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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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any time. tonight turkey gives the green light to military operations beyond the country's borders following wednesday's deadly shelling from syrian territory. as the west rushes to blame president assad for the cross border violence moscow calls for restraint on both sides and highlights the lack of global condemnation for the terrorism that's killed dozens in aleppo. and athens rudd says police used tear gas at protesters who tried to storm the greek defense ministry in the later show of despair in a struggling country. pm
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thursday night here in moscow welcome if you just joined us this is r.t. live i'm kevin now in first turkey's parliament thought authorize the military to engage in cross border armed operations following the shelling of a town from syrian territory a wednesday meanwhile tension on the border is worsening too with turkey renewing its retaliatory shelling of its war torn neighbor for a second day of his middle east correspondent paula sleep brings you the latest. as expected the turkish parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of the wising military operations in syria what this does mean is that it now has given the green light for cross a border operations the deputy turkish prime minister has gone on record saying this is not a declaration of war but it certainly is sending out very warning messages now while this meeting of the parliament was being held in the capital city of and outside and he was protesters were chanting slogans such as no to war the syrians
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all our brothers used tear gas to disperse this crowd of antiwar demonstrators but certain it's another sign of just how fluid and how intense the situation is at the moment turkey continue to fire artillery at syrian targets into the early hours of tuesday morning the exact extent of the turkish operation is still unclear but according to several sources there were several syrian soldiers who were killed in these military strikes the turks also called for an emergency meeting of of nature and that was held on wednesday night in brussels and also urging for the united nations to take action and mississippi steps to stop what they are calling syrian aggression so certainly the turks who can very quick to go on the offensive looks very inside they are urging restraint they have formally given condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed and at the same time that they have said they are launching an investigation it's still not clear who exactly fired
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this water into turkish territory it did land in a residential building killing five members of one family and injuring another thirteen people all turkey approve cross border. goes calling for calm on both sides under a gauge of dialogue should thomases war of the russian foreign ministry's reaction the international community has been quick to condemn the act. syria but sergey lavrov calling on a more reasonable diplomatic and restraint a reserved approach if you will he says that both sides it's important for them to engage in dialogue specifically in the flight of the recent events where turkey has approved military involvement to go across the border now he also says that if that syria is to blame for this incident on wednesday then they should make a public statement saying as much now damascus has in turn stopped short of claiming responsibility but has said that this was
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a tragic mistake and is assured that they will work hard to try and prevent mistakes like this from happening in the future. sean thomas joining us now from beirut let's get some comment from. at least and a senior associate ochs of university good to see you tonight turkey's permitting further military action against syria then but claims it doesn't want to wall and those two things together the. well i think we should you know take note that committing military action does not necessarily mean sanctioning it so it's not like the turkish parliament are you know pressing ahead or you know you know in turning the government to to launch military strikes on on on syria neither church he's going to be lation or military baber direct military confrontation with syria this is the dated numerous you know i mean worst of cajuns i think we have to look at this in a larger context turkey declared war on syria long time ago this is aired on
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endeavor to use war they've supplied weapons and they've supplied training assistant they've harbored you know gunmen in jihad and it's on their territory so so you know turkey's at a situation now crossroads where they cannot seem to get the international system they need to sort of you know do a last election against the regime they cannot get a u.n. security council resolution to authorize these things and this may be you know setting the groundwork pretext for a backdoor into military intervention because of course turkey been caught in call on its nato allies to to assist and it's essentially the nato allies we would anyways do you know a military confrontation with with the assad regime if there was a un security council resolution so now and there is about this is the false. you know operation to to sort of set the grounds for military intervention and there's
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been many false narratives over syria i think this is just another one and show me what a. self. across bold a move to operations not reflect the syrian troops fight with the rebels them. well . along with you know other nations who are gunning for regime change in syria are panicking because we're looks like we're having two words a final massive showdown in aleppo between rebels and the syrian national army and it looks like conditions still favor the syrian national army turkish strikes can give the rebels valuable heavy weapons cover it can change the dynamics of the situation aleppo is close to the syrian the turkish border can change the dynamics of the situation enough to perhaps prolong the confrontation a laugh and keep you know sort of something on the table for those opposing the
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outside regime because if they lose a lap pro this whole nineteen month game could be over and of course israel is now the latest to admit the syrian conflict moving too close to its borders and the threat of more jihad is joining the rebel ranks there is a serious violence you think really reaching a regional level may be now. we're really hearing these kind of themes a lot you know this is going to implode this is going to explode this is going to be a regional conflict we haven't really seen quite yet of course it could be and you know any cross border military operations where are likely to exacerbate or make that possible scenario but you know the annoying is that rather than being on a regional scale the noise that full about volume on international a lot of this is just talking and trying and it's very clear to me is you know if you want to ratchet down the tensions and deescalate militarily if possible orders
