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eight thirty pm thursday night here in moscow welcome for me kevin owen if you just change into our teacher night these are all top stories for you mass rallies both for against the syrian government mark the first anniversary of the rest of the country becomes britain's guardian newspaper releases what it claims are thousands of league team veils for president assad's private account. pumping up the pressure the u.s. wants india to stop buying a rainy unoiled try to persuade the country to go elsewhere for its crude needs big
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time president obama has warned that the window for talks over rand's nuclear program is shrinking. plus the taliban the suspends peace talks with the united states and president karzai says he wants nato out of all villages for the american soldier gunning down sixteen civilians in cold blood washington and london maintain they will hand over security responsibility to afghan forces next year before coalition troops pull out in twenty forty. there's more topical conversation trita parsi the co-founder of the national training at american council tells us that r.t. while washington's approach towards the islamic republic has changed from one source from peaceful dialogue to the confrontation we're witnessing right now. r.t. is sitting down with trita parsi president of the national iranian american council and author of the new book a single roll of the dice obama's diplomacy with iran mr
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percy thank you very much for joining our team today thank you for having me this occurs when u.s. president barack obama stepped into the white house and early two thousand and nine he was offering a new approach with iran he extended his proverbial hand and said america is willing to sit down for direct talks with its long time adversarial how is it that three years later the u.s. seems closer to war with iraq than it was during the bush administration it's an interesting story and it's a story that i tell in the book based on all the interviews with folks from the white house as well as the iranian negotiators and other actors who have been involved in this from the europeans to be israelis it's a story of a president that enough in my assessment was genuine about diplomacy and wanted to pursue its but also knew that he had a very limited political space and political time to do so and that political space
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was very quickly eaten away by several different factors some of them he had no control over there was pressure from israel there was pressure from congress there was pressure from saudi arabia even some of the europeans were very concerned about the extent of the diplomacy that obama was willing to engage it and then there was of course the election scandal in iran with the massive human rights abuses that father really did a lot to limit his political spaces why the time he managed to get everyone to table in october two thousand and. collison quarter to one senior obama administration official that had become a gamble on a single rule of the. he either had to work right away or not the bar much needed a quick result because he had only one year in his own mind to prove his critics in washington at the clueless he could yield something right it's hardly got to the table was already october ten months of his presidency has passed and he needed
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a quick victory he didn't get it and as a result four weeks later it was ministration essentially abandons diplomacy and enters the sanction trap so you're saying he caved to external pressures that's the one very important factor of course there's other people inside the obama white house who were probably very loyal to the president but i think it is fair to wonder how committed they were to his vision of diplomacy since there's no track record of them prior to that having supported but and he hired some some of those individuals and put him in a very high places and i think when push comes to shove it becomes important what the viewpoints of these advisers are as well or particularly when it comes to the question how much more patients are we willing to hire under those circumstances if there are a lot of people who may not hundred percent shared vision the first thing that suffers the first thing that is second of phys is patience and patience is a critical component of any successful negotiation all of the negotiations that the
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united states has pursued successfully with countries that have been enemies and been transferred into becoming friends have taken a minimum of four years you see that it was a small window of opportunity where diplomacy really could have been very effective leading up to the last round of international sanctions against iran but then the obama administration did not capitalize on what happened well what you had is the odds on sixteenth of may two thousand and ten president lula of brazil goes to europe for a state visit scheduled months in advance. and the day after every gun of turkey comes or israel and they have an eighteen hour marathon negotiation with the iranians trying to get the iranians to agree to a deal based on the benchmarks that russia and the united states have put in front of iran in a silver two thousand and five plus one p five plus one but it's a russian american proposal that it's core and in the proposal the idea was to get twelve hundred kilos of really you out of your god in one shipment and the iranians
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will get their fuel perhaps back a year later and this variation the fuel will be put in turkey in escrow so if the west remade on the deal the iranians can get their menu back and it was actually a proposal that the president the united states had endorsed and a meeting with turkey and brazil on april thirteenth in washington d.c. for the zero summit in your zero summit with the turks and brazilians did not know however was that on the friday before this sunday that little arrived in tehran to start negotiations. russia and china had agreed to a sanctions draft and the security council the sanctions deal essentially remained and then by the time i'm going to go she issues were concluded and the brazilian foreign minister because secretary clinton explains the deal and explains the details he's shocked that she rejects it and he tells her but we followed the
