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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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the e.u. cracks down on the regime in damascus with the strongest sanctions to date as a majority of syrian voters say yes to political reforms. kicked while it's down greece's junk credit score was cut again by a ratings giant standard and poor's the spied a massive bailout finally being secured. although iran's and voyage to the un atomic watchdog tells r t the agency's biased against his country he was in washington of trying to influence inspectors.
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this is actually coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie the european union has hit damascus with its toughest set of sanctions yet think more asset freezes against officials and impose restrictive measures on the country's central bank the e.u. continues to execute a strategy of putting political and economic pressure on the syrian regime to force president assad out of power it's also maintaining support for the opposition recognizing the syrian national council as a legitimate representative of the population meanwhile speaking at the un human rights council the french foreign minister said asad will soon face justice for crimes against his people well that's amid the referendum on the new draft constitution in syria where the majority of voters said yes to reform argues more if an option has more from damascus to be a figure. nearly two thirds of all those eligible to vote in syria cast their ballots on sunday with eighty nine percent of them voted in favor of the new charter there's been many. concerns before the referendum started on sunday about
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how the ballot may go on and with bonds to keep in the country how they vote in may go on had in particular the troubled areas here in syria like in the besieged city all poems on this into a live north of the capital damascus syria interior minister has said that the violence is isolated to some particular areas within the cities as well the other areas it's quite calm there and there's been many polling stations that and people had the opportunity to come there and to vote to express their will kill so as they've been attempts to intimidate people there on the ground by gunmen they've been times to prevent people from voting and of course he has said look old those who wanted to vote in the referendum actually had the opportunity to do that but the fact is that fifty seven percent of all those eligible cast their ballots here in syria their sources meanwhile refused to provide a breakdown on how people voted in particular areas like for example in the city of
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poso either live or die out are the clashes between the opposition and this source is still continuing serial interior minister has provided the journalist with a kind of update on what's going on in the city of homes right now was the situation that he said the security forces are on the ground trying to take control of the city trying to fight with opposition forces and they will do that until it's all over and until we know on forces on the opposition forces left in the region or even often reporting there as western powers pledge support for the opposition they are interrelated that only be a star scenario will not be repeated in syria but political analyst and activist recross of sas damascus is already following the same path. as a whole has no interest in a peaceful resolution. of the conflict with syria wherever they want to one side of opposition forces the deposing of the government they want in short regimes and so
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they were made by the government and the mouse was to see certain degree of power. play a multi-party coalition for example to reach an agreement with non violent opposition there's for them to the violence and the gun to some sort of national reconciliation is a part of this in the world that was once was the prospects for resolving the issue . and for very much about a reconciliation syria are not going to be aided by the sort of the rhetoric. of the circuits are openly called for nor jury intervention in syria or the pattern of those divers where rick is flying we've seen with the last year libya syria the world community. you know who's going to who is going to be tomorrow and want to. put in the. political analysts and activists across of talking to us from chicago.
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now it looks like greece's john credit score could drop now lower but ratings giant standing of poor us had their i.d.'s it's cut the great dad once again classifying athens as being in selective default after it forced private creditors to accept losses in a massive bond swap the move was part of last week's deal to qualify for a one hundred thirty billion euros of rescue cash the german parliament overwhelmingly support of the bailout a monday after chancellor angela merkel foreign lawmakers of the risks of turning away from greece financial advisor margaret bovary fess that as soon as the downgrade did come as a surprise and view of current events. it is my opinion you know to be that he did exactly what the market both expected and he to do and what the markets are actually doing is only waited for although i have to be dotted and all the t.'s to be crossed really came to green and with private creditors it's worth the trade to
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secure our debt deal all ending that abuse waiting for was for those bad to be finalized who are they actually put into place you know when you know it was that i think it's been here for months but that we just needed finalize to go easy what happens now i think we need to start taking a look at countries like ireland portugal spain i mean i think i remained in particular is a very interesting case to look at and they were two very similar ization and a few years ago and they were able to play by the rules and you know do good within the european union and i think that was the response i don't have a reason to ask me to but you know one of three is eventually we have to start looking at those countries i do think what this does not buy is the european union will take on a very different political and economic shape within the next year. also i have for you this hour here on our t.v. russian elections turned digital after video showing alleged vote fraud go viral web cams are installed in every polling station to make the presidential ballot
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transparent as possible. and once the land of liberty now the home of fear we investigate why americans feel insecure in their own country that's coming your way in a few minutes. the u.n. nuclear watchdog isn't impartial when it comes to iran says the country's envoy to the i.a.e.a. ali asghar soltanieh told r.t. exclusively that the u.s. which suspects urana seeking nuclear weapons is trying to influence the agency's work the i.a.e.a. criticized iran last week for not allowing its officials to visit a key military site but saul's anea says that such an inspection would undermine the agency's credibility and threaten iran security. they said that they will respect the national security but at the same time following the american allegation they want to go to the military side without any restrictions in these against iran the issues are regarding to me size explosive which is nothing to do
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with the mandate of our. interests that you should only money toward nuclear material not to see what kind of a country has that is something which is due a link from their mandate and of course embedded can and trying to push it in order to intrusive include being increased the intrusiveness beyond the national security of the member states it is not good for the kind of the ability of each come they said i apologize they forgot to go to an end the place last time we told them that they can choose anywhere in this site and they chose it and the former director general when i was with him in fact that the evening after two times of visit he said and declared that their parting is part of the story now how come they're just requesting again still we are not ruling out access to military sites including parching provided that everything goes right down.
