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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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regards the line from moscow our top stories the prospect of years of war and mutual destruction russia's foreign minister warns against arming syrian rebels saying it one to topple president also but the two a protracted and bloody conflict. flexing its military muscle the first contingent of u.s. troops under australia as america looks to establish its dominance across the asia pacific and keep tabs on china. flight recorders from monday's plane crash in western siberia reportedly show that ice in moving parts of the wings brought down
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the aircraft killing thirty one as investigators say the plane wasn't sprayed with antifreeze before takeoff. from actually focus on what a growing number of americans see as a major flaw of u.s. politics the two party system frank interview on the matter with kerry white a socialist equality party presidential candidate that's coming right up. party is sitting down with jerry white socialist equality party presidential candidate for the upcoming twenty twelve election that's right thank you very much for joining our team today thank you very much well according to a gallup poll a record number of americans now identify themselves as independents that's actually more than those who identify themselves as democrats or republicans what do you think that says about american politics really central question is for years
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social opposition has always been channeled back into the democratic party which is presented itself as the people's party right so you have huge protests for example against the iraq war in two thousand and three but then the leadership of those protests quickly put that movement behind first the john kerry campaign then finally the obama campaign. you have the occupy wall street protests an expression initial expression of enormous anger over social inequality the domination of big money over the government the imperviousness of the government to the needs of the population but again the leadership of these movements in one way or another channel that behind the democratic party maybe via the trade unions which. you know the argument being that somehow the democratic party is really a people's party but it has always been
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a capitalist party it is the second cat party of american capitalism and so it has functioned primarily to channel social opposition completely and you find a cap of this program a bushwalk program workers face governments which are completely controlled by the world bank so that oligarchs or the corporate elites and in every country the working class needs a. political program and our program isn't based just on slogans or media conjuncture a lot of events it's based on an understanding of history in the long struggle by the socialist movement and such figures as leon trotsky is no national solution for american workers or greek workers we're confronting a huge multinational corporations but nowhere in the world has a presidential election receiving garner the type of financial donations
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a crutch missions as an election in the united states for us president barack obama is expected to it's a billion dollars or more for his reelection campaign this year and i'm sure whatever republican is this him. will have a large amount of money too is there any way in the future that every president presidential candidate runs on the same amount of money i can it be an equal playing field or candidates are actually working to get votes from citizens rather than getting money from citizens and corporations but it's the best government that money can buy in the united states and it's a good it's a government that serves as money when he didn't trysts i mean the you're correct to say it's one of the most undemocratic ballot access laws for instance even get on the ballot requires tens of thousands of signatures which are then scrutinized
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by the democrats and republicans to exclude any independent parties even once you get ballot access as you noted the media generally excludes any oppositional voices so i think that the question of a broadening of a democratic. electoral process is bound up with the political awakening in the political struggle of the working class you can't have genuine democracy when one percent of the population control such vast wealth and carries out policies which is so antithetical to the interests of society as a whole they can't do it democratically they have to use more and more authoritarian methods of repression there is opposition to the war in this country in afghanistan and iraq yet they're preparing for another war are there nations whose leaders in your opinion truly represents the people such and are represent
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what you see. now now one nation no not at all in this war on it all so you're saying there's no democracy there's no genuine j.r.c. anywhere because genuine democracy is bound up with social equality it means that the most important decisions of a society not simply choosing between two representatives or three representatives of big business but the most important decisions how societies resources allocated peace or war these decisions have to be made by the working population which is the vast majority of the population in every country how would you say us foreign policy quarter would change if what americans wanted was represented by the american leader oh i mean clearly the american population just as the working people around the world have no interest in slaughtering one another in battles
