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mike stronger the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report on our. remember this thousands of angry protesters in wisconsin yelling shame a republican governor scott walker after his union busting bill was passed how is jobs on the line with us stuart recall election just days away coming up next why the outcome of this election could potentially create political hysteria plus you know the motto what's yours is mine apparently that's the type of relationship the f.b.i. wants to have with every american citizen inventing new technology that helps them eavesdrop on your private cyber conversations will play to what it what it means for your online data. self-defense is important right so what does it cross the line between saving yourself from dangers and becoming the aggressor will try to
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answer that with the help from military blogger jim hansen. it's friday may twenty fifth five pm in washington d.c. i'm abby martin and you're watching our team wisconsin governor scott walker made national headlines last year by busting up state unions remember this. governor walker's attack on collective bargaining rights caused a seventeen day occupation at the state capital by hundreds of thousands of workers who stood and led to a recall election against him court later ruled that anti union law known today as act ten is unconstitutional and violates a number of rights but the protesters didn't stop at that his actions as well as these protests led to the generation of over a million signatures turned to demanding that governor walker recall. and that is
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where we find ourselves today in two weeks wisconsin voters will be heading to the polls to choose between scott walker and someone else the democratic candidate is named tom barrett and he's giving walker a run for his money but if walker has one thing on his side it's the money factor he's already outspent the democrats by twenty percent and the race is neck and neck let me remind you just for a second about how big this issue really is it's not only a battle brewing between unions and republicans but for also the country i mean after all only two u.s. governors have ever been ousted by a recall vote so this is definitely a stork and what is happening on the ground is the resistance swelling and what will happen if walker wins to answer that more i'm joined by ian murphy editor at buffalo beast dot com ian what do you think the climate is right now on the ground in wisconsin. the climate's very divisive highly. highly divided state right now it's pretty much neck and neck in the polls and.
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everyone is really energized the base is energized everyone's energized to get the vote out so it is interesting how neck and neck the race is and who is backing both sides at this point. well as you may know this is basically a rerun of the two thousand and ten gubernatorial race in wisconsin with scott walker vs now milwaukee mayor tom barrett and the statistically insignificant differences in the polls it's neck and neck and that was the same case in two thousand and ten and so is the funding structure of both candidates many have complained that the d.n.c. and the national democratic machine has been kind of slow to respond to what the right knows is a very important election with national historic implications and the funding structure on the right is very similar to two thousand and ten it's the koch brothers funded americans for prosperity it's the republican governors association
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of dumping tons of cash and then basically every far conservative billionaire from the country is dumping boatloads of money into this thing for instance foster friess as sugar daddy or scuse me rick santorum sugar daddy foster freeze the guy who said women should keep the chased by placing an aspirin between their legs he cut two checks each for two hundred fifty thousand dollars and it's estimated that walker's. going to raise at the end of the day sixty million in total and according to. john nichols nation reporter in medicine red is resident walker is currently outspending barrett twenty five to one but still it's basically fifty fifty so it's a lot of out of state money that we're seen funnel no more than last time and why do you think that we have it i mean there are thoughts a groundswell of protest against walker and kind of brittle down i mean is it just
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because people are out there day to day do you think that we're going to theme some really historic shift in the protest movement there if walker indeed went. well i can't really speak to that beyond you know people have their lives to live their jollies to go to so when something is outrageous it can only be outrageous for so long but i am a can in contact with. any of them and really angry just they don't have time to go to the state capitol every weekend and voice their outrage the thinking is though that they will on june fifth right i mean it is hard to go out there every day and when you are you know and you know working that working class like a lot of people are in wisconsin which is this issue is all about and i wanted to ask your opinion on voter fraud i mean we know walker has a lot of ties to the end astri and we already know about these scrub lists and i mean voting software that can flip the vote i mean do you think that there's going to be any dirty tricks in terms of regain the boat if you have an opinion on not
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anything's possible and you know kathy nicholas over there in wisconsin has. sound you know thousands of votes on her computer before so anything's possible but on one bright side of this the kind of eliot that's the american legislative exchange council coat back legislating group modeled bill about voter id at the very least a judge has put that off so will not be in affects by june fifth so that in itself is good for the democrats and i wanted to ask your opinion i just heard your your phone call that you made every time you met your david koch and i just want to ask aaron what is the one thing that you kind of learned from speaking to him when he thought that you were a coke brother what did you take away from that well first of all just generally i learned that scott walker's not very bright second of all i think i've learned just
