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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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let. me. well i'm going to washington d.c. here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture conservative media was abuzz yesterday with word that a bombshell president obama video is going to be released on a problem if you didn't light the bombshell ended up being a real does this what conservative media in america has come to also as president obama and mitt romney take the debate floor in denver tonight you can be sure the talk of many important policy issues will be neglected so what questions should be asked in the mile high city last hour special presidential debate panel and as if voter suppression isn't bad enough florida governor rick scott is doing even more
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corrupt his state's government might have a tony will join us for one of the latest travesty in the sunshine state. you need to know this on tuesday fox so called news the drudge report and the daily caller threw together a rather pathetic and racist attempt to create an october surprise about president obama and in the end they failed miserably yes this is what was supposed to be the video that ended president obama's reelection hopes this is what drudge and fox were referring to as literally quote obama's other race speech and some two thousand and seven when then senator obama spoke at hampton university in front of a crowd of mostly african-american asters and ministers and here's what the president said that was so controversial according to fox so-called news and the rest of the right wing media machine. when hurricane andrew struck in florida.
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people said look at this devastation. we don't expect you to come up with no money here here's the money to rebuild when i go away for you to scratch it together. because you're part of the american family. that haven't done a normal. where's your dollar. just suffered that money. makes no sense. tells me the bullet have the men taken out. tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans don't care about as much. yeah obama accurately pointed out that when hurricane andrew hit mostly white parts of florida the federal government waived the requirement for local matching funds for rebuilding but when katrina hit mostly black new orleans the bush administration still wanted the city to pay the matching funds the state in fact but to fox
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so-called news it's a declaration of a race war. that is the theme of the speech from front to back from beginning to end they don't like you because of your skin color and that is a shockingly that's a that's a nasty thing to say it's a divisive thing to say it's a demagogic thing to say in the case of katrina it's an untrue thing to say at the moment no it is true actually but that's not all that has the white guys of fox so-called news in a tizzy it's also the way the president talked. to seem to be now president of united states doesn't sound like the accident that he grew up with in hawaii he doesn't know it's a false acceptance of put on the pander to the audience in effect if he's playing a role it's embarrassing right it's shocking that a politician would dare try to relate to an audience of preachers by talking like many of them do especially when he has something in common with them do you think george w. bush ever think it is texas twain when talking to folks from the south or the right calling that out is embarrassing really this is all just sad desperate and frankly
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a naked appeal to the white racist to vote slight of another one percent please to begin with this video isn't anything new it was released back in two thousand and seven and tucker carlson the guy you just saw the guy who apparently broke this shocking new video of obama talked about this same video five years ago. rock obama was talking about a quiet riot today no was not a reference to the one nine hundred eighty s. heavy metal band unfortunately the center waded into the controversial waters of race during a speech at hampton university in virginia he said the bush administration has done little to quell the brewing storm among some black americans who compared the current tension to what fueled the l.a. riots in the wake of the rodney king verdict. he's quite right that take place every day. the same video this is not the new so what then is the big picture of all it's the rights last addition effort to remind the american people that there's a black guy living in the white house it's the republicans poking voters tell him
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hey did you hear the way that black guy talk but you hear what he just said in support of black people in new orleans that's what this is all about it proves that the right has nothing if this is the best that drudge and fox and all have to help mitt romney win a video of president obama in two thousand and seven talking about how african-americans were forsaken after hurricane katrina which is a fact the republicans have not been as white house reporter. for media i tell me christopher wrote this will be remembered as the day sean hannity matt drudge tucker carlson and much of the right wing prepared to board their weight resentment mothership only to have a crash and burn let's hope. now i want to turn things over to our tonight's politics panel on our panel tonight heather servo conservative strategist associate blueskin solutions and blogging it heather ceremony dot com c.i.r. i'm all carl fresh progressive strategist and partner at both fight strategies and marc harrold libertarian commentator attorney and author thank you all for joining
