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tv   [untitled]    October 18, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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likely or do they want an actual deployed weapon according to the u.s. intelligence community and most other observers iran just hasn't made that decision in part because they don't need to they want to get to that threshold capability before they make any decisions about whether to go to go farther than that threshold because there's no point making that decision early in fact it might be detected by western intelligence and so you could tip your hand before you get to that threshold so i think that decision has been made you don't seem to be putting the threat level of iran's nuclear program as high as some u.s. officials the republican candidates for example mitt romney and his vice presidential candidate paul ryan have been in past weeks essentially saying that iran is a. grave threat are they exaggerating at all with their rhetoric i don't think there's a tremendous amount of exaggeration that iran is a threat generally i mean you know the united states and iran have had a pretty hostile relationship for three decades actually more than three decades
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now they have you know had problematic relations in the gulf they've had conflict via proxies in iraq so i think it's not wrong to say iran is a threat the question is whether rod's nuclear program is a real threat to the united states at the present and it isn't at the present but the concern is as i said it could very quickly become a threat so let's go back to your report according to the findings an extended u.s. military strike on iran's nuclear facilities whether alone or in concert with israel could set back iran's nuclear program for four years but it still would not guarantee that iran would not eventual acquire a nuclear bomb why is that it's because the technology iran already has some pieces and parts they need to acquire from overseas but unless you can guarantee that you can kill off everyone in iran that has knowledge of these programs. and their
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ability to produce these basic components such as aluminum rotors you can't guarantee that that the program can never be restarted so you can destroy what they have now but their ability to rebuild that even if you can make it take a very long time to rebuild that's what can't be destroyed what kind of long term military commitment with the us have to make to ensure that iran would never be able to build a nuclear bomb i mean it would be similar to what happened with iraq the only way to ensure a country does not acquire a nuclear weapon is to is to forcibly change the regime and go in on the ground occupied yes that's the that's the only way to one hundred percent be sure that the current iranian regime never acquires a nuclear weapon so we're talking about a ten year war. what they. potentially could be iran is a larger country than both iraq and afghanistan combined so if you're talking about a war that would certainly be on that scale where there would be ten times harder not quite as hard who knows but it would be a very substantial military commitment should the u.s. be concerned about iran's unconventional war capabilities i think the united states
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is definitely be concerned about iran's unconventional war capabilities by its nature its harder to sort of define what unconventional war capabilities are and you can count airplanes you can count missiles unconventional it's a little harder to judge but iran has a robust capability for unconventional war they have special operations forces they have clandestine services they have a variety of capabilities to conduct attacks without you know not in this sort of typical military way at the end of the day is this really just a problem for israel iran possible determination of acquiring nuclear weapons or is this a problem for the u.s. as well i think it's a problem for the entire world i mean certainly the you know the entire world has has asked iran to clarify its intentions and it's taken steps i think it's a much bigger problem for israel than the united states if for no other reason than proximity in the size you know israel is a country of you know about the you know in terms of populations the size of new
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york city and geographically it's quite small it's quite close so i think it's a much bigger problem for israel that it is for the united states but that doesn't make it not a problem for the united states and the rest of the world how much would a war with iran cost the u.s. economy it's very difficult to tell but you know our estimates that even a modest war would would hurt the u.s. economy in part because it would drive up oil prices even a modest in terms of duration spike in oil prices you know the u.s. recovery right now is quite fragile the world recovery is sort of stalled in places and making modest recovery in others so a big spike in oil prices even if it was only for a few weeks would certainly. damage the u.s. economy if it were a longer extended commitment and big disruption in oil then it would be much more also to the global economy to the global economy and then there's the actual dollar figure to conduct military operations right i mean flying planes dropping bombs these things are are not incredibly expensive but neither are they cheap so it
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would it would there would be a it would be a substantial costly thing so i want to ask you a question that politicians always reject to answer does israel have nuclear weapons capacity it's something that the israelis have been opaque on by design throughout their their history i think most outside observers would say that the israelis do have a nuclear weapons capacity even if it's one that's never really been deployed or tested and as you mentioned benjamin it's now has dissolved the parliament in israel with new elections expected as in january february twenty second and what the how much do you think that will play into the israel iranian conflict i think i think this coming israeli elections will hinge heavily on on what to do about iran the netanyahu government will have some decisions to make they could be they could be very bold and take action as a caretaker government i think most observers don't think they will and in fact a lot of the campaign will be about what to do about the iranian nuclear program.
