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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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syria under siege saudi troops reportedly closing in on the volatile country from the south as turkish units lined up in the north on the eve of a crucial international crisis conference. the e.u. agreed to a new rescue agency for banks despite opposition from germany the future taxpayer funded bailouts for banks to bypass governments. and the world's top. issued a statement following his refusal to report to the police station over his extradition proceedings he remains tucked away in the ecuadorian embassy in london waiting for the latin american country to decide on his bid for political asylum.
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screen international news and comment live from our new center here in moscow with twenty four hours a day israel's dead news agency suggests saudi military forces are moving towards jordan on their way to syria's southeastern border that's as turkish combat troops backed by anti-aircraft batteries massed on the country's northern frontier and prague considering putting in place a buffer zone with syria also reportedly building up its forces in the area reports now from damascus. we're getting alarming reports on foreign troops being deployed at or headed towards the syrian borders from the north west and south some original media believed to have close ties with israeli intelligence reports heavy saudi troop movements towards the jordanian and iraqi borders after king abdullah put the country's military on high alert for joining the uprising against president bashar
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assad in syria its report of the special units have tanks misawa special forces and batteries and the plan is to enter jordan then move towards syria further and then and to syria and establish a security zone around the towns of a resort that i and others known as the epicenter is over the uprising against the syrian regime western gulf sources also reporting that jordan is on war alert to we are hearing this image reports that turkey is continuing to build up its syrian border units with tanks and anti aircraft machine guns and missiles in what they say is a defensive move full of when they down over turkish jet by syria last friday literal ations between the two neighbors deteriorated dramatically they didn't manage to agree on how and where exactly the fighter jet was hit shortly after the
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incident turkey has claimed that from now on any military objects coming from syrian side towards the turkish border will be treated as a threat and heat in damascus suburbs some seven to ten kilometers away from the city center where a number of opposition strongholds have been constant sources of troubles during this conflict there the clashes between beyond me and the rebels have been escalating too and we've been getting reports of increased number of casualties from both warring sides on from both military and civilians. president bashar assad has said that syria is now in a real state so war and he has promised to fight against terrorism and till the very end but fears are that we will see more and more dramatic developments in this crisis until we actually see the end of its. international relations expert mark coleman says military action against syria will take a lot of effort and it's easier for turkey and gulf nations to use scare tactics
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but. also. takes time also i think we're having a kind of war. by cost of iraq shooting up pressure by perhaps beating the. troops to govern the saudi and all the special forces coming it was. the western alliance with a lot of nato and arab culture despotisms this will cause the assad regime to fracture but the norm family members who will say we can't go on purple must get in but try and have a regime change within so. peace with the. to its north and the nato alliance and also. whether that will work i'm not so sure . the chief negotiator in the syrian conflict says he's confident the upcoming meeting in geneva will bear fruit kofi annan has called the gathering of the
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world's most influential states to find common ground on how to end hostilities in syria moscow and washington however will discuss the issue before the main talks sorties you see coming out of has more on that. the diplomatic positions are so vastly different that it will be nothing short of a diplomatic miracle for some sort of a breakthrough to come out one side or another is going to have to seriously drastically change its position in order to go forward here now the sticking point for the americans has been that president bashar al assad has to go that is any sort of transitional government that the countries tomorrow might discuss cannot cannot take place with assad in force that has been the position of secretary of state hillary clinton in fact that is why that was the conditions under which she agreed to join the meetings tomorrow the russian position means meanwhile continues to be that. you know foreign countries outside powers cannot dictate a solution for syria
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a transition is absolutely necessary that was the wording of the foreign minister sergey lavrov yesterday but that transitional government is going to have to be negotiated by the powers within syria and not foreign countries we know that kofi annan is going to try to put forward some sort of agreement on you know a transitional government that's going to contain members of potentially president assad's cabinet at the moment it doesn't specifically explicitly bar assad from just that beating but that is the implication that the west is hoping for and so i guess unless one side or the other backs down tomorrow is not going to succeed it's a really really tense diplomatic situation and again unless hillary clinton and sergey lavrov can sort of hash it out behind closed doors tonight it's going to be really difficult to see how tomorrow will play out in a positive way for syria if you live here moscow coming up a little later in the program that freud a feeling which means one thing in egypt but no we can go of a ring of massive crowds flocking to top here square trying to keep the dreams of