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me speaking of people who talk funny write this first of all this was the whole thing was the obama had that preacher twining into his accent there as he was talking to a whole auditorium full of preachers but it just reminded me of an old will ferrell clip he's he he's doing george w. bush he's got his daddy with him and he's got his three brothers with him and they're in a mine shaft on the ranch in crawford and it has collapsed and they're freaking out and his father is very upset and just just a little tiny clip here wolf this is close. did you tell anyone where our dog like you know i guess. i always thought we'd be gone an hour he's like you got to be kidding me. all summer marvin start screaming our crush from married with a car and we'll start you know i watch that facts refer to truckers and wives would just like to be a serious look at stocks in the market not a damn after jan could not be asked like why are you the only one that's very that's
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a big sort of texas access to it . that makes no sense yet so a big so said so is this i mean is this a real legitimate hit on a president that he that he in front of a crowd he talked a little odd well you completely neglected the part where he says that jeremiah wright is his good friend and praises his pastor friend and in front of all that he has hers well he he he denied it later on you know only a year ago he did not distance himself from that he wouldn't get you know basically any thoughts about it when he had a racist they did them different. no he he never he did trying to distance himself from jeremiah who started doing something all so you know he never he never said i don't like the guy anymore or he's not my friend or he really wasn't my preacher really never denied any of that it came out the jeremiah wright said god damn it they're there for those speeches which is true. if you look at wright's rhetoric
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from the time that he was pastoring obama when obama was in the church didn't change these are all the same things did you do you actually read the whole speech where he said god damn america i did speeches don't you think god would condemn america for the things the right god would condemn for america for if they were true it is four hundred years of serious slavery and this was was true no i do believe that four hundred years of slavery of this kind is true and the reality is that obviously god does hold each human being accountable for his actions you know it gives it the logical discussion right now but the reality is he was using was racial politics obama when it was found out that he was under his. guidance said oh i don't want to be associated with that that's racial politics and the media let i'm going to buy on that you know it's really got about you never heard about it during two thousand and eight in fact i don't think i ever saw television or read about it in the paper sort of right wing blogs or left wing blog it should have already has been have been is down and i would have been mitt romney's downfall and
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i think that's the fact of the better here conservatives are upset that jeremiah wright wasn't broke obama's downfall not because of what was said or how the president responded this is about politics to them in the context of what we know it's about it's about fairness treating people fairly and the reality is obama gets by so often because the media lets him that money does not if obama had something like forty seven percent like mitt romney did and he has not been able to get that when most people cling to their guns and their religion and you know in that. it went viral well but don't know if there was. a clue that wasn't true it's obama as it is on the republican can't. i think there's a double standard mark because you're taking over i think that there's an attempt at divisiveness here that's what this is for obviously we're going to close the election i don't think there's that many people who are undecided but i think that you have to remember as far as i know this is just from the news i don't know that we can say this is the conservative attack the republican attack i think this is centered on the news and the news or a truth in other words what i don't see that in this is about five years old now
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she's got to do things or stand but when i was british brought up now by news networks because this is the type of iraq you cannot refuse that works i'm sorry tucker carlson is a is a partisan matt drudge is a partisan and fox news is the mouthpiece of the conservative movement this is not a news network as you know not so i do not think you are right to demand you know is saying there should be you know star you have you know i may stand b.c. c.b.s. a.b.c. c.n.n. you're right behind you know it's five and a half years old and if you think that those three individuals brought this up because it was the news you're smoking something i don't know what it is it is news to those your viewers they find it here in the papers we're talking about it so it makes it the news it is the news now if we're talking about it it's the news whether it's it has wanted to be news or not it was actually news day and i got it like you're not going to question it is not is it is the fact that obama said this the news but is this the only thing that the right has to throw at him and i think that that is news i think when you see this concerted multi-platform effort to say ok we're a day before the debate we're going to try to take down the president and this is