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you know i had no idea but i didn't know how easy it would be to get him on the phone that was a little bit of a shock to. and i also wanted to talk about these flyers that have been you know they've been it's from some anonymous group in wisconsin there are these flyers kind of skating teachers saying that and we're looking at them right now and it's talk about how teachers are enforcing a marxist agenda how they're sexualizing the youth and dr knitting my people in the schools i mean we know that teachers were affected big time by this union busting effort i mean what do you think that there's any chance that these flyers from the you know anonymous group are coming from the walker campaign. i would i have no doubt that it's involved with walker he may not know for say but i'd be highly surprised if it weren't it basically goes right in line with the koch brothers agenda this alec kind of agenda of privatizing schools as well and the most
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important aspect of this whole thing you know walker's recently admitted that he's going to be going after private unions too it's. you know he said it was divide and conquer and the whole idea is to ruin and wreck unions because the unions are the ones who vote or excuse me fund democratic candidates and the corporations and the rich believe the billionaires son the republican so in this kind of post citizens united where these two groups can spend unlimited amounts of money that's the ultimate end game and let's take this outside of wisconsin for a second i mean in light of the entire occupy wall street movement kind of erupting after all of this went down in wisconsin i mean with income inequality at such at such a forefront in the political dialogue right now how come we don't hear more about unionizing and really workers' rights with in that i mean where do you see this all going in light of this whole movement kind of exploding over the last year. well you know it's heading in the right direction generally but. i've had to say that
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it's by and large the fault of the democratic party they may call out some of this language but when you see their actions they speak much louder than their words what was it it's if workers' rights are infringed upon president obama was going to . resign and go stand in the picket lines well that didn't happen in wisconsin and it's not by and large happening now. so i think a lot of people are kind of thinking we have to do something else and i think it really shows you i mean we can the workers cannot depend on really the federal level to care about unions it's really all about the grassroots just like it always has been thanks for joining us in i was in murphy editor at buffalo beast dot com my pleasure technology is advancing by the second to the government is having trouble keeping up especially when it comes to internet surveillance and as a response the f.b.i. has formed a secret surveillance facility called the domestic communications assistance center
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base in quantico virginia otherwise known as the d.c.-ac for short it's tasked with inventing technology that will outpace local law enforcement's wiretapping capabilities now it may seem like there's a new story about government wiretapping every day pretty much but that's what makes this story so interesting it's shrouded in secrecy and its formation is really there is not really talking about what they're doing with it the surveillance unit doesn't have a website and the f.b.i. has declined to comment on really anything about the operation so what is really going on behind the closed doors and what does this mean for our civil liberties earlier i was joined by the journalist who broke the story declan. mccullough chief political correspondent for seen it i asked him what makes this facility different than any other government wiretapping facility take a listen. let's see the first this isn't actually going to be doing the wire taps it's going to be inventing the technology to do wired right it's a small distinction but it's an interesting one a second this is kind of this is
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a government wide facility it's not just the f.b.i. it also has the drug enforcement administration and u.s. marshals involved is the department just as wide facility and third as you said it's secret i'd like to know who's running it i'd like to know how many people are going to be involved but we know lou from some appropriations documents what the funding will be is in the fifty million plus is what they're talking about but i'd like to just know a bit more about how the website. yeah that would be nice they're going going off what you just said about how they're not actually going to be doing the wiretapping just the invention of technology i wanted to read an excerpt that you actually had on your article that says it's important to point out that the n.b.c. a c. will not be responsible for the actual execution of electronic surveillance court or were reporters and will not have any direct operational investigate investigative role investigations so as the f.b.i. kind of saying you know our hands are clean we're just kind of doing we're just facilitating in intervention and we have nothing to do with the civil liberties or
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court orders i mean what does that really say you know that is the statement they sent me which isn't really that descriptor that goes back to the fact that they're not exactly being terribly forthcoming about the center but. maybe one way to think about it is this the f.b.i. has court orders in many cases to conduct surveillance on skype or google hangouts or whatnot and they can't necessarily get the information from the companies in a format they can understand and they're kind of stuck in one thousand eason one nine hundred ninety s. right more telephone wire house maybe a bit of wireless thrown in but certainly not what we're encountering now on the internet so they want to wait to figure out how to make sense of it and this is what the d.c.-ac is designed to do it's designed to kind of be their little silicon valley research lab and they increase all this wonderful wiretapping technology and they're going to you know if facebook google sky again over all these companies are . invested in this facility or are they just kind of i mean i know you mentioned that they were kind of in the lobbying swing of things but are you know if they're