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over the interests of huge energy conglomerates and so forth. we we are fighting to give voice to the sentiments and the needs of the american working class and i want to stress that our campaign is not simply an american campaign we are fighting to unify the working class internationally. against the dangers of a new war. the type of crimes that have recently emerged as as in the massacre in afghanistan these aren't simply the issue of the stretched out soldiers as as abuse these soldiers are themselves the american soldiers are but it's a very character of these types of wars that are being carried out words of occupation wars to subjugate entire populations including the recent war in libya which was carried out in the name of human rights it was a war as iraq as afghanistan. of the reemergence of
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colonialism of imperialism and the working class in america has no interest in that and the working class around the world has no interest in that we see the struggle for genuine peace as the struggle for socialism the struggle for the working class to take economic and political power in its own hands it is almost always a republican and a democratic candidate. presidential elections in the united states but americans have to choose between your two models of cars or two types of cereals they would they wouldn't like it they would want more choices more variety so why are americans ok with just having this combination of their two party system well it isn't the choice of americans the ordinary americans that you have a monopoly of two corporate back parties i mean the the it is in the interests of
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those two corporate backed parties to exclude any voices that challenge the political monopoly of the financial elite over society. no none of the major decisions that affect the lives of millions of people are ever put before before the population no one asked the american people whether or not an invasion of iraq in two thousand and three. it should go ahead no one asked the american people in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine should trillions of dollars be handed out to the reckless financier's on wall street that destroyed the economy if they were asked they would clearly say no that money should go to schools should go to jobs it should go to health care the basic needs of the population so the political monopoly that exists isn't because of there is a. general consensus in the population for that it is it is it it is a monopoly against genuine democracy against human markers and circe amy america's
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leaders don't represent the people and if they think they are going to get votes you can't say that if you get what i mean the decay of american democracy has been going on you know consistently for decades and decades you have the stolen election of two thousand and one and two thousand you had the explain the events of two thousand and one nine eleven which we utilize to more and more attack the most basic democratic rights are you now have a president obama who is the clarion that he has the right to assassinate us citizens anywhere in the world without genuine due process millions voted for obama for example in two thousand and eight because they wanted an end to what bush represented and obama has gone even further in the attacks on wages and living standards and social programs than the republicans ever did many critics believe
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that are of the so-called american style of political theater is located and many other democratic countries like france for example that of course it's a crying shame you know the degradation of of politics is being brought it everything has to do with celebrity everything you do is slogans and appealing certainly not. two to reason and through reasoned argument but the crassest appeals and so on but that's also an indication of how distant the french government is from the masses of working of working people you know you have this tragedy and to lose the other day and of of course that was it was an incredible crime but however the french government's engaged in wars it's banning bert the berk it's using anti immigrant and anti arab chauvinism in france these stop horrible tragedies are an inevitability under those conditions and what is politics in every part of the world blaming immigrants for the problems of unemployment
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while the political figures hand over trillions to the banks they blame immigrants for unemployment or for taking slots in school so everywhere bushwah politics is is as a decaying to such crass appeals you know you contrast that for instance in the in the period where american political life there in the american revolution or lincoln when he came to cooper union here in new york before engaging in his election campaign they actually spoke in an intelligent fashion they made arguments they explain with what slavery ruckus they explain the incapacity of society moving forward on such a basis they made an appeal to reason to deep democratic small d. democratic sentiments in the population what can what can obama do except claim to the population that i feel your pain i'm really on your side while he's getting
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busy you know missing this is the call is from wall street so of course the level of politicians politics is so degraded but these are deep social forces the breakdown of capitalism around the world incredible levels of social inequality imperviousness of the political establishment is giving. rise to the emergence of a powerful movement of the working class white socialist equality party presidential candidate thank you very much for sitting down thirty years very much .
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of the earth. to. see. will you. please technology innovations of all the lives developments from around russia we've gone to the future earth covered. the official g.o.p. convention your on the phone called talk from the only choose upstream.