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or internally there's one very simple thing that can be done you can pull back support for rebels and this is saudi arabia this is turkey this is not tar this is the fact this country is france u.k. and the u.s. who are the main provocateurs in syria of war arming these rebels these you know people who are now increasingly you know islamist in character militant islamist jihadists from other nations very simple pull the plug on assistance to these people and you know things will calm down instantly in the region and certainly something that the syrian government and russia china iran and others have been advocating for some time now charging thank you for your thoughts you know on the on the line from that and i t's across the unfolding situation between turkey and syria we will be sure to keep you abreast of what's on her course in the coming hours. next is only a month left before the u.s. elections new president barack obama or mitt romney have just made it through their first presidential debate jule but the latest c.n.n. poll shows the incumbent took a beating out he's going to change
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a cab full of the debate. mr romney did seem more alert he actually did better than many thought he would considering all his gaffes and misfires in this election campaign he of course took advantage of the fact that the recovery under president obama has been slow the country is running a huge deficit gigantic debt more than sixteen trillion dollars that's one hundred four percent of the nation's g.d.p. the president's main argument was that mr romney wants to go back to the same policies that landed the u.s. and the world for that matter in the economic mess four years ago that everybody's still struggling to recover from so there was a lot of back and forth about who's going to be paying for what and how they both gave different numbers citing different studies at some point it got kind of confusing but in general it looked as if one of them was saying he wants to raise taxes and the other one goes no he wants to raise taxes or we need regulation and the other one would say you agree so in the context of this debate they agreed on a lot of things but the devil is of course in the details but as they tried to get
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into details and numbers it's got even more confusing we still have two more debates in the coming weeks we'll hear more about the candidates foreign policy vision for now in most states president obama is leading in the polls although by a very small margin there are going pretty much six to neck but it's important to mention that in the us a candidate might win the majority of the popular vote and still lose the election because it's not the popular vote is the so-called electoral college that decides the outcome of the presidential election here every state gives the candidate the certain number of points and the winner has to collect the number two hundred seventy points even if a candidate loses a state by just say three votes they get zero points that way it's a very peculiar electoral system which is not really about the will of the majority so not only are the americans stuck with just two choices because it's a tourist or a system but they're also not guaranteed to get the president that the majority of
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american voters cast their votes for one more thing almost. half of americans identify themselves as independents that's according to a gallup poll forty percent the fact of the matter is there are other candidates in this presidential election but they've been pushed out of these major debate so very few know anything about them they're not even on ballots in all states because different states have different requirements essentially designed to keep it at two or three. if you can let's go to new york their way to speak to us milt another muddy he's publisher and editor in chief of black star news this sort of a good evening this latest c.n.n. poll seems to be good news judge didn't buy it for romney after his first debate the seems to mean they're winning the voters over did he win you over. i think it was good in the sense that he had to give the sense that his campaign was not in a freefall and i think in that respect him out of accomplish that but in terms of shifting the critical votes in the large states that really determine the outcome
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of the election in florida in pennsylvania and ohio in michigan i don't think it's going to accomplish that. but the democrats got some work to do i guess before the second debate of my especially with that achilles heel of four years the floundering economy and raging unemployment should they go on the attack if you were in charge and advising them or keep up the defense. no absolutely has the president has to be much more aggressive come out of the attack and remind voters that mr romney had already conceded forty seven percent of the electorate when that infamous tape recording from one of his campaign events materialize when he clearly said that he has already discounted forty seven percent of the voters who he says are people that are dependent on the state people that don't pay taxes and people see themselves as victims the president has to find a clever way of reminding voters of mr romney's statement and he has to do that in the next couple of debates is so much information going to fall is there going to.
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be clouded the picture a bit by agreeing and then blaming each other on key topics which divide voters think about tax raising red tape how voters expect you to know exactly what their future president is really going to do and the day they glean it from these debates . yes i think so i think voters are clever enough to know that if you do as mr romney has promised to cut tax rates by twenty percent across the board that means tax cuts of five trillion dollars now in order to accomplish that while you're going to add military spending by two trillion dollars and you're telling us that you will absolutely not even consider raising taxes on the wealthy i think that's what you call. the summit on super steroids it just work yesterday focused on the housing front let's look further at now likely to say in terms of their foreign ambitions. i think mr romney is going to have a difficult time when it comes to foreign affairs the president is going to remind
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voters that it was romney that said america's number one enemy today is russia still think of the year of the soviet union and that does that apply today and when he made those remarks after the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and he said the president's statements sounded like he was apologizing and actually sympathizing with those who attacked the united states embassy that's preposterous the president going to might remind viewers of that bill to frank speak with us we're going to break no but we appreciate your thoughts on the line there from new york much appreciated this is r.t. hope you stay with us more international news continues very shortly tonight. trimmings in this tree even for specialists
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a voice can produce several sounds it warms. the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also surrounding objects like reverse forests and even stones souls imitating the sounds they believe assumes to capture the power of nature. was. to get to one of the five main stars of groups and it imitates the gentle breezes of summer chara whose name means great hunter says he suspects adopt. there are special instruments that accompany the singing if danny says there is
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even a legend about his instrument a gill it says it wants to lift a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the horse was revived as an instrument book at the wizard of stop the fall is because of the spirit of the horse coming to his dream and said make an instrument from a tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings. and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument is called. wealthy british style.
