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breaking silence during a sound speaks from his current century in the ecuadorian embassy in london saying legal proceedings against him have been deliberately did laid without the us time to construct a prosecution case leaked cables. fifteen of the world's top banks are left reeling after rating agency moody's slashes their credit scores. and battlefield airways relations between russia and syria become the target of mainstream media hype as outlets get excited over false reports of military aid in massive joint games. and we go live with global toy to find out how working your roster compares to listen pittsburgh international
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economic for the business is just off the twenty fourth. international news and comment twenty four seven this is r.t. i'm kerry johnston. the world's top whistleblower says he's optimistic about his political asylum bit in his first public comments since walking into the ecuadorian embassy in london with a request for refuge to his son joseph said the u.s. was building a case against him he applied for diplomatic refuge as he faces extradition from britain to sweden which could eventually see him transferred across the atlantic well sarah ferguson london for us now with more on this syria what else did the sand have to say. well it's very interesting hearing here and calls everyone only been coming. to me and. it is the more generous one thing to
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call poll question exactly how during the phone just feeling well thank you. now it is there into the into actually how he is feeling after taking this very dramatic me and you think. that you know well. he's not entirely sure whether or not it's clean for signing from ecuador again to be successful and you know the big question no three one wanting to know exactly how this gamble is going to work cabinet even though not entirely sure at this point now we think he has a very close confidant christine happens and will stay despite the second public face of wiki leaks and being in and out of the embassy and you know if they. give. themselves and it's going to be now that everyone thought that the ecuadorian
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embassy is going to deal i mean it's everyone saying behind the scenes there's going to be huge amounts of pressure from the u.k. swedish government and the u.s. government as well quite likely own the ecuadorian government here i mean it was a very high risk for me and we're waiting to see whether or not it's going. so well yes what else did he say can you give us some. indication of that then. you know what i mean he knowledged in the interview that there's no guarantee from him that he's going to be thinks there salome this is. the biggest information they have because you know everyone has been trying to cause a lot of speculation about exactly why he made that need of course the end of last month we thought he really. had to the u.k. court i mean appealed again extradition to sweden and we thought that was all and another think that will result. a lot of your thought is it being
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a girl. he was going out of office in the fall if we didn't seem to want to play internet i think the sweden and they have. legal thing with going to be that it would be much easier once he was included in the us to extradite then. we've maintained that they felt with was going to happen the very interesting. night with the ecuadorian embassy they had to feed it having taken it very bold. the way the play out we know that no not. any didn't even for that could go on i don't think it's a little thing you know speculation here in london ont the media community about whether there was a deal behind the theme that we've got the cool one of the leader of the engine of growth and then coming out of the end if he gets a very briefly i was hugely the point the buying out there i mean he did the supply . and he thought that the legal thing if you could with the state you know it was
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obviously being flight it was quite. taken and he threatened in the things that he. i mean i think that if you're very dramatic with the thought that he was running out of all. we know that there are a lot you know obviously playboy at the fed a very dramatic need and a very high gain because he thinks. we are going to be very very quickly extradited if we didn't. ok sarah keep her so informed of this thanks for that for now. sanchez once again the slam the australian government for not doing enough to protect to the whistleblower says he had no consular contacts except for text messages over two years sydney based or through a political commentator bob ellis says australia could safeguard its citizen if the government wanted to. they should have done what the swedes have done which is
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fabricate a chacha and bring him to safety if it was the purpose of the swedish authorities to give closure to these allegedly raped and traumatized young women they would have moved faster and i would have accepted songes offer of being interviewed in england. and if if they had been convinced of anything at all they would have charged him they can be no other explanation for the lie than that they wish to put him geographically where america my guess ask him. but i say this we report on how keen the u.s. is to pry into other countries business washington takes cyber spying to international level by spending millions of dollars on the most complex virus software. and dozens died this month in sectarian violence and blame by some experts on the us proxy war against china. fifteen of the
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world's largest banks are being rocked by critics called downgrades rating agency moody's delivering on what had long promised to do those hits include goldman sachs morgan stanley bank of america bank of scotland and torture bank national powerhouses domestically and internationally the move could make it harder for them to keep existing clients or attract new ones and their money it's also said that downgrades could trigger a fresh market panic new exodus to gold china graphic anomic blogger and founder of the website why the way he's says the end goal of the move is to spread fear i spoke to malaria. i think we're going to see is this play out over the next couple weeks we're going to see more fear we're going to see more gloom by the mainstream business media in order to effect what citibank and are doing to big just a week ago came out and said that they need it they need a shock to the market they need to get political cover not only the politicians