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directly invested in this or working with the f.b.i. this is. this is just ramping up they're just they're just hiring i mean if you look at the job postings i linked to for my article they were just posted last month and they closed a few weeks ago so this is this is still a work in progress and so i expect to see some some of the sort of beltway contractors these small shadowy companies you've never heard of those who can be the ones who are probably going to be providing some technical help the google microsoft facebook apple except for their more involved in the. legal end of this mean this is what we're talking of the d.c.c. is a technological solution to a great wiretap wiretapping is that understands that the legal component i wrote about a few weeks ago and that is let's have congress pass a law to make all these companies build back doors into their products to make them more wired and friendly and the companies are exactly enthusiastic about this
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they're not the same so publicly because you don't want to give fight against the f.b.i. yet at least until you see legislative language but apple and microsoft were lobbying on this according to the most recent disclosure documents and their nominees and so they're going to be quietly resisting and probably openly resisting once the time comes that legislation is actually going to a house floor vote or something like that i was interested in the job descriptions at all and i guess recruiting hackers pretty much to do their bidding but i wanted you to expand a little bit on the dark program what what's going on i know that we don't really know how much money is allocated specifically for the center but tell us a little bit more about what this new program is. well the going dark program has been talked about inside the f.b.i. for maybe five years or so so it's not exactly that new and it came to light in new york times article and i elaborated on it in the piece that seen it a few weeks ago and the idea is that the f.b.i. is ability to consent to conduct surveillance is diminishing as technology advances
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this is what's called going dark they can't see any more and so they have they have a multi-pronged strategy and it's actually very interesting point to that scene a piece of few weeks ago but the one of them is let's have a new law on data retention that would require internet service providers to keep track of what their users are doing for about eighteen months and that cleared a house judiciary committee last year and it hasn't gone forward since i don't think it's going up so that it will pay attention to that and the second one is lobbying to make these social networking websites you know providers etc wiretap reading the third is the d.c.-ac which is the technological component if we can't. get a law enacted at least we can try to make more sense of the information. they're going with such a widespread program that affects local national national and on the federal level and also d. agents involved in this i mean why do you think there is such a shroud of secrecy among a program that is so widespread and will be so. important and hope that it's
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actually not unprecedented i mean if you look at. look at look back about ten years was actually more like twelve years before the patriot act was was approved there was an alleged mobster new jersey called scarfo and i covered this case in new jersey federal district court and the f.b.i. got a court order to sneak into this guy's office and install a key logger so they could report as p.g.p. encryption passphrase was he couldn't break it so they just brought him to his office to record it instead and they fought tooth and nail against disclosing this this was a national security secret a few years later i did a four year request for information about have which is the f.b.i. is basically government spyware that implant on the suspects computer hopefully with the word order and they also were doctored a lot of information that they just don't like talking about their surveillance technology and i can kind of understand that because of the bad guys know what they're doing what the f.b.i.
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is doing and they can adjust accordingly so they tend to keep these things very secret until very over five years the details come out and for your request and congressional oversight committees and so on yeah it does seem to be a trend the secrecy with with wiretapping i mean it seems like every new wiretapping scheme you could say i mean that. and also the patriot act it does seem like there is widespread government abuse of a of authority an overreaching of what they say they're specifically doing with these programs do you think that we will see some sort of government overstepping or overreaching with this program. well it's hard to say i mean this is just ramping up. a few points would be that for. the f.b.i. would say if you asked them were not expanding our authority to wiretap with the d.c.c. we're expanding our ability to actually make to make the wiretaps work in the surveillance work and so they would be that it would fit with what they have said before but and
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the second is that ever since the patriot act was approved and it's expanded in a bunch of different directions and lots of small expansions government ability to conduct surveillance so we've seen some abuses of the surveillance the department of justice inspector general came out with a report saying that the f.b.i. had to use national security letters we've had sort of similar suggestions from members of both parties from the senate senate intelligence committee which has access to classified briefings about what's going on and so the best way to ensure that things are actually going to be done properly is probably a lot of sunlight and a lot of public scrutiny of what's going on as declan mccullagh chief political correspondent for seen it and well it's that time of the day again time to check in with our web team and see what they're working on artie's web producer and you're blake is in the newsroom again to tell us what he's got cooking and what is that man how are you great how you do and i'm ok i'm ok ok i got i got a question for you yeah go for it do you know how much the average c.e.o.
