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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2012 6:18am-6:48am EST

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to begin with all of the toxic debt that has been accumulated on banks' balance sheets around the world and germany and the u.k. and the u.s. have been put onto the balance sheet of greece and now the government of greece wants the people of greece to pay for this toxic debt the debt in greece to not originate in greece it originated in these other countries that have used greece as a toxic debt don't don't their dad. but we always i love it when you get involved with us here at odds here let's get your opinion if you have the moment now to. talk about the situation in greece about the next round of austerity measures today we're asking what impact will the latest rescue measures have on the greek economy and for this hour here here's how you're voting right now for monti dot com looks like a lot of you believe the new measures will do nothing as the greek economy is already . more than a third think it will mean only more hardship for the greek people looking now at ten percent of you are thinking the e.u. won't allow greece's economy to collapse down to five percent just
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a minority believing the bailouts are the only way the country comes to five those are the figures at the moment but all that could change if you want your thoughts on that debate is on going. and as greece struggles to control its economic crisis the e.u. turns up the heat on iran over its nuclear program the european union has announced a series of financial sanctions including plans to stop importing iranian oil from july meanwhile iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad announced that the islamic republic will soon move real major advances in its nuclear program he also warned that europe was playing a risky game by cutting off trade with terror on because you consumers account for around twenty percent of iran's oil output the spanish ambassador to tehran said the sanctions will hurt his country more than any other european state and madrid based journalist. says the e.u. embargo actually serves the interests of the us. that'll be what we're seeing here
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is not a decision that comes actually from european countries to spain never want to disembark go to to prove to be put in place this is something that comes externally from the united states pressure on the european union and he's not just to spain and italy also greece imports lots of oil from iran and it could be hard hit in a way that would bring them bankrupt in the coming future that would be a complete disaster for the european union and for the euro and that can happen because of these of these political move it has now become an economic issue and can have even more. destructive effects if the iranians decide to say cut of the strait of hormuz or even if they now decide to beat europe to it by. by by cutting off their oil now because we need this time to find alternative supplies if they cut the supply now we want to be able to find them
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there will be a huge recession in europe. twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow you're watching are a civil society is stepping into the front line of russian politics with the aim of keeping the upcoming presidential election fair and transparent leading figures and of members of the public at all joining forces and most importantly they seem to have the support of all five candidates as well as the voters. of prescott off now reports. it doesn't take long to find videos of alleged violations during the recent parliamentary vote in russia just a couple of clicks is enough since scores of these files have flooded the internet and even though most of the allegations are still to be proven in court tens of thousands of people have been taking to the streets demanding fair elections but marches presidential votes just around the corner events are unfolding quickly where. people want to vote responsibly and to know where their votes go their own
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political competition independent courts and media forming the voters' league is not meant the idea was floating in the air the voters' league was officially founded in january by a group of journalists bloggers activists orders reuters and other public figures and statements made tedious leg t.v. host and now activist but one of the ladies. or the head of a charity fund and blogger elizabeth also known as dr lisa. out of school math of cordoning of the blue buckets movement fighting for equal rights on roads for everyone. our league is an opportunity to gather people who are not indifferent to what's happening the more people with a civil position there are the better the league's main goal is to ensure fair elections is published a list of initiatives on the web divided into groups that everyone can be
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a part of public discussions and online votes are the key in strong. it's letters have been sent to all presidential candidates asking them to cooperate with the league and even though the project is less than a month old everyone has so far agreed including pledging middleton another candidate businessman mikhail prokhorov has already struck a deal with the leak to go i'm willing to authorize one hundred fifty thousand league observers was also arranged to put together a unified database to keep track of the election protocols according to its founders around ten thousand observers are needed to ensure a fair election in moscow alone. it's great that the civil society wants to be more active but it's clearly important not to cross the line and observers not only are positioned it is serious so if limitations not to take sides in the political process. the league's founders say they'll shut the organisation down if it ever starts turning into a political movement claiming there are keen to work with all candidates equally
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there's no doubt society has changed more people want to have more influence on russia's political life perhaps that's why it took less than one month for the voters league to establish ties with both the authorities and the opposition and with the help of promise from candidates the league just may secure enough access to effectively monitor the vote in march as long as it avoids taking sides and protects its neutrality is going off r t moscow. let's get to some other global news for you in brief this hour time for the art world update israeli airstrikes on the gaza strip of left at least one person dead and three others wounded warplanes fired missiles at three different targets just after midnight on saturday the first hit a field east of gaza city with another landing near the israeli border and a third near the city of eunice. the attacks saying they targeted sites belonging to terrorist organizations. police fired tear gas and stun
