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mission free credit taishan free in-store charges free. maintenance free risk free. to tide free. old free blog cancer plug in video for your media projects a free media dog our teeth dot com you. childhood was overshadowed by this tragedy. these two feel the fear they faced. and remember every second of this nightmare. it will remain in their memories and hearts forever. and using soldiers. innocent but.
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a little angel when all are cheap. wealthy british style it's time to practice. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports. it's eleven fifteen pm here in moscow you're watching are. the week's top. military intervention in syria the cold shoulder with u.n. peace envoy interfering with make a face by inhofe. appall self-support for you runs
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a peaceful nuclear program as the country destroys any notion that's been politically isolated by the west with its hosting of the best the internet. the wall full well please come on not just the three beaten back legal attempts by london based tycoon bar is about as often used to cut off a life of its multi-billion dollar fortune. the republicans the freshmen dominated presidential candidate and mitt romney probably for the hardline stance against russia faces criticism for flip flopping on previous policy. coming up we hit the road with the russian delegation to the famous war and peace show in britain for a reenactment of several of the twentieth century's major battles special report is next stay tuned for the.
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in the early hours of a whole july dawn a group of unusually dressed people carefully trained on to the shore of one of the me up as tributaries there clad in civic military uniform from the days of world war two. in the summer of nine hundred forty one on the sort of deal the crossing the a small m. sc one hundred thousand people were killed while they were trying to escape the surrounding enemy. eyewitnesses say that the river ran red with blood for several days now candles float down the river. moscow's military history club called the division has traveled here to honor the memory of full of russian
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soldiers but this journey to smolensk is just the beginning now they have three thousand kilometers to cover across the european roads to take part in the legendary war in peace show in england. in the village of. the old hope surrounded by a huge park today because of military vehicles and others with an interest in reaction great battles of the past century the thirtieth war and peace is about to take place. since the beginning of summer has turned the festival venue into a swamp. military enthusiastic began arriving long before the beginning of the show for them not even bad weather can overshadow the event they've been waiting a whole year for one after another festivals open up offering every thing from uniform buttons to tanks. number two number two do you read me
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number two over. there's a gas station one hundred kilometers from here is a third of a tank left the copy i copy. the next four wheeler improve my spine. for that i was a physician a surgeon suddenly i was bedridden. six months i started walking slowly recovering . thinking of was going to do when my friend from told me that he'd restored an old soviet. also had a sixty nine cheek it was me he restored it i did it in a mill. need a uniform to match. the rain passes by the campground and. historical those from a soviet afghan war paratroopers club
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a keenly digging away stubborn mud in accordance with military protocol the soldiers are preparing shelters in case of an enemy attack the most amazing thing is not one of these soldiers speak russian these people hail from belgium britain sweden france and holland. well we're digging a trench and we're trying to dig a trench we're doing it by hand. see how far we get an attorney for going to finish it reenacting soviets in afghanistan because well. because no one else was there were basically it's nothing political over enough for communism or something it's just out of interest it was quite. interesting to research also quite hard. to convoy with four heavily loaded cars with trailers to cross seven european countries. and there's little time for rest.
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we had a pretty interesting trip to the war history show. my friends would. be friends with fascists. but there is no ideology in it whatsoever but there's no difference between those dressed as the red army. uniforms only served to you know it is very nice when you pass a german camp in a soviet uniform and the germans stand. at the camp the festival. together with the families. and friends in the.
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british police officer. and. i think. tanks. to test. driving skills. to his crew members. this.
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trip. only few stops in the most important places connected with the war one of them is the fortress on the polish. of the. garrison demonstrated outstanding bravery and resilience. troops the defenders for. most of the death. this story. carry our body up.
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they are meticulously reenacting scottish infantry units who fought in north africa in one nine hundred thirty nine to forty three. using the renowned. armored vehicles. the club members but the biggest emphasis on the atmosphere in the camp and pay strict attention to the everyday life of a soldier from that time. yeah they. do want to be accurate and we do want to be serious but not over serious because we are paying respect to the people who were in the desert war we are living history group rather than a reenactment what we do is we try and show. the public how crude tried to live
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a normal life in an abnormal situation and during the war the nazi uniforms i think the japanese uniforms i don't think the time is now i think when all our veterans are our way then i think yeah i believe that we should be doing or showing uniforms that make them suffer. germany greets the russian convoy with gloomy weather and cold rain. the drive every few hours to meet the shuttle and arrive in time for the meeting in the old town of torgau. here on april twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred five soviet an american troops met and embraced each other as brothers. this a ventilator became known as. history's full of curious paradoxes and today the descendants of russian soldiers once again reunited with their friends at the river . but this time the ones in allied uniforms the germans from
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a military reenactment society is possible there. the history but also keep the soul of. the russian. peace. to. the.
