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mission to teach me creation why you should care about. this is why you should care . this is r.t. your headlines now. kill. the president declares on national t.v. the country is in a state of war. at the headquarters of the privately owned t.v. channel twenty kilometers outside damascus this was early on wednesday. the us senate committee passes a bill which imposes economic sanctions on russian officials believed to be implicated in human rights violations. by the death of lawyer.
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custody in two thousand and nine. the security operation for the london olympics is under fire overshadowing the sport the games organizers are also criticized for flaunting battleships well it seems that the olympic park is still easily open for . business present. daniel yergin a pulitzer prize winning author and economic research the focus being iran's ability to export oil and how it will be affected by looming sanctions that should be appearing on july the first. on the first of july europe will seize importing oil from iran and new u.s. sanctions will also come into place now to talk about how this will affect the energy market i'm now joined by daniel yergin he is the chairman of i chest hair and also author of the quest and pulitzer prize went to daniel it's
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a big pleasure to have you on the thank you so right now what we're seeing on the energy market is a downward trend although over the years of the economic turmoil two thousand and eight two thousand and nine and the following years we have seen oil prices pretty high what do you make of the downward trend today it's quite remarkable because just three months ago all was almost one hundred thirty dollars a barrel and people said it was going to go to one hundred fifty and now it's been on this downward trend that has in a sense taken people by surprise and i think what it reflects is the reality of supply and demand in the market how it's changed and also what is really quite remarkable a kind of relaxation almost or a calm about these very powerful sanctions that go into place on a rainy and oil because i think right now the kind of sense in the market is that there is alternative supply that will replace the iranian oil this embargo on imports of from iran is coming in at
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a very difficult time for europe we've got the european debt crisis which is looming and there's basically no light at the end of the tunnel so far. do you think europe is doing this at a very bad time is it shooting in the highlights i would say there was much more worry about exactly that question going to treat three months ago when it was thought that the result of this could be to send prices up rather than down and i think they are frankly i think the iranians thought that that was going to happen but there seems to be such a supply question that unless some other surprising things happen there's enough oil out there in the market. that's going to replace it so that this won't necessarily be a penalty on europe and in fact what lower oil prices mean both for europe and the united states is like a big tax cut it actually puts money into the pockets of consumers and if anything it's it's a new it's a stimulus to recovery now the fact that europe is stopping buying oil from iran and china is becoming a a huge has become
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a huge player on the energy market biggest consumers of energy. a kind of it's kind of bringing iran and china together do you think europe might lose around to china i think one of the major themes in the quest is about how china has gone from being an oil export or not so many years ago to being the world's second largest oil importer and not of the economic consequences of that but the geopolitical consequences which you're talking about and i think in general what we're seeing is a situation where more and more of the oil for the middle east is going to flow east rather west because that's where the growth market is and something else that's very striking that's happened it just did not seem conceivable four years ago is the growth of production in the western hemisphere and that is a theme that is one of the dominant themes in the quest because it's this thing about unconventional oil u.s. oil production is up twenty five percent canadian oil production is increasing brazil's increasing and you start to see
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a world in which the western hemisphere in five or ten years will be more trading among itself and again what you're describing more of a shift towards the east for the middle east let's talk about these unconventional oil and gas of technologies right now shale gas has also become one of these shifting basically to shape all of the energy market but russia is not on the right i mean it were obviously the birth of shale gas it took a couple decades to actually have it happen but it probably is the biggest energy. innovation since we give this century it's transform the energy market the united states the u.s. was going to be a big importer of l.n.g. in fact was going to be importing l.n.g. from not only from the middle east not only from australia but from russia and now it's self-sufficient and now the debate in the united states about alan g. export are so big impact there. but i think russia is you know it's often said
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to be the saudi arabia of natural gas and has so much conventional gas that shale gas is not relevant to it in the same way that it is and there are different you know different political authorities different have different attitudes towards shale gas but the other unconventional that is really having a big impact is what's called title oil and that uses similar technologies and you know the u.s. everybody always saw the u.s. production continue to go down imports go up the u.s. now is increased its oil production by twenty five percent and i notice in the russian now there's a lot of discussion about particularly going back to places like west side stablished oil fields and using these technologies because for russia maintaining an increase seen its oil production is also a national objective. resources and for many years many instances of the twentieth century twenty first century people have been saying that one day there
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will be a crisis of production that the world will run out of resources what do you think's going to happen so this is been a very familiar question in fact in the eight hundred eighty s. both in the united states and in the russian empire people said in the eighty's that the era of oil is just about to come to an end and of course we're still here and technology keeps opening doors and now natural gas resources are so much larger than they looked to be five or seven years ago and they're been mazie new natural gas discoveries off of east africa. so for all oil the questions are not only the resource center ground but what happens above ground what kind of decisions that governments make and obviously the big challenge is the emerging markets what you spoke about before is trying and meeting their demands so it's a challenge but it seems that the resources physical resources are there but at the same time we have to become more much more efficient in how we use our energy