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makes in america ten million dollars. usa today you know it so for our viewers on the web and watching it all right now go to our web site read all about study came out today by thursday the press we talk about how corporate c.e.o.'s are making they ask me too much money i don't make that much and i mean look at me i'm clearly a big shot also we have a school district down in texas is going to start monitoring their children's with microchips so. little a little goofy so you can read about that was it we got stories we got stories we got stories go read all our teeth they can follow us on twitter and you know have a nice weekend at the ok thank you to you man i don't know how good it can be with that microchip in a story about i'll try ok that was our to have producer andrew blake with a preview of what's trending today on our web site. to kill or be killed sounds like a scary concept but if the primary motivation of learning self-defense when it comes
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down to the wire you might only have yourself to get out of a sticky situation you may think that self defense is an important skill to learn but the british government may have something to say about that recently tim larkin a self defense guru is taught and fifty eight countries for twenty years was banned from the u.k. on an order that him being there isn't conducive for public good like and was scheduled to attend a martial arts conference and seminar when he was found out he was given an exclusion order from the british government and that was not allowed in so as larkin's exclusion a reasonable move and what precedent does the set for the future to answer that i'm joined by our first we're going to play a package from the resident asking people what do they think about self defense. former u.s. navy seal tim larkin teaches people how to kill and maim in the name of self-defense how much is too much when it comes to protecting yourself this week let's talk
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about that do you think it would be ok to kill someone if your life is being threatened. absolutely has your life ever been threatened. now by a person out of a what are the chances that your life will be threatened that you would need to know how to kill. one in ten to the twenty eight why do we act like the world is i mean there are scary people out there but why do we think that the world is just filled with evil people all the time oh my god probably just take it so they could say i know how to kill people think they're cool try to press you're familiar with him are can do you support his philosophy i completely support his philosophy he does he's not anything about trying to kill people he wants to help people be able to protect themselves but he does teach moves that are lethal yes the police teach moves that are a lethal as well right but those people are in a job that's defending the public exactly my son before he came to live in america
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he did the kaiju. and it was a very very it was a non-contact sport but it was very clever because he could disappear and disarm in this and he went very high in it. and he was even awarded to his school. an award for being a very gentle man gentle boy even though he did this the key to so therefore i think in the right places can be a wonderful thing it's only in the wrong time that's what i think you know what when you're in a military sometimes those guys go out and they're a little bit you know world will do you want them sharing their knowledge with common citizens walking around. no now would common citizens just people. that may be. are in the job situations where they're in dangerous positions in the world you think you'd be able to kill someone if someone was threatening your life. it's tough to say and tell you they're right yes but you probably happy you knew those
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moves then. well you know maybe but then if you hurt someone or kill someone no mother in what situation you can live you have to live with the forest of your life and that's the option each person has to make whether or not you think self-defense can go too far the bottom line is the world can be a crazy place whether you choose to prepare yourself for violence or not. well looks like a lot of people think that self-defense is important so why the crackdown on it from britain to answer that i'm now joined by jim hansen military blogger for black five dot net jim what do you think about this whole ten larkin thing going on. you know every once in a while the brits actually amaze me with their ability to take pacifism laying down to a whole new level i mean the bottom line is i loved some of the comments from the people
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in that piece about how you know you should know you can take i quito and use these fancy moves desire people it takes a ton of training and skill to disarm or take somebody and put them on the ground without hurting him it takes very little skill to crack somebody in the skull so the bottom line is the bad guy's going to crack you in the skull and if you don't know what to do about that you're likely to be lying on the sidewalk bleeding wishing you'd listen to somebody like him lurking it is really interesting i kind of can't believe it myself i mean what do you think the whole purpose is of doing this i mean what do you think about the british government putting him from the country do you think there's a deeper rooted or is it just kind of at face value what i think one of those things that people kept saying in that piece again that you can if you're in a job that requires this you should do your job as a human being is to stay alive if somebody tries to beat you or hurt you or damage you or kill you that's a personal responsibility you know the police are great people but when you need
