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please please. please . the international envoy to syria says there's still time for the u.n. peace plan to work despite the looming deadline the russian foreign minister urges kofi annan to more actively pressure the opposition towards a cease fire. the british prime minister and his japanese counterpart agreed to expand cooperation on defense equipment and a move many see as mirroring washington's recent drive to boost its military presence in the asia pacific region. also the man who spent thirty years on death row for a crime many believe he did not commit america's most famous prisoner who. talks
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exclusively to our t.v. and his first t.v. interview since his sentence was commuted to life behind bars. and russia and poland remember the victims of the tragic plane crash near somalia and killed the polish president and most of the country's political elite just two years ago. oh and thanks for joining our team on carrots are all she with you broadcasting from the heart of moscow the international envoy to syria kofi annan says it's too early to bury his peace plan that's a some western and arab states lashed out at the syrian government over its commitment to the looming cease fire deadline at the same time after talks with syria's foreign minister russia's top diplomat said again off it all called on foreign powers to use their diplomatic leverage is to bring peace peter all of our
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hospital following the developments. kofi annan said that there was still time for his six point peace plan to be put in place he said that beat the deadline of six am on the twelfth of april was still a viable deadline and he appealed to two fold sides put the opposition on the government forces to put down their weapons and to add here to the points all of that peace plan that he was the the main architects both now and despite criticism from the west kofi annan the former u.n. secretary general saying this plan was still very much alive i believe it's true. to say that the plan has a plan mr. kofi annan also went on to say that there was no real alternative to the peace plan that he put forward and he had heard from the syrian government that they were hearing to some of those points we've heard that there's been
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a partial withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons from the. residential areas of the city of the country that was included in that in that peace plan however kofi annan going on to say that well the plan itself was certainly behind schedule though over the past few days we've seen and an escalation in violence on both sides of the syrian conflict and earlier on tuesday we heard from russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who appeals to the syrian opposition as well as those who support them from abroad to make sure that they do which here to the peace plan has its own youth we are calling on groups and all the states that have influence on the political opposition and more importantly opposition to use this influence to reach a cease fire between signs of the conflict. in the well despite those voices of optimism there it seems that some countries have already written off kofi annan peace plan the united kingdom it issued
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a statement accusing the syrian government of over. issuing ludicrous eleven thousand two months only m. on the peace plan also fronts have come out and referred to the what the government is doing is a a u. expression of flagrant of a flagrant and unacceptable lie on behalf of the syrian government but it's also outrage to. syrian troops had fired on rebels fleeing into their sovereign territory now that prompted the united states to suggest that he has a case to bring not before nato doubt one of the fundamental principles of the the nato alliance is that if one member comes under attack the whole of the members of nato have a chichi to defend that's men but now this all comes off to the syrian rebels have continued to use to he is a safe haven from which to launch attacks against syrian government troops syrian the syrian army before fleeing back across the border into turkey and the relative
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safety there. for more on syria now from patrick having said all regional expert on the twenty first century. project a bit of that can negotiate or coffee and still optimistic about the peace plan why do you think some countries are looking to write it off already. well i think it was doomed to fail from the beginning if you look at how this so-called peace plan is designed it's really a lot sided kind of contract inspecting the assad government in syria to in fact lay down their arms and to withdraw all their military state military forces from certain areas but really there is no way to control this sort of confederation of syrian rebels who are basically made up of al qaeda some from libya that have been shipped over which are to reported many months ago and also people insurgents from qatari backs insurgents are saudi backed and there's weapons
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going over al jazeera has provided the rebels with sat phones so they can better organize and do logistics about some cells so it's a free for all on the rebel side but the assad government the state of syria is expected to toe the line along the lines of whatever kofi annan is drawn up in his plan or would ban ki-moon is insisting it's case a bit it's a bit comical if you look at it from the point of view that western countries are criticizing the regime for not committing to paint really saying nothing of the opposition forces how justified is the stance well you know all we have to do looking from the outside in on the situation is imagine if this was happening in russia what would gladly of putin's response be to the u.n. if there were rebel groups trying to overthrow his government in moscow probably come down with an artifice and he wouldn't leave any stones unturned his robot was faced with the situation. us militia arms and being aided by the chinese or the
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canadians or the mexicans. terrorizing cities in the us you better believe that the us federal government would give two fingers up to the united nations until them stay out of our business we could to mistake insurgency problem here which we need to put down in order to bring stability of the state why isn't serial viewed in this way so good question now countries like turkey have already called for international action over the regimes elected failure to stick to the peace agreement how realistic is the scenario. well turkey of being part of the nato collection of countries is basically playing an interesting only role sense and the situation turkey's very skillfully in quietly stayed in the background of this conversation but actually turkey has been allowing free syrian army and al-qaeda soldiers to come over the syrian border and have safe haven within their country