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video on demand cheese month old come. on street now with the palm of your. wishes on the. party's top stories the prospect of years of war and mutual destruction brushes foreign minister warns against arming syrian rebels so you wouldn't topple president assad but lead to attracted and bloody conflict. flexing its military muscle the first contingent of u.s. troops landed australia america looks to establish its dominance across the asian pacific and keep tabs on china. flight recorders from monday's plane crash in western siberia reportedly show that ice in moving parts of the wings brought down the aircraft killing thirty one that says investigators say the plane wasn't sprayed with antifreeze before takeoff and now kate will bring you the latest
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sports. they're welcome to play to sport is a theory that lives apart eyes allen god has a regular season when his truck go in game four of the playoffs after dinner i watched the whitewash start to reach the garden cup finals. last for barcelona beat ac milan three one and plying munich cruised past one state to reach the semifinals of the champions league right i'll host apple and chelsea welcome benfica later this evening to decide who will join them. in fighting to all russian cruiserweights champions and he's never going to prepare us for the first depends if he's into the n b a crowd against outsiders shorn cops. that this would start with ice hockey and the character of playoffs where regular season winners tractor looking to draw level in their seventy final series against the vanguard total now
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really lost the last two games to trail two one in this best of seven contests but the tie is everything but decided especially since trying to love close encounters with out and gone during the regular season game for faceoff in just over an hour's time and two other prevails in that serious will face red hots dinallo moscow in look at our income finals comparable to the rome this facet petersburg six one on choose day to complete the surprise series one the nice nice idea of a cracker to get past the home crowd on their feet at the luzhniki stadium just five minutes in now might double belly even midway through the opening period after me and he said he converted in the powerplay. just five minutes later then you come out of stunned hapless scarred goalie yacoob stepanek yet again for a shoot and the goal. tended to score a goal after that but the substitution didn't help cause him to go off on them
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again and this in forty three minutes of each other. before nice and i can trick to do it the host and six the raid with a bahasa gave us the life well of the week you got it invested a consolation for scott while two men are. both in sin i have reason to them i had a final which they believe will be tough we got this right. both teams are extremely strong they do you have played a great season they have been a believer like series the baby to open arms in a previous round so. it doesn't really matter for if. having on zero in football holders barcelona and thought i went to buy a new nick us through to the semifinals of the champions league after both claim victories at home in the second legs it's all if scored by scholes the german giants beat moss a two nil for has been for me a lot i guess one of the campaign already scored two controversial things this past week a scene alone three one syria asked side felt hard done by the coach pep guardiola
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says the referee got his decisions right. and they were penalties it happened to us during the first leg on t.v. they look great and him since i can see little else about it when a player catches you in the penalty and the referee blows the whistle that's it and sometimes they don't have it but when a player is holding the surety of an woman in the area then he must be sanctioned. us and i don't expect the winner between chelsea and benfica who play their second leg at stamford bridge this wednesday night the blues hold a one day away goal advantage from the first leg and have hit a rich vein of form and the caretaker manager better detail the italian isn't taking a vacation for granted. in the i mean this ties far from all that they have scored an overweight old in this champions of the. season so we know the date is a difficult task ahead for us to more than i. would have to approach this game like like an operative game so bad think it will have to win if they want to reach their
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first european cup semifinal for more than twenty years however only twice in champions a history has a team recover from losing the first leg at home to win this high but the portuguese side have only lost once on the road in this campaign and are prepared to take the game to chelsea. go for it do we think yes of course there were a goal saru important and we're going to prove this game by being profound sleep we need to please your team we need to score to progress there's. like i said we're going to play an offensive game and are taking the game. i am sure we can take the game to chelsea. so while the tie has in the balance only a disaster could prevent way on the grid from playing by an in the last four and one time european champions faced minnows apple at the end of our after beating and three nil in cyprus in the first leg and then i lead a lead as i've only conceded three goals in a notch twice this season and those times were against arch rivals. that's why i