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grenades to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters in the capital. the injuries were reported they seem to be minimal but witnesses saying at least one protester was detained has been on the rise over the past few weeks as the country heads towards the first anniversary of a brutally crushed protest against. i. know five newspaper journalists have been arrested over alleged payments made to police and public officials rupert murdoch the owner of news international says he's committed to keeping the tabloid newspaper the sun up and running the investigation is part of the country's phone hacking scandal that came to light last year he revealed. it was common practice to monitor the private voicemail messages of celebrities. whitney houston has died at the age of forty eight the six time grammy award winner
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was found in a beverly hills hotel room on saturday the performer struggled with drugs and alcohol problems late in her career and did go to rehab last year authorities have yet to determine the exact cause of houston's death. now the u.s. army private bradley manning accused of passing government secrets to wiki leaks has been nominated for the nobel peace prize he's been put forward. by an icelandic parliamentary group which said he should be recognized for exposing wall crimes the twenty four year old to spend more than a year behind bars awaiting trial in the us a clock stokely an activist for manning's coolest things the accused deserves the price the prize rather no less than the current us president did bradley manning is accused of the greatest act of civil disobedience least in my lifetime and what he is accused of is leaking
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documents and video. that has led to the end of the iraq war has led to pro-democracy rallies and uprisings all over the world and i think it's much deserved that he he receives this nobel peace prize if obama gets the why should he obama has done very little for peace even though he promised it and obama is also taking credit for ending the iraq war when actually that's not the truth the iraqi government did not want to allow legal immunity for u.s. troops after january first and the reason that they didn't want some unity is because of what they saw in the cables and the videos showing civilian deaths that were being covered up in the corruption by the u.s. government. it is a good of you to join us on the sunday here on more headlines of me rory sushi in just a moment hope to see you soon. but
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i. strive for sylvia australia as you know the new zealand the
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we're going to see the film on the screen if you want to have sex go and have sex. resistance is not a politics but a culture. this could be. on its own. cultures of resistance on our team.
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watching on the line from moscow a few headlines not the arab league is said to decide its future efforts on syria bobbins escalates the u.s. gathers a coalition of the willing against damascus hundreds of people have reportedly being killed across syria just over the past week on. the spirit of revolution returns to egypt on the first anniversary of mubarak's ouster of thousands of protesters calling for an immediate step down by the ruling military council for
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the generals all clinging on to power which they refused to give up until at least june. the people of greece a march on the streets and anger over a new set of cuts as the government struggles to keep the country's economy afloat parliament is knowledge you to debate a draft a bill on fresh austerity measures demanded by the e.u. and i.m.f. . and russian a civil society takes some. stage in politics as a group of public figures steps up to monitor the upcoming presidential vote backing from all of the candidates but the goal of the so-called voters league is to ensure a fair and transparent election. if you can or do stay with us here on r.t. up next as our special report cowboys in paradise exploring what's made barly a favorite destination for sex tourism you're watching. probably slept with a lot of women from america. canada australia. respond
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you know. but i'm defining it as in stride. it. trying to. change. anything in. anything. you know girl would want to come here probably and be with someone for the whole time and have this little romantic interlude and feel you know if it was so great.
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was just fun and it sounds like see you in like you look so good in sweden you don't want to say that because if you say it's a girl maybe she thinks she's too. i felt i'd check in some way you could. play ball in between somebody who used. to be so you know i mean there's a lot of restaurant it was to women in america just look at the sales of it pray love i mean. women that just don't quite know. how little i mean women don't want to be women anymore in the way i don't want to be feminine. and i think it's a shame so i can understand why they come here and they searching for something and
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suddenly this environment provide said they're coming here. to let. the big think. it's a two minute spot of them it's all for the woman it's a day long. as opposed to be on the beach sweating in the sun sizzling with the ball avoid the local doctor sometimes or whatever they put on their bodies are going to touch them so i wouldn't know i'm going to have these hog and everybody screaming and smiling at them and treating them because people come and give them to fiction. and they laugh to have fun you know they'll get out and saying and dance and joke and you know they're funny. and they're not they're very they themselves are very not judge them you know they'll include you in everything. they just want to have
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friends and if you know they're very safe i think probably for a lot of the women that come here what they're feeling is these people feel safe to them yeah of course you get more attention here and they have to push you away by friends. i don't have to explain influence things this is so much for damage so much should leave the shoes so much about looks and how you are. you have to be someone i don't have to be someone in. but what's important is that the money is good. about them about their money's good about them it's so good.
