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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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tear gas and petrol bombs in athens smog the latest show of greek anger over the e.u. in force cuts even as germany says he wants more control over the national budget. as the international envoy to syria warns the conflict could set the whole middle east a blaze clashes break out just across the border with lebanon. and in libya the former bastion of played colonel gadhafi is under attack again attacks rebels launched an assault on bani walid leaving at least eleven.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at the moscow rule research showing scenes of violence return to the streets of athens where police have resorted to tear gas to disperse anti austerity protesters thousands of greeks voice their anger over a new round of cuts being demanded by the country's lenders in exchange for another bailout payment these are the latest pictures we have for you right here from downtown athens where this all coincides with a general strike that has seen tens of thousands of people walking off the job for the second time this month now that has been action against austerity across the world as part of a growing movement called global noise but in europe the calls to end the cuts are the loudest it is a gathering for another and it's a crisis summit in brussels and ahead of the meeting a german chancellor angela merkel called for the e.u. to be given powers to veto international budgets to research says no summit will
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help solve the crisis until it tackles the root of the problem. one thing we've learned over the past couple of years is that when you're in the years something about this crisis is that you really mean the exact opposite. when france only seeing the end of the crisis is inside you probably means that spain and greece are slipping into depression greece by next year will have contracted the economy of the contract at roughly twenty percent unemployment stands at twenty five percent that you have regions in spain which are demanding secession that you have actually the new fascist forces on the rise in greece the. move that we haven't seen since the one nine hundred thirty s. so i think really what's happening here is that this crest is actually spinning out of control things are getting a lot worse and the summit that we have today in brussels is absolutely is themselves the. problem really because it is completely fails to address any of the structural problems which include most importantly the the embrace between the
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financial sector which is completely insolvent and a series of states which are completely over and. the protests continue across the atlantic as well. that's where the occupy los angeles movement refuses to be silenced a year after it was first formed report on that just a bit later in the program here want to. now the international peace envoy to syria is warning the conflict is now a threat to the whole region one of the first signs came in lebanon when armed men apparently used machine guns to shoot into syria sparking fresh border clashes in the region for us now it sees every good. residents have been reporting fire overnight coming straight from syria lebanon border you have to understand that their supporters really close to this village right here syria in fact is right behind me but a group of several identified men have opened fire from lebanese side towards syria
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and the syrian army has responded of course the situation in syria continues to be highly unstable despite the efforts by the international community to broker some sort of ceasefire between syrian government forces and the opposition groups the situation is being intensified by the fact that the various fighting groups in syria continue to receive shipments of arms coming in from across the border not with just turkey which was reported earlier but also with lebanon now the details of how those arms and up in syria in the hands of extremists groups here is the report from artie's lucy catherine of. training for war getting ready for battle and possibly their doubts these young recruits are preparing for what their instructors called a campaign to rid syria of tyranny. some of these student to be fighters haven't even held a gun until now. this is the first time i use weapons there was no need for them before the revolution now we carry weapons to get rid of assad. weapons have yet to
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topple the government of president bashar al assad but they're flowing into the country with ease it's a trend that has some officials worried. provide arms to either side. for the majority and the risk of unintended consequences porous borders with its neighbors to make the flow of arms almost impossible to stop and lebanon's town of is one of the main gate. behind me is the way to one of the illegal border crossings between lebanon and syria weapons fighters and supplies go in to syria while refugees fleeing the violence come out. by no means as safe or easy journey frequent shelling as well as a large minefield on the syrian side of the border crossings like being a deadly gamble a gamble that lebanese sympathizers of syria's opposition are more than willing to make more than. this is five thousand dollars and there's just thirteen hundred