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can you now watch the full interview with iran's envoy to the u.n. nuclear agency in around twenty minutes time here on our. israel says it won't warn the u.s. of a decides to launch a strike in iranian nuclear facilities israel which believes iran is a threat has been ramping up belligerent rhetoric in recent weeks to spy warnings from washington but artillery now reports other more immediate threats may be dangerously overlooked. love their neighbors as the biblical saying goes but in the case of israel there is not much love lost between the jewish state and the countries closest do it while authorities in jerusalem in fierce and feyerick is ations at iran some wonder if in their empty tehran frenzy they may have overlooked other troubles brewing much closer to home to gary the reason why euphoria in israel called the result hostile activity so there is no terrorist
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activity. other than. the gaza strip. in fact the post conflict has long been a source of problems for the israeli government but recently seems the issue has all but been forgotten some believe this blinkered approach may end up having dire and explosive consequences for israel with the rise of islamic tendencies in the wake of the arab spring states which until now have been tacitly benevolent to what israel may do it turns around in fact such changes already evident in egypt the muslim brotherhood which holds the majority of seats in the parliament has already threatened to break peace accord but this israel as a response to pressure from the u.s. and the crackdowns and. it's even worse egypt when they go tremendous changes egypt will stand behind hamas one day hamas may attack israel as it did in the. two thousand and eight the question is how would egypt
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such a conflict i think is an imminent threat iran is not an imminent threat. but could also be an imminent threat some believe is the situation in syria which seems to go from bad to worse with every passing day. of control by centralism in the mess because. the presence of terrorist groups that operate to get steve israel meanwhile israel's most placid neighbor jordan may seem to be a bedrock of stability but experts say that isn't so because the media the neighbor to be used it's a country that israel has a. relationship with it also has the longest border with and i think it is most vulnerable to. destabilizing influences from almost everywhere else spill over from syria spillover from iraq there are very serious problems and jordan one look at the map is enough to show that israel's position in the real. could be
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described as potentially problematic at best however israeli authorities seem to be less concerned with reinforcing good relations with neighbors or preparing for those relations to worsen instead they obstinately continue to confront iran with the word of words for now in tel aviv it is a ghost party now almost every polling station in russia is now equipped with web cameras just days ahead of the presidential vote the measure was introduced to secure maximum transparency after last a samaras parliamentary election triggered allegations of vote rigging it orbits cannot explains how the new web system works. the all of us prefer a video that went around the web alleged a merry go round of voting prevented at one of moscow's cooling stations during the recent parliamentary election he is among those on the recording he claims for a promise we want from the city district of tories he was given ten completed
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ballots to stuff in the box in favor of a certain party little did the alleged plotters know it was a journalist on an undercover mission you're possible seculars i was shocked by the cynicism of the situation i mean what's the point of the vote all the other if they could easily give out filled out ballots to hold groups of people scores of similar videos have been posted on the web pushing tens of thousands to protest many cases are under investigation but to prevent a repeat during the presidential vote the sunday nearly all polling stations across russia are being equipped with the web cameras to talk the idea is not only to prevent stuffing but to show on camera the results in each polling station and they could then easily be compared with the final figures on line this is maximum transparency. each polling station is being equipped with at least two cameras one with a general shot of the mount box and the other with a cool simple the smart all videos will be fed to good leaders centers after
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computer processing then be sent to seven large storage and distribution facilities . radio and satellite these centers will then broadcast the information to several web portals for everyone to watch online these are the servers where the data from all the web cameras will be process to rolls and rolls of heavy duty or where you know order to work around five hundred years of information that's only thought he would take to watch all the videos from beginning to a. good movie or t.v. moscow. have plot to assassinate prime minister about him or a poet now after the presidential ballot has been uncovered by special forces so go to r.t. dot com to find out about the joint operation between russia and ukraine the suspects cabret handed was explosive said the plot has been masterminded by russia's most
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wanted terrorist. and one of the suspects is alleged to have studied put in security arrangements that have been years of the premier's motorcade on his computer also on the line. kids drawing lands her dad behind bars find out how the father of a four year old girl was locked up after his daughter drew a picture of a gun at school read a full story at our dock. following the nine eleven attacks national security became a fact of everyday life for americans but it was not only the police who were expected to serve and protect u.s. citizens were also asked to play big brother and his marina partner reports from new york it's a role that's leaving man to people even more afraid. the united states of america is home to over three hundred thirty million people we are a country known for freedom that was then this is today it's.
