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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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holmes activists are accusing the government of a massacre saying that hundreds of civilians here have been killed in something that's hard to verify meanwhile the u.s. is setting an international coalition aimed at supporting rebels and their struggle these so-called proof friends of democratic syria will involve countries willing to proffer the opposition and pile more pressure on the regime although direct military action is has the ruled out some reports suggest the british are cuts or a special forces are already in the conflict so there are now calls from washington to arm the opposition and as our teams merino port i reports that the region has been flooded with weapons from the u.s. . at the united nations security council america holds one permanent seat but when it comes to weapons the world's largest arms exporter is often seen as sitting on two chairs they say there isn't an international embargo on arms preventing them
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from doing that that is a fact but that doesn't change the immorality of supplying a dictatorial regime that is killing its people in massive numbers every day and we are are deeply concerned about that as u.s. officials continue publicly scolding countries over relations with syria critics say the accusations are being thrown from a tremendous glasshouse the us is a hugely difficult in this regard because they've long been the largest arms dealer and most of those weapons the us sold the store really more than four hundred billion dollars worth of since the one nine hundred sixty s. have gone to the middle east and you can't argue. seriously that it's made that region any more stable in the past few years nearly fifty percent of u.s. weapons exports have been flowing to the middle east many countries with the biggest appetite for american weapons have also made headlines for carrying out
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brutal crackdowns against dissidents and opposition groups if you are you're ok friends they're thugs you're not i mean this is for all of us who have been overseas the duplicity and. of american foreign policy is painfully. evident according to congressional figures america has sold one point four billion dollars worth of weapons to bahrain since two thousand and america struck its single biggest arms deal when saudi arabia ordered sixty billion dollars worth of arms the us has long subsidize the israeli military and recently supplied them with bunker buster bombs experts say this strategic arming of middle eastern country. is aimed at iran and extending u.s. dominance in the region. that is going on the. massive against your own it's not all about you know human rights. it's all about
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some geopolitical f.b.i. whistle blowers sibel edmonds has accused america of playing particularly dirty while leading a campaign for regime change in syria this not some kind of. simultaneously op rising situation where people are rebelling and then suddenly they are mysteriously arms and mysteriously arms are being smuggled into syria from cherokee well who who is providing this arms nobody's asking in the us media well these are u.s. arms shipped to turkey this as the u.s. military complex flush with record revenue continues to lobby its interests on capitol hill arms manufacturers are some of the biggest companies in america they're some of the most powerful lockheed martin not only do they making so much for the defense department around the world there are federal contractor and many other levels there are going to vote in elections this statue outside the u.n.
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headquarters is a symbol of global peace and nonviolence but critics say the idea has been twisted by the u.s. which goes around advocating peace arming countless conflicts all for the sake of profit marina point ny r.t. new york. could as activist and international human rights lawyer told me earlier here in r.t. that a syrian solution must come from within and that foreign interference would be a mistake. in syria i think it is a matter of there are some very legitimate interest in the country of people who would like to be able to participate more in their government and i think the government has made some effort to respond they think it needs to make more of an effort but i don't think that comes through foreign intervention it comes through indigenous processes of the people in the country if you look at any foreign intervention over the last several years you see that after the foreign intervention many more people died then could have possibly died through any type
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of indigenous process even one involving violence and i think that moscow and some of its allies on this matter are very wise in seen the pitfalls of foreign intervention and as the u.n. charter makes it very clear that the use of force should only be the last possible means of trying to deal with the conflict. because dublin activist and international human rights lawyer talking to a little earlier there from geneva. greece's prime minister has promised an end to the country's recession next year if the deal on the next bailout is reached he also warned senior government members would be expelled if they oppose the cuts e.u. creditors are demanding six ministers have so far resigned over the deal while thousands of priests have been venting their anger at the planned cuts on the streets of athens police clashed with protesters trying to gas in response to stones and far bombs that's as of today union strike brought the country to a standstill after
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a tough multi-party deal parliament is expected to vote on the austerity package on sunday but a junior coalition partner says it won't back the new plan euro zone finance ministers put the second one hundred thirty billion euros on hold saying they want to see concrete action without it athens will go past in march he. told me that leaders are only looking to secure their own financial stability. this government was always expendable the point of putting it in place was to ensure that this deal goes through. it's my prediction that it will go through and there is governing with a lapse once it. is done these measures are part of a loan package the purpose of which is to delay. the steady disintegration of the euro zone and give more time to germany's politicians to find out what they're going to do with their with the german and the french banks which are insolvent so