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letter that president obama had sent from april twentieth in which the brazilians were asked to get twelve hundred hugo's out put it in a school in turkey and then the iranians would get a few months back about a year later but when faced with a choice between new sanctions or a diplomatic breakthrough in the nuclear program they were ministration by may two thousand and ten it shows the sanctions because they have run out of political space and that's where we are right now the iranian nuclear program has progressed tensions between the us and iran in the world has increased we're on the brink of war the nuclear program has not stopped in any way shape or form and the iranians are on the far more pressure than they have ever been before but they're still not yielding i think of you there are many many experts in the past few weeks about the circumstance surrounding israel and iran and many of them believe that that israel may are really strike against iran before the election in november and if
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that's the case the u.s. can be drawn into a military conflict or for all out war with iran do you think that will happen i think the risk of an israeli military strike is higher than many has been the past i still would not believe that it is above fifty percent in fact i would put it below twenty percent i would put it below twenty percent twenty percent is high enough but i'm just saying i would not put much higher than that and the reason for that is we have seen this pattern in the hours in which the israelis have made a lot of threats about potentially attacking iran and the primary purpose of that has been to. pushed the united states and the europeans to impose more sanctions on iran and to either utilize the american military option or at a minimum make sure that they don't agree to a compromise with the mongols now the reason why it is different this time around is precisely what you hinted at there is an election in the united states the political backlash for the israelis if they were to do something that the us
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military does not want israel to do the political backlash for that would be at its minimum in an election year particularly when you have republican candidates using a rhetoric that is quite. aggressive and have almost positioned themselves to the rights of every innocent so there is that element that creates a higher risk but i think the us military has done something quite interesting there were ministration is quite quite interesting in the past month and a half there's been a whole set of articles in major u.s. newspapers with military folks questioning the very existence of an israeli military option the u.s. government essentially is in there actually undermining the very belief that israel can do next and that is harming israel's military credibility in the terms. that's quite a blow to the israelis moreover the u.s. military or you know why administration officials are come out and said that they
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believe israel is behind the assassination of iranian scientists in collaboration with the iranian terrorist organization called the mujahideen a car that's a blow to israel's moral standard so there is quite a thug of war between the obama administration and then of the neo government right now and wish to go in the situation feels that israel is trying to push them into war and they're pushing back in a matter of actual have long term consequences for u.s. israeli relations whereas obama's policy thing right now how would you sum it up i think obama's diplomacy with iran right now is not where it should be but i think the administration is trying to see if another round of talks can be created. probably in istanbul sometime in april or in may the question is this we cannot succeed in resolving this issue if the diplomacy only ends up becoming one of meetings in which the two sides exchange ultimatums that's not the promising that's
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not negotiations we need a real thorough process of the magic activities in which both sides and the iranians need to do this as well are willing to take a risk for peace that is higher than the risks that they have so far taken for to start a school or even for escalation so far we have not seen it's going to take a long time it needs to have a lot of political determination behind it and it's have to be the administrations on both sides are going to have to accept that it is going to be a politically risky and costly endeavor for them to do so you don't end the thirty three year old enmity without expecting that it's going to cost you something as a person thank you very much for implying having.
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unleash. the lawyers are least some. lists. slums. from.
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the. slums. today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asked from china for asians or rude a. mum. nearly a billion people in the world for knowing company every day. in the united states even our trash cans are full of the food you just have to go get it all of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked in even get all over the other ones just threw them all the way up and choose from the german elves clearly like the
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upper five. in the dumpster at one am this morning three pm this afternoon on the grill the cake made a mint one dozen times egg whites. delicious breakfast for the family ate some toast for about a week every year in america we throw away ninety six billion pounds of. food.