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eighteen hundred and two thousand in tripoli r.t. spoke to this arms dealer whose business was booming. people come more contact me every day we have a revolution next door for sure we are with them will help them topple assad will be doing. the weapons may be easy to come by the harder part is understanding exactly where they go a classified report uncovered in the new york times reveals that many of the arms sent to syrian rebels are ending up in the hands of hardline islamic jihad one of the leaders of the f.s.a. said you know we admit that we. infiltrated the jihadi jihad is a coming. from all over the muslim world but we don't know exactly who they are back in syria both in the training camps and in the battlefield rebels talk of high hopes for a bright future. i hope that there will be free elections that the syrian people will be able to choose the officials they want and that we will win back our rights
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freedom of expression and political freedom exactly what that freedom looks like may depend on who is getting the guns. lucy caffein of lebanon. and yet more advanced weapons have made their way to syrian rebels causing concern that some could end up in the hands of islamist extremists video footage that has surfaced online appears to show a fighters in the city of aleppo using portable anti aircraft guns moscow was once again it warned against sending in legal arms to syria saying it may come at a high price. but who she. should. it's not a good idea to put out the fire with fuel we have the example of other countries in north africa and the middle east i will see this again stop supporting the arab spring it will not and will after the arab spring there will be a very hot arab summer and you could win it. in libya at least eleven people are
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being killed and scores wounded after the militia linked to the defense ministry shelled bani walid a former stronghold of the late colonel khadafi of the country remains close to chaos following the western backed her belly and last year that toppled the nation's longtime dictator talk to libyan a political activist ali al joining us live on r.t. good to see you today it's almost a year since gadhafi was killed the situation though is far from stable with deadly clashes continuing between various sectarian groups what you call the arab spring a success from the. top it's actually. very happy to. leave the. division now and leave you there even before. the militias know they're.
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just very. serious males and. also. used chemical weapons. inside the city leaves the city its feet under siege for. almost seventeen days. medicine just. as they say as i say basic supplies are running out if not having already run out and buy new. the former stronghold of colonel gadhafi of course to post more than a year now we're getting reports certainly some might say that a report from the human rights watch the claims dozens of khadafi loyalists were massacred following khadafi capture and killing in two thousand and eleven some are saying the claims could be embarrassing for nato members that ultimately backed the
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whole rebel campaign to oust gadhafi and now look what we have. are actually. any different these militias are. now going to leave the consumer leave. for both to be means to. positions the report mentioned human rights watch it's a book. about. residents of a certain city and. a complex. about fifty or sixty people or about the number of. people who go. through. this incident exactly as if you think. these actions are world crimes we should bring them to lose just as.
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you talk about bringing people to justice for so-called war crimes available what about what about the u.s. and its allies all the allies i mean particularly france france you know that the campaign to go into libya or for the one big carrot in the big apple that of the oil there we all know that france demanded sixty plus percent of the oil shares for leading the campaign into libya who is responsible for the chaos that is raining for now in the war torn country does it blame for those within the country all those who came in to intervene. maybe for those who came because there are only two they really really close and they want the oil. out of the glove because. one of the brands or i want to. look at a few of the. libya. of the war crimes. libya
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and this if you believe there's not heavy attack. on the people of the city for the international community to stoke. the four. called international. society to feel. the killing of the civilians melissa let's talk about trying to bring some sort of stability there the u.s. has decided to divert roughly seven or eight million dollars from activities in pakistan to now try and put together a five hundred strong come on force for libya to drive to try and bring peace and stability there what what's your view on that. when they went through a lot of these other two hundred thousand soldiers they were able to bring. peace to iraq i don't think with buying public who bring peace to libya definitely don't want peace in libya. if they want to.