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greece is being sacrificed on the altar of the european procrastination what europe is doing it is creating a very severe medical issue by means of course if you go into a little bit of ice cream what is happening here is that greeks are being threatened they keep borrowing money from germany from france from the i.m.f. from the e.c.b. we know that to keep repaying the northern european and greek banks then they're going to be thrown out over years of this is of course an empty threat here we have people six hundred euros a month who would have to live on four hundred fifty euros a month while at the same time inflation is increasing and taxation is going through the roof. can you live from the russian capital with you twenty four hours a day still to come for you this hour innocence lost in afghanistan. latest airstrike is part of the afghan president's condemnation of foreign troops also the separation anxiety. they are now living under the tangible threat of
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being forcibly separated from their spouses from their children from their parents palestinians married to israelis fear of citizenship nor need a jewish state could tear their families apart. issue is that so much simpler to give each musician. in the market the feed in the battle for syria the international community is divided as the syrians themselves when it comes to resolving the situation. but i. strive for somalia australia are doing the new zealand know we're going to get to the monk. if you want to have sex go and have sex.
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people in russia are becoming more and more involved in the political structure in their country ahead of next month's presidential election a group of journalists bloggers and proactive figures have created a league of voters in a bid to make the upcoming vote fair and transparent even to skin of has this report. it doesn't take long to find videos of alleged violations during the recent parliamentary vote in russia just a couple of clicks is enough and scores of these files have flooded the internet and even though most of the allegations are still to be proven in courts tens of
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thousands of people have been taking to the streets demanding fair elections with marches presidential votes just around the corner events are unfolding quickly with so many different people want to vote responsibly and to know where their villages go they want political competition independent courts and media forming the voters league is not our achievement the idea was floating in the air the voters league was officially founded in january by a group of journalists and bloggers activists artists writers and other public figures and stayed its way tedious like t.v. host and now activist. the ladies advocate or the head of a charity fund and blogger it is the idea of the bianca also known as dr lisa. or other school martha ordinator of the blue buckets movement fighting for equal rights on roads for everyone. our league is an opportunity to gather people who are
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not indifferent to what's happening the more people with a similar position there are better the league's main goal is to ensure fair elections it's published a list of initiatives on the web divided into groups that everyone can be a part of public discussions and online votes are the key instruments and letters have been sent to all presidential candidates asking them to cooperate with the league and even though the project is less than a month old everyone has so far agreed including pledging to look into another candidate businessman mikhail prokhorov has already struck a deal with the league you have to go on willing to authorize one hundred fifty thousand league observers was also arranged to put together a unified base of a stick. check the election because according to its founders around ten thousand observers are needed to ensure a fair election in moscow alone. it's great that the civil society wants to be more active but it's clearly important not to cross the line and observers not only are
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positioned it is serious so for the mutations not to teach science in the political process. the league's founders say they'll shut the organisation down if it ever starts turning into a political movement gleaming they are keen to work with all candidates equally there's no doubt society has changed more people want to have more influence on russia's political life perhaps that's why it took less than one month for the vote was leaked to establish ties with both the authorities and the opposition and with the help promise from candidates the league just may secure enough access to effectively monitor the vote in march as long as it avoids taking sides and protects its neutrality is going off r t moscow. more news in brief from around the world this hour in our world update and we understand where eleven militants have been killed and over a dozen wounded after local security forces fired artillery shells at their suspected hideouts the crackdown took place in the couldn't tribal region where
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dozens of died in fighting between soldiers and insurgents over the last few weeks pakistan's military has been conducting anti terror operations in quantum since the beginning of the year. a plan strike by police in rio de janeiro over low pay could jeopardize next week's annual carnival this part of a greek pay rise of thirty nine percent over the next two years nor forces a demonic double similar industrial action in the city of salvador for the murder rate doubled with one hundred twenty people killed during a nine day strike thousands of soldiers may be deployed in brazil's capital to provide security. for germany's delayed signing the controversial act of treaty after the justice ministry voiced concerns the anti piracy accord stirred up mass protests across the world the backlash that forced several countries to postpone its ratification legislation aims to slash the amount of pirated online content and protect intellectual property while critics say it would harm freedom of speech.
