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tv   [untitled]    June 25, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. live from moscow have bites the conflict in syria and avoiding war in iran are high on the agenda as president putin visits the middle east beginning talks with israeli leaders. speaking live in the israeli city of net to tanya where he's just a veiled a monument to soviet victory over nazi germany. is the most muhammad versus the celebrates victory after being declared egypt's first democratically elected president but critics say you know be a mere figurehead with the generals retaining the reins of power. turkey locks
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horns with syria for shooting down a military jet as nato leaders prepared to discuss the incident syria claims the plane was over its territory while ankara is insisting it was on a training flight in international airspace. when the world's most wanted whistleblower julian assange still waits to find out whether ecuador will grant him political asylum that's despite seeking refuge of the country's london embassy next episode of his t.v. show is ready to air here on our t.v. . thanks argues paul this lear interviews a former front runner for the egyptian presidency for a take on what he thinks the future holds for egypt. with me i have a melissa a presidential candidate in egypt's recent elections and also the former head of the arab league so thank you very much for joining us here on r.t.
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many people was surprised that you did not make it through to the second round of the recent presidential elections why do you think you did not do as well as expected i was among those who were astonished that i didn't make it but this is the most prosy. old. that is a guarantee that never again. but i'm glad that the democratic process has started. and the elections would also by the international arab and the civil society organizations in egypt i have my own reasons to be understand what happened and how things were managed in the last few days but my concern is not this my concern is that the democratic opposition not to beat the heat and especially at this stage where we are just starting. so i am glad that
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things went that way to there been much better had they been in the race. the second round but that is immaterial to the process itself and the preservation of the initiative to have smokers the revolution failed the revolution in your words it was supposed to achieve democracy why do you think it was and able to sustain itself. because of so many sticks and the mistakes were committed by all parties to the egyptian scene. where you cannot accuse one party of money but icing the mistakes they had evolution in their lives. it was of course subject to get to a hijacking from the very post but it's the one ness of the bold which is to put an end to the form of the gene pulled everybody together it was
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not really observed noticed understood that the forces of then they forced open up against one city of the gene came to its end and the former president decided to up at the gate differences assault and many forces from the right especially the right attempted to speak on behalf of their revolution and i was accurate and that was see many in the many organisations and unions and bodies that sickly each one of them played to represent the evolution and they were talking us to each other. if you can which is political they just couldn't have addition had worked what was needed for it to achieve its goals i believe one body one head of it and clear boards. and. the. know that to be
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able to compete and get into the parliament and compete and get into the government but december and voices the different logics the different emphasis and be at them still hijack it to the effect that they called the bottom and elected parliament be part of the punishment or that it was. so and that was a bit strange that evolution was utterly just. so. the misconception that misunderstanding be missed the presentation of things however i would want you to know. that the god of this of the absence or the presence of the ocean. actually presents the spirit of revolutionist to get. the feeling that this is a different guy and different era and different philosophy and different goals.
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this spirit is still there so i don't not think that the egyptians are with usually most people. but it was definitely. subject to a lot of pressure that will still be able to force to finish off that it should but it splits and the general feeling that we have already and a bit different. is today what does a morsi win mean for egypt are you concerned that egypt will become a more islamised state. and i believe there will be a lot of. disagreement on that point. egypt is not so ready to be anything but the simplest if it means that the successful or the preview of president morsi by what it with bill to. the to the
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problems of egypt rather than get into political talk about the leaders of the of the muslim brotherhood are you concerned by the growing islamic fundamentalism in the region why should we be concerned but the point is that this is a religion not politics but it's something against the government has to be a civilian always civil government this is what i believe in. we live in the twenty first century we have problems in our country in our region will have to deal with them with all the ways and means that we see fit into that it is something it's. we need a civil state we need a modern constitution and egypt that all is at. the constitution stopping one thousand nine hundred three constitution. solution the authority of. the
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independence of. the judicial. power to the presidential opening to the region what about the but a government that has the constitution as its so. nothing gets only because of. the judiciary and it depends as independents up to be sure it is so important and vital. human rights and fundamental freedoms rights of women all of this all those principles should be shot in trying in addition to being the discrimination on the exits and in addition to the basic nature of the. of the religion that that has its all its or as defined in the constitution i think. that the military has made itself responsible for one thousand new constitution are you
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confident that the military will be able to give the people a constitution that exceeds somebody that's going to write the constitution it's a constituent assembly that will have to wait until the assembly will be albeit it was an addition by all factions of our society nobody expects that many people die because of the amendments of the people of the constitution because they should all the amendments that got all of them at intervals it is the constitution that would egypt but the military will choose the. people who will want this constitution well and there now we have a committee already in place a concealed assembly but that has some controversy around it so we'll see what kind of proposals of the supreme council come up with but we many of us have
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their own opinions about it so it will be that the i mean if we would just up point they would say they were going some as a way expect you wade of the arab league for a decade how then do you explain the arab league's stance on syria which has surprised many look at the situation in syria is different than the solution if you and the arab league played an important or maybe a little debate that wait for change and see the civilians. it was supported by almost everybody and to see that it was different because of the subject situation of syria and that none of the countries surrounding syria now that it would do should be had egypt and tunisia to the east and west both in a suitable evolution so that the neighborhood was already ready to support the evolution in there and be. as for syria at many countries around it ought
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to be equal so that things would get out of hand. but it is this critical issue that this is the heat of change in the south and change is very good for getting all the course an expression out of spain. already had that expression of that kind it is the script of change changes that we need and change is a story development it is not just is for if it so is a myth of time in my opinion that change we can take place in syria especially up to you not to whatever then you can make effect a smaller one. but it had to get that school one to be except. me to post this on how to deal with. something that little dash but i mean this is like a good that is no other bit of it is no plan and there's no wisdom that flow for syria and that is a lot of go is it is
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a lot of this on monday because of what to do see. that but that is the natural event of things we believe it's true that what happened and not at each applied all good but those who scored one that leads and those who get that this is to blame for change and change is the name of the game and city is no exception and we said thank you very much for joining us here on ati thank you. they've been living these who ways since the seventeenth century. rituals are strict. their communities are isolated.