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sure report suspicious activity of the authorities the land of liberty is fast becoming known as the land of fear and suspicion there are individuals of united states who seek to carry out acts of terrorism a post nine eleven slogan born in new york city has been adopted nationwide don't assume it was left by accident if you see something say something this see something say something american campaign depicts terrorist scenarios and encourages members of the public to keep watch on well other members of the public according to f.b.i. pamphlets distributed to local businesses potential terrorist activity indicators include always paying with cash wearing backpacks and baggy clothes and the discreet and prolonged use of cameras for note taking even the cybercafe owners are encouraged to keep watch on any customers overly concerned with privacy even just
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trying to shield your screen from others can make you a suspect. questioning government policies or making anti-war statements can also land citizens on the u.s. watch list as of two thousand and nine the u.s. defense department categorizes public protests as low level terrorism we live in a military dominated society. of the people or on or. that there. terrorism is a threat you know and trying to live in his career level has been exploited and. sustained the n.y.p.d. under fire again for its intelligence gathering campaign involving muslim americans and illegal surveillance scandal erupted in the big apple after police officers were caught spying on mosques and muslim communities according to the associated press thousands were under surveillance with no evidence or even allegations of
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criminal behavior we have to keep this country safe this is a dangerous place many of the u.s. fear that with america's escalating definition of suspicious activity the government's expanding powers remain the biggest threat to the people security. artsy new york. all this is r t coming to you live from moscow coming up in the next few minutes hating controversy. but india wants to be deemed to be quote india doesn't want to be treated any more president being towed by mother to do things the fans manny indians and angers most britons but london is a to do daily keeps blowing out a way find out why shortly on our team. now take a look at some of the stories from around the world police in full riot gear have removed occupy london fans outside st paul's cathedral this came after of the high court gave the green light to clear the protest site every port of twenty arrests were made and some protesters tried to walk up officers from dismantling the camp
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demonstrators inspired by the global occupy movement have been camped outside the economy one landmark since october oh our man have opened fire on a passenger bus and northern pakistan killing eighteen people and wounding several others the ambush happened in a mountainous village in cali stone district it was not clear what the motive for the attack was but in the past shiite muslims were frequently targeted by sunni militants in the area. an explosion at a chemical factory northeastern china has left thirteen people dead and over forty injured the blast nearby buildings and broke window panes within a radius of two thousand meters tremors caused by the incident were felt in several villages near the plant rescue teams are still working at the site. fishing boat to reach the stranded castilla grow a cruise ship and its one thousand passengers in the indian ocean is towing it to a nearby island liner it was sailing from madagascar to the seychelles when
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a fire broke out in an electric generator room the blaze was extinguished by what caused loss of power no injuries are reported. well they say charity begins at home but it may not be the case when it comes to the aid the u.k. has been sending to india the former british colony recently called the donations peanut saying there's no need for it anymore but the u.k. government keeps the question keeps the cash go flowing while at the same time cutting public spending at home parties laura smith reports. whoever stays street gets a used to the pounding of feet with demonstrations large and small a regular sight don't spend our money on foreign wars don't cost our public services these people are saying but although the government insists the cupboard is. still sending millions to india one of the fastest growing economies in the
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world is absolutely crazy really and foreign aid of course is one of the few areas of the u.k. budget it's actually increasing substantially if the next three or four years but money could make a huge difference if it was for example spent on tax cuts for low paid workers or you could make a huge economic difference if it was spent. to keep the right tree angry it's a government that. makes services but can't afford to send one. billion dollars. to india which now has more billionaires than britain and the indian economy will grow by seven percent this year compared to a measly one percent here it's already got the ninth largest gross domestic product in the world and it's got the space program immense wealth rubbed shoulders with crippling poverty though and defenders of the aid program point to india's six hundred million poor people living on less than two dollars
