together are demanding
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reforms to stop strides burke making decisions on what should be sovereign issues the court house to be more focused on fundamental civil and political rights not interfering in the daily lives. and in the ministration of the criminal justice system and in the member states of the council of europe without reforms there's a risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater as nations pull out of the human rights court undermining it leaving those in countries with weak a human rights protections entirely vulnerable. r.t. . this is our to live here in moscow still to come this questioning the legality of u.s. drone attacks on pakistani soil. for a strike triggers a fresh concerns just days after a report revealed evidence that dozens of civilians were killed by america's craft . store the country but first egypt says it won't change its stance in the latest
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round with the. u.s. even against threats to would drop military aid nineteen americans are among forty three ngo activists banned from leaving egypt and accused of illegally using foreign funds to fuel on rest in the country washington has already called the scandal a slap in the face and threaten to stop one point three billion dollars of support given to egypt artie's rif an osha reports. egypt's new government crackdown on nigeria's has raised many questions and they may want is why now the groups many which funded by washington have been on the ground here for a while they were at the vanguard of the uprising against the baraka that eventually brought the supreme council of the armed forces to power last february and no one has ever seems to care about their sources of income that is until they don't have to take criticism to the new military leadership blaming skaf for the slow pace of reform some of them are used by the other because.
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they are quoting people who they are working. and they are the ones that evolution they have. won the radicals who live there this is very much a dangerous world there are two girls this is fishy led to prosecutors raiding seventeen offices of advocacy groups forty three activists including americans germans and egyptians are now facing trial for illegally using foreign funds to promote and arrest in the post mubarak country activists however claim they are the victim of scarves reluctance to give up power with dreaming the people about with their brights but the scaf looking for enjoy. some isn't against the regime and old mind the round up of activists has also netted a son and you asked mr taishi secretary ray la hood for the fueling tension between cairo in washington. isn't simply because. of them in a sort of plans for. i don't think that. anything.
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so this is america's military aid to egypt reaches one point three billion dollars annually has been very serious there has been weeks to condemn this car when in the days of blank checks are over or they condemned mubarak tons of times but at the end of the day the continued on flowing that the provide that support also continue flowing when you don't order washington's so-called support for democracy here in the middle east and washington wants to step in always the situation as much as possible in order to guarantee its interests they don't care about democracy meanwhile even those on the streets protesting against car sharing the council's concerns about the engineers motives the usa has had a hand in tips policymaking for years but the whole n.t. and your campaign has become the first serious disagreement between america and the countries your story takes cairo wanted to send washington and message that it's no longer the silent dog it was under mubarak but an independent state which will last
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for the rate of any outside interference some doubts though they really minute the end to military movement growing have a bigger you can see it over there this isn't callous all the armed forces or scaf now running egypt is in a very vulnerable position and this nationalistic pronouncement may just be a nationalist show put on to calm the people down and to win back a shred of credibility. we've. seen cairo. remember we always have more stories news and comment on our website r.t. dot com. install for you right now the story concerning the anonymous group oakland city officials publishes their personal data online in retaliation for what it calls the violent crackdown on occupy protests. also online at the moment caught in a cold snap. winter in recent history with one hundred people dead because of drastically
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subzero temperatures a correspondence account from freezing online for you right now. in a recent report london based independent news agency the bureau of investigative journalism uncovered countless deadly drone strikes carried out by the u.s. in pakistan it also highlighted several quotes from president barack obama claiming the strikes only target terrorists not civilians over the report found hundreds of civilians have in fact been killed by these cia led aerial attacks chris woods who compiled the report long before the legality of using unmanned drones in that way is tested in court. the cia has been saying for some time that it hasn't killed
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a civilian in pakistan since at least two thousand and ten and every news agency. pakistan every credible news organization that's looked at this is finding that that's not the case we know that civilians are being killed pakistan is clearly very unhappy with the strikes there's an interview in a british newspaper today with pakistan's high commissioner to london describing the drone strikes actually in effect extra duty actual execution state sanctioned executions does seem to be an indication that these drone strikes are happening at this point what you know not because of what could start once united states court has ever looked at the legality of these drone strikes and there's a reason for that every time a case has been brought in the united states that has attempted to look at whether these strikes are legal or not be united states is claiming something called state secrets privilege but that's what they say actually this is a covert operation and we can't discuss it really does need to be an accounting and
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an examination by the u.s. courts about the legality of these drone strikes and of various additional legal questions that they raise. about time i suspect it's coming quite close given the pressure in the u.s. right now. that now and other world news in this world update supporters of the move these former president are taking to the streets in the capital to demand his reinstatement demonstrators of see several police stations it comes hours after the new leader called for a unity government to be formed the previous president mohamed nasheed was triggered by a police mutiny and popular protest over his controversial decision to arrest a top charge. people from the debris of a factory in eastern pakistan two days after it collapsed the number killed in the incident currently stands at twenty one but most of the victims women and children the building was reportedly destroyed when several gas in this exploded. actually was set up illegally but continued to operate even though authorities are closed it
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down three times. is largest labor union is in the midst of a nationwide strike shutting down government offices banks and public services radio technicians also took part in the strike leaving only silence on state run airwaves you need is a protest against the use of contract workers who earn significantly less than direct employees officials have called for an end to the strike saying it will cost the economy more than one million dollars each day. i'll be back in the summer of our main news stories for in about ten minutes from now in the meantime it's a special interview for you where we speak with the former israeli ambassador. to discuss the position his country occupies in today's worldwide political stage.