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help immediately the police are only minutes away so if you can't take care of yourself you're waiting for them to come and drop chalk outline around your body if you can take care of yourself you at least have a chance to survive an incident and that's what tim larkin teaches so why do you think the government didn't want him there i mean what is this teaching the citizenry of britain saying like you know this is dangerous to even have someone who can teach you self-defense in this country. government of britain is one hundred percent convinced that the citizenry should rely on the government of britain for everything they are the ultimate nanny state and this is just one more example of them saying don't take care of yourselves we've got to we'll be there to clean up the mess you know will take the fragments of your skull up off the thing and we'll pay your survivor something but don't take any responsibility for yourself we've got to and that's a problem you know i think human beings have a fundamental right to self-defense it's probably the most basic one there is and to say that someone who's teaching you how to keep yourself alive in
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a bad situation is doing something wrong that's nonsense all specially since he was going to go teach in these places where there was really have a right in a lot of violence going on i mean people obviously want to be taught how to defend themselves how to defend their businesses and you know this is exactly why he was not allowed in the country i mean what do you what precedent do you think this sets for other countries or do you think that this is kind of an isolated case and britain is kind of gone too far and you know i wish it was an isolated case the problem is we tend to do every silly you know nanny state like thing that the brits do about three years after they do it so the bottom line is you can expect someone to be saying that we can't train ourselves here in america to do anything dangerous someone down the road it's like i said one of those fundamental things we have a second amendment right we have things like the castle doctrine we have ways to say that if the bad guys are attacking you you have a right to do what you need to to stay alive and to come between that right and any
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citizen makes the government about as wrong as it can be and hopefully this will be comical enough you know that people look at it and say i can't believe they did that but i got a feeling there's plenty of people comfortable with the government taking care of them sadly well what do you i mean do you really think that i could potentially happen in america where such a gun happy such a gun friendly nation are there's a lot of people who are we we really want to thank him and many here and then you look at britain i mean the cops don't even carry. handguns with them do you think that that might have something to do with it that they're just like hey don't step on our toes we don't even have guns. that's you know sad but true i think you might hit the nail on the head but the problem is we do have a tendency now as i mentioned previously to kind of follow that example of becoming i mean look at new york city mayor bloomberg is quite the ultimate nany so i could see him you know new york and chicago have such restrictive gun laws it's almost impossible to get a carry permit so at some point i think if you're teaching you know the kind of self-defense skills necessary to keep yourself alive in
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a life or death situation unfortunately i can imagine that happening in some you know city or state in america and we will obviously vigorously defend our right to self-defense and to have you ever heard of something like this happening before i mean i personally haven't but tim tim has actually come out and said that he feels like there was a hidden agenda here with the british government because he has been saying time and time again that british citizen should be allowed to defend themselves without fair prosecution or criminal charges i mean do you think that this might have something to do with it. yeah i think like i said i think the british government wants you to rely on them to protect you in every way to take care of you cradle to grave and this is just another example of it and the idea that you would face criminal charges for simply doing what you need to do to stay alive is sent the problem in the united states it's not that there might be a law against it so much as it would be a civil suit against you if you defend yourself and god forbid you were able to prove you know that this person was trying to kill you so i think it's
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a danger to even allow this to get a toehold anywhere and i hope i hope somehow they can bring the brits their senses maybe maybe not the round of rioting you know once of civilians getting their skulls cracked will bring them to their senses it is interesting i mean the guardian had a poll about this and over seventy percent of people were just like this is ridiculous this is absurd there's never should have happened i mean so it really is interesting and that the government is really the ones pushing this the citizens seem to not care and think that it's absurd well the citizens know that when there was all that rioting last year the cops didn't even show up until it was done and again they actually said wow that was a shame sure sorry about your story but i. thank you so much for your opinion and for coming on that was jim hansen military blogger for black five dot net and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash our to america are always check out our website to find out more our to dot com slash usa you can also follow.


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