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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2012 12:30am-1:00am EST

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in syria intensifies pressure for international involvement in the conflict inside the country and such calls are just fueling the violence as the un humanitarian chief instead to syria delivery of aid to the conflict or. actually people groups of russia with political activity reaching a peak at the presidential poll major pro-government and opposition rallies will take place today more than one hundred thousand demonstrators expected to gather and most. concern over the effectiveness of sanctions targeting iran's nuclear program as terrans biggest participation resist western pressure to join the economic warfare israel has repeatedly decried calls to wait for sanctions to work used to rule out the possibility of a military strike. russia is celebrating defender of the fatherland and special national holiday military heroism russia's deputy defense minister reveals
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how the russian army has developed over the years and the new threats it's ready to face today's changing world spotlight is next. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is all. i'm trying hard luck has a big picture. hello again they're welcome to spotlight you cheryl arts i'm out we're all going today my
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guest is clearly. since nineteen twenty two twenty third of february has been celebrated in russia as the red army today it is one of the main holidays officially called defender of the follow. through the years and into a kind of all men's day when russians commemorate the event celebrate the women tried to be especially nice to their beloved the world has changed significantly instead of the times out there that there's no obvious media throughout the rest of these days but then what are the threats that russian army is facing and now easy is it to clear this place for good and i'm wondering what we're asking russia's deputy defense minister and bathroom. but russia's legal strategy the main challenges nowadays are terrorism and extremism
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the cold war has long been over the faceoff with the nato countries in the past. there are however some contradictions and the biggest ones far is deploying american missile. ends in central europe moscow suspects it's aimed against russia and china rather than iran and north korea the political turbulence and in the least add some control visit to the west condemns russia for selling arms to syria which is shaken by a wave of paparazzi. hello and welcome to the show well first of all i want to congratulate you with the with the red army what do you call it into a great army day syrian army they defend their fatherland i call it rape and that's why we always love this. it's impossible to get so congratulations it's a big holiday well. let's get serious are you happy with the state of
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the army of the russian army today. of course i would like to see. a lot has been done to create a new. sim time i have to see my chess to be done in the future so you'll see that if you look at the article which was written by prime minister mr putin you can see that he didn't fulfill just only on achievements but he has decided to draw attention of our people to the problems we should we face and we should we have to solve and i hope. there is a lot of capabilities and abilities of us to to to create a new army well since you've mentioned the article premise to put. well he
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is pretty worried he pretty concerned about the. well do we consume here this is the prime minister and they're one of the main candidates through russian presidency. do we all including the russian leadership consider the united states as a potential threat to russia to the. it goes without seeing the united states is not a potential threat to the russian army or the russian federation and goes without saying that the problem is there. some elements of foreign policy of the united states create some problems for the russian federation and one of these issues is missile defense and by the way. one example which is very interesting maybe for you as well as for. our seeking he.
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asked mr mcnamara what's a first who was in favor of restrictions on missile defense. the soviet union generals especially said that time work begins not to any restrictions and the situation has changed and now you see that the russian federation is in favor to have some. limitations. or united states playing on this issue. for me it's so you say that it's really interesting because of the same situation i was doing our duty stations with the united states when we deliver a clean you'll start treaty also with russia and russia for four or four decades has been living without an immediate threat to security but there are of course some potential threats well what about putin doesn't mention any specific potential threats to russian security doesn't mention enemy well he says something about nato
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and the united states where it's more of like well let's be cautious yes are there any potential threats to the russian security and security of the country according to the russian military doctrine has to go through a lot seen what you mention at least use of it i just would like to mention one it seems to me it will be enough of the. it seems to me that the most important threat it's the nexus between terrorism and weapons of mass destruction related materials it's a very dangerous material school would be in the hands of terrorists and our president as well as our prime minister mentioned this threat many times and this is a common thread for us and america it's a common factor also not isolation there's a while that's why we have a liberated a lot of agreements and documents to deal with this threat and moreover i am sure
