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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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one person is killed and another injured in quebec by a gunman who opened fire during the victory speech of the newly elected separatist premier. the u.n. accuses foreign nations of escalating the syrian conflict by supplying arms to all sides as fighting in the main cities forces thousands to flee. and with barack obama pitching for reelection the u.s. tries to mend strained ties with beijing china wants washington to keep its nose out of asia pacific.
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online on screen international news and comment live from our new center here in central moscow good to have you here this hour a forty year old man has been shot dead at a separatist election victory rally in the canadian province of quebec one other person was injured and a suspect is being held by police the shooting interrupted the acceptance speech of premier pauline marois who was telling her supporters that quebec needs to become a sovereign country canadian radio journalist michael boyer has said that this will have consequences for an already divided society. it was where the victory speech was being held and. essentially with what they call the pack tea cake was that was elected that they had been in opposition for quite some time and they were elected as the minority government that's when when the leader was making her victory speech and she was hustled off the stage very quickly then we later learned
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from what we saw on camera the night is that somebody was arrested somebody burst into the back of the building been shot and somebody's in the vestibule so one man died another injured and somebody else was taken to hospital for a shot at some very sad because as he was being hauled away into the cop cars that he had you know the anguish will are waking up and they were referring to you know the very defensive nature if you take of a question you know there are years and years and years of confrontation about you know about the party and their ideas to separate back from the rest of the country and it's a very divisive topic and the fact that they were elected as a minority as many see it as a defeat and the threat. to come back and canada as the whole country the separatist party has said during the election campaign that they're not going to hold a referendum if the time is not right if that's not really what the population wants really what we're hearing is that it's only about twenty eight percent of the
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population that would affect the border referendum if we were to have one so it is it is relatively low comparison to what we've seen in the path a lot of anger phones are our freedom is that they will see this as an attack from that the english on the french which you know certainly is the case you can take the actions of one person and spread it on the thousands and thousands of people there is a certain fear that there will be more more anglo hatred in the province. well for more on the subject let's now talk live with the president of the organization federation to the end to university here in montreal while your there tell us about more about the reaction to what has happened there. well of course it's slow and shocking but here goes we were expecting and spent from this guy when they actually do a new career was it isn't this article moments it's the first where when he was elected
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as a programmer in the province and so it's been a very it's been less shock and today actually there is a new event urbanizing in front of where the speech was done yesterday so with the ngo called in for a photo community will be actually expecting the five minutes of silence to just remind everyone that we're now. going for. a year that will be very difficult been divided and we need to stay together to make sure that we can achieve big things in the province and i'm not talking of us over into just talking about the way that we need to look for the future given well poorly will be forming a new government to sleep with reforms in mind do you think this will have an impact this attack have an impact on her future plans now. how it is a very sad moment and i actually hope that all the documents they diffuse this go read it is a minority government it's already difficult and so and we are expecting us the
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student will read this concern and there is allusion to they're going to take that has been our view on this seven months now so. we hope that actually this government will keep everything in place and actually she did came back and from there and that part is on the air yesterday and of the activists and said well i need you to leave very peacefully this place right now so we know that she has the power and she has the strain to be a career but we're looking into the next several weeks to see what she's got in place fall for depletion but for sure this is a movement we're expecting intuition to korea so this is our main objective our main goal and so we'll have to see but i hope it doesn't affect the purpose. the dissolution events given what i was proposing to resolve this crisis you are a student representing the next generation why would an independent quebec be that for you. well actually we don't have a position. we are not in favor of women either we're eager to
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disagree with that actually we need to make sure that for now how we actually address the issue of the jewish and being present afterward if the best it were why is proposing this a variation from the rest will be actually making sure that our general assembly are taking a position on this being particularly sure but it's unlikely to happen and that the next year because now we don't have a united nation behind actually demands to be where they're throwing a minority government and so we'll have to see what happened in the next year because we can't go i actually in a action in the age of eighteen months now but i think she's sympathetic to a tuition fee increases what you want and then that perhaps she gets the support from the student at the same time then she'll carry on with the plans for the independents and wouldn't she while all this is because i like to have it because. i refer and leave
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a lot of people behind us and actually they were elected with all these thirty three percent of the population voting for the us in our view that it's very unlikely to have been the need forty one percent evolution that will be in favor of this variation so it will happen for the next several months and i think actually they will also love it and try to propose a new budget and this will be very difficult for them because there are strong opposition at the national assembly hall team thank you very much for joining us live thing in montreal thank you very much indeed thank you. well coming up just a few minutes from now here on r t the pussy riot a phenomenon we take a closer look at the motives a message behind the fame and infamy of the controversial russian punk band. but first clashes between government troops and rebels are continuing in syria's largest city of aleppo with a sad forces launching airstrikes on opposition fighters activists say violence