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now this is going to be a problem if you're looking at you know any sort of binding agreement stores a peace plan or anything like that is to keep can be allowed to do that they've been hosting the free syrian army in their country since october and so let's list get real here turkey is a nato country they've been actively involved in helping. providing a base for this insurgency to come over the border it's an absolute free for all in terms of geopolitics so we're meant to think that turkey is somehow a respectable player in this in this story i think the spotlight needs a couple of turkey and fast if we're going to see the situation stabilized in syria all right i'm afraid all the time we have been expert on the middle east and twenty first century wildlife's i thank you. the u.k. have agreed to develop defense weapons together as britain seeks to boost its
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military presence in asia part of that cooperation could see a possible royal navy submarine deployment in the region they u.k. is joining the american buildup in asia pacific it's a strategy critics say is aimed at challenging beijing's growing influence archies abra bennett reports from london. for britain this is a highly lucrative opportunity first because it means big business when it comes to defense japan is an untapped market and britain is very keen to exploit that prime minister david cameron is unashamedly touting britain's military hardware on this trip taking with him over thirty executives from the u.k. arms arms industry he's defended that move as being perfectly responsible and respectable despite the region being highly sensitive to any kind of military maneuvers whatsoever and tensions are particularly high at the moment with north korea planning a rocky launch for later this week but on top of that and more importantly for britain is the chance to exert its influence with a physical presence in the region
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a region that traditionally and certainly geographically is china's to maine because part of the greenman could mean the regular deployment of british submarines in the area these would be hunted killer submarines that can hold missiles with a range of up to two thousand the pullman says and any such move would really mirror america's activity in the region because the u.s. is also very keen to exert its influence on the asia pacific region only recently deploying two hundred marines to australia a deployment heavily criticised in fact by china as being an incursion on its own turf in his own backyard and now britain is seeking to do the same this time even closer to home this will undoubtedly increase the friction in what is already a highly sensitive region. and as a british and japanese prime ministers are meeting in tokyo they have warned north korea that it must scrap its satellite launch plants james corbet editor of the news website the credit report says although plan young's neighbors are worried about the plan satellite launch the situation is not worth
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a military build up. really threatening people in the region with a satellite launch and it is something that would seem to necessitate some sort of response but whether a military response is really necessary well that would only come into play here for north korea was really doing some sort of suicidal attack where they were actually going to use this as some sort of cover for launching a surprise attack on so korea or something ridiculous like that which would obviously be suicide for the regime so i couldn't imagine that that would be the case but i would be the only situation developing from this that i could think would involve some sort of massive military intervention or a need for military presence in the region intertwining of the economies is an interesting feature of all of this that makes the the idea of great military confrontation i think less likely to a certain extent perhaps this type of military aggression is cleaned up as a way of bilking more money out of the the american taxpayers for example in order to fund the american military machine and to justify a new type of battlefront. once a day or throw in me. is now serving
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a life sentence convicted for shooting and killing a u.s. police officer and one of the last thirty years the former journalist and black has proclaimed his innocence and again the international support for this case along the way says our conviction supporters have rallied behind him to seek justice claiming he didn't receive a fair trial r.t. is the first t.v. channel in the world to speak with a man since he was taken off death row the explosive interview in its entirety is coming out just after eight thirty pm g.m.t. first here's a preview from our reporter. a revolutionary journalist and activist an honorary citizen in over twenty cities with a street named after him in france cases such a be one of the most debated in modern legal history accused of killing a police officer in the one nine hundred eighty s. mia has spent almost thirty years on death row this january he was taken off death
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row and is now serving a life behind bars without parole and for the first time since his transfer he spoke to us here at r t he gave us an exclusive interview and one of the first things i asked lumia was what is it like to be on death row for that long if you can. post. it my life on death row through. wait. a minute or if not it back to haunt her countless of his supporters all over the world who need a good jamal has really come to represent a symbol of a flawed justice system in the united states and in our interview we talked about whether nia thinks and has any faith left that the justice system in america can still be free and fair this is what he had to say there are puerto rico prisoners in california you could literally talk about ok to review
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by. making a good. record and sure having been part of the black panther movement jamal was actually watched by the f.b.i. since he was fourteen years old and i asked him with the laws such as the n.c.a.a. which allows officials to watch to teen and hold people in the united states whether we mean the things that big brother has officially shown his face in america the so-called patriot act at me everything that was an equal back of my sixty's and nineteen fifties and nineteen seventy's it really was the reason why people realize. the very thing. that it made it was credible but that means we can look at the video very careful but it won't let me add to jamal's take on occupy wall street the us elections as well as his dreams and much more in our exclusive interview with him here at r.t. . from our perspective on the case we're joined by suzanne ross from the free.
