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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2012 1:30am-2:00am EST

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pressure for international involvement in the conflict but inside the country many feel such calls are just fueling the violence that's the u.n. humanitarian chief to syria negotiating delivery of eight hundred twenty three. election fever grips russia with political activity reaching a peak at the presidential poll major pro-government opposition rallies will take place today over one hundred thousand demonstrators expected to gather in moscow. and the concern of the effectiveness of sanctions targeting iran's nuclear program grows surrounds the biggest participation resist western pressure to join the economic war israel meanwhile has repeatedly defied the wait for sanctions to work fused to root out the possibility of a military strike. next we talked to the head of the foreign affairs committee in russia they were house of parliament to discuss the ongoing conflict in syria.
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could you tell us about the purpose of your decision to syrian. the main objective of my visit to syria is to see the situation firsthand just as you know the russian state duma issued a statement on the situation in syria ten days ago speaking strongly against outside interference in syria's affairs and against the un and its security council siding with one of the parties in this civil conflict. we also believe that the syrian government should not be the only side obliged to lay down their weapons and that we armed groups of opposing the government should do the same my task here is to conduct negotiations with the representatives of the authorities and the opposition to get a clearer picture of the situation and to give
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a report to the chairman integrities of the state duma members as you know russians closely follow the situation in syria despite all the heated arguments in view of the upcoming presidential election of united russia for the ruling party and the opposition spoke in unison on this matter of the some other just i don't rule out the possibility that the state duma will revisit the issue perhaps more than once. during your meeting with president pointed out that russia's. own reform in syria and it causes foreign intervention in syria's affairs will not stand the strain you're seeing or comment on the recent statements by the secretary general of the arab league. last year and b i don't have shown signs that their position might suddenly. you're the most. obviously you got off a statement made by the arab league's representative expresses nothing but his own
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opinion so far i see nothing that could make moscow and beijing change the firm stance on the issue expressed in the recent votes on the resolute. on syria in which they called for was urging both sides of the conflict to stop using force rather than only the pro regime forces because i think we currently have every reason to believe the russian delegation will continue its attempts to persuade the asset government to adjust their approach with respect to the use of military force when dispersing opposition groups on the other hand those with the ability to influence the armed groups should use it to ensure the violence is not regarded as the only way out of the conflict. scenario we have to avoid is this if driven by some factors yes that government decides to restrict the use of force and the other side should not be able to use it to their advantage really this has
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happened before when the government troops were ordered back to the barracks at the request of the arab league during the work of its mission from the ashes the rebel groups used the opportunity to mount an offensive i think it's impossible to reach a peaceful resolution to the conflict the scope on that basis but it's in your eyes what. corey highest court and i were friends of syria ingenues yes. what do you expect from that. yes. and with of sniping moscow refused to take part in that meeting because judging by the statements we've heard in the format of the so-called friends of syria club it will soon be formed the sole purpose of that conference is not to find a way out of the current situation but to promote the idea that the conflicts can
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only be resolved if our side leaves. i have met with mr assad himself a foreign minister of a parliamentary speaker and with representatives of two opposition organizations i have to say that i did not get the impression that it is the people versus asaad in this conflict the situation is different because the faction of the people is indeed opposing the regime while obvious support mr assad has some quite actively while yet another faction does not want syria to fuel into chaos they support the regime passively clearly not on the side of on the insurgents or the like they do not support the idea of outside interference the situation therefore is not simple it's not black and white nor scenario where a whole nation rises up to overthrow a government they don't like i can even quote one of the opposition representatives
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i met they believe that the situation cannot be resolved without the regime being involved and they believe he has to be part of the solution the arab league believes the current regime should be toned down even at the same time they make no suggestions about how vents should give bella after that he will replace the current regime believe me the armed insurgents who have been stepping up their efforts to topple the regime yesterday supported by foreign states or both arms shipments and high believe financially. do you think that will be a third party as we have learned from the example of egypt revolutions are not accomplished by the same people that start the. peaceful protests in syria but then there was quite a large scale demonstration in damascus on saturday have big goals but it happens quite often that the people's protest is taken over by others who have very little interest in democracy or the protestors initial goals but it is the critical point
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it very strange outside pressure on syria's ruling regime is spearheaded by countries that are in fact undemocratic when representatives of the gulf monarchies which as far as i know do not have a single democratic institution start complaining about our son's regime being undemocratic and if there is i believe undermines the political and moral legitimacy and i would say of the friends of syria is it a club of serious friends or a club of people who want bashar assad gone that is the question we have to ask the question of the answer which to me is quite obvious have been the reason that moscow chose not to take part in the conference. it was held. at the what you think military intervention is a realistic option and what countries that support the syrian opposition.