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there killed over one hundred people on monday with the free syrian army claiming to be winning the fight the syrian government insists there be no negotiations until security is achieved meanwhile in new york the u.n. chief ban ki moon has blamed weapon supplies to both sides of the conflict spreading misery and turning it into a brutal. as the details. the secretary general of the u.n. bonn ki-moon addressed the international body giving them an update on the crisis in syria saying the humanitarian circumstances situation there is only deteriorating and getting worse by the day according to the u.n. chief he said that the humanitarian response on the part of the u.n. is getting harder and harder because the response plan that the u.n. has set up is only half funded and it's supposed to be fully funded at one hundred eighty million dollars so he said as austerity measures are being implemented by countries all around the world less countries are donating to a mission that is supposed to be helping out those syrians in need now the general
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assembly was very interested in eager to hear from mr lockhart rahimi he is the new joint special representative for syria mr brahimi replaced kofi annan and he said when addressing the general assembly that it will be up to the syrians and only the syrians to decide the fate of their future mr brahimi will be traveling to cairo in the coming days to meet with the secretary general of the arab league and then he will be traveling to damascus to meet with syrian president bashar al assad so clearly he has his work cut out for him in the coming days and weeks ahead but of course syria is staying a priority within the united nations general assembly and the security council weeks we can expect for a lot of more conversations to be taking place in the month of september when the u.n. general assembly debate begins in the next coming weeks. president vladimir putin
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has given a latina exclusive interviews for instance returning to power he was pushed for his views on the use of the russian punk band pussy riot through his members would you know for two years off to stage a punk prayer in the country's main cathedral. in his first t.v. interview since his inauguration. but listen i'm aware of the riots case but i'm not getting involved in any way. bloodier putin speaks exclusively to r.t. . the scandal around russian punk band pussy riot refuses to go away even weeks after three of its members were jailed that's because in order controversial video involving the group has been unearthed. has the details. they are inherently members of the our group why not i and i'm talking about this you guys oh who seem to be concerned with making a political statement at least that's what they claim but they seem to be more concerned with the reaction that they get the message therefore becomes secondary and tertiary and the primary reason they're actually doing what they're doing seems
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to be to get a rise out of the public to get some sort of a provocative emotional response so this is exactly what the police and what the see right seem to have been doing for example one of course the latest in the loudest such performance was the punk prayer the so-called punk prayer the crisis either cathedral where they were jumping out by the altar on the pulpit and yelling things which were rather precious range of the church of course three members off group was to write were convicted and sentenced to two years in prison now there was also another case which also made waves and was really concerned considered provocative by a lot of russians but it's not so well known in the west this of course involves one of the members of the pussy riot group and you have to remember that there is almost a dozen girls and there one of the members performed a sexual act with a chicken that of course was rather provocative and wasn't quite clear what exactly they were trying to convey with that message that of course was also filmed and broadcast and also was supposed to carry some sort of a message and also there was
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a third incident which isn't so well known and russia or especially in the west and that was that was the incident in which doesn't tell us when you go to one of those who work convicted of inside including islam and religious hatred and the crisis she was participating in and one of the stunts where they have staged a mock hanging and one of the supermarkets in moscow where they were hanging supposedly migrant workers and a gays and you have to remember that it's the decision that were rather the reaction to the sentencing of just three members of pussy riot. the public remains that. split some believe that they shouldn't have gotten those two year prison sentences others believe that they got exactly what they asked for and that is popularity and punishment for doing things which are considered offensive by a lot of people just now of course all of the things considering pussy riot and much more will be covered in an exclusive interview that russian president putin
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has given to r t of course you can watch that interview on thursday. french officials say two people have been injured in a chemical accident at the country's oldest nuclear power plant early reports that a fire had broken out at the first and home station have not been confirmed let's get some insight now from u.k. based professor christopher busby here of people on radiation risks but officials say steam caused by a chemical reaction simply set off the far along and the situation was quickly brought under control how frequent and potentially dangerous such accidents well most of them. they are quite frequent of course are all potentially dangerous and mostly they don't they don't cause any little problem but look the problem that the real problem is that in these situations the potential danger is absolutely astronomical so you can have a lot of small accidents a big problem and then suddenly you have one looks absolutely devastating the