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people to see the. uniform. across. the festival. and. doesn't just. have. to change.
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this marquis with a dunce rule is perfect as people see the same way the grandparents did. the british band to join basis kicks off. i think the music that we play on the music of voters is coming back now because. a lot of people find it here the young people think it's near the old people remember it but i think also people are getting fed up of just. you know electric pop music and also somebody suggested that and the thoughts is jazz swaying and music came
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out of her depression. and the world now there's a lot of you know economical problems so maybe people are looking for the same sort of entertainment to cheer them up and that's what we try and bring some sunshine. finally the russian convoy drives into the. heavily laden vehicles desperately skids three months later next. members of the international club of sylvia
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a true. the. field. gives them a boost. and. a fast asleep.
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the. russian military. have. to accordions to entertain the troops. with the first of the famous beatles song people. company to spread around the camp. and the war and peace show there's always somebody taking pictures or video. camera.
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this camp is a place where a combination of eccentric people and historic military hardware can be found many of those in attendance. preparations they come here childhood dreams. of paratrooper. that stories. visit to his paratrooper. especially recruits from western europe. quite some time. but some of them. get a little lost in translation good day comrades. this invincible.
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but when it comes to the reality of. everything becomes clear. on the mark. turning around three i did it got to see one attempt out of three sure to be successful i'm coming to you one. to. turning around three. not get away from me. thank you for your service. but. there are different attitudes towards the events in afghanistan one thing is certain it's a bright history of our army it's associated with heroism and courage of our soldiers and officers and it is worth. one of the guys reconstruct the events of that time it's fascinating
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a very worthwhile. living conditions at the. from the group. have totally embraced the mood they've set up. to try to recreate the conditions as closely as possible. the history of the first squadron of the british army. in the famous operation of september one thousand nine hundred forty four when more than fifteen thousand killed or taken prisoner. in the.
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very. correctly. it is. a multinational team of. a holy trinity church. as we. shall. know a year. and. we will remember.
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being a member of the club requires not only the ability to wear a uniform properly and reenact german life at the front line but also to have a knowledge of how to handle equipment. this is why commander neil robinson is especially hard on recruits who are at the show for the first time. you neal himself is an enthusiastic reenact disconnect his father fought against the germans in the navy but never met them face to face. his father began collecting german army memorabilia just to get a lucasfilm. wired to his son continues to hold. it's quite often that. people attempt to politicize those people attempt to think that the reason why we do this is because somehow we are neo nazis also how we how right wing far right off i left wing leanings these things are not true war is a terrible thing this is why it's called war not having snoozy time terrible things happening terrible thing war in itself is
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a crime against humanity and it is monsoon always to forget. the sacrifices that were made by people. in walk. just looks at the movies the movies the americans won the war. the russian people. seventy five percent almost all. these maybe it's time people recognized that maybe seventy five percent of the effort. was committed by the russian people are not be americans.
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for the contemporary historical. has nothing to do with ideology it blurs the boundaries between former enemies and allows people to better understand history and not to repeat the mistakes of the past however not everyone shares this opinion . you know. you have a faily in. food if. and you don't want to approach the uniform after they said with me when you're so low you do not salute a person. and that's what we're there they still got us i mean of all
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that. how did the enemy and i really but the person is what. finally the day of the great battle comes british paratroopers will face off against. this battle a huge interest. stalin. crew to watch the encounter from his all terrain vehicle. the first shots ring out. according to the battle scenario british paratroopers kicked the germans out of a small dutch town and quickly took up defensive positions. british intelligence then revealed the enemy was sending large numbers of infantry troops and tanks to take back the town. down. to avoid unnecessary bloodshed the german command center negotiators to the town to invite a british surrender. because
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. the change the course of. paula last night for the war and peace show comes to a close members of the british team reenacting the second god's tank coming to sign to give their russian friends from real surprise they translated the famous wartime song to fuchsia into english and to sing it for the first time. for many years
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a symbol of soviet victory the song might just become an anthem for those reenacting the history of the second world.


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