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what they throw at him i mean i was expecting something real while the kitchen week politics at this point i think what we found over the last several months first it was mitt romney's campaign saying you know there's going to be game changer when we announce her running mate but it was we're going to the game changer when mitt romney gives a speech and shows the american people who he is that they are now it's going to game changer after the first debate i guarantee you tomorrow morning we're going to hear about how the game changer is coming in the second debate so what you've seen in that period is everything being thrown at obama from the nice which is look we all want the president to succeed b.s. that was pitched at the republican convention because they've been a focus group by by karl rove and they found out that the independents that are still. to be picked off by one sort of the other actually like the president and that you can't go too nasty against them in order to win their votes from that to all the other things that we've seen in this video entirely well this is a tsunami disaster this is one this is not one thing and a huge huge arsenal that the republicans have against
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a bit barack obama and democrats how about what biden said that the middle class has been buried over the past four years you know that's true i totally agree and that's obama's fault you know i mean that you know this time i'll let you know how about libya that has failed to be addressed the idea that we had warning and we didn't do anything about it that's huge and the media out there during nine eleven saying the same thing when we had you know some notice that something was going on there that you castigate congolese or rice and president bush and vice president cheney are using this for partisan politics you have nine eleven that set a precedent that was that now on nine eleven two thousand we're going to be alert as anywhere but you know that was what was on may first the nine eleven was going to happen may first the book just came out a week and a half ago we had the new york times reporter kurt eichenwald on the program here for a half hour made for freedom of information act they laid it out they even identified who the people were who were going to do it well i chose not to not to go down that road because he thought that clinton was crazy on the stuff but that was i'm president though we actually ok nine eleven happened i don't know we could have
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done to stop it i don't know what we could to stop it but we have no no i mean because every year on nine eleven we should be on high alert do you not agree because you know i do agree and we'll leave it at that we'll be right back with more on tonight's presidential debate up with us. download the official location cell phone choose your language stream quality and
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enjoy your favorites. he is not required to watch all it's all you need is your mobile device seen any time. now for. more news today violence is once again flatow from these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. corporations are today.
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well the fact is that it's politics panel on the panels that i haver servo conservative strategist associate with blue skin solutions and blogging it has certainly dot com karl fresh progressive strategist and partner bullfight strategies marc harrold libertarian commentator attorney and author thanks to all of you for joining us one of the questions that you would like to see asked mark well first of all i think more people should be in this i think you put third party candidates in it not only changes the answer but changes the questions and this isn't a real debate i mean we all know that this is more presentation and talking points than anything else it's been choreographed and you know but the bottom line here what i want to ask about i think president obama to some degree is really abandon focus on drug reform i think medical marijuana you know arrests and going after those folks is up i think that's something i would ask about privacy in general since nine eleven you know i think that the big thing we've gone through i think that one of the questions of our times is how do we be free and say at the same
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time that balance any presence can have to balance that but you know surveillance of people in a lot of these that's what i would ask about if i had the chance to ask these questions especially in the domestic front it would be about the government citizen interaction with surveillance mass incarceration and mass incarceration is definitely tied in with the drug war but i think somebody's got to now president obama down and and governor romney and what we're going to do about this drug war because there's there's more than one more going on and we focus on the internet and we write the on the citizens the nixons failed drug war it is still alive and well in the on it's ridiculous i mean to that point i think would be nice to hear something about executive power we never heard any questions about that subject in the primary debates of this election cycle or the last election cycle but i would take a refund i wrote about this in my column this week a riff on the economy for gay soccer dads and lesbian costco moms i mean if you think about it l g b t americans have the same struggles that anybody else has in this country whether it's you know getting a job it's a precarious position for a lot of people but they also have other things that make the stress over the
