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the mission. at the site of the future. will be here. this is. a message. to all the people here won't it's important. places like.
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boxes on the street. this is. a case of a new media being used to express the old views of the extreme right. nationalists . one thousand nine hundred. that we represent today will one day become
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a huge joyous fire that will consume all that is wrong. all that is decadent and from the ashes out people will be reborn. speech on the renaissance of the german people and an argument that some believe is a call for racial purity. near nazi religious seem to be springing up across the former g.d.r. . anti muslim anti immigrant anti gypsy. a clash of civilizations. on the twenty second of july two thousand and eleven claiming to defend western values murdered seventy seven people in norway. from hungary germany who are these new minutes and radicals. beliefs on.
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film takes you into the heart of europe's new extreme right. we begin in the center of europe in hungary. here the nationalists don't target muslims but the estimated eight hundred thousand gypsies that have lived here for centuries. it's a minority that is often being attacked by radical movements. one of these groups in the small town of. romeo bergen says these ultranationalists like to be called. this is the headquarters. of the spokesman none of the soldiers of the army of wants to show his face on camera. the movement has about one hundred members
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that common aim over the past few years has been to terrorize the gypsies throughout the country. ok. trying anything on. that. is that filtering through the filter. but right. provocation i hate it. when there are so many of them arriving respect. the. heavies. trade. they spend two to three hours every day working out not everyone can become a burger minimum ages twenty five may have to.
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see themselves as soldiers serving the cause of a greater hungary the country as it was before the first world war. provides a history lesson. plan. to defend. the more than that if you attack on very. symbolic message to those who may want to control. it symbols also. is a political party it's a militia that occasionally raids. we shouldn't have to go
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patrolling in the villages but someone needs to maintain. our aim is to protect the inhabitants they want us here. for the view that might be for she took them before the end of that fact it was. last spring the bergen's traveled three hundred kilometers attacking the roma. they invaded the village of. today all access to the villages controlled. papers but is. ok and you can go ahead. it's impossible to enter or leave without showing some form of id. two thousand eight hundred people living in a four hundred of them roma. gypsies all live in the same area on the fringes of the village it's like hundreds of other gypsy ghettos across hungary
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. discrimination has led to an eighty percent unemployment rate. say the roma are criminals some people whose the state benefits the gypsies throughout history have always been the perfect scapegoats. because as a community leader during the attacks he was on the front line for you to see that house with the white lines that there was a closest extremist group to us and not house. but in the village they had several . down there. a basement and stay with that right next to my house. the extremists part of the village for several long weeks a show of force videoed by the gypsies themselves. paramilitary groups parading in front of the gypsies houses often carrying whips like this. we're going to
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press charges i'm going to the video on the internet. ok what you do cut press charges put it all on the internet. but since then the romain here. does his best to reassure the community but he doesn't want to brush the weeks of terror under the carpet. at home he's made a clip reel of his video an indictment on proof that most of the extremists and their crimes. because as your father tells me this is how the nationals went through the gypsy area because they had been a lot of these other extremists they began two different groups. and they you can see some of them carrying axes make me watch. their says from six in the morning they would wake us up with our song. and they
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want to make sure that we knew they were outside the troubleshot i still remember the sound of the boots lined up like soldiers. fighting it to. make our wives crush magnetron to provoke the gypsies and see. this photo threatening the children. must have put their symbols on the dog but with jackie and. this shows they call them what they do. in the gypsies cannot count on me outside help to meet these threats in march last year when the police finally arrived they clamped down on the gypsies. one woman was charged with slapping another neighbor a friend for twenty years he called both three zero. everything changed from one day to my. piece about him stop shouting all take you to the police station as well
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. but you don't shut my house against her will she come by the end up by me for. my present in my house and. do we like it. or not a. question is that so much time in which of course he was on it so here it is just how influential is the israeli lobby of the us to what degree does it impact american foreign policy what about the rift that now divides. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. good stuff jet the emperor napoleon has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right.
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the bloody battle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but as you know version twenty swells on r t r. t. h.
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the news that sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the. wealthy british style. that's not on.