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there is a good be for. together to tackle this issue and it seems to me that we shouldn't spend our time to create problems for each as about that we have to to draw our attention to be real problems which i just mentioned well let's get back to this. missile defense well america considers you ram to be a real threat and. this anti a missile defense is is not against russia it's against the iranian threat because the russian army there the russian military capability it may destroy it and overcome it will likely easily. why doesn't russia argue that. this issue is very complicated first. where do you think there. is this threat
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for united states or for the russian for you know why do you think their own defense is that may be a threat to russia so since the americans are wrong there is easy for us to crack this thing you see that when you create a need defense you have to take into account real threats for example if you decide to construct your position toward or how. you will decide you will look at around you will see what kind of climate news in this place this what kind of saw this in this place people are living next door by the way by their way and then you do the work we will you will be it will be necessary for you to construct for example if you leave in desert for example it does not mean that you a need. from sentiment for example from grapes maybe it will be enough to construct the easy house they seem situation with missile defense where they will we have to
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decide what kind of ferrets we face to get or what all our russia has or from or for. everybody to to work together so think of this issue you're just just doing it so that's why you'll see even if we are talking about very sick both british and of missile and missile technology we have a need to tackle this problem rescore probably three but what does it mean fred fred means keep in belittling its intention can look well if i'm getting your eight year you're not worried about the threat of these american missiles me pose for russia but. you don't like the idea behind the ideology that is that right. you see that if you look at the russian american documents on. selby finance it will be very interesting for you for example let's look at two thousand and nine
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where by the way it was not a car bomb is an power already yes and we have created a very interesting document on the cell difference in joint statement of our two presidents the book in one consists of three parts for wives and they were instructions to experts to look at threats but we decided to believe the word thread so we decided to put the word chill inch and i hope that you understand this is a different this segment we have decided to review all our mean sound tools how to tackle this issue and then the third part all these. how to cooperate together with all the international community on this issue and by the way and the . way to get to united states tries to find get rid of this and they think in just all about one that they must construct or create social
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yourself you are negotiating today. journeys the problem geisha of the use of the garble our radar station by john has an eye on time in self defense and so the he even proposed this to to the americans to use it jointly what we see right now this is the this thing well i was in the south it's too it's to. look out the threat coming from the south this is where iran is there's that mean there that the russians are afraid to then if not then why do you need government police not just iran is leaving or situated in the self it's a lot of countries and we know all of you what is going on on middle east why we're looking at only. we have think and what kind of chilling just chilling just i would like to. could it be that a game. could be a problem for russian federation without seeing their two we don't ignore all chile
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just as well as threats. we face together and the problem isso that if you. don't read me sell defense to deal with a short range and medium range missiles or let's agree on this issue let's put it all these years on the paper and there is one problem and the united states does not want to do anything in these are eager for example if you will glad to kill or intercept such news so you'll no need to intercept us with your city but if you decide to give interceptor so we. can capture for example i.c.b.m. now it'll be and it means they're a your of the potential of your missile system called gauge q i.c.b.m. or so we're and that is a question and not everybody who is listening to us because here's.
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s.l.b.m. so it's. i.c.b.m.'s just only the russian federation that's all well this definitely is a challenge we'll continue in a minute just reminded. of russian deputy defense minister of israel squadron will be back after a short break so don't get things. well done to the folks who keep to the looking glass at what will be the homes of the future where the walls might just be smarter than the residents every day trash protection from the elements outside and the whole system works to save you money to shine the spotlight on the ladies in building projects all around russia technology i'm doing here on r.g.p.
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please don't listen to. q. you. to.