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as there is there. from the meetings i attended in damascus i got the impression that there is no such thing as a united syrian opposition there is the syrian national council with its seat in istanbul which opposes the very idea of negotiating with the regime it seems this council was created specifically to promote the idea of military intervention because of however according to other syrian opposition organizations it has very little influence in syria and is very weakly represented on syria's political scene . it is only one of the opposition groups comprised of syrians now have no influence or presence in the country nor are the greeters each one viewing itself as the most significant but again according to
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a representative of the opposition these organizations have no control over the whole insurgency for instance syria has so-called people's protest committees and some of these aren't connected to any opposition groups they have their own agenda they demand that the regime change its policies they demand democracy and free elections are they do not necessarily identify themselves with specific opposition movements in other words your position is very fragmented pickles are different some groups believe in thoughts of the regime others think it pointless some believe a constitution would offer some grounds for political evolution in syria the business others think the constitution be worth less than the paper it's printed on but some believe the elections hard to organize could take place with others
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say lections would have sat in power would be pointless. because they would inevitably be rigged by the regime in conditions such as these when there is no single force that the regime could negotiate with it is quite hard to open a national dialogue when i have not met with members of the armed groups so i cannot convey their position to u.d.c. part as i see it the opposition groups active in syria those represented into mass gets are against the idea of military intervention of the libyan scenario is not popular here even those groups that want our side gone you do not support the idea of foreign military intervention and they believe the libyan scenario would result in chaos and loss of control here basis that syria is different from libya in that the foundation for democracy has been laid there at the authorities have a concept of democratic procedure but i think that these groups want to deal with
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syria's internal affairs on their own i think at the same time they are desperate to a point because the situation feels like a dead end i mean the authorities are pursuing their own goals. the armed opposition has used its own goals and it's very hard to upset this negative stability as i would call it like that in order to begin a political process of that would change the regime and at the same time reconcile the regime with syrian society and get you know a little edge with it. it's
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i shall be soon which rises. above song from funds to. nice clean start tsotsi don't come. cheap.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images from world and seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. but the two foreign journalists in syria intensifies pressure for international involvement in the conflict but inside the country any fear such calls are just fueling the violence that's un humanitarian chief is to head to syria to negotiate
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and delivery of aid to the conflict torn country. election fever grips russia with political activity reaching a peak at the presidential poll major pro-government and opposition rallies will take place today over one hundred thousand demonstrators expect to gather in most scared. and concerned over defectiveness of sanctions targeting iran's nuclear program grows to iran's think its partners age it was just a question pressured to join the economic. israel meanwhile has repeatedly defied calls to wait for sanctions to work for the future without the possibility of a military strike. it was a big night over european football has under those postings. hello there thanks for joining me on this what is coming up into the course is to
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see him also go to russia limpy our cost to reach the last state of basketball surely. last gasp when the sun's german giants by meeting people champions league. and all is forgiven man city boss man cine is ready to bring back ten days as his side cringe passports to reach the last sixteen of the europa league now start the basketball you really and the competition has its first quarter finalist to skim osco thrash olympiacos ninety six to sixty four to secure their perth in the next stage with a game to spare when would mean a finish top agree plea and to scar never look like passing out opportunity taking a nearly ten to nothing lead to fall carrying a commanding twenty eight point lead by half time and then p.r. course did respond to produce and even third period bit to scar rounded off an easy win with andre braugher on civic leader scorers with fifteen points. apparently.
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it's really. all right you just need to do you honestly. think it's going to look at all the future ok some new york a few years ago used to work oh for years and years for new look pretty good practice. to steer straight into a prisoner of. war got a task also interior scars group and they moved a step closer to the quarter finals themselves with the sixty four fifty six win over and i believe the win effectively knocking out fs from the competition markel attacks or i need to beat olympiacos next weekend to progress. and italian side once they passé c.n.r. all but mathematically assured of a place in the last state that despite their sixty to fifty nine defeat despite any side just couple wanted crashes leading scorer eagle would have cost of each
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thought he had won the game when he scored with seconds there but who had the last laugh with the buzzer beating shot from raul opec's. champions league will have produced a major upset beating by mean it by go with a nail in switzerland substitute valentyn stalk over the winner four minutes from time giving the swiss side a slim advantage for the return leg of this last sixteen tie all swear marsay proud to win it in injury time to beat into man by the same score line but the headlines belong to basel their manager heaping praise on these players afterwards although by now confident they can turn things around. my team have surrender seen this focus concentration will have a great part of pure talent and due to this with the trick make sure we are in the position to turn over teams of the quality of barmaid. one must say want to flex on the whole game over the ninety minutes and i could see it would have been just to get a draw that said we lost one neal i think i have