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here in the u.s. but they need to give political cover to the folks in europe as well so they can continue their process of back bringing in a visceral representative government there in consolidating more power and handing it up to brussels is far is that the euro falling apart i think that will not happen we will see the crisis escalate we will see fear and panic and i believe personally it is engine ears fear and panic in order to implement the agenda that they've talked about for a decade now global financial governance you need to have fear in order to take away people's sovereignty so how will these big banks react to the other days of rampant risk taking. no absolutely not carrie eight in fact look let's look at some facts here you know pre-crisis in the united states the top five j.p. morgan chase bank of america citi wells fargo goldman sachs they made a blunder of forty percent of our economy in two thousand and twelve in june as i sit here and speak to you there are over fifty percent of the economy you know
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these banks don't have to worry about risk these guys are writing the law in my opinion they are writing the law that governs not only this country but the world. while saving the euro is going to be the top of the agenda today as leaders of the euro zone's for biggest economies me to know that whether there's enough time to rescue the single currency is also the topic for debate it leavelle and his guests in cross talk coming your way in about twenty minutes. yes the ways are but there's a cost significant course attached to each way out so i think what you have is the one at this moment is they're trying to calculate these costs as best as they can and they will choose the lower cost so i personally think greece or any country is going to be hurting the zone and they couldn't see the mess the. precedent has been set if they're exactly as if you know you are you cutting out you're no good to be able to avoid the who's next question that's number one because people say the markets will to at least result wise why is portugal then why is it such as all
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these weak links will always be questions. now reports of russian warships headed for syria massive joint military exercises put in sudden change of heart regarding the assad regime but all stories flying in the mainstream media over the past week which have been raising eyebrows in moscow what is there a smith explores what's behind this speculation. syria may be on the brink of civil war but it's already the subject of a full blown medio bull shit on a ships that's been the question for the past week as reports twelve percent ship was on its way to sea according to the reports the battleships were laden with oh i'm still in troops and headed to syria it later turned out they would know when me syria they're in their home port of sevastopol empty but in the fog of who'll any
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reports however it accurate has some kind of influence as long as you have so many forces. excited about the your option and that is that things are always just there and they will. get there through this information as usual it will like they did before the iraq war and before. intervening in afghanistan in the late seventy's also there was a delay in some information there was one ship it was turned back off the coast of scotland after it was found to be carrying helicopter parts bound to syria q assertions that russia was supplying combat helicopters to president assad we are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically it's an allegation that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says is part of
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a propaganda campaign pushing for which is being discussed with these days that indeed it was scary for the defense systems and it was carrying the three helicopters which have been repaired in russia under the control of the size of the souls of the there was a soviet helicopter seven hundred fifty eight in syria from seoul get this in the fuel cells and say there was a concert to repeal the bastille to be. well delivered the gift of the symbol to the entire process will fit with the three months or so to speak about something which we just sold to syria and which is being used. in action is not truthful it wasn't only ships apparently war games were planned to a rainy a news agency fawaz reported that iran russia china and syria are planning to conduct joint military exercises in syria next month analysts think the story was
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planted by syria or iran as a show of strength but the us outlets took it up because it suited them for the us and use the agency just love the story because it matches their narrative you know the. regime and its supporters in iran or russia or china or. they are the ones who are. getting the conflict instead of seeking. so they like the story you know. and use asians use then as the war of words british prime minister david cameron came out of a meeting with president putin at the recent g twenty summit saying putin no longer wanted president back in power in syria russia's foreign ministry may to deny that was peace his position but was it a case of lost in translation wishful thinking on the prime minister's parts or another attempt to exert pressure on russia in the last fifteen months is being
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a major attack on syria that the crisis to syrian crisis is seventy percent of media so two percent on the ground so there is a quite a lot of stories every day. like for some odd of stations by just zeros and all those using you tube and there is no confirmed reports anymore it's said the first. casualty of war is the truth and all this international rumor mongering and jockeying for position comes at the expense of the syrian people their situation doesn't change regardless of which country won that latest battle of words laura smith r.t. . britain and the us are said to be considering giving a present asaad clemency and safe passage out of syria if he goes to an international conference on a power handover. from the universal peace federation n.g.a.
