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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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turkey admits that its war plane that was taken down by syria may have crossed into syrian airspace in an incident threatening to set the already volatile region on fire. tahrir square i get filled with angry voices as egyptians still don't know who their next president is and fear the delay in the results could be used by the ruling generals to bargain for power. and a decision on julian assange is asylum and still pending with ecuador saying it has to talk to all parties involved and it stresses it will validate the pressure. one am in moscow i match president good to have you with us here on r t our top
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story turkey is admitted that its fighter jet shot down by syria friday may have violated syrian airspace on korea has vowed to take necessary action against its southern neighbor while damascus says it acted within the bounds of international law or he's murray if an ocean that has more. turkish president has tried to justify the potential crossing of the syrian border by turkey's fighter jet but saying that it's a routine for warplanes flying a such a high speed to cross front here from time to time for short distances since the beginning syrian military officials have been saying that the plane deeds and to the syrian air space and deed violate didn't break the border regulations and they had no choice but to act according to international law and equal in the turkish president they've also been stressing that they did the plane has been flying at high speed but also at a very low alter today and this is the case they say when the plane tries to board a defense system the turkish side is also not reporting the rescue and search
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operation is now in to go in in the area in cooperation with the syrian side and of course the investigation continues but took each president has been equally in his prime minister who before that turkey's ready to take all necessary measures this sizably while the details of this news has come of the time of the agrees to volunteer syria and of course the incident with need to country member five to jet short here in syria could provoke even further escalation and many analysts have been saying that nato could get involved turkey has been involved in this crisis in syria they've been many reports about the rebels stationed in turkey the rebels training in turkey and what happens and ammunitions being smuggled through the turkish syrian border and just recently we've been hearing about cia offices based in the southern part of the country not far from the syrian border. coordinating
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a weapons delivery to the rebels inside syria so all that is is very dangerous to the questions astri manes open how far turkey is ready to go to topple the regime and president bashar al assad someone they've been criticizing and they've been condemning for bloody crackdown against his people for for a long time now quite a while as camille was me believes by downing a turkish plane damascus is sending a clear signal to turkey and its allies. syria is a sovereign country has the right to defend its own space and its own territory and this is and begun by the turkish into the space of syria that there has been playing that double a part in the whole process that then stability that is taking place in syria the turkish government he'd been supplying weapons to the opposition syrian opposition and he's been interfering in syrian affair from a very long time this is the method by the syrian there alert and they're ready and
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they are capable and they sending a message to everybody for turkey and the nato and for the americans don't mess with our territory because we're ready and we're not going to have the state to shoot down any interference any aircraft that well our airspace without any approval from our country rational peace envoy kofi annan says iran should be involved in efforts to end the escalating violence in syria the u.s. and its allies have objected to tehran's participation in the international conference on the syrian crisis and iran says it's time to put differences aside and focus on pushing forward in the peace process or he's very important i reports . in exactly one month the u.n. supervision mission in syria will expire and at this point the international community is attempting to exhaust all options one of those options according to a joint special envoy kofi annan is to form
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a contact group meeting one that could take place as soon as june thirtieth in geneva joint special envoy kofi annan says that in that contact group it would be a meeting of the permanent members of the security council members of the european union and also countries that have a direct influence on the opposition group in syria as well as the syrian government mr kofi annan says that he has made it clear that he believes that iran should be part of that contact group now the u.s. and its western allies were very much against sitting down at the table with iran having iran play a role in solving the crisis in syria mr anonymous comments are a come as there are fresh reports about the slaughter of some twenty five men near the northern city of aleppo in syria from what has been described by accounts
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from the opposition and syrian state media there rebels in syria were responsible for this ambush what is quite clear is that the massacres in cities throughout syria are getting bolder with signs of immense brutality the violence officials have been warning is is getting. very dire point keeping a close eye on reaction in developments in syria for you get up to date by logging on to our facebook page and twitter feeds we have all the latest.
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protests against the military which is accused of staging a brutal power grab results of the presidential runoff will be announced sunday four days later than expected meanwhile the standoff with ruling generals in the muslim brotherhood continues and many fear the military could use the delay to alter the outcome. as you can hear tensions are soaring here in town his way away tens of thousands of people have turned out to demonstrate on saturday night they're chanting for the army to step down and indeed as they have been chanting for the past few days they calling for the muslim brotherhood candidate dr mohamed morsi to be named egypt's makes president they're also chanting things like we are strong and that we are preparing for war crimes an ominous threat that comes as the electoral commission says that it will announce the official results of last weekend's presidential polls on sunday three pm local time but there is confusion
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over this because we're hearing from other electoral commission officials that it has not yet been determined when these results in fact will be announced now as you can hear this growing anger in tapir square and this is because many of the people here who are muslim brotherhood supporters are cautious of the fact that they think the electoral commission is delaying and non-singing is also because the army is trying to organize that it's kind of it after much traffic the main to egypt's makes president and there are growing concerns that if indeed shafiq is announced they will be violence here in egypt the military is worried about those they have warned of potential violence they have warned of political leaders on both sides to put a lid on growing on waste but they've also said that despite these protests and despite the growing anger they're not going to back down from we sent a constitutional and traditional changes that they made earlier i spoke with author and journalist hugh miles also in cairo he says the announcement of election
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results won't quell tensions but may even stir them further. egypt is a very divided society and that is not going to be a satisfactory outcome what i do ever is my president the other side is going to be huge but by the clad victory. very unstable moment sorry cold transition. number of. dramatic possibilities. are out that could be a huge response toppers glad it could be a revolution again it could be a revolution spreading to the military which is the worst case scenario for the military rulers in this country the military of mr and to the power of the president last week. whoever the president he's going to be the week changed president in egypt's history. coming up later in the program it's a big day for big drinking england advances in european championships the team is up for a cup paul fans are up for
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a pint but health experts warn the thirst for glory is becoming a dangerous use plus. we need more money and less money more. yet we have all been dumped as the financial crisis takes its toll on people across the globe the resident asked people in new york how bad a paycheck they need and if more money makes them happier stay with us. today children play war in the old case made. but in june one hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier for the nasa troops on their way to moscow and. senators and restless were dying one by one under ceaselessly. water.