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what there have is radium. who recently resigned from the government on grounds of principle he said he could no longer serve in a government whose policies he did not agree with ambassador thank you very much for joining us here in our team you resigned after more than thirty years of service what was the final score. to greet the stuff of the foreign minister ministry of foreign and the banner for him was who. desires peace needs to be
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careful rule. and i thought that was very telling. of the psyche that. exists behind his political weight and i thought i could not see. a minister with this kind of statement is it a statement supported by the majority of israelis i think we israelis yes we. we grew up. with you that. we need to be on a little. more most israelis live a life that is quite. and you can of the. element here and flying to it in the us or in europe western europe and you will find the israelis quite. easily integrating into society into requirements in place and so on so it's not any more the regimented society of my
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childhood. all the time it's at any given point in time but it is true that israelis are not naive and they believe that we can survive here in the middle east. only if we are ready to fight when you resigned to the same time message to all the staff of the foreign ministry explaining the resignation what was the reaction and what is the general mood like among israeli public servants concerning the policies that will have to differ and i have no illusions some of us were frustrated by my letter. because it is outside of the code of conduct that you just drop out because you don't like the message the messenger has no view over the message that it is because of conduct and it's quite legitimate to think in that way how many messengers agree with the message and how
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many don't in the foreign ministry in my view. large majority don't care there are professionals and whatever message comes for them to deliver they will do . a solid minority ministry that is politically motivated to promote. an. image. rather. hawkish. position government. is pursuing. i think we do also have the lefties leftovers from the past but i think they're a minority your last overseas posting was as ambassador to south africa what's your experience in south africa she seems as far as the christian nation is all is
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concerned. i think that israel is. in a danger zone to slide. by default. into. money for stations of apartheid if we don't take it. and i'm afraid we don't take it and there's going to come pain in the united states as far as israeli policies on iran and palestine does how tight is the west between the united states and israel or is it merely another quarrel i'm surprised to realize how deep the americans care for israel is always comes to have the conversation the political conversation in the us. i also can see how. the aftermath of the war in iraq and enough guns. and the american city of the middle east. could work badly for the image is
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present in the u.s. in the political discourse in the us and in the context of american interests god forbid that the u.s. will be more reluctant. to reach out for israel because our predicament now is a good result of a policy pursued by this kind of government in a way that i think is tragically wrong. that we lean to the american congress a single source of strength in our diplomatic fabric. and that is a very dangerous can is holding my own in the region considering that in the off the map of the arab spring the middle east has become more radicalized i don't think israel is looking for i think israelis looking for. partners.
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of convenience. one is jordan. who survivability in that way before we know it there's a house in my kingdom. so we entertain. a lot of common interests. consumed by its own revolution and as long as it doesn't pose a threat to us i think israel is taking a very careful distance and turkey. it cut the straw figure foreign policy towards one of the emerging powers in the mediterranean ambassador a man by well thank you very much for joining us here on oxen. from
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los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department heads and not enough nurses commandoes that to take care of all the people who are the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my venture is a firefighter i didn't want to be a mask i started out running just to firefighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the far the problem is medical that a rescue couple weeks ago waited four hours for i've waited sometimes three hours i was it's a same francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes staring us all in the face. we have a federal law that mandates that if you can turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued
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the least least. culture is that so much a statement in which of course he was on a committee on a facebook so initial public offering is being called a very big deal and many hope the appeal will lift the entire tech sector but is the. the eat. the lose sleep. just seems to. just so.
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slowly. slowly its technology innovation all the least of melamine still around russia we've dumped those huge earth covered.
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this is r.t. live here in moscow good to have you with us this our top stories now russia insists that an end to the bloodshed in syria will only be found if both the government and opposition forces lay down their arms and talk that's wild west in the gulf come countries keep up regime change rhetoric and recall their ambassadors from damascus. fury in the u.k. is in a tourist terror suspect dubbed al qaeda spiritual leader in europe is bailed and allowed back on to the streets of london after the european court of human rights blocks his deportation. and the first signs of a rift between the u.s. imposed mubarak egypt karo says washington's threats to hold military aid won't change its position on the so-called crackdown on western n.g.o.s. that sit to the
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news continues with my colleague sean thomas in less than half an hour from now here in r.t. in the meantime people have asked his guests about the stock market flotation of the world's biggest social media site facebook debate next in crosstalk. oh. oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh. oh. oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh in the welcome across. the face folks initial public offering is being called a very big deal and many hope the i.p.o. will lift the entire tech sector but is the i.p.o. a good one public.


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