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they clearly distinguish between their own and the alien. and guard their families and things as a treasure. just give me can i speak we'll sir let me let me explain my son died in a gun don't agree you don't agree we don't have to look for them my son isn't isn't in the arena i don't know what is crap be our greatest priority for you fair. it's an honor to share a new country. with a country which. the moon or in hope to help you find me. you find in so many ohmss war and meet some seems.
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to me. to. just say. six. when you take three. four three. three. three. three. three blown
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video for your media projects. are tea. party's top stories the conflict in syria and avoiding war in iran are high on the agenda as president putin visits the middle east beginning with talks with israeli leaders. is the most mohammad mercy celebrates victory after being declared egypt's first democratically elected president but critics say will be a mere figurehead at the general pertaining to the reins of power. turkey locks horns with syria for shooting down a military jet as nato leaders prepared to meet. to discuss the incident in syria claims the plane was over its territory while ankara it's insisting it was on a training flight in international airspace. and the world's most wanted
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whistleblower julian assange still waits to find out whether ecuador will grant him political asylum despite seeking refuge at the country's london embassy the next episode of his t.v. show it's ready to go on air right here on r t. let's check in with you know neal for the latest action from the world of sport and we're fast approaching the business and of matters at euro two thousand and twelve are we we certainly are and he said we know nor semifinalist studies because anyone tough go on the whole movie are watching the quarterfinals at the hands of much more ahead in just a sec. this is for today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes or so including the stories and pretty. i tell you in job the jury celebrate after knocking out england reached the
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semifinals of the european football championships. sponsorship primo fernando alonso to the top of the formula one still means following a really european promptly win in the n.c.a.a. . gras world number one tennis star maria sharapova the person takes center stage on the opening day of wimbledon. football first where we now know the semifinal lineup at euro twenty twelve italy securing the last spot following a penalty shoot out victory over england on sunday it was the italians who had dominated both the normal and extra time in kiev hitting the post three times the other team could find the back of the net so a penalty shoot out was needed to decide the time easily winning the four too much to the light of fun shown here in rome alessandro de'monte the hero after missed initial efforts from ashley's young uncle. through to the last four where they will face germany. now for further analysis on last night's game and indeed the
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tournament as a whole cape partridge caught up with the chief football writer at british newspaper the daily mirror after the match in kiev martin lipton first stating that italy were deserving winners. in the first fifteen minutes they were by far the better team england showed great courage to visit great desire in the end it wasn't quite good enough and of course the familiar feeling from twelve yards so how do you think italy would do against germany. and progress on the ball they could have a twenty percent chance germany or sensational or the best team in the children pirlo today was magnificent germany won't give in that sort of space i don't think if they were even if they played twenty percent better than that i don't really fancy having some of your germany spain final say you say spain so what makes you think that the portugal can't do it i don't think they can get the ball enough to renowned for he can hurt spain no question he's been the player of the children so far for. spain just smother the life out in the did it to france saturday and i think they'll do it again on wednesday. into next to portugal so if it's germany
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against spain he's going to be the winner of year eighty thousand to twelve i hope germany because of the football they play they're the most exciting vibrant in the in the household when they play the. all they want to do is hurt you spain go on the ball beautiful to watch they don't excite they don't get the policy stirring germany do and in this particular tournament do you think has been the biggest disappointment so far as germany are but as you say the stars think holland because everyone expects them to do better i think to a degree russia who should have got for everyone their first going for one they should have qualified comfortably rather than going home and once again i have to say france because their attitude has been pretty awful and finally how do you feel about you his decision to hold your a two thousand and twelve in ukraine and poland i understand you've been based mainly in part of the what are your thoughts on the tournament the stadium to be fantastic the people have been wonderful the infrastructure is a mess but that doesn't matter it's been a fantastic football tournament and you can cop
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a moan and complain sometimes this is just the court is this has been a wonderful wonderful few weeks for countries who never get this opportunity again they've made the most of it so should we all. martin it in thank you very much indeed for your thoughts and that's martin lipton the chief football writer of the daily mirror in london what is commiserations to england but congratulations to a city after they get to forty on penalties ok partridge there from outside the olympic stadium in kiev so the last four teams left to fight it out now for european glory are known it's the battle of the iberian peninsula first off with holder spain going up against christiane all those portugal on wed and stay in donetsk the following night there and sees italy germany to about the warsaw for the other final place. tennis where we're now just a couple of hours away from the start of the wimbledon fortnight world number one maria sharapova set to get her campaign underway in center court today against russian born straight on the cod all of a shot of seeking back to back ground slam titles after winning the french open