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a lot of experience in european twenty minutes and i have been often in such situations and i know of course there is a second game and we might team that seed by and i myself have the confidence enough to believe that we can turn it around in the trial against me more match the city other first team to reach the last sixteen of the europa league play be defending champions porto four nil at the end he had stadium to go three six one and i get afterwards coach roberta man cheney said carlos tevez could be playing for his side again within three weeks after the striker apologised to his free month exile from the club a timely templeman cheney who has got his eyes set on the europa league and english premier league double you know. we want to try i want to open going there finally is possible it will be difficult because the robot league. cup squad like united shot here is about ten purely for this reason would be difficult but we want to try and get there but it's really on the top if we were in thirteen games from
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any remaining ties taking place tonight and among them knocking out of moscow go to athletic bilbao i would say one advantage on their first leg but the russian side proved they need to overturn a one all deficit away at the limpy are. already out on foot in the last six days and take a three one vantage into their return leg against that cia munchkin i think must fancy their chances against i.x. having won their senior last week so those three alex ferguson is taking nothing for granted and obviously use it was a goal. we're going to try and avoid so we have to try. on water beauty and when they do that russia won the european beach suck a cock in moscow at the weekend and continue to dominate the sport after being
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crowned world champions last year it has been a rapid rise to the top for a country hardware known for its beaches so what is the secret of their success richard poor fleet has been finding. despite being under a blanket of snow for around six months of the year russia has a beach soccer team which is the envy of the world but countries like brazil portugal and spain have all year round access to the beach it's the russians who are leading the world culminating in burbled cup win in italy last year i would presume were an incredibly strong side five or so years ago but over the last couple of years in russia a lot of indoor beach soccer stadiums have been built and we have caught up with the rest of the world and surpass them before two thousand and seven russia had only qualified for beach soccer wall carpet one occasion however since then the countries developed into the world's top sides and the owner of it's also russia's captain says football governing body should take a lot of credit for rapid rise. each soccer has developed in russia at
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a phenomenal speed the russian for well you know right behind us now in absolutely fantastic and supporting us and all the support helped us to be crowned world champions which is the highest honor we could have the russian team has also been outspoken having a very stable squad which is also incredibly talented but the last five years or so this so-called golden generation has grown in strength and confidence over the last few years and it's now one of the world's very best beach soccer teams the fact that russia had won the beach soccer world cup was hardly reported in russia however the goalkeeper hundred repeats he says the team is now getting more coverage in the press. every year every month and every turn of the past as more people are starting to write about us but if i'm going to be brutally honest beach soccer has a show. another reason for russia's record rise is the facts but the vast majority
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discordant nonprofessional gone are the days when players would have to work as taxi drivers and managers in order to supplement their income also russian clubs are able to compete with europe's very balanced bobbies teams are also importing top players from countries like brazil and portugal which helps raise the level of sport in the country. i would see eighty percent of the russians quarter professionals the majority of the squad play for the locomotive say which is form two years ago and also plea for the national side russian beach soccer side is going from strength to strength and is now by far the most successful team from a country competing in any world wide people small amounts may not be as famous as counterparts but the lines of underage sharman in roman publishing co probably want to wall carpet yet it's on russia's beach soccer players will be now aiming to retain the world crown jewel he meets here which aboard free to r.t. . let's switch to ice hockey where all sixteen playoff spots in the have been
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claimed that after the national moscow beat face local rivals to iscar one nil and the russian capital again was largely a page affair with the first two areas remaining to go it was an honor that with the winner half way through the final period went the course of course no one would know despite that they kissed moscow managed to make the last day thanks to a result that way not. the box in superstar manny pacquiao says his retirement is imminent but insists there are a couple of fights left in him yet and he said about promoting his next title defense the thirty three year old has won world titles and eight divisions and probably healthy to be a welterweight crown to square up against american timothy bradley last vegas in june and the two face each other and media in los angeles twenty eight year old bradley holds the light welterweight belt and has gone. twenty nine sites on the face and so if you'd expect he's been telling everyone he fancies chances yeah it
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makes his entrance and the story books in parade. very tiring i'm playing for. retirement retiring soon. so what i want i want to announce that. i fell for nothing back above me here take yeah i'll put booze on the canvas just general you know people see me you know not guys out you know what you know i'll put them on the canvas up with gene we're going to canvas i'll put peterson on a canvas you know put into almost any chair you want to get this. box is always this world champion bernard hopkins is set to get into the ring again age forty seven will face twenty nine year old chad dawson in a rematch on a full twenty eight from the atlantic city they fought last october but the bat was ruled a no contest after dorsey lifted up who fell and hurt his shoulder but then i say that to settle it was best once and for all i'm for the one finger that no one
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finger it's probably still what i want but i don't you know i'm a i'm a kind of i just don't know if i want a fair fight i want to nod to come out and fight i don't want to load no no no headbutts no business be to me like to make your list fight that's all i want an artist i want i want to fight that's it that's all i'm saying. what i'm going to do show i don't have. to win the fight. you were fights but fight. and win fights but fight. talking i'm going to the moment as well i'm back with more.
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well. it's technology innovation all the least developed around russia we've got the future coverage.
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in. the death of two foreign journalists in syria intensifies pressure for international involvement in the conflict but inside the country many fear such calls are just fueling the violence. and people groups from russia are ahead of a presidential.


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