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problem is it's like an digital process it's all or nothing this is an old nuclear plant does age have anything to do with it are they running a risk at still using what is regarded as an old plant yes the answer is yes these old plants are all going. to pressure vessels oh no well of course all of b. and solar equipment is old or all all of the labors of controls and pipes and so on although so of course the older the reactor the more chance there is of the problem but then the other problem there is in france is that a lot of the personnel who work at the reactors now are untrained people who go into eastern europe there's an absolute shortage of trained staff people who know what they're doing and know whether it's right to turn this lever or not this lever so we could see negligence and incompetence and i think it's almost inevitable that the number of nuclear power stations that there are in france and the number of
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other nuclear sites that are in france it makes france a actual ferrari problem in terms of the world in terms of boat. ability of united nuclear accident and of course the other problem is that front is right on the face of the germany and germany has renounced nuclear energy so you've got a problem now rather like you had ukraine and belarus if you had a major accident in frantic confinement in almost parts of germany and the germans have got no nuclear power tool or at least you know that they're going to have no. more or less anti nuclear so you've got a sort of thin red line between pro need clear and she knew what let's not give an excuse for the anti clear lobby in france now to follow germany sink i think the answer to be in france certainly won't follow. suit the real problem is that france is committed to. finding it extremely difficult to structure it so politically as far as i can see something like three quarter of its power is nuclear based on what is though the alternative it's obviously being trumpeted as
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a very efficient and supposedly say form of power well it's not it's not efficient and it's not that safe and the problem is the unsafe you know so it is absolutely totally sort of anything goes wrong seriously you're going to contaminate the whole europe that's the real problem for them as far as getting out of that there are alternatives to the germans have decided that they can do an alternative francisco a lot more sunshine than germany house and so you can you can kind of these developments unfolding so they've got an enormous coastline on the atlantic where they could use harder you know lyndon again and so it begins to do it so the french can because they've got a much larger country and much more much more potential great to talk to thank you very much indeed professor christopher buckley joining me live from the european committee on radiation risks. in america the dep democrats are trying to drum up support for barack obama's reelection in november haunting his party's national convention in north carolina so far is an emotional speech from
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the first lady of the key democrats took the floor to big criticism from the republicans and responded with attacks on mitt romney's camp candidates and company tied in polls but one time they suggested the boma had the lowest pre-convention ratings of any incumbent president since the 1980's political commentator ted rule told me that both men reports choice for votes is looking for a real change. there is definitely a clear difference between misters romney and obama but that doesn't mean that either of them is going to reach out and do much about the pressing problem of unemployment underemployment and the stagnant economy mr romney's plan seems to be to bring us back to the 1980's and trickle down reaganomics and president obama has had three years trying to turn things around but he decided to bail out the banks rather than the american people so i would say that for people who are worrying about work and being able to put food on the table things are not likely to get and
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. then my get worse the united states certainly affects the world mainly through brother militaristic outlook we are despite the headlines that we hear all that we see all the time here in the states about how the wars in afghanistan and iraq are ramping down they are still is going to be a considerable forward aggressive strategy around the world particularly in the middle east i think whether you're looking at a romney administration or an obama administration i wouldn't look for the united states to have a different foreign policy in any kind of substantive way under romney because of the two party traps for a reason you know there's there's two terrible choices it's a lot like sitting down to a restaurant where they offer two needles and they're both just terrible. the democrats have criticized mitt romney for his vehement rhetoric against china is the obama administration seeks to improve relations with beijing state secretary in
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ri clinton she's in the chinese capital at the moment for talks but her visit comes amid rising diplomatic tensions beijing as ward washington to stay out of the country's territorial disputes with several other nations off the chinese coast the communist state has threatened to use force to defend its claims to a chain of evidence that clinton says america's position is neutral but beijing as a cure is washington and meddling in the region as affairs well let's get some reaction and analysis now from dr helen and connie's contributing at the foreign policy in focus now clinton's visit was met with plenty of hostility in the state run chinese media was this to be expected considering washington's policies in the region i think it was i think the reaction has been sort of mixed the chinese press has been quite hostile greetings from the chinese official were somewhat more cordial except for about these really is a competition going on here now it's mainly an economic competition i mean people
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forget the pacific basin is the number one area for trade and economic development for the united states and has been so for almost the last one hundred years or so so you're going to get a lot of attention and be too clearly in the south china sea where the u.s. says it's neutral but has hoarded a number of the small countries that are currently in conflict with china over resources you talk about going on they can trust that the u.s. has with china but of course china is also very dependent on the u.s. is it not it is and that's why i don't i don't really for see that tensions would lead to something more serious although you could never tell you know the problem with tensions is that right now there's a build up the military forces on both sides and. anytime that exists there's always the potential for someone to make a dumb mistake and that i think is is my concern right now but the fact is that