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economic woes of the country even more so. in twenty nine states people can be fired simply because of who they love and not because of the quality of their work people that want to jointly adopt a child together are denied that right in thirty plus states you can adopt the child of your partner in thirty plus states so when you think of and you know if the next president wants to that with the wave of a hand they can make it so that people cannot visit the partner their partner in a hospital in twenty four states twenty six states so when you think about those things yes they sound like you know your typical red meat for l g b t activists but those things play into the way that people feel about their well being. if you are worried about losing your job not just because of the economic climate because of who you go home to at night if you are wanting to provide for your children make life safe for them just like everybody else in this country. the fact that your partner can adopt them the fact that you can't jointly adopt
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a child that's going to cause anxiety if you have a sick partner that you can't visit in the hospital that could have doings id so i think we need to address those subjects president obama has a record on these issues mitt romney has a record on these issues mitt romney has said that he would oppose the employment nondiscrimination act because it's a burden on businesses present obama says he supports it but how can obama pass such a thing with a republican controlled congress and a republican minority in the senate that can filibuster it will sign an executive order we need to pin them down on these issues and it may be a small percentage of the population but i think ten million people deserve an answer. you know i had i know the economy is going to be addressed quite a bit tonight but i'd like to hear the candidates respond to economic philosophy and said i'm getting into you know i support this program or that program i'd like to hear you know what do they envision you know in america in two thousand and twenty and looking like what is freedom i mean i mean some basic questions on philosophy you know what it is you know because we hear it we hear about their public opposition on education and economy and you know all the different things
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but we don't really have the opportunity to talk about. you know obviously it's hard to get into a soundbite but i think it you know hearing obama has a whole idea that these things are staged and hard to get real yeah exactly i mean you know asking obama do you really believe as you know republicans love to bring up you know redistributing wealth and have them address that because that goes to your political economic and what do you mean if you do it because you know that's the distinction remember when kennedy was accused of being called liberal and you got up there and articulated you call me a liberal but this is what i define being a liberal as i think the point about these things being scripted is an important one i'm dying for a candidate to get up in one of these presidential campaign debates and kind of break the third wall and say ok here's why we're standing here today time that happened was ninety two. ross perot i mean we're standing here right now because our teams got together six months ago to hash out the rules of this debate we're all speak for a few minutes that he responds that i get ten seconds the moderators are going to push too hard too tough a question or pin it down on the answers because they want to be able to be invited
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back to one of these things that don't to be criticized by their colleagues so we're going to practice the answers mitt romney's got his ears lined up i hate mitt romney and then i'll say it let me be clear right i mean romney's natural sense of humor is so uncomfortable i can't imagine what it can be singers or he might say something like i would like to know where the beef might be placed or or if i don't larry in the prompter a lot terry. in a way that you've said before i mean i think the whole rehearsed thing can be broken down to say you've got ninety minutes we're going to cover three areas talk as long as you want on these subjects and the moderate will only interrupt if you talk if you've spoken too long and you're filibustering your opponent that would be better for at the same time that all this is going on paul ryan you know this video came out of a paul ryan writing off thirty percent of america mitt romney had just forty seven percent arguably debate the meaning of that but that's i think you know this is the same thirty percent of americans ryan coming right out send thirty percent while in
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fact periods. twenty percent of americans according to actual nation get seventy percent of their seventy five percent of their income from the federal government they're dependent. another twenty percent of americans get forty percent of their income from the federal government so their reliance today seventy percent of americans get more benefits from the federal government in dollar value than they pay back in taxes survey after survey poll after poll still shows that we are a center right seventy thirty country seventy percent of americans want the american dream they believe the american idea only thirty percent want the welfare state. ok carl you're muttering under your breath i was saying this goes to the philosophy question in. my my basic problem and we can get into the calculus of how many people don't pay taxes for whatever reason my basic problem for this is that if you look at people that are struggling in this country sometimes it's not an issue of unemployment sometimes it's an issue of over employment they might have to
