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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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so how it's so how do we. how do we. tell how much was bad behavior by last august rioting that spread across england. four days of chaos and really take. two or so some violent attacks like this one that shocked the country. fellow citizens movements take to the streets to restore order. to the. families go through and how much of this it all of. them can overtake. the pace might i now know and yet the writers
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include people of the racial origin africa asian and european. illegibly spontaneous citizens movements often being directed by the e.u. each decides to make a business. license. for the place they would it was the place else complete control of the streets at that point its members of all community were terrified in the houses. houses again by the place on. fire so honest in my blog. the community to come out and defend the community to stop the looters to stop them and to confront the people who are destroying our country and. there was no strata say so when they come down and start attacking the place and smashing i saw it once i seen the light and then still somehow they trying to cause us for that the government trying. to make the place and communities difficult to finance and the bank mean. peace has been restored to english cities but the continues its
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fight its motto is no surrender its final preparation for the demonstration tommy robinson convicted of violence is now banned him from protests. nevertheless he's determined to be of time limits the next day and has made all the arrangements for coming on the conditions are not allowed to promote them i sent a fax an e-mail a text box. to type on any demonstration. so i'm going to squeeze my face and then once i get into the demonstration. on stage i'll give a speech and the consequences probably will be. a disguise in order to be a demonstration tommy robinson stops and nothing. everything is now in place for the next day's protest the targets of those on this planet called alleged islamic traits what just come back his little town on this topic.
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that. scumbag. should have. told me robinson is aware of the risk he's running. the demonstration a pretty good job. for us what's a day of running around cars about to see my kids and say goodbye to my kids. wife . the next morning e.t.l. activists me to help solve the problem the outskirts of illusion. but a few women to. video is organized into divisions including one that is women only . that will be angels.
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heads. and. has it been hard for the want to. before they get. to avoid being. in the true years since he founded the movement. of thousands of supporters who sympathize with his racist views. while place forces to tackle the problem. brings with it.
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so when it happened which is. there's a reason because people of. towns and cities. painting all countries being destroyed from within. the black. race is covering all country. music no it is. what happened in march two thousand and nine is the reason the. british troops were returning from afghanistan. the welcoming committee included radical islamists and agitators who insults the soldiers. as a patient in the conflict. one side.
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but confrontations introduce. him as he tries to rip down the muslim is about tommy robinson comes to symbolize the fight against islam. was born to begin with its members who did. this there's no kissing today as a book itself is exactly the same as a book outfit one film we will continue our communities where every single every single woman down there is wearing a book. and i thought is all and i stand in the bank next to. the media begins paying attention and the e.t.o. begins playing for the cameras. accused of being near nazis they show off with a flaming swastika if they want to appear as patriots and they could you start to attract a crowd of. two thousand seats nancy today. to
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say the sleet. and. israeli flags are being carried in the purchase evidence c.d.o. is quite happy to hijack any coups and in its fight against israel i'm the organization claims to represent different minorities hopkins' black morgans guy. black people hate the jewish people and all threat to this country then all threats much older than all french culture islam is. going to carry the people of the body and life in england. proud of our culture. and you respect it. but these percentages within the islamic community just absolutely disrespect to take you live in the city living in a country. where volcom culture. all when it's all going right you know just
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coming back in right in. our state. a paranoid and hate filled speech and aimed at an entire community. a declaration of war on the two and a half million muslims who live in great britain. like the full support only way to women but no one here is going to escape. not often. that it's time for the protest i'm around fifteen people have answered the english defense league school. i was always the atmosphere as tense as a lot of police presence. the more excitable and drunken elements are arrested. as always and she raises most of its own waiting for the e.t.o.
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. reply of the nazi salute. didio is a mixed bag that tries to give itself a newer respectability so as to better attack as long as. its ranks there are feminists the rainbow colors of the gay community. and the star of david on some prominent flags it's a mixture of old suits and people. slightly apart from the crowds there's even a rabbi. but it's not a real rabbi. it's actually told me robinson in the disguise he chose to fool the police to maine incognito for his mom's eco. system time for the fake rabbi to do his bit. shebang.
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if i can the crowd is remarkable. the leader of the vo can speak to his troops. that we're here today most intimate buds to live in in east london to tell everyone if you're from the government to please. to take away . rights. to speak for about ten minutes need to look lisa right. listen to. just before the police can get you spirited away. the next day and spend a week behind bars. download
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the official. language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is now required to watch on t.v. all you need. any time to. see a story. you think you understand it and then something else. and realized everything is. hard welcome to the big picture.
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of the true science technology innovation called the least of elements around russia. the future. my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell us story of. the oxen. this
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is the south of paris. and there's none of the tricks just old fashioned some
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glossy jackets and shaven heads. a hardline right wing splinter group is emerging from the shadows. so as i used before my skin head is the lido. bad skin as he was once known is now forty seven and has changed his style. or are again the roof or the i moved. all of those new. citadel the central parts are missing out. sergio europe is now into. politics in two thousand and ten he really launched the third way. is due to meet his followers in front of his. which his age. which was about the same it. is today the leaders
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organize a demonstration. the strategy is to merge several extremist groups into a unified front against immigration big business and economic globalization. has said that the mail that's. coming. to. us. that is close to. fifteen years before their destination to police motorbike to ride to school. is a sure. thing.