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revolution on track. that's due to come. tough to wrangling leaders have agreed to set up a new authority with keeping sinking banks. afloat and to do that the new agency will be given access to europe's bailout funds stocked in the large part by tax payer money this exact function was previously charon up by governments but now the e.u. bailout of nation's banks without adding to the government's debt levels at least on the books at the same time the german parliament today will vote on ratifying the european stability mechanism and that's the blocs prodigious new emergency fund and that vote now with beatrix upon store she spokesperson for the civil movement joining me there in berlin where you've been very heavily involved in protesting against the why. well that's it's pretty clear why we're against the because this is
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a deeply threat to. our democracy in germany and all of europe and therefore it's also a very deep threat to use of solar energy to all the countries involved and as we can see already all what is coming out from this is that the policy is snow longer backed by the majority of the people and you can see how this is ending up this is ending up in fighting. countries against each other so you can see civil war somehow is coming up in greece greece people are burning german flecks. protests in spain is beginning everyone is angry go against the germans because the germans want to want to get involved in all of the country's policies and we do say no we will have to keep and keep the democracy system to all the countries in europe we are fighting for democracy but the eurozone itself of course is under threat and all we seeing politicians uniting together in germany playing
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a major part in that we know that germans germany's politicians they're known for being extremely frugal and conservative with taxpayers' money they wouldn't waste cash on projects they thought wouldn't work and something needs to work for us because germany will be affected of all the others. well i don't know why. german politicians are doing what they're doing i think the only thing they try to do is to not to not to be responsible for consequences and doing the other way around saying they do not dare to. put consequences on everybody and so they try to spending germany taxpayers' money to have a fear it and as we all know this cannot work because even germany is not is just not able to pay for all off the debts of europe you could understand what the german taxpayers are for happy and i understand that much of your support of course does come from the public the taxpayers there recently you talked about a million letters being addressed your politicians against the bailouts why isn't
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the government listening to what appears to be very strong public opposition there in germany. it is very strong and i can tell you that i have a heart i have had a hard days as a because today is the day where the palm and just behind me is. voting down democracy and is handing over the power of the people to a non elected government. of governess so it's a good question why they're doing say but i think the answer is going to be the same they just don't dare to stop and they hate to gain time and too. well to not take serious decisions and they hope that. something will change the main thing is that the main problem with face is that all the countries in europe they have a lack of competition they are not competitive and we don't we don't face this problem we don't face the problem of competitiveness and as long as we do not
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address this problem it's there's no solution and just paying off that that's because there will be more debts tomorrow and more debts the day after tomorrow. if we do not face this problem we can't change anything just your reaction to what's happened recently always seems that. you turn but she certainly backed down against a lot of pressure from the other eurozone countries concerning obviously bailouts and euro bonds and all the rest of it was decided that that summit do you feel that germany is in danger of isolating itself and indeed. clearly losing a lot of support and losing its influence in europe now. well i mean the main concern we do have the group i do is present and this is the majority of the people here in germany is. that we are losing our democratic system so what we can do in the in the future is we can still vote for a parliament but this parliament no longer is responsible for our budget this is
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one thing and so the policy is no longer backed by the majority of the people this is one one problem and the second problem is that all the problems around are the lack of competent competent of of the countries and we will not buy that so. it's not it's not good for the german people it's not good for the european economies it's not a solution of the problem and therefore we are very very much the fighting fighting this this upcoming treaty thank you very much and if your thoughts beatrix spokesperson for the civil coalition movement live in well meanwhile inside germany there's a growing chorus of grassroots opposition to bailouts as we've just been discussing that the country's role in solving the euro crisis ortiz works on a boy who explains just where that resistance is coming from. it's a job interview with geopolitical implications and just his family has been running
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these greek restaurant for almost three decades ever since they immigrated to germany hard work and self-reliance made it to success but now they are under increasing pressure to share the fruits of their labor. the problem is that in greece the think in germany that. they come here and like the money in the street but we are also working very hard. working from the morning to the till till night every day they get a dozen of calls from their greek can patcher it with requests for money jobs or both some like. takis just walk in a restaurant owner himself he lost his business last year and ever since has been out of permanent work like about twenty two percent of greeks there is the second world war and they destroy. our country from the troops so they'll be a million people is the german. not to help but. while
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references to the countries nats of past have appeared more than once in the great coverage of the bailout germans remain unswayed in their position to pay for somebody else's debts polls consistently show that the majority of germans are stronger against finance increases or spain's bailout is one customer of this restaurant put it before placing an order one should check not only the menu but also his wallet despite a broader position the german authorities are still pushing for the permanent bailout fund on thursday i'm going merkel appealed to the in peace to support the proposal as it goes for a vote in parliament sent. a package for growth and jobs at the center of the debate and i think today it is right so that we can pass it and i will support it for that i have received broad and clear support at home from the german parliament while the parliamentarians are widely expected to vote in favor some say this bleed