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one policeman has been killed and another injured as special forces surrounded militants in a house in dagestan in russia's volatile north caucasus that's according to russia's interfax news agency and the security forces say they have targeted a private house in a small village of good a bookie with the shootout still on going police saying there are three to five militants inside believed to be members of a wanted terrorist group additional forces have been mobilized to the site and dug stone has seen a number of violent attacks in recent years. afghan president hamid karzai has ordered an investigation into a nato airstrike that killed eight children on wednesday this comes a week after the united states announced it could halt combat operations in afghanistan than expected but this strike could worsen already tense relations between khan's i'm washington and the mounting civilian death toll journalist gareth porter thinks that foreign actions are to blame for the growing number of
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casualties this is the price that afghanistan pays for having foreign troops on its soil troops which carry out operations that are based on at best imperfect intelligence and at worse simply lack of fundamental knowledge of local situations and mistakes that are made which will result in innocent people being killed completely unnecessarily the numbers are growing clearly because the tele band has continued to expand its operations in response to the growth of u.s. nato troops and part of the taliban response and i would say the single biggest part of that response has been to lay more and more i d's this is the primary way that the taliban has been able to find to kill u.s. nato troops and even more so to wound seriously u.s. and nato troops. just remind you plenty of news an eye catching videos available
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twenty four seven that dot com here's what's waiting for you online right now covering the power of the muslim brotherhood egypt's military rulers sacked the appointed prime minister and replace him with their own kind of the fruit for the websites cia spy jailed a former engineer from the military government gets thirteen years behind bars for selling secret data on russian intercontinental ballistic missiles to the united states more on that story including on the story for you at all to dot com. is.
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the official on the allocation. called touch. on the dot com. marrying the person you love and living freely with a maybe a basic right in most democratic countries but apparently it's not always the case in israel israeli palestinian families say they face daily discrimination and risk being separated altogether and the country's insistence that it's only protecting national security has few people convinced the slip. this is the document that's ruining lana's life it makes no mention of a university degree
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a husband or two children it simply states she's palestinian and therefore illegal and wanted in israel i have a stay here now i. don't have any rights just to breathe. and drink and for me it's not allowed. but lorna chooses the nonlife because it's where her husband and children live by law very israeli whereas the rest of her family live across the border in janine palestine. during the week. long ago through rip of. what. i have to walk. until now known as move between the two worlds with temporary visas issued by television but she's afraid they could stop at the government tightens its grip on
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a law denying permanent citizenship to palestinians married to israelis it's trying to limit the graphic in growth of the arab citizens encourage. citizens who marry palestinians from the west bank in gaza or from jordan to actually immigrate try to relieve israel israel says the law is for security purposes and it's trying to prevent palestinians from taking advantage of being able to get an israeli id through marriage and then carry out attacks on israeli citizens but human rights groups don't buy that they petitioned the law arguing that in the last fourteen years more than one hundred fifty thousand palestinians entered israel because of family ties with israelis only fifty four of them were ever found to be a security risk. in upholding the so-called citizenship law the israeli supreme court president said it was one of the most difficult questions in the state's history the battle against terror while at the same time maintaining the nation's democratic nature we are talking about thousands of family that as
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a result of the decision of the supreme court that validated upheld the law they are now living under the counter bowl threat of being forcibly separated from their spouses from their children from their parents so we are indeed talking about a huge issue with a huge effect on thousands of people this law is thinking about it. i mean one of. degree before having your very you are jewish. but in the meantime it threatens to tear families apart as larn interests now face the very real danger that they might not be able to continue living together policy r.t. israel. with winter still in full swing moscow looks every bit the fairytale city the moment albeit a very cold one. went to try some winter themed activities on the outskirts of the