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a much more efficient on the energy market let's talk about. other aspects that we are noble energy we have nuclear energy which has also been changing especially. several countries have been saying they want to go away from nuclear energy what is the future for nuclear well i think that a nuclear we should talk about nuclear and renewables i think nuclear the fukushima accident tremendous tragedy it's obviously japan was headed towards being fifty percent nuclear and now the question is going to be ten percent nuclear fifteen percent nuclear so if your plan is a real struggle about what it's going to do and the reason it went nuclear is it doesn't have very many resources of its own so now i think there's a debate a really kind of a crisis of confidence about the energy future about the whole system of governance we've seen different changes different world germany after fukushima changed its mind said we're going to shut down our nuclear. russia continues to go ahead
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nuclear continues to go ahead in the united states and continue to go ahead in finland france is seventy percent seventy five percent nuclear so i think it depends country to country you have south korea building new nuclear power plants and so it's a very mixed picture and not what people talked about two years ago we talk about a nuclear renaissance it's a mixed picture of renewables is very interesting and i had a lot of fun in in the quest really trying to understand the rise and fall and rebirth of renewables and i talk about the rebirth of renewables because this was an industry. it with great enthusiasm in the one nine hundred seventy s. and one hundred eighty s. but it was very very small and technically mature renewable industry today it's much more mature industry wind machines are much bigger solar costs are coming down but they're still more expensive and they still haven't got to scale so it's going to be a further evolution before i think that they really gain more market share unless
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you're a country like germany which says we're rich country we're willing to really subsidize these resources but i think they'll continue to grow and become part of the mix and i think that the changes in the energy mix probably won't come until after twenty thirty because of the scale of conventional energy growth in the needs of countries like china and india let's talk more about that let's just go hypothetical. what is the world going to look like where's it going to take i think. first of all though we know they'll be a lot of surprises and things that people didn't seek out mean that of course. that's that's a given but on basic numbers it looks like the world energy demand will be about thirty five percent more than it is today thirty five percent renewables will grow a lot but so will all natural gas and coal i think one big difference is that we're going to see natural gas gaining market share because there is so much gas and we'll see it use more widely electric generation and even to some degree in
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transportation hi how will that be also affecting the change in pillars of power you know the middle east will still loom large as because of the tremendous amount of resources but we will see resources developed elsewhere china for instance right now is putting a lot of effort into unconventional gas into shale gas so i think that will kind of development will continue even saudi arabia is looking for shale gas now in order to have use it in electric generation so they can free up more oil for export right daniel thank you very much. thank you enjoy the picket. culture is that so much given to each musician to find the mark when the downing of a turkish military jet by syria may prove to be the tipping point allowing nato to
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force regime change in damascus. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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well to the. point is the magic of transforming airplanes into jet trains dirty diesels into green rail dreams double down on profits by building up instead of outs and insurance will please just for the self knowledge update here on r.g.p. . listen church. wealthy british style.
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time. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r g.
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the headlines on the. program. killed. the president. on national t.v. the country is in a state of war the government is the headquarters of the privately owned by the t.v. channel twenty kilometers outside damascus this was on wednesday. the u.s. senate committee passes a bill which imposes travel and economic sanctions on russian officials it believes to be implicated in human rights violations the route was sparked by the death of boy. while in russia back in two thousand and nine. the security operation for the london olympics is under fire. for the games organizers are also
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criticized for flaunting battleships on. the olympic park itself is still easily open to it. now time for paul with the sport. thank you very much for and welcome to the sports headlines is what we've got for you. aiming high in spain and portugal touchdown the head of the euro twenty twelve semifinal on wednesday. night again maria sharapova is a wimbledon quest continues as she prepares to take on. for a place in the round. the georgian pistol shooter preparing for an amazing seven games appearance. but first a football where the twenty twelve finalist will be decided later on wednesday well
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defending european champions spain putting their title on the line against neighbors portugal and on yet. previous the action. the last meeting between spain and portugal was a friendly in lisbon where the home side triumphed four nil worst defeat for forty seven years elder frosty get back to brace though mrs wednesday's match with a thaw injury but should be replaced by. netted them before this summer portugal finished second to germany in group b. and beat the czechs in the last eight each game getting better along with christiane a right now though the infuriated skipper was denied a super goal in that spain victory as an offside nani headed in on the line and rinaldo remains focused on reproducing his stellar platform at international level . playing with cristiano ronaldo is always a great source of satisfaction and pride he's among the world's best players a great professional and he's doing everything he can and the rest of the team is
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following suit in order to try and make it to the final. portugal are seeking their first major title after being stunned by greece in two thousand and four to leave rinaldo tearful however they fully fit spain should field for rail madrid colleagues. said go ramadoss xabi alonso and all of our all the lower as well as a large barcelona contingent will attempt to support the winner while maybe giving fernando torres and take the chance to shine. it's not easy to stop and everyone knows this because he has scored three goals in the tournament thus far but we also know that portugal has other stars like nani who is doing really well at this tournament and other quality players so we have to stop hearing of them and not just christianity. as well however despite easing three groups a spate have been criticised for dominating play but not sparkling especially in
