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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EST

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six thirty pm in moscow these are your r t headlights a terrorist plot to kill vladimir putin thwarted by moscow and kiev which was planned shortly after the presidential election on sunday three suspects arrested for a bomb plot in ukraine have confessed to preparing to assassinate the prime minister . yes to reform the syrian people overwhelmingly approved a new constitution after voting in a landmark referendum but the e.u. is stepping up pressure with tough new sanctions on the assad regime. cash rich in germany expected to back a new rescue deal for greece despite unease it won't be enough to save the country
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meanwhile spain is feared to be slowly succumbing to a similar fate for iran secrecy over its nuclear program has so far led to crippling sanctions but threatens to end in military intervention up next the former head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog shares his thoughts. with the world's eyes focused on iran and nuclear issues both peaceful and non-peak making the headlines week after week interest in this subject is at a peak and where did many people go to try and get insight and answers but to hans blix you're a former weapons inspector diplomat and politician you've been immersed in this world for a long time thank you for joining me pleasure so we'll start off with top story at the moment it's very difficult to tell just how serious the crisis is from week
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to week is it a peak is didn't trough how serious do you think it is imminent or i think it is very serious you have american aircraft carriers in the gulf you have british and french vessels in the gulf you have an iranian. general saying that they might close off the strait of hormuz so it is very tense and israel is saying that they should bomb iran a bomb or a nuclear installations and presidential candidate boards or seem to say yes we should be tough with iran implying that. to bomb iran it is a situation that cries for some diffuse a lot of prestige and a lot of injured pride and i think the more belligerent the outside world sounds to iran the more the iranian population will support its government regardless of what
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they lived or what they think about the government other respects it is a dangerous situation how likely is it that iran is really going to say well we'll play the game we'll talk the talk but really we're getting a bomb and we don't care what anyone else is iran does not need a weapon. the iraq today they don't need against pakistan against russia against turkey so i don't see that tremendous pressure this gives me some hope that it would be possible to persuade them to move out of investment or to and to ensure that there will be no bomb making the question is how you do it and i don't think it has been done with all that cleverness i haven't seen all the details but that i think it could have been done better i don't think they behaved somebody insulting to the rain as you say iran must behave itself as if it were an unruly seven year old boy sort of a neo colonialist tool and this doesn't help at all i think the western europeans
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the u.k. france and germany that were the first to go in with us at that time as a backseat driver they came up with rewards and say that yes this is enrichment is dangerous you should suspend it and we would actually give rewards for that and they came up with some useful things they said that if you suspend enrichment we are willing to help you to get into the world trade organization that was important we are even they are willing to help you to build up to receive you want to have nuclear power the problem we are not against high technology in iraq we are worried about enrichment and they said we can facilitate investments in iran so there was some good is actually there on tables and i think that with the bush administration was more dedicated to sticks. to carrots so they begin with some economic sanctions or some sanctions or traveling of urine and so forth. course we want to hear that yes we have to push more for sanctions that we have run the diplomatic path and the
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only sanctions remain the sound now we're talking about stopping only importing and maybe bombing but i think they're lost that imagination there are still things that can be done on the reward side have there for instance said to the rains that if we have a settlement u.s. will resume diplomatic relations. have they said that you want to have a pipeline from from iran to india well it was a step in that you could have it so there are some things that could be put on the table in a discussion the biggest thing i think would be if the israelis were to come up and say that look we are worried about your retirement we think you might use a bomb against us how about a swap we drop and do away with our military our nuclear weapons and you will stop all the richmond and it's saudi arabia egypt turkey all the others they agreed to commit we will have no regrets but we have no reprocessing that is what you call a nuclear weapons free zone for the middle east and i think that's where the aim should be but if i mention that today they would laugh at me well this is the point
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i mean i let me just play devil's that with you for a minute that is one view nuclear free zone but as you say at the moment there wouldn't be this crisis if there wasn't the perception that iran is heading towards getting a nuclear weapon so some people have said that well perhaps it might be a good thing if iran had a nuclear weapon perhaps it might be a useful thing. i don't think so i think that any spread and the further spread further spread of nuclear weapons is not a good thing it is dangerous when there are many fingers on the nuclear triggers and i don't like the israeli finger i don't like the indian pakistani u.s. or any of the things i bring which will reduce them at the same time i don't think that is the world and if iran were to come to a nuclear weapon israel says is the existential question for them i think not i
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think that the they do terence will act between israel and iran as it acts between india and pakistan. i think the israeli nuclear weapons would be somewhat neutralized in their effect by the existence of a weapon in iraq in iran i can see the risk that iran would peddled its nuclear secrets technology to other groups but that exists already so i don't think i don't think the world comes to an end with a nuclear having said that i think it is highly desirable that iran moves away suspend the enrichment on that point that is a lot of your career has been spent looking at that very question how do you verify that how do you know where is the technical scientific evidence well the actual making a bomb is not an easy thing i have not made one. lawyer not not an engineer it's
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not an easy thing but it's been judged that the most crucial element of the bomb after all is the explosive material and that is either enrich uranium to something like ninety percent or it is plutonium and the iranians can enrich to twenty percent we know that they could resist to ninety percent if they wanted to so the crucial point remains do they enrich to more than twenty percent do they stay at this and it is supervision of that in that respect i think we must say that iranians have been thoroughly good they have allowed inspection they have not declared all that they should i think they have not lived up to their obligations under the safeguards agreement but they do inspectors are there and i think they can they have the means of seeing how much are they are reaching and to what level all the rich are so so long as the inspectors are there then the world will be assured that no they are not accumulating but here but of course they could they could throw out inspectors one day or they could i don't think they can cheat very
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much many critics of inspection process is under diplomatic efforts would say that well this is really just a two zero. of nato of us and they're just there to get reasons to get excuses either for intervention or sanctions what do you think about no i'm a strong believer in inspections international civil service. international an objective or. non political civil service that seeks they or be active is something we need. and we don't need we don't want to have a civil service that applies to the american heart when we were in new york i think we were given credit for trying to get to the truth i think we deserve that we were absolutely trying to get to the facts you cannot be a hundred per cent but when you compare to what the u.s. and u.k.