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of opinions between the power and the public represents a test of germany's democratic system democracy begins at home begins begins. when it begins in italy and spain with a national parliament. this is the highest serve it and if there's a common currency is taking. decisions in terms of money in terms of budget it's a violation of democracy and it was. your historical mission to bring democracy in the world and now and i am very set about now. is destroying democracy they see peace to be hardworking but in a case if europe's most productive country it seems just never stopped coming in the wake artsy reporting from germany by the way you can find more on our website
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r.t. dot com including twitter taking a stand against so-called internet trolls anonymous profiles with no picture information could be blocked from tweeting to stop people sending hate filled messages. plus the russian state duma considers plans to label n.g.o.s that receive funding from abroad as foreign agents disclosing their full activities to the public those stories available right now at r.t. dot com. so we can expand sanchez issued a statement from the ecuadorian embassy in london he's staying there while he waits for a decision on his asylum plea to the latin american country he refused to report to a police station for extradition procedures smith is in london or he gave that
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statement or that statement was issued on his behalf what less than an hour ago can you sum up the statement for us. i can yes it was a hotly anticipated statement we wondered if it was going to be julian assange himself but of course he cannot leave the ecuadorian embassy as that was very unlikely to be the case and out into the road in front of the ecuadorian embassy came a spokesperson from the julian assange his defense fund and the the statement didn't contain anything revelator but nonetheless it was an interesting roundup of the issues that are involved in this case she confirmed he had received a letter from the metropolitan police what we call a surrender notice ordering him to hand himself over to the police eleven thirty this morning he of course ignored that and he said in the statement that he was advised to decline it but not out of any kind of disrespect to the british legal system but because he genuinely believes that his life and liberty are at stake and then the statement went on to talk about the issues particularly centered on the u.s. because of course that's our soldiers main fear that he will be extradited to the u.s. he said they have evidence and quite strong evidence that
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a grand jury has indeed been assembled in the states which is an unprecedented thing when no charges have been brought the scale of this investigation she talked about a little bitch that the investigation now runs to forty two thousand one hundred thirty five pages a number of people have been ordered to testify in multiple courts over that she also said that on thursday the u.s. department of justice had admitted that the investigation into june innocence proceeds. among other charges there is a conspiracy to commit espionage charge they've also got credible reports opus sealed indictment she also brought up bradley manning who is of course an alleged wiki leaks source will that's never been confirmed by the organization so it's about the harsh treatment that he's been subjected to in the states including solitary confinement and other huge mental pressure and she said that the organization believes that that is very much still really in order to put pressure on him to to incriminate judith but despite all left of course he's still being
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sought in the u.k. she also said that he's in good spirits and that he's grateful for all the support that he's receiving. but he will remain in the ecuadorian embassy where he is apparently ousted weeks at the u.k. police while the evidence for his asylum is being assembled he is already being that nine days meanwhile his friends and supporters are looking at the pressure in the media and elsewhere there are thanks very much indeed for that update in london laura smith thomas drake he's a former senior executive of the u.s. national security agency in a whistleblower himself he believes the u.s. is ready to apply all kinds of political leaders to punish ecuador if the country does shelter. they're clearly being very careful in terms of that his constant formal application for political asylum and probably considering all the options i also. just based on public reporting there's been tremendous pressure being put on the government by the united states not to grant him asylum and there's you know
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probably certain political levers that they're been exercising behind the scenes i can't speak to all the details and you know other connections and other organizations that ecuador is a part of but i'm saying it's clear that there is significant political pressure being placed on him back channel. not to grant asylum and that there could be penalties for doing so. time now for some more stories from around the world in our world update in the west african nation of mali the militants linked to al qaeda reported have taken control of the northern desert becomes a day after twenty one people were killed in a gun battle when islamists force their former toward a separatist allies out of the town of girl they also patrolled the streets arresting civilians northern cities were seized by both sides in march but this is clashed after is the most implemented strict laws pushing the product aside. at least one person has been killed and tens of thousands forced from their homes after a week long wildfire in colorado it's so far destroyed more than three hundred houses