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to put you first have to endure people who wanted to grow up to be a policeman but my exam results were not good enough for about. and also around the same time my dad fell sick and for us has happened we had no money then. scott i couldn't find any other work again so i went straight to the beach to learn my way i had seen many of my friends get women there so i rushed to learn english at about. looking for drugs so if you go before this. for money for my. place place misplaced place then i made friends working on the beach then. you working on to be this may vary. yeah i don't i. mean you know.
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you and i'm. going on but not on this and don't forget. it's normal every day i just my friend sophie probably two or three then the owner of king then somebody the. teacher. then so get. that muslims blood i learned to english a study in your dictionary. i would learn two sentences every night. and i would practice them on the beach the next day i get. i studied important words to do with sailing and fishing tracking and renting to keep things that were relevant to my life. and.
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something in. this and i start. looking looking. less and less and less and. awake and really. this stuff. that's probably. something fifty dollars something. and if money. sometimes. you know. but there's a new era and any good then looking. good. but i do. i love you. if you would. go to. holland.
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i've got to go. i've got to get. better than that and i thought again. i sell the package. mostly i don't ask for a payout up front. first and foremost i sell it out at people one she's been in valley for a while it's a different story. it would sure if i find one and she stays here for a month whether that everything's free that month food rent and everything then when she leaves she'll give me money for food for money and something maybe
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a money to cover rent for three to four million for the go without a butler. say she goes shopping will she buy for me working. two or three dollar t. shirts well you know goodbye to that ok at the risk of. colors how to begin to feel it's better for me to look for someone older than the higher salary of. a larger younger woman is unlikely to stay here as long and actually because she probably doesn't have as much money you know when you're away be she's traveling during the school breaks and only has enough to eat and party and barely. take an older woman like me at first yeah she'll say. you're old enough to be my son how much more does but i was prepared i did i would say i don't care about age a lot of what young people tell or look young coconut is too fresh anyway and old coconut gives more oil so much and then children go out with me i have had boys
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approach me i have had to say that to me i'm very committed to my family and i have a wonderful husband i've been with them for almost thirty years and i have two wonderful children and i would never interested in and they know that if you're if you're a bit older than i but yes. we . often see it must work somewhere. i. i. i. i. i. work. when people begin to believe that.
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all of. us. i mean these are. like this you know. for this or go see go over you know things are going what is he going to get. this is not opposed. not about. just staying you're going to be paid for that price so i like having the guests maybe that she's got. and she will tell him that she wants to come back so he always knows when she's coming back so we've. got it.
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when say both want to come in july with i'll tell one of the girls to come the following moment because it rains a lot in july when it will be dirty here and then one girl comes first and then the other one comes a month after this metroid simple. find out. their lives have been are. both my women came in at the same time to upload it on my time found. being a good man out of the nation i was confused about what to do. so i decided to take the prettier was people. do let me get i didn't attend to the one that dramatically as have. some of them instead i asked my friend to take care of her i told him it was ok with us.
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you have to think about the football. take. the day it can be someone else not. i was not asked for. the specific cost. so what did it mean that's here. before. the swedish boom was going to be. it had. just let her answer your questions you just charge a computer there's a friend to do it so you just go. to sleep it is yeah if they feel the need to. do this in the.
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system for. something to like then. let me take you into the oval. office. for foreign woman come here and the problem but the money. woman from where you. already see to hear us have experience with a local boy prefers this not called way one more thought by. and he got. the look of leave it hanging out. where there is.
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a really good point of life. when the girlfriend. and the girlfriend where by. the look of boy is fairly empty. i say to me you must lead by car if. you buy me a new. accident. and see. this is. i'm grumpy and see buying the car. and then after the car. of course out of. the norm are. by no means am but a lot of my friends like i. tell the girls my father is sick and then at me or my mother is sick or my grandma is no more and better to usually if she has slept was a guy before he asks for money to sort of problem out get up when you are deaf my
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sense of. it is usually when i get a woman she'll want to see my place. or call my friend and may tell him to put my things in his place my d.v.d. player sound system everything has to be moved. want. to make it seem like i have nothing then she'll give me money to buy this amounts and. then you. know usually she gives me money if it's for a d.v.d. player i'll put mine back for a t.v. put my t.v. back. in the woman by an. after. i have.


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