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mr ross why are his supporters so convinced of his innocence i mean what evidence do they have where are they with so much evidence there was an arrow in the trial evidence that points to his innocence person berg's scenario the prosecutor laid out before the jury has no chance of being true it doesn't match the photographs that have been released since that term these photographs without a professional contract or into a crime scene. where a crime and press that you shouldn't and police withheld it from the defense which is considered illegal in great states if you have evidence that. we were not security just broken somebody is execution even though you're the prosecutor you said that will be consensual justice the goal is now conviction supposedly but in this case clearly you go with justice and conviction and execution so there is so
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much so many contradictions between the photographs themselves and what the prosecution laid out. that they're alone should disqualify the trial only should be out so that's you know just to answer that question plus we know what kind of person. has claimed and very beginning that shocked the crap and that's not what happened i'm sorry to interrupt you mr ross but tell me why is it with so much evidence of his innocence why have all of them also appeals for freedom been denied . but he cries and i'm going to use this word because it's big news in the justice department and that matches reality it was a conspiracy between. here some of the judges no doubt or enough judges are paid me. and our various other forces that made it possible to convict.
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this was not a just i mean amnesty international said that this was this trial mostly most standards of justice. everybody who was in there correctly so i think this was a rabid racist who was doing the job of the prosecutor who was known who had said outside the courtroom next door in a different court you said i'm going to hear from friday and he said that the judge if you have a junction is not even neutral and he says he's going to quote right to make your sacrum you know how to render sleep racist comment that reflect on his bias that he was present throughout the ninety's the rack of shame. claiming that he so so papers the execution was mostly new which are one hundred things that are judged the assumption is that the judges cable neutral and rightly are out is the assumption now has spent the last thirty years and president tommy how has he been able to become so influential from behind bars. ronnie's it very strong person
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knows that he's loved we're nose and yes sir it will get who feels a responsibility to nanny and our neighbors and beautiful message that. they're grown girls he left her and i'm deaf ear when he just said that but he just played with that but. i cried when i saw read message where he says hold on to your home for what's right rub each other best in each other that that as they age need. tells you a lot about who he is and how. that kind of latino family interface being surrounded by an atmosphere of death and persecution and torture that's spread way one hundred things it's. six months to the new year is the reality americans didn't. describe how much the prison system consists of torture herrick lessons
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and out of so sorry to interrupt you but i'm afraid that's all the time will have suzanne ross from the free. will listen thanks for your time thank you. i get me exclusive interview with jamal is coming up just over an hour from now here on our. concert prize winner. a victim of controversial. after thirty years on death row. our team. it's exactly two years since the deadly plane crash in russia and screen general which claimed the lives of the polish president lech kaczynski together with most of the country's political elite all ninety six people on board were killed in poland's worst disaster in decades artie's aleksey at a shop ski brings us more on the commemorations being held both in warsaw and at the crash site. commemoration events are taking place at the site of the awful
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tragedy which happened two years ago in western russia near by the city of smolensk almost two hundred relatives of those who were killed in that plane crash are also here to lay flowers in greece at the site of the awful tragedy hundreds of thousands mourning the dead in poland just as it was happening two years ago i was there it was a crock of observing with my own eyes the grief and the emotions of the polish nation when this tragedy happened now certainly two years on a lot has changed the investigation separate investigations by both russia and poland have been held by blaming bad weather and actions of the flight crew for this tragic plane crash now still emotions are running high among some of the politicians in poland which are using this grief still to rights to power now in my report which i had produced a little earlier we can have a look at the events of the last two years and the current state of affairs in this regard it was destined to become a new era in turbulent ties between moscow and warsaw
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a high profile polish delegation was flying to western russia to commemorate twenty thousand police officers killed by so you troops at katyn village in one thousand nine hundred forty but it never reached its destination. the mind of the. plane descending as usual i heard a loud noise and didn't pay attention to it i just thought it was under. the plane crash killed all ninety six passengers onboard including the president and first lady and most of the country's political elite separate investigations by both moscow and warsaw blamed for bad weather and dubious decisions by the crew they were warned of heavy fog and low visibility were told to choose a different one way but for whatever reason decided to land and you weigh. there was a very clear piece of guidance from traffic controllers that no conditions existed
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to land so it seems to me that the pilot in command should have taken. the sensible decision to divert to another field but of course he has the president on board he has the head of the polish force on board. various dignitaries going to a specific event in the area. an awful lot of pressure was put on this guy's shoulders. such a huge loss was hard to take as hundreds of thousands grieved across but for some accepting the truth was even harder despite lots of evidence and eye witness accounts of course in the investigation some political forces in poland have been pointing the finger at moscow kaczynski twin brother yugoslav believes the crash was orchestrated. poland is subject to a process of forced