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over a thousand emergency service members are fighting to bring it under control prison barack obama is due to tour the affected areas after declaring it a disaster zone and making federal funds available authorities are still trying to find out what started the blaze. the president mohamed morsi is now addressing immense crowds of protesters and caro's iconic tahrir square is the country's first leader elected since the toppling of hosni mubarak but the military generals still seem to be doing their best to limit his powers the supreme council of the armed forces has made changes to the constitution vastly producing morse's abilities this is enraged protesters who flocked to the streets on mass to demand a complete power hand over. political turmoil it's this psychological state of common egyptians that's been overlooked of course mir now reports. the pain as raw as it was the day it happened to her was just twenty one years old when he was killed in the square the bullet that shattered his heart to a park his family even his mother and able to carry on i don't know i talk about
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him a lot i don't like to see that he's dead i see him in my dreams i'm waiting all the time for him to come home to me i beg god to bring him back. in the last eighteen months egypt since have gone through one revolution three elections and countless mass protests the scars left by the unprecedented chaos of bloodshed and political battles run deep i saw people becoming more depressed more anxious using more drugs and alcohol those kinds of things seem to have changed because of the current events and the fear over what was happening next and it's not only those who are directly involved who've been affected in the only survey of its kind. spoke to ordinary egyptians to see how they're coping she found that sixty percent of egyptians are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder of those forty seven percent have witnessed violence in the streets thirty four percent have stayed up
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late to watch television news reports of a violent nature and twenty eight percent feel stressed because the financial situation has deteriorated i do believe the public has been traumatized especially since so things are a lot different after the uprisings as they were before and people before used to enjoy a very low crime rate for example very little political change however after the uprising there was more crime there is an increase in crime wave which. which traumatized the public i think and the problem is compounded because of the stigma attached with seeking hope this is only one of a handful of centers in cairo offering psychological assistance to people who need help but while some of those who were arrested and detained by the authorities have come here most egyptians have stayed away. but psychological help is the last thing on mona's mind she can hardly scrape together enough money to buy food for her family she gets a little comfort from believing her son died for a cause but even that threatens to be wiped out as the country braces itself for
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a fresh round of protests as anger against the ruling military announced. r.t. kyra. exactly twenty four minutes past the hour on the russian capital is daniel with all the business and daniel the world's most profitable company is russia's gazprom. similar made the revelation at today's annual general meeting where he explained also why the firm won't be sold off in russia's big profits as asian drive from this year all it is to buy most is a gas from h.q. . well it's official gas problem is the world's leader when it comes to their proper the second year in a row and not only in the oil and gas industry but also among the other companies now miller has said that gazprom will remain a state owned company unlike the rumors that have been flying around saying that i guess from might want to shed some of its stake to other markets it's going to remain a state owned company now let's look at what other else was there on that agenda now looking for it and natural gas a very big in asia commodities right now asia's going economically if commodities
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are high in demand and so it's very it's only a natural progression they get from be involved in that they're looking to set up something in five years time a plant which will actually get gas out you were speaking about the russian far east berlin is a production of. just think your five million. one of the far east and a few million dollars of stock in one brings a total production it was a few there which was already indicated there was the. now the other things i guess from had on the list of words to do less so to speak is look at some of the pipelines that they're planning to come up with especially in europe now in the not stream that's the pipe. that russia that didn't russia into germany the b.b. has come out and said that they would actually like their pipeline to be extended further into great britain just one is also making sure that on the agenda the
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address the gas shortage particularly for the winter time it's only a couple of months away but you know they're getting grating gearing up for that they'll make sure that all their reserves. thought out and their stories for that get it's been a great year for gazprom and we're only waiting to see how their next financial year to this one. of the e.u. summit last night leaders agreed to lift opposition to putting out failed banks that should avoid the vicious national spending cuts which have left greece and italy on the brink with the voters voting against propane policies and focus on spanish lenders which say they're running out of the two percent on the dollar today on the back of the deal biggest growth since october it recovered yesterday's falls when there were fears your leaders would once again fail to come to agreement spanish only news madrid was five percent up today of the e.u. banks have also been bruised by the news new york's moving into the afternoon those . ten percent of the profits that fell blackberry make
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a roomful fifteen percent off that allays with its black berry ten or prettying system closed very strong europe but also today's impressive price if we could get the crude shot up five dollars today but the sliding through yesterday when it hit near a month lows until today all the news in interviews on the web site daniel thanks very much indeed and more from daniel in one hour from now coming up in sports update after rushing past all his opponents and winning the. spanish tennis star a film about all exits wimbledon in the second round first the headlines after a short break this is our team in moscow.
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well the finance technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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