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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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we want to present. something else. this is arts here just in time for the headlines now wiki leaks founder julian assange is a step closer to extradition to sweden after the u.k. supreme court rejected his appeal but lawyers say he can still fight the decision and avoid being ultimately handed over to the u.s. . and guilt by default confusion and conflicting reports over the houla massacre prove no barrier to further demonizing assad with fronts now threatening a military intervention in syria. allegations the saudi arabia is going well beyond the call of support for syrian militants with suicide bombers
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apparently. to join the rebel ranks. and speculation over reports washington parachuted spies into north korea incites a fresh wave of tension and distrust on that peninsula. our next hour we discuss the tactics being used against another so-called rogue state out of iran the exclusive interview now with the deputy prime minister of israel. with me i have dan meridor the deputy israeli prime minister and minister of intelligence and atomic energy so thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. to be with you the million dollar question is israel preparing for war with iran the one thing we should not speak on of war with iran i don't think the word from the one discusses in good families in public i think it's wrong hearing an issue is the most important issue we're dealing with the nuclearization of iran becomes the
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most important issue of international politics we are. trying as much as we can with the rest of the world i would say to stop iran from becoming nuclear and yet there has been a lot of war with craig from much of israel's political leadership but on the other hand people like yourself have come on record and said that you will not support a war with iran so obvious see disagreement in the israeli political when the issue of iran is of great importance i think that. if there is determination. resort and persistence in the word that is interesting here we feel a very broad coalition unprecedentedly broad all the arab world but syria. most of the west i believe other countries will russia was on it two years ago in the un security council we i think have enough leverage all of us together to condition the rain's going to be heavier and higher price with every month that passes if we
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don't stop this. attempt to get nuclear but none of the rants critics including as well have given hard facts that prove that iran's intention is to build a nuclear weapon or that it iran is in a way near building a nuclear weapon so why is this so much fear and concern first of all that iran wants to have nuclear weapons we have no doubt i think that the international atomic energy agency in vienna published a report last november thing the head a weapons group they described the weapons worked why do you take it seriously they really did ship. him in a thirty openly again and again is version not exist. it should be removed as a cancer tumor in the middle east but you did admit that ahmed and added not saying that iran would wipe israel off the map. will approve israel the concert is that the different metaphor but not a different conference he might not have said these words but the content of the
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same rhetoric the lot of statements but all of them in the leadership that is there should not exist in a two thousand and eight interview as madonna's act was asked that if the palestinian leaders agreed to accept a two state solution could he ran live with that and his answer was that if they agree to that well then they will respect that decision does that not suggest that there is a tiny opening for dialogue or some kind of work between as well any when i hear him again and again i heard him two were three weeks ago. here in my office twenty or thirty statements of people of others saying you know. that is not legitimate it should not exist it is on the verge of collapse anyway now what is it if not direct threat against our existence iran has not attacked anyone in recent history why would it attack israel if israel did not attack you when iran. has not attacked israel directly iran is supplying weapons of the most advanced the
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kind that they have to all our enemies syria his beloved the promise again and again iran is frightening the saudi arabian government why is that if they never take anybody. why is the arab world in such turmoil and such a fear of an earring in the b. nation is always thought to have several hundred nuclear weapons is this not a question of double standards why should israel be allowed to have it whereas iran can't we never said we have nuclear weapons we never said we have we don't react to this the effect but isn't it interesting that all the arab countries who may think that we have a low i never confirm or deny never said because these are has it we'll have it but when they hear iran is going to get it if you don't get it we get it. isn't that a sign if approved the real danger for the stability and peace in this region for