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place it's a move designed to soften russia and china's objections to what they see as the west's aggressive rhetoric i think this is a tactical standing point by the west specifically by the u.s. and the british or the brits in order to maneuver actually this is a political maneuvering in the middle east or forward in order to attack such. russian let's say back up for it or the chinese even back up for this new i'm actually idea by the west in order for them to get the i mean. you know the out of the presidency i mean bashar last heard and this is their own tactical actually or strategical interests actually in the middle east and to the above all is syria so the whole scenario i think it's an american movie illustrated directed could be by the brits. but i was more waiting few on our website r.t. dot com including of the eagle high in uruguay the country's government plans to take the hose into its own hands and start legalizing the selling of marijuana and
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a bit to fight drug trafficking. plus a blow to the controversial anti counterfeiting trade agreement so i go to the european parliament committee recommends rejection and haven't you vote on the bill in july. now reports have surfaced suggesting the us and israel are behind a computer virus that appears to been the ones to try to spy on iran's nuclear activities that's despite washington's loud condemnation of hacker attacks not just but was directed against the u.s. as well it is going to take out expects the guidance that american officials may sound defensive when they talk about cyber attacks as being a major threat to the country's security a weapon of mass disruption you could have a cyber attack that would be as consequential in terms of the economy maybe even in
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terms of probably loss of ryan fash things we typically associate with more fry the next pearl harbor that we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our our power system certainly our grid acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists and suicide vests but from a few keystrokes on the computer but it turns out the u.s. government itself carries out cyber attacks against other nations the washington post cites officials speaking on condition of anonymity to say interpretations of cyber sabotage against iran the u.s. and israel developed the flame virus flame is the most complex computer spying program ever discovered it has the capacity to steal or alger elec trani documents by now and. but he doubts the program was development by a government entity something like this appears to be what they would call state sponsored it sounds like the n.s.a. it isn't but i mean that now security agency has it does this kind of thing we know
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they've done this kind of thing you're getting intelligence without having to put someone actually there it's cyber espionage while the flame war was collecting intelligence the stuxnet virus borrowed into iran's nuclear program and created havoc in its uranium enrichment centrifuges the obama administration did not deny the leaks in the new york times that it had teamed up with israel to create stuxnet some fear that the move almost invites retaliate and when you attack for instance iran's nuclear program you provide the iranians with your weapon your word which they can read reverse engineer take apart figure out how it works turn it around send your way a leading moscow based security firm which i covered the flame virus as part of its code is nearly identical to the code finding stuxnet and suggested that the viruses were developed by two teams working in collaboration leaks in the kind of support
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that assessment one official also on condition of anonymity said is just the beginning and the u.s. is preparing the battlefield for another type of coverage action we're setting precedent for other nations and that's where the real problem lies because we've been criticizing china for allegedly attacking united states companies and u.s. governments while the same time engaging in this in the same conduct with other countries feel bomb administration has openly confirmed hacking websites but only if alleged al qaeda sympathizers in yemen the u.s. secretary of state described this cyber effort as part of a larger attack on terrorism but many fear the u.s. cyber efforts go well beyond that. as u.s. defense authorities go offensive in cyber warfare the pentagon's cyber command has fast tracked the development of the weapons they've ministration just announced a one hundred ten million dollar program to solicit proposals from the universities and video game manufacturers so much hype about cyber war is that some people that
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seem to be in the authority about war start talking about technology as if they understand that they're always talking about war because that's their business and so they're trying to root technology into that and so when we have no control of our technology we have these people that wish to use it for for their ends for war specifically that's a recipe for some pretty scary stuff cyberspace as a whole is now seen by the u.s. military is that vast area of opportunity you can really tell the government don't do to others what you don't want them to you but in light of the recent revelations about the u.s. being gauge that cyber attack one might ask what are the message that the same way the government even the dems cyber attacks have heard them all but it felt like one hell of a proper company check out reporting from washington are. now a sectarian fighting in the west and the in-laws claim more than eighteen lives this month alone but it's have been clashing with the muslim minority in trying to