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if. you. welcome back to the spotlight norman just a reminder that my guest today is a vast part of russia's deputy defense minister. and most of the us new year's master to russia has recently stated that the u.s. is ready to give guarantees though not legally binding that there a.b.m. in europe is no threat to russia well this you're talking about challenges this was
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a challenge this is the challenge. is russia really to challenge. europe it's a very interesting issue and so very interesting question the problem what is the problem why they don't want to give us a little about insurance why for example they would like to have a legally binding document on the reduction of nuclear weapons with the russian federation and the why they are not ready to go about it with such a limited by the insurance. for example i can predict there may be another candidate from republican party called wien for the future elections and for example he can see that i don't keer old political commitments which mr obama could give other national federation could continue all of the. fulfillment of
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missile defense plans sort we don't want to want to be a hostage of political situation and the white house we will blank to see all in agreement with the united states on a very serious issues like missile defense like nuclear disarmament to be legally binding it's what i mean it's clear and by the way there is one other question if for example they did want to provide legally binding issuance of what does it in that it mean this search sees them could be used against russia and its own forces who you are you were. a negotiator is in the ministry of foreign affairs of the russian federation and you do remember the words and the guarantees that we got the oral guarantees not legally binding from for americans that they will not be extending nato they will not be moving in nato to do to the. russians
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and we were told there were no notes and so says. you are you are discussing with the mess you made a mess with the recent years just all if you visit here a few days ago and you were discussing the us russian military cooperation in two thousand and twelve what except the the missile defense were you discussing what were the issues first you see the. very good be for a possible cooperation or a way you'll see that our minister of. defense where to be the princess. of united states minister of defense and growing older my minister is radioed to me to be the current minister for defense i know the chief of staff of russian army is pulling into egypt united states i know that our need is in a very close context of indian navy or united states where great in together and
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one of the main problem is of course the problem of affiliation and we are immediately to develop to develop our relations in various fears but i would like to be to draw attention. my colleagues who are sitting and looking at us you see that we are very much interested in think now look military technological progress it's really important where the united states. will be the high technology or not it. i would like to develop such that i know that you're planning a joint russian aid to computerize drills this spring is this what you're talking about technology nor is it just a drill it's just. a minute which will be in march in the end or much in germany germany will horsed such exercises but there is
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a problem with the search. you said that we would like to stop talking to each other in each other we would like to ask computer store help us we would like to test the russian proposal as well as american proposals you can search exercises and let's decide who is right so what i want i would like to buy meat me to buy meat or service. to. or to use computer store proof that for example russian proposal. to calculate more interest and are more efficient in comparison with the united states not yet a nature and the united states would like just only to look at the proposals made by nita but you see that even would like to concentrate just only on meter couples for what purpose russia and russian officer should sit together i know that one of the subject that you reported to have been discussing with american ambassador is
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the situation in syria russian's position in syria i know that russia has been asked by the united states to to suspend at least reduce the arms race to to the regime in damascus well why is this arms sale arms deliveries to syria so important for you because of the money you get because of the they seem tired to stay that russia needs. first the wall we didn't discuss this issue with mark fall and because it's a problem of minister for the shias. we concentrate just only on because variation between our ministry of defense. department of defense of united states and what i would like to see that russia using to fully comp live with all international obligations and commitments very girly in supply to middle east and of course
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i would like to say boldly syria we don't we deal. in norms and there is no restrictions regarding our arms supply to syria and or away you'll see that we didn't supply offensive arms we are supplying just syria. defensive arms and that so. is writing in this article that we discussed in the beginning of this interview i quote in the upcoming ten years around. so one hundred sixty six billion dollars will be allocated for modernizing the defense sector and quite well this money they will go mostly to the russian weapons producers over. yes of course it's will be all huge sum of money is it a lot for the russian i mean. to us we would like to
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get more. broadly please don't. get some. said by mr putin there. our economy our government is in debt to russian army because previously we did invest a lot of money to russian military and don't forget that at the same turn all of western countries including united states swallowed a lot of money huge sum of money and if you come here all ninety allocated for military industry in united states and western europe you can see the difference and of course we have to do what we want we would like to see. if. we need. efficient weapons for our army will you could i mean the russian army
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would continue buying arms abroad. you'll see that we give in we've gone to weapons abroad and what about this so-called to carry for so long you say that it's not a weapon. well so please and you see that it was. mr putin yesterday income some whiskey family. idea is to get. it's not a mistake to get. technology from abroad and by the way don't forget that i already mentioned about such possibility and we would like to develop such cooperation with our country is about to be are not playing into why. for russian what we would like to do we would like to modernize. military complex and i would like to see our military conflicts with the best in the war and last question very sure of point to stress that russia together with its allies should strengthen the
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capabilities of the collective security treaty organization including the collective rapid response force should be modernizing the armed forces of the. countries it is this what what we should judge for from this point made by a private citizen he should know and it goes without saying that we would like to see our organisation efficient and think we are going to want some of the nations i would like to see walk on troops if you can be reduced to face any challenge any any of the russian federation and of course we will do our best to help this treaty as well as our wa allies it's one of our obligation to protect our allies and to build with your actual sea thank you very much and just to remind you there by i guess probably shared today was ambassador conduct of the and tons
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of russia's deputy to french news and the third from out from all of us here if you want to have your sales pipeline to have someone in mind so you think actually the next time you drop me a line i'll hear your past particularly darts are you know let's keep the spotlight interactive we'll be back with more from the comments i was telling you on and outside russia until then stay on r.t. and thank you.
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the death of two foreign journalists in syria intensifies pressure for international involvement in the conflict inside the country anything such calls are just fueling the violence. connection.


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