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these regimes is iran not israel if there was a strike what would it look like are we talking about some kind of israeli aerial strike or would israel consider sending in ground forces or not speak of a military option at all not in general not in specific terms i don't think it's right i think it's not helping us it may help the rain is not as i don't speak of it i'm very hopeful the sanctions. will work once sanctions just make you a new nationalist close rank and support their government more certainty well is there another way to do this if you will dropping from the you don't speak of the french of the not to be working what is the over option iran was asked or all the both security council not to enrich and the goal of rushing along with the united states is building a missile defense shield in the persian gulf what would be the purpose of this if israel had to attack you when they want speak of an attack on iran israel and i'm
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not the spokesman for the american. the american defense establishment the american president. but it's interesting that the americans and the arab countries are in full agreement about the development in iran and that it needs to be stopped is israel preparing for any rain attack or some kind of ukrainian retaliate if needs to defend itself is never ask anybody to defend it is a living in area in which there were many enemies i think that we see very positive trend of arab countries leaving the camp of. denial negation and coming to the good guys came by presidents about of signing peace with us king calls in a jordan saying these are the people who became borders after them kept the agreement we wish and hope it would be kept longer there have been comments by leading israeli figures that the israeli population have not been told the full
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consequences of what an attack on iran would mean do you agree with us. don't think i should speak on israeli attack on iran i think this is something israeli should not speak oh i'm sorry that some of my colleagues did speak of it or hinted to it i think it's a mistake and i from day one said don't speak of it for from thing or speak for i think the clear the clarity of the object is very poor the objective simple iran should not be there to stop the enrichment and stop the building of weapons and missiles everything go to the and how we do it how we get it we need to be very. balanced and strong and sophisticated when i say we thought only israel it's all those countries we just had a report on how the israeli public is not ready for an attack by event that there aren't any kind of shelters or awareness to get gas masks which begs the question why is the israeli public not being prepared for an attack if there is so much was
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coming from the government if the countries of the world who are interested in stopping iran from becoming nuclear. as you are in asking me questions about this we will win no the is there a clandestine war well no doubt that there is. there are things that are done against syrian nuclear capabilities by all players. from the west and other countries probably is on the table some with under the table and things going on not everything should be made public but i think that this is a serious better it's a very serious matter and i think it should be taken care of very seriously and this includes all sorts of actions and i don't speak of war here the united states has said it's against of what event if this remains the situation what israel go it alone we have been used sometimes to stand alone and we threw the alone when other
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countries who had to help us a problem so but didn't help us this were the case nine hundred sixty seven when we were attacked to give guarantees that nobody seemed to find the time and we had to fight for own lives and you digitas really really do it full time and time but not our idea how to deal with many countries acting for the same goal and we as part of a big coalition they would not fight for us not only but if they have the same interests as we have the saudis the americans or the french or the germans or the russians as it were two years ago if we have a broad coalition it's much better than to be on our own so of course america is an important player in this world as everybody knows and if america says and the president president obama says iran should not be nuclear will not tolerate a nuclear iran will not continue to play around who prevent iran from becoming the
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it's very important if we look at syria are developments there good or bad for israel first of all they're very bad for syria. a little syria is an enemy they don't like us at all but when they both and we all are human beings and what one sees on the screen syria is horrendous. it's not our business to tell the syrians who should rule this is a different perspective the one that you just spoke of iran syria is the only arab country. and the axis that was built. between iran syria and hizbollah unholy alliance should i call it this is a very bad axis very dangerous axis. against us against all the arab countries and the in that respect this alliance between syria and iran is broken this is good for peace so bad for peace except if a more fundamentalist regime comes to power in syria. i don't know who comes next
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we have no influence on that. if we support somebody maybe through the treatment because the best thing for somebody would be to we tried to do so we are not taking part in that what about israeli egyptian relations particularly in light of the terminations of the gas deal the egyptian israeli peace treaty that has been fined thirty two years ago thirty three years ago in seventy nine and was the most important dramatic change in middle east history it changed at least from a very warlike zone to a much more stable and peaceful area so whoever is in power in egypt after next presidential election we very much hope that the peace treaty is kept i think it's not only our interest i think it. it is an interest and i think this is one of the most important goals that we have and we for the egyptians to have more free regime and better economy to do and keep the agreement with us dan meridor