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were saying about the situation in iraq and what we were saying we were much much closer to the truth the reality is you know if a doctor cannot have a good therapy unless he has a good diagnosis and if government make the wrong diagnosis about is about iraq where about iran well how can you have the good therapy you as a civil service however you'd like. to call it give a diagnosis and as far as you're concerned the powers that be can do what they want with that but as you said perhaps those diagnosis have been misused. what do you think maybe what you think is going wrong that there's a new element also in the picture and that is that came off to ninety ninety one because in ninety ninety one we realized that iraq has had been cheating we went to declared installations but not to other places and they were building things elsewhere so we said if intelligence knew about this if the cia knew about
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these things they should tell the the i.a.e.a. can then ask the iraq to say that look we have heard this we would like to go there and therefore you say there is nothing in them lift letters in so we then encouraged us and others to come with intelligence to the and they have done that great deal with iran now the i.a.e.a. for the i.a.e.a. this should be a one way traffic if the i.a.e.a. should not be the prolonged arm of the cia because then it loses the confidence of the countries they go to but they can't receive it they can critically examine it and of course the cia intelligence can always try to fool everybody off of information maybe through. maybe this information and therefore they have to examine it critically if we in new york during the iraq crisis had accepted the intel so yeah well they say it so it must be so then of course we would have failed the i think has been very cautious with about the information they received about
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iraq so the combination of the national states and the inspectors who are there legally on the site is a very very useful well the world doesn't seem to be getting any simpler but we thank you for helping to make it a little bit more sense of it so mr blix trying much like. wealthy british scientists are. trying to explain. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars
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a report on our. wealthy british style holds the. title.
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of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy. he's.
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a terror plot to kill vladimir putin afforded by moscow and kiev which was planned shortly after the presidential election sunday three suspects arrested for a bomb plot in ukraine have confessed to preparing to assassinate the prime minister. yes to reform the syrian people overwhelmingly approved a new constitution after voting in a landmark referendum but the e.u. is stepping up pressure with tough new sanctions on the assad regime. and cash rich germany expected to back any rescue deal for greece despite means it won't be enough to save the country meanwhile spain is feared to be slowly succumbing to a similar fate. dimitri up next with the latest sports news stay with us here on
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r.t. . hello there sports and all to you thanks for joining us coming up in the program welcome back i think it's listening to the new appointed. and cannot tell the. ball song limit hold me jump a ship side cardiff on penalties to win the lake that pace of civil way since two thousand and six. hundred fifty two two hundred forty nine ways the states for the second straight year in the end baseball saw game kobe bryant and kevin durant's shiny for the winners. a russian national team is preparing for its first friendly match ahead of euro twenty twelve on wednesday dick advocaat
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smatter will be tested by denmark in copenhagen the only newcomer to the national team spot on smithfield and me to come are if he's looking to make a convincing debut in well under a shaaban who was loaned back to isn't it from us no still has a trust with a gottesman hoping the move will help russia's star regain his shape and confidence i've got also claimed he was far from considering to have anything in common with russia's opponents at the group stage of the upcoming european championship. so there were very worried. because the city of the blue one. in domestic matches have won their final friendly game ahead of the resumption of their russian premier league season next weekend they beat to create inside arsenal cave three nil in turkey and richard
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vanpool fluid has spoken exclusively to their newly appointed manager good hitting and started that conversation by asking about the club's most recent signing defender christopher samba from blackburn. what i heard from from the president and through my coaching go that it was in the latest hours and the latest minutes before the deadline of friday now yesterday and also a couple of his coming in so we have two two people coming in extra it was a latests latest call of course he is an experienced player is playing really quite a lot of games in the premier league and this is one of the or maybe the best league in the world so he got a lot of experience i think he brings in also a lot of of dynamic and personality and character to the team as well because we are of course looking for the balance. yeah let's say that the mental power
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technical power and he's experienced i mean with under shot and you make an attempt to try and sign him fundraise well but under him we have i have frequent contact and well he he can he was welcome in but we have to see what will happen with him in the future we're going to act as any for the remainder of this season to listen to me for wellies he says it's his home and he did very well in the first part of his stay. and i met him several times also over the years it was good to see him and he gave also good name to russian football in general brought and it was always good to see good players in russia and once he's come back on his sore level yeah then he can be very useful for senate when wrong do you think over the last year or so with underachieving i don't know if if if a lot of things went wrong but he started very well in premier league and it's too far away to give