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also chose a rainier respects his opponents and once let me try. it this is a champions much we had a very good result not everybody getting the with food zero hero burn a book but the football is football we have to respect the football we have to respect our fans who want a good game also are going to make very few changes we're going to play with a really strong team. alice tend to go off and do the day to go until the start of the year's first major the masters goal number three rory mcilroy has been absolutely augusta course where he suffered a nightmare collapse in the final round of last year's tournament the twenty two year old northern irishman blew a four shot lead on the final day last year but says he's learned from that bitter experience and after that meltdown he went on to win the u.s. open and he thinks his new found mental toughness will give him a real chance to win the green jacket on sunday even though a recent practice round brought back some bad memories. as i said it was just great
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to be back obviously here the first time i played it back and last week you know obviously there's no reason to come back and very that you probably don't want and it's fine you know i got i got it all out of the way and you know just looking forward to this week and looking forward to trying to put myself in contention to try and win this thing and in the meantime luke donald is the current world number one and the englishman is still waiting for his first major although he thinks the depth of talent at the last as will inspire him to do well certainly you know it's great when you have. talent like rory you know playing extremely well and pushing you to work harder you know those guys challenge me to work harder to try and find that next level and it's no different with rory could lead to targeted phil i mean when great players are playing great and it's inspired me to work harder. let's move on to boxing now and russia's top cruiserweights the next level faces a test of the on line this wednesday evening as he begins the defense of his w.p.a.
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interim title against little known shaun cox from barbados were both weighed in on tuesday and never have had more than half a kilo since his fight against james toney last november and much of the russian still tipped the scales four hundred grams lighter than his opponent who despite not being a familiar name caught boasts a record of sixteen wins from seventeen bouts and ringside will be some awesome stars notably jones jr and balanced just or a more negative strain and former champion himself must assume his pounds can expect the unexpected. to emerge from it will like information about him but it's ok we'll make adjustments in the first rounds and as usual my plan for the flight is to make there is unpredictable what is a continent. and finally russia's wrestlers are bidding for places the london olympics and the recent freestyle domestic championships in moscow when some life in deciding who make it. was. this year russia's freestyle wrestling
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championship held a special importance the results of this competition along with other major events will provide the basis for team russia just to lead the country schools in this summer's olympic games in london and despite the thick trash it still has even olympic licenses into weight categories out of the for the coaching staff confidence the situation is going to change before too long yes or. no don't think there's a real threat that we won't have our athletes in any weight divisions morning. over in london we're going to fight for the silverware in all possible categories. at the event in the most original precious news champion in olympic weights but determined taking full advantage of the team lead. the under forty eight so young tell and step into the fourth as a result twenty year old the father of a claim his first amassed a gold. in the final of the under fifty five he. was
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contested by some of the strongest competitors around at the moment. twenty was facing the two time european bronze medalist in area group and the youngsters triumph in straight rounds was not totally unexpected but had dominance was a little bit surprise and. it was very hard to win here to be honest the best athletes are here but when you take part in such a tournament it honey be different especially if it's kind of a link a game selection was the and to sixty three k. category twenty level the runner up and. amanda as she claimed the first two rounds of the final in confidence fashion while the most highly anticipated balance of the day was the one between roll championship silver medalist and gets arena at the three ton youth world champion. and under seventy two kilograms final lived up to expectation aggressive style on her and early leads
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in the opening rounds however it didn't last that school and as her opponent was painted much to the ration of the sticks aces. didn't expect the final to go the way he did now and of course i'm very very happy to mean here despite the fact that the names of the athletes who will represent russia the twenty twelve olympics are not known yet the country's strongest wrestlers step up into the final part of their. gratian the only thing is already certain everybody's comin will be to perform a delimit so they're abilities in london in four months time which i'm going to be on etsy. and as well as was nice miss patterson has more in just under two hours time but until then i think.
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culture is that so much about going to be huge music to share the power and time to market. to the muslim brotherhood decision to the presidential candidates upcoming elections down to maybe there's a policy. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact possible. before source material is poured hopes journalism on us we. we want to cheer because a. something up. it
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