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don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. the hartland is the town of illusion fifty kilometers north of london. an old working class town now plagued by a common point in two thousand and two the car industry alone some thirty thousand workers were laid off. its two hundred twenty thousand residents including a large number of muslims. so he five thousand of them live in the neighborhood around the league reve road all the shops and all the women wear veils. tommy robinson the founder and leader of e.t.l. lives in luton and agrees to meet us in his shop somewhat unexpectedly it's
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a beauty some of his clients come to college their hair all topped off their tents . movements headquarters is temporary it's a squat and a construction site. the following day there's a protest. rankest the rallying point just how i am it's one of london's most difficult areas the messages are nothing new. love it or leave it for example. the city. what if we were free to feel thousand. fifteen hundred. maybe two thousand. but everybody wants to go to have it because the first of all it's. as you know. the people there. we can tell how
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it's so how do we. how do you. know how much was badly hit by last august's rioting but sporadic. four days of chaos and. two years of some violence and topics like this one that shocked the country. the citizens movements take to the streets to restore order. to all the. time to go for a much of that set all of. them can overtake the. pace might.
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and yet the writers include people of. africa and europe you. should be spontaneous citizens movements often being directed by the media which decides to make a business. for the place they would. place else complete control of the streets at that point it's members of our community who are terrified into houses. houses again the place. so. the community to come out and defend the community to stop them to stop them and to confront the people who are destroying our country and. they would not like to say so when they come down and start playing since i saw it once i seen the like and then still somehow that. the government. show me the place and. the finance and the like me. peace has been restored but the continues its
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fight its motto is no surrender its final preparation for the demonstration tommy robinson concerts. the violence is now banned from protests. nevertheless he's determined to be of the next day and has made all the arrangements for uncovering the on the conditions i'm allowed to. send a fax an e-mail a text. and any demonstration. so i'm going to squeeze my face and then once i get into the demonstration. on stage i'll give a speech and the consequences probably will be i'll be put in. a disguise in order to be a demonstration tommy robinson stops and nothing. you know. everything is now in place for the next day's protest the targets of those on this planet
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called alleged islamic trade so what's a scum bag he's a little town on this town. should have it because. tony robinson is aware of the risk he's running. off the demonstration a pretty good thing joe tell us what's a day of spring running around about to see my kids and say goodbye to my kids. wife. the next morning e.t.l. activists me to outside a pub on the outskirts of illusion. if you will to. videos organized into divisions including one of those women early. it will be angels. who can send
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showed heads to use and be. sure bosses are being hired for the want to trip to london. before they get back. to avoid being sponsored. in the true years since he founded the movement. of thousands of supporters who sympathize with his racist views. place forces to tackle the problem brings with it. a frustration.
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and soul of so when it happened which is. what this country there's a reason because people live in. towns and cities. painting all countries being destroyed from within. the black. covering all country. people who've been feeling the same sorry. the signal is. what happened lucian in march two thousand and nine is the reason. then british troops were returning from afghanistan. the welcoming committee included radical islamists and agitators who insults the soldiers. as a patient in the conflict. with one side.
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but confrontations and truce. and as he tries to. comes to symbolize the fight against islam. that was born to begin with its members who did. this there's no cause intimidating as a book itself is exactly the same as a book outfit one film we will continue our communities where every single every single woman down there is wearing a book. fair when i fought is all and i stand in the bank next to. the media begins paying attention and the e.t.o. begins playing for the cameras. accused of being near nazis they show off with a flaming swastika. and want to appear as country of liquid you start to attract the crowd. two thousand seats nancy to date.
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to save the slaves. and. israeli flags are being carried in the protest evidence c.d.o. is quite happy to hijack any coups and in its fight against islam the organization claims to represent different minorities aka black go against. black people the jewish people and all threat to this country then all threats much older than all french culture islam is. going to carry the people of the guests and avoid getting to the proud of our culture model. and you respect it. by the percentages within the islamic community just absolutely disrespect to take you live a constant debate in our country. we've all come up with all when it's
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all going right you know just coming back in right in. our state that. a paranoid. i don't hate filled speech and aimed as an entire community. a declaration of war and the two and a half million muslims who live in great britain. like the full support only way to work but no one here is going to escape. not often. that it's time for the protest i'm around fifteen people have also being told. there's always the atmosphere as tense as a lot of police presence. the more excitable and drunken elements are arrested. as always and she
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races militants all waiting for the. reply of the nazi salute. didio is a mixed bag but tries to give itself a newer respectability so as to better attack islam. in its ranks there are feminists the rainbow colors of the gay community. and the star of david on some prominent flags it's a mixture of old suits and people. slightly apart from the crowds there's even a rabbi. but it's not a real rabbi. it's actually tommy robinson in the disguise he chose to fool the police who remained incognito for as long as he could. put it down. time for the fake rabbi to do his bit.
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if i can the crowd is remarkable tommy long and some gamble is paid off. the leader of the a.t.o. can speak to his troops. now he'll be to blame most intimate buds are toothless livin in east london to tell everyone if you're from the government to please you to take a close to mechanic nights. alone
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