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have five jobs to get by they might have back breaking work and that work is far more tough than the people sitting pretty in the top percentage of this country that is that can get out of taxes because they've got fancy attorneys that pay very little income tax let's suppose that are armed with and he would argue that the dependence on reliance is not a good thing we want to help people get off that he's not saying abandon those people and it's actually not anything about more people now he's not he doesn't want to abandon the thirty percent he's saying that seventy percent right now are for so they don't want the american pilot i'd like to like i want to tell us how you really think everybody wants to marry the american dream that anybody actually going to say i want to know i'm hard to get and have to change because they're right but here's the problem he's not explaining it there is this is sort of this is fear of politics this is the old from that one movie i forget the title of it but this is the old thing that what you should be afraid of and who's to blame for it and what they're doing is they're saying you know these people aren't paying enough you're paying more this these aren't solutions any distraction at this point the election for romney any time he's not coming full bore ahead with how he's
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going to solve problems and he's a leader but he's not as likable as president obama he's got to show that he can lead this country like a business this is all the distraction he needs to get down to the bullet points of what he's going to do from his first day in office or this is going to be tough marc harrold carl first heather stormont thank you thank you all for being with us thanks. for the american news media has pointed out at the link that the new government in france raise taxes so that after somebody has made their first million dollars in a year additional dollars in that year are taxed at a seventy five percent rate millionaires are unhappy but it'll save their country but there are two parts of the story that have to do with the united states that you probably didn't see or hear in the american news. the first is that for more than half of the twentieth century the top tax rate on rich people here in the united states was at or above that french range here it was between seventy four and ninety one percent during those decades of high tax rates on the romney rich by the way we had the fastest and strongest growth of the middle class in our nation's
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history in fact most credible economists during that era said that the reason for the strong growth of the middle class was because the super rich had high tax rates after they'd made their first million dollars a year the result of that was that instead of taking more millions industrialist left the money in their businesses and that money was used to pay decent middle class wages to american workers the second thing you probably haven't heard much about the american media is that we have two types of federal income taxes of mitt romney famously complain that forty seven percent of americans don't pay federal income taxes also because they're working at wages below the poverty level or in the military or retired but you didn't mention is that there's a special top tax rate just for people like the top tax rate in america for working people is thirty five percent but you have a white blue or pink collar job if you earn your living through the labors of your body or the efforts of your mind you can pay up to a top federal income tax rate of thirty five percent but there is one special super large special top tax rate for people like mitt romney and paris hilton if you're
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one of the blessin few in america and it really is a plus and few who make their money by inheritance or by using money to make money then the most the most you'll ever pay in federal income taxes is fifteen percent it's called the capital gains or carried interest tax rate a special rate for banks tears so that their tender sensibilities are never offended by having to pay more than fifteen percent in federal income taxes that's why mitt romney only paid fourteen percent on his millions in income last year because his top rate was fifteen percent and he knocked it down a point by taking a deduction for his donations to the mormon church so what does this have to do with france. well here's where it gets really interesting the french figured out that high tax rates on millionaires was both good for their economy and for their country and they also figured out that it's stupid to give a super low tax rate to bankers like mitt romney and heiresses like paris hilton so they raised their capital gains rate to be the same as their ordinary income tax
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rate now this isn't going over very well with the very very few people in france who live off billions inherited from grandpa or who make their living hustling stocks they've declared themselves the pigeons of the country and are complaining that they're having to pay up just like everybody else french government of course is ignoring them but here in the us we still have this super duper special parasail mitt romney's tax rate the capital gains rate the you probably haven't heard a word about in the press and you certainly haven't heard the other countries most recently france think it's stupid and are taxing their paris hiltons and their mitt romney's at the same rate as they do their bus drivers or their surgeons of their executives just thought you'd want to know. after the break there's something even more disturbing than voter suppression going on in florida and yes governor rick scott has his hands all over it so what is the king of voter suppression up to now alas my capital.
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