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thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you very much. wealthier british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on our my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems
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. i was missing my leg. and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell a story of. the hawks in. the
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headlines on odd to wiki leaks founder julian assange choose a step closer to extradition to sweden after the u.k. supreme court rejects his of peel but lawyers say he can still fight the decision and avoid being handed over to the u.s. . guilt by default confusion on conflicting reports over the houla massacre proved no barrier to further demonizing assad but france now threatening military intervention in syria. allegations the saudi arabia is going well beyond the call of duty in its support for syrian militants with suicide bombers apparently being off to join the rebel ranks. and speculation over reports washington parachuted
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spies into north korea and cites a fresh wave of tension under stress on the peninsula. let's get the latest action from sporting that world stuff that's next. hello and welcome this is bored on r t with iran calls for about first as always are the headlines. suzanne once it goes scoreless role for russia against lithuania with only one friendly remaining ahead of the european championship in poland and ukraine. dream machine alexander and his role should see major belong there i saw the world trophy as an open top bus parade in central moscow. and a perfect start maria sharapova doesn't drop a game as the russian begins her quest to win the only grand slam missing from her
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collection but serina williams is out in the first round of the french open. and let's get rolling with football russia's national football team have begun their final preparations for the euros with a self nil nil draw against lithuania and the on switzerland stick of a cuts man dominated for the most part in what looked like a largely one sided affair but couldn't find the finishing touch michael has the story. of the final to put aeration matches before heading off to the snow to play euro co-host poland russia's game this is the feeling it was by far the easier on paper starting in place of my life a of who played in russia's one one draw with europe one with his kind of stopper can see it but after a hectic start with both sides at the cross he was rarely troubled by lithuania's lethargic attack in the middle of the roman shirokov and he got the nice of will increasingly running the show with neat passing and come work on the ball.
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alexander kasia coach came close on the number of occasions as the pounding i should have been to ny they seem to find a way through little when you stop in defense half time came. russia clearly controlling the game but without anything to show for it. dick advocaat up to to make some changes bring on four players including roman publishing co for closure called. and the second half began pretty much as the first hop ended with russia camping in their opponents. was a little we knew this was largely a meaningless game having failed to qualify for the upcoming euros but as the game came to an end they managed to hold on to a well deserved draw dick advocaat was rather nonplussed by the end result but was happy lithuania had managed to frustrate his team thanks back to their. last week to say. if you do not get from a position if you are not in the right share to do that then that is easy to stay
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diversified. for the first person who was alexander on the other hand claimed the lackluster result a little when his refusal to play properly. i guess they had a different objects of than europe why these guys played football but lithuania didn't do that but roman shirokov put it down to a lack of with in russia's game i progressed in time and everyone understood how they would play we concentrate too much in the midfield when we should have used our flanks so that's all of russia's early initiative book decision to listen when you did proved too stubborn to break down. substations at half time also failed to make the necessary difference in the game. plan andrea shahan who celebrating his thirty first birthday today also failed to find the killing strike to give russia the much needed when now russia only has one game left to prepare for the euros and that comes against italy which will not be easy test them being the two thousand
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and six. and this game will be insurrection on friday. the. stay on the subject of russia's national teams but switch sports now we're at xander of was the star attraction as the triumphant national ice hockey team showed off their latest world championship trophy as an open sell bus parade through central moscow the washington capitals front man along with russia's caps and they couldn't tell the prize aloft as their rapturous crowd chanted thank you and well done so they rose to russia thrash surprise package slovakia six to the final earlier this month to finish the championships unbeaten and lay their hands on their third world ground in five years get get a molecule was the tournaments most valuable player to victory was also russia's first accolade under new head coach. has that seen now targets gold at their home
