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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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please. please please. please . the world calls to end the global noise protests kick off in more than thirty countries with the biggest rallies planned in the debt ridden spain but we live in madrid in just a moment. for an action looming in africa and green lights military intervention in mali to tackle islamists and the criticism of the un's actions in libya created the crisis. al qaeda calls for a holy war against the u.s. with its leader praising last month's attacks on american embassies and urging more protests over the film. from the family of
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a journalist working with the russian media in syria tells r t she's been kidnapped in an area of intense clashes between the government and rebels. just after midnight here in moscow this is r.t. international i'm kevin owen it's very good to have you company first this hour it's been described as a wake up call for the world against austerity global noise protests are planned for more than thirty countries throughout the week and one of the major ones has been under way tonight in the spanish capital let's go there live show and talk to r.t. to lexi rochelle ski alexy hi there's been a very noisy night behind years we've been coming to you for the past couple of hours i guess is not surprising is it this spain is hosting one of the biggest gatherings of the weekend what have people been saying to their. madrid has been witnessing very loud and very mass protests during the day with thousands marching
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the streets thousands gathering here at central square in madrid people have been saying that they have grown fed up with the country's government's policies in the stere every fourth spaniard in fact is now out of jobs the unemployment rate is about twenty five percent and with the spanish government promising the. more cuts in budget coming next year definitely the people are getting more and more angry as certainly they get more and more hungrier now this is just another protest in the string of protests which have been happening over the past several weeks and there are certainly very warry calls for madrid because some protests which have been taking place in its wealthiest region in spain's wealthiest region got the lumia some people there have been demanding independence from madrid and this protest particular protest in barcelona in catalonia comes only a day after the e.u. was awarded the nobel peace prize for maintaining peace and unity throughout the
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continent and definitely these events in catalonia suggest that they may not be such unity across the european continent as the european as the nobel committee may consider a definitely the so far the book of this book protests has not been violent but we cannot rule anything out when it comes to spanish protests because in the past there have been clashes with the police in fact this week having clashes with the lumia in barcelona in madrid so we are waiting to see how the situation rebels whether there will be any clashes and violent bloodletting events in the streets of the spanish cities a mentor is not alone of course selection has more to come to say. definitely this this particular protest in madrid is only a part of a huge string of global protests in spain alone there were thirty cities protesting expecting another week of protests which is called something of a movement called the global noise wender stand that everywhere across the world protests have happened during the day in melbourne in australia in italy in rome in
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venice in new york we are expecting a protest start as we speak so definitely this is a very global a major movement i talked to one of the guys here who is running the spanish part of the global noise protests he told me that the main idea of these for. it is anti-capitalism that the people have grown up with the system that they are unwilling to pay their own money for the bank loans which the country have been having because the countries have been having over the past several months as the austerity grips spain in particular and many other european countries definitely this is not a soul situation we also saw protests in portugal and greece so definitely that europe isn't a very serious crisis right now and there's no indication whatsoever that these protests will die down wender stand that at least for another week people will be gathering it in at least thirty five countries across the world will be watching closely to see what happens a late surge risky for now does not have madrid thank you very much for bringing us
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up to date. well to focus on the european perspective of global noise week of action i'm joined by spanish journalist and writer may go home or rather now joining us on the big l. giving to you this very public call from people who want to pay for the by its mistakes comes is madrid of course edges closer we think towards asking for a bailout is predicted for next week what will that mean more austerity though. well it will certainly meum mean more to helped because we're piling up more and more there because of the spell out who already have a banking bailout which is worth what we don't know exactly how much yet but probably will be around fifty billion euros and then leave spain goes for the full bailout it will be even more than that so yes i guess depth has become the common currency of the european union rather than the euro itself so at least the protests are in play it breaks the point because the debt is now the central issue of the
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economic crisis would come to a point in which it has become unbearable it makes impossible growth and it forces yes these measures of austerity which are basically stalling the economy and killing growth. why is the new so addicted to the bailout remedy given what you say there are given what we've seen there aren't really any successful examples out there. well not at all and in fact we still have to see one success of these policy which by now we know it won't work well the reason why i think that the european union sits in the east is because it's easier than trying to solve the underlying problem here no matter whether you have the nobel peace prize the fact is that they were a peon union does not have a working a functioning democracy. there is a constant deficit of what is known as the democratic deficit which is not the deficit we have we have economic deficits but we have these democratic deficit we