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top stories from r.t. tonight mass rallies both for and against the syrian government government first anniversary of unrest in the country it comes as britain's guardian newspaper releases what it claims are thousands of leaked e-mails from present private accounts. pumping up the pressure the us wants india to stop buying a reining in oil trying to persuade the country to go elsewhere for its crude needs any time president obama's war that the window for talks over iran's nuclear program is shrinking. and the taliban suspends peace talks with the united states and president karzai says he wants nato out of all villages after an american
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soldier gunned down sixteen civilians in cold blood washington and london maintain they'll hand over security responsibility to afghan forces next year before coalition troops pull out twenty four take. this is r.t. now we latest thursday night support. your company this is sport today we have got plenty ahead of the next set of minutes including three stories in brief. manchester on trial the pressure's on for both united and city in the europa league tonight with their sides both needing to win to stay alive on the cards. causing a rocket spaniard problem until our forces world number one novak djokovic all the way but it's still the serb who's into the last eight at indian wells.
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convair of class the russian republic of dagestan seems to breed in them pick wrestling champions we take a look behind the scenes of the unique sporting industry. full force to work with this week's champions league action dusted attention turns to the europa league later on thursday both munch clubs will take to the field both need to win united went on three to two spanish side letting go of old trafford a week ago the premier league leaders just need to find the net at least twice in spain to have any hope of progressing they will be without phil jones not only are under sin though antonio valencia does return after any harm string pull on they're going to need him not that it are a team in form on the field at home in six european countries such as. beyond us. with a recovery from europe helps as well as for your dream from home.
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so. going to roger's truce but the good performance. manchester city meanwhile have home advantage in their second leg portuguese i fit sporting remarked on one chinese man trailed one nil house and the defeat on home soil in sixteen european clashes losing at the weekend in the premier league to swansea city though not the best possible preparation for the results seeing the move off the top spot for the first time in five months. we need to play all of it when we can. we don't we don't want to win these games because they could be at least a rational for a premier league. top score. one . champion she went on they finally won each of the early. will be d.s. . elsewhere in the pick of the games p.s.v.
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will aim to overcome a four two deficit against valencia but she has also hoping home advantage can't guard against athletically trail three one shelf a.z. alkmaar hung over a limp course favors to be grass in the rest of the time. now he may be the best footballer in the world but that hasn't stopped leo messi offering his thoughts on who the best players in the initial premier league are this is what he said the argentinian my surely aiming goal crazy robin van persie manchester united's we're really on sergio aguero of manchester city as the top three dutchman van persie house already not thirty three goals for arsenal this season but the gunners still only set forth while released twenty seven goals in all competitions and twenty one among the main reasons why united and city are first and second in the league respect. in tennis novak djokovic has advanced into the quarter finals at indian
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wells folding victory over public of spain but it wasn't all plain sailing for the . world number one the top seeded serb tipping you can or in style six loath to put on then secured the second the first time in this tournament djokovic has conceded a set he turned on his regular game in the decider though winning it in confident fashion six six seven six two how it ended. meanwhile a second seed rafael the dollars also see if it through to the last eight the world number two theming a relatively straightforward six three six two victory over alexander to a loss of ukraine next meets david nalbandian after the arts and time saw off sixty jul for its song of france in thanks. n.b.a. basketball where new york have won their first match following the surprise resignation of coach mike d'antoni and in some style to the next thrashing portland just hours after the sixty rule stood on following three years in charge york
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whipping the visitors one hundred twenty one to seventy nine to end a sixteen losing streak between coming only hours after the coach quits but there were no signs of them affecting the careers as they raced to a fifty five twenty nine halftime lead jr smith top scoring with twenty five points the win still not enough though for the knicks to move into playoff contention smith assistant coach mike woodson meanwhile has been given a tough job until the end of. the world's most popular motor sport competition formula one starts its twenty twelve season this weekend in melbourne the final touch ups busy being carried on down under with just thinking just stop one man in particular two time reigning world champion red bull sebastian vettel is top of the list as usual should the germans secure the chronic and he would become the third man to claim in f one after one month well thank you