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winter olympics in sochi in twenty fourteen. with a victory at the world championships showed the team scored this is the team we intend to build with its own character and recognition no one knows what will help in the olympics but i am sure that lives will be awolowo to claim to gold. moving on to paris now and day four of the french open where five matches are currently underway and let's start with women world number one victoria azarenka faced problems in her second round match with fison meyer six one six one samantha stosur passed the arena falcone on her way to the third round six one six four while russian control but just started her match with south africa's shelves keepers and it's one one there and her compact that's the planet because that's all that will face john young john. now that's larry the world number two maria sharapova was an imperious form and didn't drop a single game in her opening match of the french open against her manias alexander
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condensor. you know i learn more about you know the game and the point construction and i feel like i'm better than i did years previously which is hope. recovery process within the point so yeah definitely gives me a lot of confidence for this tournament but just like any other event i within this tournament i hope that i improve with every round and get better and whoever is across the net is that person that i have to be. thirteen so i a grand slam champion serena williams crashed out of the french open losing four six seven six six three in the first round opponents virginie a result of all france we're going to switch it back her bags as she digested her earliest grand slam exit in forty seven appearances result in a ranked one hundred eleven in the world celebrated her greatest for a whole grand slam. yeah i tried you know i kept going for my shots which you know always works for me so. it didn't work out today. you know i
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just wasn't i made so many errors today which is a game that i've been playing in the past you know. it's my. and another player through is wimbledon champion patrick beat of other czech world number four proved too strong for sixteen year old ashley barty always broken once by the freddie and wild card but won it six one six two. one to ten champion francesca schiavone these past forty one year old kimiko adults a crew of japan's schiavone was in good form both from the baseline and that's as the crew was guilty of thirty five unforced errors to lose it six three six one. this gets a men's second round match is right now world number one the first two sets in his match with blood six love six four and right now his two one off in the third one
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martin del potro on his quest to win a second grand slam title takes on a door of us alone from the host nation however the origins i lost the first set on a tie break and it's four four in the second project federer is continuing his french open campaign against adrian only poor and his before two off in the first set and so much of birdie later face michel drop. in the men's draw also earlier a final adele began his quest for a record seventh french open side and world number two did it in style as he pledged an emphatic six two six two six one victory over it's had inseam on but lenny. i did what i had to. and. it was. less. stress ordinary has done. for rounds in the past so. how be the way. i am through the second round happy though how i planned i had that mistake i go back to the little bit would sit
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still for my opinion i was playing. like a mad zealot mary also face huge problems in his first round match with what it's all japan six one seven five six love and last year semifinalist not moved around so. the sentence on his first soon nothing series lead asked for a beating the oklahoma city thunder won twenty one eleven the spurs have become the fourth team in n.b.a. history to wince once again in a row and the only side who's winning streak extended into the playoffs tony parker scored with thirty four thinking sixteen out of twenty one attempts the thunder did their best to keep it close escaping durant's russell westbrook and james harden combined eighty eight points but that's was still not enough to level the score in the western conference finals series. well tony has been great all year you know
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he's he's. been really focused the entire season. and. you know what he did tonight we've seen many times before so it's not it's not a surprise but he was excellent. we played fantastic game in a lot of ways. and finally a rush as a golfing heroine and i see a cost in that has been welcomed back home after making history in ukraine just last week that's what a five year old became the first russians of claimants or woman after clinching the site so and the inaugural gold streamed ladies' open event and the first of its kind in kiev costing that produced a final round of seventy to finish four shots clear all overnight leader benedict tim seen from belgium since of that victory cost and has emerged as russia's biggest hope for a place at the rio olympics in one hundred sixteen but she says more young talents could yet qualify for those games. i think we have
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a lot of hoops we have very elusive young kids growing up been very dedicated and we have a very good team of coaches with the russian group association unity. very good. for england especially east as well and they are set up very very good who can you say should be very good team approaches and the players the lovely kate burridge ritual of they shoot in less than a couple of hours from now but you may enhance your artsy sporting experience by going to our youtube channel at r t sport news thank you for watching.
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