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felt that we can't behave as a union and we found to be caving messy union we can't solve the problems we have for example these debt problem these very large problem could be solved i wouldn't say easily but at least. one thing we could do could be for example to divide the countries that are cutting their budgets and countries that should increase their consumption for example germany well they don't want to do that because they feeling pleasure they're not even a part of a union they are behaving as a single separate country this is the problem we have got to and of course looking to the future generation new data from greece now shows that more than fifty four percent of young people are out of a job spain is not far behind are these countries losing a lost generation or you know what they just pick up sticks and go elsewhere. well of course and in fact many people eager spain are learning german it's become the safe. safeguard to to go and work abroad in that country which is actually becoming
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now their battle which is kind of ironic but it makes sense and yes i think we can talk already over the last generation because this crisis. is going on forever and according to to the in action are of service interest organizations the i.m.f. and not least. it will last maybe and although five six or even years so certainly not just the last generation let's hope it's not just one. piece it's one of the three a final thought for you sir they said versity brings people together we've seen the protesters in spain and france today waving greek flags apparently in sympathy with those worst affected by the painful measures to expect to see more of that kind of unity geared towards brussels this ongoing push for cuts. well it will be good because if the government of the rope and union can get together and find a solution well it would be
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a good thing that these the peoples of europe could get together and propose their own solution that well it remains to be seen whether the energy can be transformed in political action there might not many ways for that european union as i said has a problem with democracy there are some institutions but they don't function properly so well but if this is just beginning and i think we have to wait and see thanks be on the program we go home or are those spanish journalist and writer. well the global noise rallies will appear in more countries for the way he will be across the promise you that we've more world news to come after this quick break. it always amazes me the lengths that people go to for things that are pointless
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people camped out for a week waiting for a new i phone that will be archaic by next year when the next one comes out every black friday many but thankfully not all americans celebrate this holiest of shopping days by waiting outside of a wal-mart in the early morning to fight over trendy plastic gifts for their children that they're too young to appreciate hey even i'm willing to sometimes wake up early in the morning to drive downtown and pay twenty five bucks for parking to watch a football game under cations but just imagine a world where we actually were willing to wake up early and stand a big crowd for something say more important than some stupid gizmo or the sake of our favorite sports team just imagine iraq and that world would be yeah maybe standing around some protester collecting signatures won't do anything we can't be naive enough to think that big corporations will bow to ten people with signs bought spending days worshiping at the altar of the i phone gods certainly won't improve your country but that's just my opinion.
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illo. i mean so the no use city in europe and the host of the twenty fourteen winter olympics see. such. a. dog days of. days it. takes. to see it's so true.
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mali in west africa might soon see foreign troops on the ground now that a u.n. security council resolutions pave the way for international intervention which is basically split into once helped to deal with his domestic street missing taken over the north the movement which is linked to al qaeda is also a threat in the french president now was behind the u.n. initiative the small nation plunged into. a coup toppled the president rebels and business groups took advantage of the instability then seizing control of the north and proclaiming independence historian joe horn explains why it might be too late though for the world community to clean up a mess that traces back to their interference in one of mali's neighbors. there is no question that what is happening in mali which is a humanitarian crisis and disaster is a direct outgrowth of the north atlantic countries intervention in libya in two
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thousand and eleven in order to dislodge colonel gadhafi the north atlantic countries had to tons of weapons into libya which inevitably leaked into neighboring mali which they're to for had been relatively stable with the leaking of these weapons into mali you saw the eruption of civil unrest and then military unrest in northern mali and now what we have is that a now quite like formation has taken hold of a region of northern mali that is more than the state of france what has fallen and what has happened in the wake of overthrow of the authorities and bomb a co has been the flogging suspected criminals and tasia them and suspected. the persecution of single mothers tens of thousands have fled into neighboring algeria mauritania nice share it's also fair to say that this event in northern mali has given
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a jolt of success so called us. all of those throughout northern and north western africa so it is influence and profile of the region boosted by recent events the terror groups calling for a jihad against the u.s. over the american made film mocking the prophet muhammad its leader or more protests outside u.s. embassies in the middle east while praising last month's assaults on the consulate in libya that killed four diplomats this go live to new york middle east expert james petras is there to put some more perspective on this mr praed. and to us anger in the middle east seems to have calmed after last month's attacks on embassies but it is call reverse that now do you think. well i think what we have here is the unfolding of a very opportunistic policy the u.s. government and in particular the obama regime supported al qaeda elements specially out of benghazi that were anti kadafi washington's thinking on
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this is that they could use the al qaeda extremists to overthrow gadhafi and then discard them. and of course this policy has backfired the al qaeda elements very strong they've moved from libya in part to syria and once again washington is playing that game of using al-qaeda against the bashar assad regime thinking that once they overthrow they can impose some pro western ex-pats in power and what we saw. in libya is that's not the case the al qaeda people are not going to allow themselves to be used and discarded and they were deeply involved in the killing of the u.s. ambassador and they collaborate with the u.s.