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have their success in iraq. by militia gangs. who are growing to see who are really. behind. this is only going to be in my opinion. led by. militias so you talk about oppression a bit of a revolution against the oppression led by the militias as you say but i do apologize i'm running low on time here in the short term what's the future of libya . but i just see. my point of view and therefore i think it's in the last year in many different places i
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feel. the need you know is not really covering. the lead situation in libya he said this example for syria to say what we succeed in libya so we succeed in syria. by thinking only. there is a pool of. people in the city of misrata in typically. you conceivably of course on their own new tool or. only recently in this so we've called this. includes not only against oppression of course of the libyan. how are the libyan political activist thank you very much for coming on our story that's all the time we have for us. well this is all it's a live from moscow thanks for joining us today we will be back with more stories after
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a short break do bear in mind you can always go to our web site right now for more on the stories including a hit job of discontent egyptian schoolgirls are forced into having on a one to the head cuts for not wearing a traditional headscarf plus. a samurai you must be blind we've got the story of one sided british man who was tasered and handcuffed by police who mistook his cane for so all those details that are you talking. the legacy no one should be proud. of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape buildings still ting over their foundation pipes being black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the soviet industrial activity on the burgen archipelago don't make a pretty picture the guiding principle here is the worst the better that can do
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nine hundred eighty bearings work was a burgeoning mining community. was determined to maintain at all costs to typically located halfway between north america and western europe bergen archipelago is part of norway but a special status that allows other countries to set up industrial bases here in the middle of the cold war it served as the us is ours westernmost outpost now it's one of the last preserved relics. picture of what would have happened to the soviet union if it was cut off from any financial support for two decades is a curious site for western tourists and i think it could be even more appealing for russian travellers the local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards these modernization efforts are not very popular with tourists. should stay the way it is that would be my wish i mean that's the part of the. tradition.
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the time to change even for the better is not always good for business something that even a local band has become attuned to when they try to add morning russian songs to die repertoire the audience called all they wanted to hear it was a song comfortably familiar. life in the heart of moscow this is arts he on brewery sushi the e.u. has denied being behind the banning of iranian channels saying the decision was
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made by the satellite companies that carried them but the media providers insisted they were ordered to take more than a dozen iranian stations off the by the european commission the blockade comes on top of the increasing number of e.u. sanctions against tehran targeting its financial trade energy transport sectors the aim to make iran shut down its controversial nuclear program but critics say they are being counterproductive independent filmmaker and media analyst danny schechter believes iranian voices in europe are being sidelined to prevent alternative. i find it very troubling that television channels have been removed from the air suppressing the of iran's ability to tell its side of the story iran is under attack not only with oil sanctions but financial sanctions there's a whole campaign underway to discredit its proposals in the negotiations that are coming up on the nuclear issue even before iran gets to make those proposals kind
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of a preemptive strike and now this just a few days after the european union received the nobel peace prize one of its first acts seems to have been to suppress freedom of the press and freedom of speech that is not very encouraging clearly it was political you know it taking us one step closer to war the british did this first through their off common regulator removing press t.v. from the air in england and now the e.u. is followed through with a similar ban. arda time for the r.t. world update now will start with a report from yemen that at least five people have been killed in the capital of yemen after a shell hit a weapons depot setting off a series of blasts it came with shortly after seven al qaeda suspects died in the latest u.s. drone attack in the country's south yemen has been torn by on reston's two thousand and eleven now the country picked a new president of the beginning of this year but he has been unable to control
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military forces partly controlled by his predecessors relatives. the f.b.i. has arrested a man who was allegedly planning to blow up the federal reserve building in new york a twenty one year old bangladeshi national was detained as he apparently tried to trigger what he thought were explosives stored in a car if you will said the public was never at risk as the bomb dealers rationally f.b.i. undercover agents by staying with america as the protest surge in europe the american occupy movement is having to evolve to stay afloat after police crackdowns forced them from city squares activists are now focusing on ways to soften the impact of the economic crisis. in the reports on one group helping citizens save their homes from the threat of foreclosure. was. i. was. more than a year after it kicked off its movement in los angeles occupy l.a.