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markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. download the official application. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from. t.v.'s not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time any. good evening from. international from moscow venezuela's to presidential candidates
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from the home straight for sunday's election incumbent to go chavez has been hit by storm and negative coverage though in international media especially in the u.s. talk about what might be behind it james chris is on the line he's professor emeritus of new york. university and he's an expert indeed on latin america therefore so were placed of you on the program u.s. media coverage of chavez's presidential campaign as i mentioned has been criticized one sided with only anti-government rallies covered why is that than. well in fact one of the reasons is because president chavez has taken a very independent foreign policy position opposing u.s. military intervention in the middle east he's opposed to u.s. free trade agreement and there has been a in extraordinarily influential. president in being latin american integration which essentially means the exclusion of the united states he also has been
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a leader in. promoting redistributive politics. increasing income of the lower lower income groups from od'ing the land reform and also nationalizing several important oil and petroleum petroleum and gas companies so all along the line both domestically and foreign policy wise. president chavez has been defining an alternative route for latin america and has played a major role in lessening u.s. influence in latin america he's also promoted up the bay which is essentially selling subsidized oil to central american caribbean countries which has been extraordinarily effective in giving the countries in that
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region a greater degree of independence especially nicaragua in the in the present case so what can i ask you is it a minute what is the west react so negatively to the chavez government what threat . to the. well it's essentially what i said his foreign policy for example is to oppose the u.s. and the u.n. e.u. support for the invading mercenaries in syria he opposed the u.s. and nato use a tax on libya. he calls for a recognition of iran's right to enrich uranium all these positions plus is a support foot palestinian state and against the israeli occupation so and in all these instances where the u.s.
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has a major force and in the middle east he's on the other side of the political map so essentially the you we european union and and the united states would like to get rid of chavez and put on more malleable client like crazy lace back in power essentially you have two different philosophies you have chavez promoting social democracy in a in a generic sense of the word against a candidate who wants to go back turned the clock back to the one nine hundred ninety s. nail liberal policies privatization. unregulated capitalism. primacy of ties to the us etc so you have a real choice and not an echo in in this election unlike in the united states where
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both candidates are basically aligned with big business interests. ok professor forgive your thoughts this are out of time professor james petras much pretty she. forces have fired tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters who gathered outside police headquarters in athens as of the shipyard workers try to storm the country's defense ministry complaining they have been paid here five people were injured in the clashes seventy were arrested become says greece because said so fresh cuts package with international lenders in exchange for another cash injection. and more world headlines now jordan's king abdullah has dissolved parliament clearing the way for early elections demonic pledged more reforms will try to head off an arab spring style unrest the opposition muslim brotherhood had promised a friday rally of more than fifty thousand supporters to protest against corruption
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and high unemployment is thought elections could be held now before the year's end . thousands of military police and coast guards of march to the argentinian capital over pay cuts two days of strikes have already led to the chiefs of both units being sacked protests for better wages a common for argentina but this is the first time the country's military forces have joined in. an explosion of hezbollah's weapons dempo east of lebanon's killed nine including members of the shiite group and migrant workers the movement confirmed that the blast destroyed the four story facility soldiers and hezbollah cordoned off the area blocking all access to journalists. most online. dot com we've got business because i can see dmitri's face look at me dimitri new hope for russia's military aviation here absolutely there's this new plane the illusion for seven six which has been unveiled indeed today and therefore aviation
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stocks were feeling pretty good while the russian market was full of we'll get to that a bit later start with the united states where the jobs market data came up at an expected level we're seeing positive movement over in the europe we've had a bit of a flat session because the e.c.b. left the rates unchanged that north point seven five percent and the back to the russian mob that's been started from and the obvious and in my six the word going down by around one percent lukoil feeling was the market down two percent of this trying to speed up the west to project i'm afraid that's all the time i got this it is after the break thanks for that explore how the financial pulls the world strings and the kinds of reports on next program or not.
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jamie jamie jamie you better not a little banker boy again haven't you jamie diamond yes your bank j.p. morgan is in the news again for frogs a little less song again for defrauding investors again so get ready for the bleeps again yesterday morgan bank is being sued by new york attorney general schneiderman e-mail show that bear stearns now owned by j.p. morgan sold c.d.o. as they described as sacks of and also a trading our m.b.a.'s which i guess means a gargantuan malins of. kaiser report is the only financial news program to have been covering this since two thousand and ten with the help of our insider jamie diamond doppelganger mr rat. say see. well max yes you're getting into the language of the e-mails that have emerged in this civil lawsuit filed by eric schneiderman j.p.
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morgan unit is sued over mortgage securities pools new york attorney general eric schneiderman has filed a civil suit against j.p. morgan as a civil suit not a criminal suit the complaint contends that bear stearns and its lending unit e.m.c. mortgage defrauded investors who purchased mortgage securities packaged by the companies from two thousand and five to two thousand and seven so max investors lost twenty six percent of their investment in just the two thousand and six in two thousand and seven bond that is twenty two point five billion of eighty seven point five billion of bonds that bear stearns had packaged and sold up to pension funds and others but you do it to me what did you lose those people twenty six percent of the money knowingly brutally honest so why did you do it you know good rat well max we've covered this with terry buell a number of times so we've covered the sense.


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