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in afghanistan and then against the pro so yet regimes and turned against the u.s. so. professional sort of. demand for this holy war against the u.s. and israel has been taking new and surprising but do you expect everything to said and you realize the fall and now that washington's acknowledge the group spreading influence in the region. yes they're not ignoring it it's just the boomerang effect of their own policies there's no self-criticism here there's no reflections on what it means to join even in tactical alliances with al-qaeda but washington thinks they're using al-qaeda al-qaeda deliberately takes i'm certain money from washington and from the european nato forces and then turns their guns the other way it's a mutual manipulation that's going on here all right professor fibro todd petra's
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new yorker good to get your a brief thoughts appreciate it ok thank you very much. of a journalist who's been helping russian news outlets in syria's told r.t. that she's been kidnapped in the city of homes there is a scene of intense fighting between government forces and the opposition our correspondent in the region when it comes she is following the story. the husband. question of a has contacted r t and saying that she was abducted on hard courts here i was working in syria she has been there for almost a year and now she has been to all major hotspots in this country torn by the civil war as well as russian diplomats in syria are working on establishing what exactly has happened to our and where her whereabouts could be we have also been contacted by one of her call weeks and this is how she described the situation where you know
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the time had went home to help a group of fresh and journalists who weren't since then. and haven't been able to return her cell phone then through our channels we learned that she was captured by a group of people not far from home syria remains a highly unstable ground for work for journalists well known organization reporters without borders have come out with an open letter directed at the free syrian army they have said and i'm quoting that they have been condemning the attacks on foreign and local journalists by the subversion they have also unfortunately witnessed. and have received reports from the news of syria's pro-government media who are saying that they have been increasingly becoming targets of abduction and murder of targets of opposition groups while foreign journalists are also reporting that they are being targets of death threats from opposition groups of course he will be keeping a close eye on the situation in regards to the journalists missing in syria.
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tensions heating up between syria and its neighbor turkey too with one crystal holding on to that cargo confiscated from the syrian plane earlier in the week turkey says the ship russian made weapons claim strongly denied by russia you far more about the diplomatic standoff so you go to probably show exclusive and first hand reports of the passengers and the crew the plane intercepted what they. how badly they were treated on career port. sunday worship used to be routine for millions of americans today though the congregations are looking a little sparse artesian the big apple to see where the new yorkers needa face lift . a new pew poll indicated one in five americans has no religion and more and more americans are becoming atheists is america losing its religion and if so why this
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week let's talk about that i think as we get smarter we realize all the religions are the same you look at each different book every book has a similar story. it's all the same we're on one planet there should be one war doesn't matter if you're in pakistan or new jersey well i think i see more people that maybe keep to themselves i mean you can be religious without going to a sanctuary or something along that line so i think the perception has probably changed a lot but i just got baptized last year everybody has their own way of coming to their beliefs but for us it was just as you know we're getting older and you know we're getting closer to those they say the pearly gates but based on what we are growing who is insurance you got baptized for insurance purposes. believe what you want to believe but don't force it on other people or use it for you know things that hurt other people is that what it is is that people see organized religion as
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something detrimental to other people well i'm speaking i guess for mostly myself here but yeah that's what makes sense to me yeah when you see wars being waged in the name of religion it makes you think yes the bottom line is american seems to be losing their faith in organized religion which might be less of a sign of their waning spirituality and more of an indication that it might be time to reorganize. the resident a spoken here or not to go headlines for after the break then pointing out america's weak spots in the middle east for the man who's been at the heart of the state department soledad.