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china and the u.s. are absolute dependent upon you know you talked about a quarter welcome from the chinese authorities that's a quarter from the media but what about the fact the chinese vice president was expected to meet in re clinton then for some unexplained reason the meeting was called off was that a snob or how could that be seen oh i'm sure it was a snub i mean i don't think to try to do anything by accident and i think that you know right now there's a division in china just as there is in the united states and there's a kind of a nationalist wing in china which is pushing for more kind of more aggressive approach in the south china and the east china sea. to see states as a potential military opponent in the region and then there's a section of the of the chinese leadership which says you know look what we really need to do is peaceful coexistence in the long run chinese economy will be the number one economy in the world but just take
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a deep breath and let things develop and i think there's tension between these two wings and to a certain extent that division also occurs in the united states you talk about china seeing a potential military threat from the u.s. but what about china being a military threat to the u.s. itself is that really cause for concern in that respect no not at all the idea the u.s. has talked about the build up of the chinese navy they have one aircraft carrier it's an old russian aircraft carrier it's half the size of the smallest u.s. aircraft carrier even if they build took several more words are talking about doing and they're in no position to challenge the united states militarily. really that the chinese don't represent a threat to the u.s. could there be tension between china. and other nations in the region the answer to that is that. that's potentially possible also is that not that
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rivalry about who's to be as it were the next superpower the u.s. obviously sees itself and is considered by many as a superpower that power is on the wane china's power is rising could we see a lot of rhetoric and that sort of rivalry and challenge going on in the future now oh i think absolutely and i think that one of the things the chinese are concerned about and i have that they have legitimate concerns here is that eighty percent of chinese imported oil and gas moves by sea and the fact is that the u.s. fifth fleet and u.s. seventh fleet controls basically all of that area that that gas and oil moves through so the chinese are to a certain extent paranoid maybe with a certain amount of real reason about their energy supplies obviously energy supplies are absolutely central to the chinese industries so that is
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a major. but there are chess pieces being moved all over the place recently the chinese replaced singapore in the pakistani port of call of dar where are is very strategically glow created close to the straits of for months. to chinese now are going to be running that port these kind of little movements of chess pieces and not just regional they're also world wide as well and both the chinese and the americans are moving the pieces from the u.s. talk to one of the contributing editor of foreign policy in focus thanks so much for your thoughts. i want to live here in the russian capital with twenty four hours a day coming up to twenty four and a half minutes past the hour time for a business update now rena has all the information you have for us in that hi bill well first of all the big story of the day is gas from of course and the european commission launching an official investigations of its activities in europe and of
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course this comes just a year after the brussels surprise their action energy firm with of right out of its offices more about this investigation happening right now that is anti trust the watchdog will focus on whether gas from pushed up prices and i'm in direct competition in eastern and central europe gas from says it's prepared for the dialogue on the issue and reminds that the company is outside of the jurisdiction of brussels the investigation could result in heavy fines and require the company changing straight practices oil and gas analyst alexander massada believes the motive behind the move is europe's like an economy. we should stand this simple fact that all interact so we were signed by gazprom and by all european countries which consume gas from gas they are the same now last year and five years ago so basically the price formal the gas price is the same the difference is the nominal price that last several years while price and gas prices linked to will increase.
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enormously quickly so basically the problem is that now gas prices are too high for starving european economies while five years ago when gas prices were low they were no problem at all. how about wall street is the only one trading right now so let's take a look at the numbers there which are all in positive territory starting with losses mix and this is the result that we're seeing in this hour and all this comes after productivity increase more than expected in the second quarter all same with a you was only talk about the last that there which sixteen trillion dollars that's more than fifty thousand dollars of that for every man woman and child in the united states that also means that whoever wins the presidential election in november what have to raise the government's borrowing cap from the current ceiling of sixteen point four trillion dollars passing social legislation last year proved to be enormously difficult and the nation's credit rating suffered as
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a result european markets are now close let's take a look at the picture there it was a sea of red and the mix pretty much like wall street is right now we saw a slight decrease for the footsie and then mining for those who were there but certainly by that beacon shares a role as well now if we move on and take a look at currencies we'll see that the euro is still gaining in strength against the u.s. dollar when it comes to the ruble it makes closing picture as wallace said look like look at the russian markets decline in oil prices meant that investors here were not really happy and ever so obsessed with the r.t.s. and on my side that a over one percent exactly one of the arts yes the precise all that's all we have time for this national business more stores of course on arts dot com slash business for now so you know thank you very much seen about enough to look at thanks very much with that shortly we'll be getting a first hand analysis of the syrian conflict from one of the. headlines first of all that in just a couple of moments stay with us live this is all in moscow. they
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were young and high flying. their careers were on takeoff. that flight for them was one of many. and the last one.
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leaving the ice monarchy.


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