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a knee jerk concerning this money and plane crash which increasingly looks like a terrorist act if there were explosions on board if this catastrophe looks increasingly like essentially nation then this means there's a new development in international affairs. ghoulish right wing parties try to use the smolensk crash to score points in presidential and parliamentary complaints which followed the tragedy but their failure to win votes with anti russian rhetoric say experts proves warsaw's line wasn't in june with the thinking of the polish people and that a new page in relations has after all been turned despite it happening in the most tragic of ways the wreckage of the polish presidential plane is still here just eighteen kilometers on the site of the katyn massacre and in many ways this is the reminder that personal and plane crash was a tragedy inside another tragedy and while the katyn massacre had scored their relations for many decades the events of two years ago have eventually brought the
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two countries closer in both the common grief and in the attempt to find the truth alexey resets the r.t. reporting from smolensk in western russia. now it's time for some other world news in brief republican rick santorum has abruptly suspended his presidential campaign in the u.s. after facing an increasingly hard challenge in winning the primary in his home state of pennsylvania his decision clears the way for front runner mitt romney to claim the republican presidential nomination it seems unlikely that the remaining candidates newt gingrich and ron paul can prevent him from doing so but winning republican candidates will challenge president obama during november's election. two explosions enough to understand have claimed at least twenty two lives and wounded dozens in the country's relatively peaceful western province of how to read a car bomb ripped through a government building just as local businessmen were gathering for a meeting with officials hours later in the south three suicide attackers targeted
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the governor's office two of the bombers were shot dead one managed to detonate explosives that killed a policeman. and you psychiatric test has found that mass killer on those baby is sane contradicting an earlier assessment the thirty three year old norwegian murderer said he was satisfied with the results and wished he had gone further during the rampage that's a week before he goes on trial breivik confessed to last year's twin attacks planting a bomb in oslo which killed eight people and opening fire at a youth camp outside the capital that left sixty nine to. the right time to cross over to our business desk where marina is following the latest financial developments marina it seems it's been a tough day for the markets how is wall street reacting. hi karen well gold street is reacting pretty much the same way all the other markets have been and basically it's a sea of red i don't know if you can see it right behind me we have all the figures
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in the red and the main reason for that is because higher both on the yields for spain and italy means that investors don't really trust these economies that march and also let's take a look at the latest figures for wall street and you'll see what i mean and we have of both the dow and the cycle is in over one percent it's over one and a half percent and. of course what's happening is that traders are also will start to look at earnings reports and that begins after the trading session and today and analysts say expectations are quite low so in my become even worse in the next coming days all right let's move on to europe markets are closed. again it was a sea of red at the footsie and the dax and of the trading session over to science and there at the nets was there were reacting to this some points in u.s. jobs data that came out on friday of pop because of the easter holidays investors only had the opportunity to react to this today and also their worst move by the spain's central bank saying that the country's banks are vulnerable and will need
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more capital so another flow of negative information there for investors now let's move on to currencies we see that the euro is slightly lower against the u.s. dollar and that's amid concerns of further and that crisis in the euro zone when it comes to the ruble it's retreating against both the greenback and the euro and since you mention the ruble as take a look at how the russian markets and the day it's pretty much a similar picture as you can see both the r.t.s. and the my six shared value and that's of course frank in overseas losses maybe and we also have another story related to a local company news and that's reports claim in the russian states is selling out of the world's top sides alium producer. this might have turned out to be premature you can see the video there that woman s. coming up russians acknowledges holds a forty five percent stake in the firm which had lots of work loans and says the government can help cover the interest payments it may not sell the whole day
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however unnecessary to show up from u.b.s. believes even if the government there are some provided the cash selling the say is not the best way to go and now you can hear what she has to say. your horse reversed the scars of the blend be we could expose goldman to school room including corporate governance could expose the company to become more than to the inverse and that the company will be able to raise some idea of the market employed by the day he gives us the sale of the stake this station we work toward this week because all the my google belittles you can all just the company you look at and you think so this will be just one of the change of shareholders and i think gills will be changed. and that's a form of business that's so they care and i'm not there are they it's morning all right marina thank you for the latest and an even deeper dive into the world of finance is coming your way in just a few minutes in our cars
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a report that's after wrap up all the top stories with me current iraqi. mission. critical issues free. for churches.


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