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in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words very well mother i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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with. technology innovation all these developments around russia. the future covered. chile in a songes fate still in limbo was ecuador ways whether or not to grant him political asylum why the american countries recalled its ambassador to britain for a consultation if the way he leaves editors request is denied he'll likely be arrested by british police the moment he steps out of ecuador's embassy where he's been holed up since tuesday artie's elena myleene church has more from ecuador's capital quito. all along the sun has been claiming that he's case was politically motivated denying sex crime allegations which he's wanted for questioning in sweden
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and it's exactly those claims of political nature of the case that are being tara we looked into hearing that whether or are there still no sign that of the season is on the way now president rafael correa says ecuadorian authorities are assessing if there is a real tried to a songes life the latin american leader has stressed that ecuador rejected the penalty so if he finds there are strong grounds to songes fears of being ultimately extradited to the united states he might decide the whistleblower needs protection if you want to hear police or of what we have to see if there's any death threats against julian assange you have to analyze his reasons for requesting asylum if he's had due process here in ecuador is a country that rejects persecution for ideological motives no you. lost his extradition appeal to the u.k. supreme court even you could he said if there is ultimately handed over to sweden his likely to be detained immediately that's what assad said himself in his first
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public comments since he took refugee in the ecuadorian embassy on tuesday after having spent eighteen months under house arrest without charge that we could be excited to add it it's not looming extradition to sweden that worries him the moves but his possible removal to the united states where he claims he is the subject of grand jury proceedings he also said that the u.k. and sweden deliberately slowed down his case to allow the u.s. time to drop charges against him for leaking hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. documents while ecuador might hope to be seen as a defender of these are the ideas by accepting the world's number one whistleblower as a political refugee it could be made to suffer for its actions for example it's been suggested that ecuador is trade with united states and consequently thousands of jobs my suffer immensely if the latin american country shelters are signs obviously there's a lot more to this than meets the eye we have to wait and see how these seemingly never ending saga plays out. swedish writer oscar sward says it's not
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a sign his fear of prosecution in stockholm that's push him to take the dramatic step of seeking political asylum. in this week's issue is that he's afraid of getting them convicted for sex crimes i think that's much too simplistic even if he would be convicted in sweden and he would be immediately released because he has been serving so much time in england so basically off he comes here might be a couple of weeks in imprisonment and then prosecution maybe but the after that he will be released and then what happens then well sweden has a record of being very subservient to the u.s. when they want peace through or they want crackdowns and certain things in sweden and so on so that is the reason for him being scared of getting to sweden course we always welcome your comments on opinion on the stories we cover today on our
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website we're asking what you think your holds for a songe here's where you stand right now the majority more than a third think assad will safely get to ecuador and iran we can link from there less than a third think the whistle blow off to spend the rest of his life on the run a little less a quarter reckon assad will be handed over to the u.s. and said to want on a mobile way finally ten percent say he'll spend years in the ecuadorian embassy in london what do you think log on to r.t. dot com. from the pitch to the pub excitement over the euro two thousand and twelve games is reaching its peak and so is the drinking this weekend sees engelen play its second round match and with the country's bar is said to be packed and where do these services say they're taking all the proper precautions artie's sarfarosh reports from london. i. it is leave. and the days the tickets will be in a better place to catch the game than down the local pub watching football in the
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pub can be absolutely fantastic it's a great big communal shared experience and i've saved many great games in big pubs hundreds of people and there's not been an ounce of trouble just a fantastic atmosphere and if you can't be there a lot of people feel it's the kind of the next best thing so many things like england knights we were always at danger it could turn ugly but when it's roy is a wonderful why to watch football coming up the game is part of the english drinking culture and thousands of fans look to london bars and pubs whenever a match is on. the ballgame or no we're always a responsible drinking party drinks like us if you're so into the game it's a. story. but the stats say something very different is a big problem for us and over all we've lost or five six years we've seen a massive increase in our households and we're not going to move around sixty thousand of incidents every year the london ambulance service operates these. very
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drunk on the regular service the alcohol recovery center is normally dispatched on a friday and saturday nights extra services are now being provided. person big football games complete especially busy. for the euros. in every home in england and foul behavior from drunken english fans can be more than a little of. the while it's a queer feeling of. every shift before we go out. because. most people in the trunk will you are like yourself as well. or go to closure for that by providing the service that more calls to the taxpayer is the british government scoring a goal by catering for the problem rather than tackling it head on and england's