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on the march under god these men and women are walking one of the longest and probably the loneliest road in the world they reenacting march into exile made by thousands of czarist russia. if i was here three hundred years ago i may have disappeared my local lord i may have deserted from the army or a variety of other crimes the result was the same like my fellow prisoners around me i've got a long and very cold walk ahead into exile in siberia yet it took them years to get there summers and winters entire years a lot of people died on the way this group in the western siberian region of omsk discovered they're living on the only surviving stretch of the original nine thousand kilometers of the siberian exiles track that's had no modern changes made to it is going to discover that he's descended from some of these exiles and decided to build a museum telling a story he and his re-enact is now receiving letters from all over the world to
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show them what it was like before you can use them it's scary to put the shackles on of course but it's interesting if we don't remember our history we will have no future. it's a monument to one of the restructures cruelest chapters. the city serves as the capital of anticommunist white russian leader admiral culture shock in the civil war from one thousand nine hundred to nine hundred ninety whilst in residence he lived here though the study of the man like the maintenance of this building has remained a taboo right up until the present day or we still receive hate mail saying that he hanged a lot of people and was famous for severe punishment it's all true but it was at a time of civil war both sides were monstrously. it is sadly the theme of cruelty which links so much of this history to the rest of russia's particularly of exile where they were not a criminal. wealthy
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british style. is not on. the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. more news today violence is once again fled upland the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day.
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well this is up to your top stories the world calls. global noise protests to take place in more than thirty countries with the biggest rally so far rolling through britain spain will be reporting tonight. the top stories for an action looming in africa as the u.n. green lights military intervention in mali to tackle islamists and the criticism that the un's actions in libya created the crisis. calls for a holy war against the u.s. with its leader praising last month's attacks on american embassies and urging more protests over an anti islam film. and the family of
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a journalist working with the russian media in syria tells r.t. she's been kidnapped in an air of intense clashes between the government and the rebels. up next star to expose america's misgivings in the middle east. i'm very pleased to introduce my guest today john sponsored oh he's a professor of religion and international affairs and of islamic studies at georgetown university he has served as a consultant to the u.s. state department and other agencies dr sponsored overrode a number of books on islam dr thank you very much for making yourself available already to be here i was looking at poll numbers saying different muslim countries their opinion of the u.s. now is either the same as under george w. bush or much worse as is the case in pakistan in egypt for example four years ago seventy five percent of egyptians had an unfavorable view of the u.s.
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now it's seventy nine percent in pakistan used to be around seventy percent now it's around ninety percent these figures have nothing to do with the infamous anti islamic film where do they come from in your opinion well i think if you actually take a look at you know data from the muslim world i'm associated with the gallup organization gallup did a world poll of that included thirty five muslim countries from all over north africa to southeast asia and what we discovered was that majorities of muslims. while they admire. america's economic and technological development its freedoms the rule of law among other things resent with the sea as an intrusive foreign policy as a foreign policy when it comes to the promotion of democracy and human rights based on double standards now what happened was that when president obama gave his speech in cairo then his numbers really spiked up in countries like egypt and others which
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happened throughout the obama administration is that you had rising expectations those expectations not fulfilled and then the numbers start really going down one of the risks that you have when you are it seems to be a president. or anyone is that if you raise the bar you'll be judged by that obama had the genius and the insight to present a vision that was significantly different and claimed to be significantly different from that of george w. bush on a variety of issues whether it was palestine and israel whether it was the use of military force etc but the reality of it is that in many ways a fair number of the obama policies arse are similar to the bush administration's i was listening to a conversation on fox lately and it was about whether the u.s. should stop meddling in the affairs of the region in the world was divorced from the region and the anchor at the.


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