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you're right. he wishes to give up his organization. like anyone else feel they need people to realize that we're just. working. rain great. falls good with a right to be don't wait the current crisis gives us every reason to be angry. righting the crisis as a means of existing not fill your youth revolution that.
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there are about five hundred militants from all of the fronts with. strictly organized no one can break right. now. because it's all. rubbish and. decision to do for a holy place i mean our own army our foreign minister to her on a very. tough. it's a difficult balancing act just one slogan on social issues but containing back to its natural instincts is mazy. so you tried to control the world out of its. turns out the tone arch to propose my goodness. not sensing that. here is not good for syria that was our official slogan sit there. it's not the same. that's not the same. be talking about what's wrong
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with you. voted for to do not just to vote. the protestors heading into a working class district with neil the residents view the march as a provocation i should move to get a good smiler. we don't need to be subject to nationalists but given she crisis everything's fine here then no problems with will. totally upsets me but what would you say to them if you could still be i would tell them that there's an awful i would say this is fraudulent al country and that crap like this is taking place that process is a disgrace shameful just shameful for. i'm french and i'm ashamed to be french it. takes. a few.
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latinos. it's time for the speech leads to charge. you don't see the financial. enough. country enough as it were that outgrew. the cd like style of justice that seems the trade extreme right it's a blatantly populist rhetoric of this coming from. national. despite his best efforts troublemaking heritage stick.
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other groups in your chosen instead to cut themselves off in the isolated communities. it's what is taking place in parts of east germany. the country that has been taken over by the extreme right. the n.p.t. the national democratic party has five representatives in the regional parliament. in recent years nationalists of purchase three courses of war houses in yama. houses a party members of painted red. day mr control the entire village. using a hidden camera we tried to speak to some of the. documentary about but. happen here.
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and maybe it's important that you give your point of view. you know. go i. know to the camera and know to foreigners. come first john on these kinds of a lot of us. and we don't know where you live or you will need french people here their capital has enough to get on with in your country mind your own business and don't come snooping here with your camera. and. we were told that there is a large number of n.p.v. sympathizers here. with the fee i'm going to make me happy days not banned as far as i know. is the n.p.t. and in germany something you see. as just a normal policy that yes absolutely no. over there mr.
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the history of the n.p.t. and yammered is mixed in with the career of this man's friend kruger. the song of the mire of the third reich off in the form of a bold move he's made his village a bastion of neo nazis and. age seventeen raised him looking like a skinhead he has already made up his mind. nineteen ninety two. and cost you why you're against foreigners when they're all not you. know and i know there aren't any yes anyway. one by one he's forced out the residents of the village now days three quarters of young men belongs to friends of spending programs. while they may be no swastikas and evidence and there are several references to the third reich like this sign which gives the distance to brown i mean the austrian village where adult hitler was born. is a national liberated tsar has written on the wall near the entrance village. kruger
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believes the purification process is almost completed his family is one of the few that have not fled the village but live in constant fear of much of. conflict was eventually a documentary of a fourth i'm leaving i don't have to go back home i don't want to move by my house . the ball and see dida fevicol seemed they want you out of here. yes i've already tried to help ukraine sell to me and treats me like a foreigner they said i'd forgotten to gas myself a deal that might buy you a farm. but they say well. i don't mean much because i got dark skin and black hair it was up to indians won't stop speaking to you know. only one family has put up any resistance and agrees to speak openly to journalists
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below my is. six years ago big horse left to move into the countryside. the luck of the draw for them to spend krueger's village. soon realised what was going on still so on just the mood of the. villages insupportable as a constant menace tent city. just for me was when i got married that might be felt particularly vulnerable between three hundred to four hundred neo nazis in the village. and as the night went on. whether they would be. otherwise we get insulted that the streets as a city. needs to put up with near nazi neighbors that
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impose their floors. and yet today the extremists of last. spring kruger is in prison. the local little was arrested after being found in possession of a variety of weapons it's his thirteenth conviction. and. feeling that the boss is no longer there. nobody knows who could possibly come off to have. who the leader is now. and. still feel like it was before has been and will be to be arrested. but nothing has really changed for the. company. of. another when we
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never go in for it either on our own or with. a bad to be close to the revolting atmosphere finished. if it was. seen as provocative we want to avoid that. in a critical thought of that. it's a fairly old kind who would be foolish not to be scared given the situation when we know our neighbors we know who they would use violence against us we know we're not welcome here. it's. just. the males want to hang on even though the noose is tightening around them far from the villages are experiencing the same fate slowly patiently the german extreme right is gaining ground like elsewhere in europe people are finding these self-confident many faced movements increasingly attractive in some cases to make sense of it made remarkable inroads into the legislation such as the hunger in parliament and even into
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governments in recent elections the extreme right has been winning between ten percent and thirty percent of the popular vote in a dozen or so countries on the old continent. sigrid laboratory here mukherjee was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care only.
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overcoming a barrier like this seems impossible. but then you crave something higher. and when you've reached a peak. you'll do whatever it takes to get all the talk of the world on r.t. . if
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. russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from funniest impression on so. many screens down totty dot com. wealthy british style. restaurant. markets why not it's going to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.


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