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better than expected performance has meant more people out drinking and being a weekend time to get drunk because it belated kickoff when you take sports and alcohol and you put them together generally speaking you'll find it doesn't matter whether your team's winning or losing in general people will use that as an excuse to drink and so our advice is to keep an eye on how much you're drinking tournament not just but actually let's remember that the tournament lasts for three wakes if you're drinking a lot each guy name actually i've got three week period to live in might have taken a bit of a battering with p.z. fans letting the side down by being such a burden to the health service many feel it's high time english football support is save it up there. on the war where website are. might there be such a thing as an honest computer hacking a dutch political party trying to legalize the online attacks just so long as you
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warn the targets before you strike plus. no place like home but some people are willing to go to ridiculous lengths to get their one woman decided to lie about being a murderer just to score a free ride from the cops read about it at r g dot com. take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe riot police in bahrain of cleared away protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets injuring several opposition leaders officials haven't commented on the tactics used by officers but promised to. venti our wolf organization from being in the suburbs of the capital my nama the uprising in bahrain has gone on for sixteen months with its shia majority rallying against western backed sunni's for a larger role in the government. the day after mexican authorities made what they
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thought was one of the most important drug arrests in years they've admitted it was a case of mistaken identity officers showed off their high profile capture on thursday the man was thought to the son of mexico's most wanted drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman but the man in the red shirt turned out to be a car salesman who's money has been hiding since he escaped from prison in two thousand and one the. leaders of germany france italy and spain agreed to push for a growth package worth one hundred thirty billion euros in the hope of kickstarting the euro zone's recovery they met in a roma head of next week's crucially you summit before leaders hope to make a united front that could force a consensus in the union italy's prime minister mario monti warned if the summit fails sovereign borrowing costs in europe will rise and weaker economies will face rising pressure to get. the meeting in rome came as moody's rating agencies downgraded fifteen of the world's biggest banks in the u.s.
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and europe in a few minutes max kaiser and stacy herbert provide their take on the bankers actions. in banking circles it's called a ponzi scheme in nature we call it cancer cancer is a it invades the body it's a you know it starts to eat the body it is evermore the body to support itself the crowds out all the functioning aspects of the body and it kills the body kills the host same thing with these bankers around the world they're a cancer and they're pushing our legitimate businesses and the result will be a cancer ridden economic corpse from which a new economy must be born. well no matter of the state of the economy in the country your living in it seems that many of us the money we make is never quite enough this week the resident takes to the streets of new york often a place associated with big bucks to find out what size salary would make people feel.
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how much of an annual salary would make you feel think that's this week let's talk about that thirty five mm hm. a euro per year that would be enough for you i think it would be good seventy five thousand here on a grand hundred grand. forty thousand dollars some preserve the farm producers five with forty thousand dollars around a better hundred fifty thousand per couple that would make you feel like that's what i would say probably. two hundred thousand dollars that's a lot yeah but this is why do people want so much money can it in the united states we think about its consumption but everyone knows that the things that you own own you and that the simple life can make you happy why does no one subscribe to that it's just philosophical it's what we grew up with it's what we were trained with it's what we believe do you think the answer varies from country to country in
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terms of success on sure does so what do you think on the scale americans fit and. do we need more money or less money more. yet because we have all the stuff especially in america the money is everything america is the money we like to live in nigeria because we. live well you know schoolteachers are definitely are in more banks why do you think that schoolteachers earn so much less than people who don't necessarily add as much value as you do or i think it's because we're just good natured and we are caring and we don't we're not in it for the money sound yeah so those kinds of jobs are going to get paid less because you're not greedy as much money as i need. to live healthy and with my family. and us to be lucky i think that's that's all i don't need that
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much money no more than that no more than that do you think if you made more than matt you'd be happier that's though i think you spend what you make so no matter what you. just go spend what you make yes so if you make eighty thousand dollars you're going to spend more i'm going to spend more and i'm getting a bigger house and a bigger boat and everything else to go with it we don't need that stuff. yes a view of. the bottom line is your annual salary might increase but that doesn't mean your happiness will necessarily increase with it. and that with a recap of our top stories in a couple of moments stay with us. we
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have a vote before forbes was given oats we have a lot of illegal groups of the blue cards wizards who sues also abuse in the home or right enough to just my mother it was like many of them out age it wasn't forced marriage it's just my view when i was fourteen yes so you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves
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afghan men and women we believe i'm going to stun them not to have a cross post without the part of the patient it's chemical for the shot and that. actually. people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mixed cards or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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been living these ways since the seventeenth century. strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their own and the alien. and guarding their family and things as a treasure. the
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. line to russia would be soon which brighton if you are about someone from phones to the persian.


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