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michael schumacher st. mark webber finished third last year on the red bull driver should again be in the reckoning this season the likes of jenson button lewis hamilton and fernando alonso also hoping to add to their past glories russian for tell you a trough will hit the track for the new cap room squad alongside heikki kovalainen of finland and lest we forget it's seven time world champion schumacher he hasn't got away either. we have no headaches about that we just feel very confident about the reliability in a way the performance is very consistent that is good for us too. we already. started developing the crown rather than fixing problems so all in all we're in a much better circumstance compared to the people i'm here to to win the championship so as. it is
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a lot. different it would be to. be a nice thing but. yeah as i said the reason why we're here is to race and to win. this season this is long so there's a little risk is to come take a brave person to bet against them let's move on our derek just sorta has had his license revoked by the british boxing board of control it follows his behavior before and after last month's world title fight with the telly klitschko in germany pre-fight we just sort of slapped his opponent in the face in a press conference following the bite of the defeated challenger brawled with british rival t.v. a sora was briefly detained by german police spites issuing a statement to wholeheartedly apologize for the brawl the twenty eight year old was hundred on indefinite ban by the world boxing council can wait until the british boxing board of control with crew chiefs who is licensed to fight the man nicknamed del boy has fourteen days to appeal the decision. and finally russia's freestyle
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wrestlers have finished top of the medals table at the european championships in serbia perfect preparation for the coming london twenty twelve games with a majority of thirteen is nonstandard healing from dagestan takes a look at the famed region's olympic past present and future. it was a lot of the old deck of who paved the way to olympic glory for the rest of the standby winning one thousand nine hundred seventy two munich games he's now sixty six years old but the title of the republic's first olympic champion continues to bring him joy as he is happy to share the experience with the next generation just moving i mean you cannot find a happy olympic champ and you know right i did what i could from my model and have survived to this age without doing harm to anyone profit this to him have lived sixty three years i'm sixty six so i be displeased with the life i have four sons of it's my greatest legacy since the. decade stan has produced another fourteen
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olympic champions in various sports but mainly in freestyle wrestling one of them is the nine hundred eighty moscow games winter. title did not come without controversy with certain nations claiming he wants openers without any major opposition. we went to the ne world cup to police in the united states in one thousand a want a year after the most olympics the message we took there was that you had boycotted olympic games and i know the entire sordid olympic team has come to prove that we are the true champions in general sentiment well the world has changed since the fall of the iron curtain and wrestlers from the good start have become models for success for nations beyond russia the enormous internal competition a local athletes and coaches have been exporting their trade and thus wrestling traditions all over the globe these are martial arts schools internationally
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recognized in courses from tiger stand work all over the world from colombia to turkey to help develop national schools which is a true recognition of darkest times role in wrestling and ask for after athletes or they also represent foreign teams like turkey croatia macedonia azerbaijan and you . the competition for a place on the russian national wrestling team is as high as ever in dagestan the republic's leadership is naturally keen on continuing this trend supporting all sports at the grassroots level with. the huge sports developing a program and pass a special law designed to expand sport and physical training in pakistan we've also implemented a course of action which will help prepare referees for the olympic games in london i do hope that the twenty well summer games will bring us new winners and champions and not only in wrestling. is still left to say about russia's republic of dagestan and its fine sporting for additions that are bound to raise plenty of olympic
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champions in the future to see how that's done what sports your biggest on's olympic legacy are among cost for an artsy russia's republic of dagestan and you can see the second part of our dagestan's olympic legacy on a friday here on our seat that's all your sport whether it's next.
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wolf for science technology innovation and all the rest of elements from from around russia we've got the jerk covered.


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