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flee a region plagued with audience to neighboring bangladesh but their attempts of failed as they considered illegal immigrants across the border with eric draitser chief political analyst for stop imperialism dot com preserve audiences fields were brought. many of the conflicts that we see in myanmar and elsewhere in the world but in particular in that country are the product of a proxy war an economic proxy war that the united states in the western powers are waging to prevent chinese economic development in myanmar we see the presence of a u.s. funded n.g.o.s that is not to say that everything that they do is negative that everything that they do foment chaos but rather that the presence that they have in the country indicates the presence of u.s. the u.s. government and the u.s. intelligence community in an attempt to block the chinese. now look at some other stories we headlines around the world. people have reportedly been killed after a taliban attack on a lakeside hotel north of kabul civilians hotel guards and
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a police officer among the dead is what is it to the militants forty hostages have been freed by afghan security forces in the ongoing siege just president hamid karzai one that attacks were increasing in the run up to nato troops leaving in two years' time commenting after an assault on an afghan checkpoint on wednesday which killed twenty one. explosion at a sunni shrine in northern pakistan has killed at least three people two of them children dozens were hurt by the bomb which was attached to a cart being pulled by a donkey he went off as a group of mostly women and children gathered from day prayers on militants told him he starts to shrines in the past considering them a form of idol worship which is forbidden under the strict branch of islam. but time now for business news and the annual meeting of economic heavy hitters this in petersburg forum is underway in russia's northern capital.
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well this is r t is there for a seven exclusive coverage of the high profile gathering hi daniel what's in store for the second day of the four of them. well little conversation a little more action is what's being asked for delegates here or one of the transformation of russia speeded up or just big speeches and promises won't walsh anymore president putin here made all the right noises in a speech about selling off russia's biggest firms and making the country more attractive to foreign investors but they point to recent pledges by president putin to raise russia's rank for doing business from one hundred twentieth to twentieth in the world the world bank's just come out with its latest daniel ranking and russia's jumped four places up just four places at that rate and it will take a little longer than planned to get up to twenty a quarter of a century in fact one of the world's most international lies companies is going
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which provides free global calls and messaging i'm delighted to be joined by scott's first investor gerard locus jerk how does russia compare with the rest of the world for doing business when we fit investing in russia for the past seven years. obviously there's a number of things that sometimes make it more difficult place to invest and. there's certain so motion if you want a. governmental structures and so forth once you actually get the company go in. russia's could intervene early spirit but i think for i think for it to be competitive and actually to move up that ranking number things have to happen . just from what i understand of visitors from this estimate and i think also the first or number first steps are taken in that direction and i think that's not just something that is good for us but i think it's obvious absolutely necessary. for it
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to compete on a global scale one of those states is one of the world's biggest take census school code which is being built just outside moscow will produce the next big thing the next i think it's always been an interesting debate about russia its capacity to develop the next big thing i think russia has huge advantages over some countries in terms of fundamental research for instance i mean story they say has very good universities that fish has always been how to bridge the gap between invention or at least fundamental research an intrapreneur ship and actually commercializing it . i think still cool as is is a very good step to try to create an ecosystem where people learn from each other learn from foreigners also and from foreign experience so i think it's a good it's a good thing you know your company also owns lotus f one team when will formula one racing come to russia and or will it be a success. i believe there is an interest to bring it in two thousand and fourteen i don't know whether that's a date that is going to be kept as the ultimate fate but i i do know and i'm mostly quite often i do know that the russian people love cars so i don't think there's
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a reason for it not to be a big success in russia or the for interesting drug locusts the first investor in sky the messaging and calls service thank you very much for joining also you know we've just got time for the markets russia's losing forest in the opening minutes it's a really continues this year's poor performance dog boy contagion fears from europe and asia is falling on the back of weak u.s. manufacturing and home sales data the chinese mainland is closed today for a holiday and the euro is recovering recent losses against the dollar off to the poor us data and europe today will be speaking to another guest next hour. test for now. coming up bodies cross talk show debates the future of the euro and whether the single currency can be saved by stellar i've been in the headlines.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcomes a big picture. of
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a war horse will get him a note so we have a lot of illegal call groups of the called citizens who says all our views in the right enough to my marriage was like many at that marriage that wasn't forced marriage and spoke with maddy when i was fourteen years old you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe i'm going to stun them not to have a cross post without the part of the patient its chemical position and that of construction stuff people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. download the official antti application to go on the phone on pod touch from the i
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