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russian capital. and you can find out more about winter fun here in the russian capital in about an hour from now here on t.v. twenty three and a half minutes past the hour know business is next with katie. welcome
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to the program on the business program at this hour gold is losing value on stronger dollar lifted by fresh warez about the european debt crisis however the sentiment has been generally bullish for the buy them with the price up around ten percent this year well from capitol says no reason to think of all bubble is developing and the prospects for the metal all still go. gold is twelve percent if it's noise we should just record it in december it's only ten percent off it's hard it's been very volatile but if you look at the long term chart for gold going over the past decade were reported to be fifty. two thousand dollars an ounce now that's been a very consistent. and in many periods over that period of time and it's been going up in the currencies which is the true definition of the market it was living in
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the niger volatility the gold is still going to be relevant we don't see it breaking below fifteen zero hundred dollars an ounce and the end of the day is still a commodity there's a cost of production there's a cost of supply and it's still very very hard charging people think. let's have a look at the markets now that it's our european stock markets closed in the rads after police said it couldn't back the one hundred thirty billion euro deal the country needs to avoid bankruptcy will continue throughout the weekend european finance ministers are now holding back the rescue package demanding the commitments from. moscow the markets. yes plunge two percent on the minds exhausted more than one percent unifies my six stock exchange could hold an i.p.o. in the fourth quarter of this if market conditions. on the individual move on the my sex bomb finished a third of a percent in the as the company's gas exports rose some to some last jack. also
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which resists the company's net profit reached thirty three million dollars dollars jazz seventy four million dollars last year before last goals i was. following reports about his fellow tie up with the metal. ranks third in the wall for the number of billion as a country where they can comfortably sit back and count on rubles but it seems they might soon have to give a big chunk of their fortunes by. back with a new robin hood times proposed by the prime minister and presidential candidate to make peace in. business an authentic post by. the promise rosa came up with the idea for a luxury tax which was actually on things like super cause super. point tricky to get money back from people you you have to do it legitimately called just go and buy and this is sort of raise a number of problems and this is not going to be a tax on the middle class it's just for this very small minority of stupor wealthy
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people now it's difficult to generalize about. any population feels but i think it's a saying they don't really like the tycoons it's because the oligarchs and taxing them not likely to be a vote loser let's put it that way. saw the business news and now do stay with us here and also the headlines up next. wealthy british style. is not tied to the type of.
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r g.
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the food. soon from the student. stock totty dot com. mission free credit patient free. free. arrangement free. three stooges free. hold free books
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videos for your media projects free media. this is a story. within the ranks of syria's opposition fighters but first they claimed they were behind in the country's largest city of aleppo which killed at least twenty eight people but another spokesman denied responsibility. the. police used tear gas to disperse crowds people angry at lawmakers budget sacrifices off the eurozone leaders put more bailout cash on hold six ministers have also quit over the deal. and russia's public figures come together to ensure a fair and free presidential vote by forming the vote. actions that is to
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stay. to bring us up to date for the moment i'll be back with more on those stories and more news in less than thirty minutes from now though it's time for opinions to fly. with cross talk next few. if you. follow in welcome to cross talk you talk about the fate of and the battle for syria the international community is as divided as the syrians themselves when it comes to resolving a situation that looks like a civil war with every passing day should there be an international intervention to stop the violence or would doing so make the situation even worse. place. to. live.


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