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is alive and well but in much smaller numbers. the tents which once dominated the landscape of downtown are gone but it popped up in backyards of struggling homeowners with their keep a woman has done for me is like a bee in my home for thirty four days he had known this family was swept up in the mortgage crisis and is now facing eviction occupiers have set up barricades around the house now for now and this vowing to defend their home while the family battles with bank of america the show has a meaning of people power the law enforcement is not on our side as well so if you have if you have people power and you have community support. you should you should reach out to them you should reach out to them and get a get together from the lawn in front of l.a. city hall to this foreclosed home in the san fernando valley the face of occupy and so then california has greatly transformed in the past year but the spirit of
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resistance remains strong among those who say they're still fighting for the ninety nine percent this is a comic war like that's what drives me to be here is not just about the one house. with. occupy l.a. started in a festive manner and was unique in how protesters had a cozy relationship with police. however local politicians grew tired of the demonstration and showed they were willing to use a massive police response to shut down the peaceful movement the military style raid on occupy a lazing can drive away protesters but radicalized others who are determined more than never to fight repressive forces when you have that kind of systematic institutionalized abuse of p. . expressing their first amendment right it doesn't shut it down it fuels it sam slovik is an independent journalist who has been documenting occupy l.a. throughout he observed how the movement's inclusiveness allowed elements in which
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cause conflict while occupy l.a. has broken up into several community entities it still celebrates small victories this again is the current evolution this is the edge of it this is a foreclosure resistance action and it's supported by occupy l.a. as the movement evolves the nun this family is determined to keep their american dream from things you know way you should and i would to happen and you can always showing systems. i mean you know. in los angeles ramon the lindo r t. but of course everybody's ok to kill him i should say you today we're still talking about the. saga so do explain because on a bit of a layman all of this. does buy both shareholders out as marina was telling us earlier what would that mean for the company well it means two things may lay and
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it means a lot of money for roughness actually paul way with talk a lot the what the foreign debt was for the u.s.'s elgin the soviet union time to sell of around sixty billion dollars that just puts it in supposed perspective ready as to how big a deal this really is also as well as that kid may russia's energy giant becoming the biggest oil producer in the world as well and that's as you say because the company may acquire all the shares in the russian british. the peso that's what it means and we've got nicole as well he's going to explain to us all the latest updates on the twists and turns of this rather complicated affair as you say will break. rules in the us is playing it's called place twits just see eagles sachin is in new london and sources suggest he's trying to broker a deal to create the world's biggest publicly traded oil. goes into would be me to buy a best stake in t.n.
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paid the twenty eight billion dollars in pension shares to pay the forces russia third largest rule and its fifty percent owned by b.p. and fifty percent by a concert here with the russian oil news but those toy groups of these are being told the rules here and so just they've signed a memorandum of understanding so their share in th paid p.p. is well this will likely happen in the future date wrote me a note to have the fifty or billion dollars in cash you would need on hand to complete both sides of the acquisition of one. but if your position does go through in full. it will create the world's largest publicly traded. it will soon shoot rose we have to the front rank of the world would you put it in perspective exxon mobil current largest producer two point three million barrels of oil a day and expanded rules produce three point one million barrels of oil per day.
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while none of the size of yet confirms that. the out of let's cap still believes there is farrell is a child's of b.p. to keep it after. the problem with b.p. . in particular is the structure like for it's a very hard to have to board of directors in my view the current structure with two partners have parity and because right and then the independent directors it's probably not going to suit. here probably b.p. will have to sell down as well even if they are leaves various pieces skeptical that b.p. will keep. b.p. after this deal. i got a list of in some markets is the what's going on with europe because got a two day e.u. summit taking off. that means there's not much movement going on as we can see from the back is getting around three tenths of august that the euro is also
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experiencing a little movement in the sessions they vest is just holding tight to their positions the ruble is makes is staying with possibly check out the market to international q some support for the companies i was while they were kids actually getting now trading at one week high that's positive news coming from china with industrial production exhilarating and that's all we've got time for i believe laurie are we talking about man. just woman here at r t will be discussing iran's nuclear ambitions on the country's real intentions with academic dr long do stay with us if you come from.
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in. the strangest attempt of a. president. but his strategic. recognized defeat. if. the cuban missile crisis. team. to build a. mission to teach.
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