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other big ties on the women's side of the draw leader sees him as william's take on yet another russian culina festina four time grand slam champion kim clijsters also in action the belgian adamant she will retire at the end of the season meaning this will be her last time playing on the world for our ceiling yankovic big opening ask for her. movie tough yankovic's and you know the tough opponent we've had some really tough battles in the past and i think some of my. one of the matches that upgraded played against in sydney in the finals of sydney is one of the the matches that always remember as one of the fun as much as i've played in the most intense ones as well so i look forward to it the first match on center court will see men number one novak djokovic start to the fence of his wimbledon crown he could be in for a tricky afternoon or whatever opponent one karla's for of spain has reached the last eight here twice before but djokovic chase he's looking forward to all that comes in london. realize my dreams last year i played
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a perfect tournament. and i like the conditions here i've been several occasions and semifinals so. you know i'm confident. before the start of two thousand and twelve to motor sport where fernando alonso has become the first driver this formula one season to win two races the spaniard claiming victory in an action packed european grand prix in valencia a stunning drive seeing a former two time f one champion work his way opera eleventh on the grid he then took full advantage when red bull session vettel who started on pull stalled on the track midway through the race to me reichling of lotus would finish second michael schumacher completing the podium after lewis hamilton pastor maldonado collided on the penultimate up afterwards along to describe this victory as one of the best of his career. very proud that we spun his boredom of the moment and winning in the spring this race who's probably the most. intense so for most who's
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nothing maybe compared to his one dummy will it's hard to put in a lot of extra time on the greens this weekend to earn his first ever european goal title the englishman seeing off a street in marcus fraser in a four hole playoff at the b.m.w. international open in cologne fraser with a run to remember and ruling in one of his five birdies here on the twelfth well it meanwhile had the title within his grasp but missed a crucial birdie effort on the deal which would mean extra hole it's fraser solid putting stroke betraying him on the fourth hole though well as twenty four year old opponent held his nerve made difficult weather conditions the sheffield native pocketing just over three hundred thousand euros in the process you won't get long to enjoy it when though with the british open qualification taking place unfortunately for the. travellers championship stateside mark leishman became the fifth player in seven years to secure a maiden title at the river highlands course the twentieth rule making a total of eight birdies to be charlie hoffman and twenty ten breakthrough winner
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bubba watson by a single shot thus taking home just over a million dollars on a very special first ever piece of p.g.a. tour. and finally russia's women's beach volleyball team has qualified for the olympic games for the very first time the squad picking their place by beating tournaments favorites the netherlands in the continental cup held right here in moscow. this competition was a real chance for russia to make history in the sport after a hard fought three two win over switzerland in the semi's they face the dutch in the final with a place at the olympics at stake the best of five contest started wobbly for russia's first time then team and as the sea of ice in the and over failed to break down holland's jewel of madeline mccann link and sophie from guess though and team russia wind down one nil but that didn't stop russia from making full use of their home advantage russia's second tandem call over and they. made light work of their
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two games beating both dutch teams two zero and two one with advantage now firmly with the home team and a boy in the crowd behind their backs. and was a cover rectified the only slip up to be at home as we could do twenty one to twelve not only was it a fine win over the tournament favorites it was also sweet revenge for team russia having lost out to the netherlands back in the zoning stage of the competition in twenty eleven i simply cannot put our joy into words we're so happy i don't know what else to say most of all i would like to say thanks to all our fans it's a big advantage to be playing at home and i'm so pleased with all the support it definitely helped us win. in the battle for bronze switzerland soft italy with three games to one ensuring they will get another crack at allin because occasion i think we've. got the. game. like yeah.
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but. with a ten second beach volleyball tournament of three in quick succession now seems justified as russia's women's beach volleyball team proved the country can come. with the world's best even if there's no beach in sight no gold here on the continent cup means that russia had to build himself a place on the plane to the sun was a political post on hamburg on the netherlands as well as with some concern in the movie also on the money from the first time to when the headline may be full of langholm of which will also be held in the garage has not been sold but seemingly just cannot get enough of beach volleyball at the moment and that tournament starts on the twenty two months of the tango most. likely covering his very favorite sport there that is all your sport for now the weather is next here in twenty four hour art.
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culture is that so much you're going to make it a lot of people and you're really looking at what is the future of european union will be a federal union or will continue to be hero down the road. me
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he he. used. to. say. wealthy british style rolls that's not on the title. of their. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial head.


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