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a proper judgment about that but obviously in the team he was in and out of them maybe it didn't work out as well as it should the last month. you've been named head coach when i make it easier to bring in top name players specifically world class trying to like this was hitting a helm term that will help their tracks. might help it might help but at the end that the players must be convinced that it's a serious and i'm a serious person but the club also is a serious club and that i think that's that that helps of course we we have a lot of contacts worldwide but i just don't want to hide just on bringing foreign a foreigner foreign is for me for russia and for now and for the future the world cup is coming up and more progress in football we have to empathize also in on the you think the case against her so i'm going to focus in with my name worldwide on big players of course but also in saying slipstream also young
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promising russian players. also in football liverpool have won the third stroke in six years by lifting the lake up at wembley that soft dramatic three eight pounds a victory over championships cardiff city nothing separated besides in normal time or extra time meaning a shootout will truth was decisive it was the last side that took a surprisingly before stuff when a job may soon picked up by kind of a ball the seven time when it's levelled much as we drive through the second half of defender martin's cattell reacting quickest to make one up after a free kick forcing extra time because then thought he had won it for liverpool before a dramatic equaliser from bent to make any two all meaning penalties and not a day of mixed emotions for the church family anthem and mrs pouncey for cardiff each month liverpool won three suit and his cousin seven to lift the cup.
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well yeah you know as you say before it was the only way you little way through probably because you think you're going to work to do. to the moment you're going to notice them you know off the next three although if you think of a thing we. also saw on their minds to not to close the gap only just match the city back to two points in the english premier league after winning two one at norwich bryan gates celebrated for his night under appearance for his part with their winning gold in the late game of the day still treat for sue nail time came from two goes down against tottenham in a remarkable north london at the emirates five to a finish in favor of the gun it's moved back into the champions league places now
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trail third place by seven points but had them firmly in their sights according to manage just. thank. you it's just impossible if you keep around going yes of course why not but. you know as much as before the game it was impossible i always forgot even before the game but if it's possible could be done to consistency because everybody in the premier league know. i mean i can lose points so it is since the start of the season and they have a different schedule we have a different a good europe but if you continue to play like that why not. to the hardwood now where kobe bryant and kevin durant were the cream of the n.b.a. crop as they pass their western conference stars and rivals in the all star game duran earning the games and the pianist while bryant became the top scorer in the event's history. cinderella story the dynamic duo and blake griffin
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once again put on a show for the fans in florida bryant in the past michael jordan to become very top scorer all star events kobe finished return seven points while gerard got thirty six hundred and fifty two two hundred forty nine of his final score there with the western corporation team preparing for the second straight year while drought said he never thought that the chance to shine bright is on such a huge stage. oh man this is exciting thrilling to be named or store but to step it up and become a view was always something. to come from work come from i didn't think i would be here so. it's just been a blessing to me i'm excited. to get back to oklahoma city as well. in winter sports dodge snowboarders have celebrated double triumph at the final. in canada. to the top in the men's slopestyle competition remember only finished once on the
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podium in all his previous world cup appearances this time the seventeen year old secured gold with his second run on the course this performance fourteen a full eighty nine points a result which was just enough to become canadians jonathan vestey and parrot finishing second and third respectively while the season's freestyle world cup winner finland came in a disappointing ninth place. in the meantime compared to the girls claimed the title in the lay. this event they thought ninety two point zero to one hundred possible to beat group of kind of almost ten point margin now they can stand alone completed the whole two. and finally in the p.g.a. american john hart has won the gulf classic event in mexico. titled the winner
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an eight playoff marathon the american closed their regular part of the competition with an eight part exactly the same throw. and in the playoffs the two leaders were never going to give up as the play remained equal through their first seven. but that's how eight alan baker got into trouble from where he failed to scrape hot rolled perfectly to secure his first win. having done it in just his fifth of them when i was lost for words. i couldn't see anything were and. and. you know it's my dream to play in the store and. you know when this turned to me. ok that's all the sports news for the moment i'll go back and with more stay with
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us. closer is that so much as i can recall running for the price of crude stubbornly high in consumers feel the pinch but why are energy prices so high you said the lack of supply and secure.
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