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a day the government says the aid is carefully targeted investment into education for women and children and helping the private sector create jobs and growth it is wrong to portray this as an indiscriminate about of money being given to the indian government who can go and spend it on. space or indeed other things this is a very concentrated. targeted a program and i think on that basis given it has been targeted at some of the poorest people in the world. i'm happy to defend the aids concentrated on the three poorest states in india but if the government thinks that'll help it reach its goal experts say it's mistaken the problem is those particular states have also got some of the worst problems with corruption and poor governance in india i mean it's related one of the reasons those are still struggling states is because they have a very bad government so the idea that somehow this is going to be different this
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time it is different though if only in the fact that the indians have said they don't even want the eight the foreign ministers dismissed the monies paid us and the recent decision to buy french rather than british fighter jets shows the cash doesn't even matter according to indian journalist mayhem he says it's up to the four hundred million wealthy indians to help their impoverished country men not patronize ing post-imperial britain we are showing how good we are this is the way to do it and this is what you should be doing in fact it produces the opposite effect it makes them resentful it makes them feel they are not taking indian seriously india wants to be treated as a world power india want to be treated as an equal india doesn't want to be treated any more as a little child being told by mother how to do things within a decade economists predict india will take in the case become the world's largest economy while british great stagnate it's time to take commentators for britain to
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build all relations with the new powerful india before the eight days to start flowing in the other direction. r.t. . what cross now to the business desk and get the latest from daniel bushell daniel what have you got up your sleeve this hour yes hello well the whole process and hurting the economy here but was last known is that today and yesterday russian firms are expected to pay some fourteen billion dollars in tax profit and mineral extraction tax into the government also helping the currencies let's have a look at the ruble real. the moment the euro is gamey gets most of the choruses that's off to germany's parliament approved greece's bailout package easing concern over european debt resolution and as we see the rubles extending previous games against the dollar now at twenty nine to the greenback is slightly low against the euro but still its best is mid twenty ten below thirty nine we spoke to the chief economist at old kriti a bank he told us how next sunday's presidential elections also help the ruble.
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what we're looking at is some sort of a pre-election rally in russia where investors have more confidence that stability will be insured and for that matter you know the me is the risk investing in russia might be lower than anticipated or i'm not sure how long it would last mind you that if there are reasons to expect a ruble to move in another direction towards being becoming a bit weaker central bank will not intervene as well in large volumes so what we're likely to see is much more volatility in the rate. let's check the stock markets now tokyo is in the black a rise in general retail sales helped consumer stocks that's offset the bankruptcy filing by chip maker elpida over in hong kong leaders are lending gains after bank bankrupted profits jump jump last year europe is edging higher in early trade there but same piece further downgraded greece to selective default and fresh spanish deficit concerns is keeping traders worried on the euro's future. swung into the
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black in the last hour but really struggling for directions today seeing contagion from continuing on certainty in asia and the u.s. let's check major movers is higher on the back of resolving it all supply dispute with china more on that a little later and tech firms to tronics is among the main retreats on reports is going to the list from the russian markets some financials or outperforming with d.t.b. up a third of a percent. all futures there in the red snapping the recent surge that threaten the global. konami recovery but continuing concern over middle east supply all stemming falls from staying with oil russia and china have sealed the year long process dispute with moscow agreeing to cut a dollar and a half from the price it charges beijing in turn china will settle its hundred thirty four million dollars for previous all deliveries the main supplier to the far east as which will benefit from the stability this deal provides next book
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called the new agreement a victory for russia china wanted a ten times bigger discount and that's your update from the business there's more in fifteen minutes headlines are next on our city. wealthy british style. is not on the title.
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