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the last two no win over france yet simply victory on wednesday would keep spain on track to clinching a unique treble defending their european title while still current. champions you know. we hope that spain will keep making progress and that our country will keep playing an important role in the world of football we're going through a good phase right now we spent a lot of time looking for a style and now that we have found it some people do not like you but this style has allowed us to win games regardless some people will continue complaining about it. and so what's at stake for the winners of this much anticipated all iberian clash it's this a place in the final of euro two thousand and twelve here at the olympic stadium in kiev against either three time champions germany or nine hundred sixty eight winners easily on july the first cape partridge party kiev ukraine. well italy and germany have a vested interest in who progress is the saving the sides meet in the second
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semifinal on thursday actually getting there after a penalty shootout win over england thanks in part andrea pillows confident chip penalty. and the stock option i just decided just before the penalty i think england played in a very careful way they were sitting back for the entire match like chelsea did in the champions league and i think there for them going to penalties was a good result so i'm very physical off well germany maybe unbeaten at euro two thousand and twelve but they've never beaten italy at a major tournament midfielder bastian schweinsteiger has been declared fit as he deals with a recurring ankle injury the rest of the line up not as clear cut though especially up front with mario gomez norris love closer thomas miller and lukas podolski all in the hunt for a starting place lacking last man seeking a record fourth european title. over to tennis now a day three of wimbledon has been temporarily suspended because of rain russian maria sharapova still to get on court the twenty five year old for a second title continues as she prepares to face the town of her own cover of vogue
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area later on because they're in a cart of a takes on the eight seeded german ingenue role and see that you're in a very tough thing this williams in the first round faces another tough test in the seat at nascar advance the pole is a set up their four time grand slam winner kim clijsters is also in action later her opponent is under a cloud called one of the czech republic. in the men's draw there's been enough play today for six time a champion roger federer to progress against italian fabio fognini in straight sets argentine one monaco drop to set on the way to beating french when jeremy sharkey well number one novak djokovic plays ryan harrison of the usa later on while another american run sweeting is going to face to face with a team young go to salvage for their as i say play is currently suspended. now with exactly a month to go before the start of the olympics london mayor boris johnson says the city is ready to welcome the world johnson misspeaking is the iconic image of the
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games the five rings were lowered from the equally as iconic tower bridge the games start on the twenty seventh of next month will be the first in london since one thousand nine hundred forty eight over ten thousand athletes and millions of spectators are expected to descend on the english capital and johnson says the city is ready. we are as ready in this in the city has ever been at this stage in their lives the president probably better that the international olympic committee would say well amazing job the liberal authority local good on him getting london ready and that's a big big give attention from us to the world it's and here we are folks who are ready come to london now few athletes can boast the longevity of one day the georgian pistol shooter preparing for her seventh them into games and she'll carry her country's flag at the tender age of forty three many of her upcoming upcoming opponents when even born when sally provides a burst on to the olympic scene back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight that's when she won the gold and silver for the soviet union in seoul before two
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decade long olympic podium drought soundboards a would then secure a bronze in beijing in two thousand and eight some things never change she still coached by her father. is in the longest sailor hubert wrote that she and showjumping in miller have appeared in a remarkable nine different olympic games and from one veteran to another forty year old swimmer john evans has failed in her attempt to qualify for team usa in the four hundred meter freestyle evans who won her first of four goals in seoul twenty four years ago has won a final attempt to qualify the eight hundred meters this weekend i was actually more nervous than ever because i was talking about has been very such a different. situation because when i swam a trials before and it's like i knew i'd at least get the finals in here and here i knew i'd be well again or whatever you know i mean so it's such a very different mental game coming into this for me just wanting to swim. now in
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golf a resurgent tiger woods is gearing up for the eighty anti national on thursday atonement which he founded and later won in two thousand and nine the world number four also with one our next month's british open as he seeks to make inroads on jack nicklaus his legendary mark of eighteen majors woods is currently four shy of that amazing tally but i understand how to either win major championships and the key is just give yourself chances that's the key is to myself opportunities on the back sunday each and every time and that's one of reason why jack was so good at it i mean if you want eighteen both here think about it for a second one thousand times so he was there. are you going to know but if you there are a lot chances are going to want to share. now finally let's finish with some brave souls who have taken part in a traditional oxen race in pakistan the event has been running for more than fifty years and is popular among locals participants have to complete two hundred metres
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a dusty course on a wooden platform was struck by a pair of oxen jockeys who sticks and shouts to try and keep them out heading for the finish line the oxen must be steered between two poles which are spaced ten metres apart if the animals fail to finish between the poll to unseat the jockey that disqualified crosses droppings all the way this cash prizes for the defeated will hopefully not much more than her pride. rather than may that is all from the world of sports and i will be back with more though in a little under two hours time here on the world weather is next. british
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style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my tax dollars are for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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