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so i think that's i think will be a huge issue in determining the future of israeli iranian relations so if israel has a stockpile of nuclear weapons as many have reported and iran has not even if you're on board to build one wouldn't that be somewhat of a deterrence policy in place why would israel consider still striking iran the belief is you know if both sides have nuclear weapons no no no one side is going to be foolish enough to use them knowing they're going to face retaliation by the other side of the u.s. soviet union the idea of mutually assured destruction i think the israelis are deeply uncomfortable with this because it doesn't take. hundreds of nuclear weapons to functionally destroy israel as i said israel's a very small country a handful of nuclear weapons maybe even only one nuclear weapon some people refer to israel as a one bomb country could do the same damage it would require hundreds of nuclear weapons to do to a much larger country so i think their concern is why take any risk that maybe the
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current leadership in iran is completely rational but maybe a future one won't be why take any risk that there could be these kind of miscalculations in a confrontation so say there's a then israeli iranian equivalent of a cuban missile crisis say over hezbollah or syria and instead of ending in a in a sort of tense standoff that resolved peacefully as in the cuban missile crisis this one actually results in the exchange of nuclear weapons i think the israeli attitude is you know we have maintained all along we will not be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons into the region we don't want anyone else to do so either because why take the risk you know when us president barack obama was addressing the un general assembly and he was speaking out i think iran he said time for negotiations is not unlimited what do you think he meant by that i mean it's you think that there is some kind of deadline a date that. i don't think there's an exact date but i do think the patience for negotiations particularly after the last round over the summer is sort of wearing
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thin the iranians put forward a proposal allegedly some of the iranians deny it some don't it's kind of tough to tell sometimes what the iranians are actually saying but the proposal would have called for the lifting of most sanctions in exchange for suspension of many of the more worrisome activities of the iranian nuclear program and the president said look we you know this isn't this isn't serious we're not going to remove everything that gives us leverage in exchange for these minor concessions so i think the feeling is look we will give diplomacy all the time in the world if it's actually working but if it's just a way for the iranians to stall and by the way over the summer iran greatly increase the radio. putting centrifuges into one of its enrichment plants so i think that's the feeling it's not that there's a specific date but if it looks like all the iranians are doing is using negotiations as a way to sort of buy time think that's when the president will say look we've given diplomacy you know all the time in the world it hasn't worked your report indicated
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that a u.s. military strike against iran would motivate the country to build a bomb if that is the case doesn't this threatening rhetoric coming from u.s. and israeli officials also cause damage i think the idea is to calibrate the threat and maybe the united states hasn't always done the best job but the idea is you know you apply all of these levers of persuasion sanctions the threat of military action to say look this isn't a good path to go down let's find another path but you're absolutely right that if you you know if you're trying to convince somebody to do something or else you're going to carry out a threat you don't want to believe in you're going to carry out the threat anyway right because why would you ever agree to anything if you think you're going to be attacked anyway so it's it can be tricky you're right to calibrate that rhetoric that you know if you do x. we will do y. but if you don't do x. we won't do well dr austin long thank you very much for speaking with r.t. thanks very much as a great pleasure i. you
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market. what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred global financial headlines to report. more news today. the full these are the images we're seeing from the streets of canada. today. look. if. the russians would be soon which brightened if you knew about
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song from finest impressions. please friends totty dot com. top stories this are naughty tear gas and petrol bombs in athens marked the latest show of. over e.u. enforced cuts even as germany says it wants more control over national budgets. and as the international envoy to syria wants a conflict could set the whole middle east ablaze clashes break out across the border with lebanon. and in libya the fall of last year of late fee is under attack again as militias launch an assault on bani walid leaving and them. in their stories with me in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime sports is next with humans.
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thanks indeed for joining us this is sport today plenty to head over the next ten minutes including these stories and brief. right on track we take a look at moscow's hopes of securing their fresh russian football championship and half a dozen years. storming start their own heralded pair of new zealander michael henry and spaniard our hundred calories claim the early lead a cult perth international. bar and find out why greek opinion is divided over an amateur football team's new sponsors. moscow will be striving to return to the top of the russian premier league this weekend after the international break they said within a win of leader changi honest richard from port reports belief couldn't be better in the armenians cup. it's been six years since is lost when the russian premier
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league talking to all however there is renewed hope to be only when we can finally end this drought to go into sunday's clash ruby just two points off the leaders on g m around couldn't be higher of the beating bitter rival sponsor at mosco last time outs well we were really happy about what today's games especially because sparta tigers the biggest derby in in russia winning these games is always very important for us. as a team and for the supporters too so hopefully we can keep doing good and trying to to fight the first places despite a poor start of a season so this car had been an excellent run winning six games in a row it believes. that run came to hold against normal moscow and to make matters worse the only men had islands a go of sent off after the russian international lashonda luke will show the twenty two you. given a five game suspension and runs with says it was great to get back to winning ways
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again spark dark yeah now we're back on track again hopefully we can continue like this was a good we important also for the first test series cobol hope to have seed to be our back from injury will be last season's top scorer in the russian premier league hasn't played since the start of the studio a back injury and he's addition to his call to really containing the likes of. which arguably been the player of the season so far i'm going to continue between the posts could finally see serious. six year wait for russian football's biggest prize which of them bully darcy. you know their football use lot and be a name recipient of the international career award the golden foot for twenty twelve the swedish striker receiving his accolade in monaco from another for playing legend pelley possibly the greatest of them all from two thousand and three to twenty eleven abramovich one eight national league titles in
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a row with i actually went to enter a barcelona milan the gong given to the thirty one year old peer after four months of online voting by football fans themselves only three others have received golden for awards in the past eric cantona the former tears on friday. the man who blew the whistle on lifted the lid on this year's italian football match fixing scandal has find a new job as a community coach with english premier league club aston villa some money for arena was approached last november and offered two hundred thousand euro to influence the outcome of an italian cup match he reported the incident to police leading to the arrest of seventeen people the former roma defender was given an award at last year's door search money but find themselves without a club the thirty year old just with his new opportunity with develop this is. and it's not only that but unity for me but for my whole family i have always dreamed. of coming here to england i don't hide that because it has the most beautiful
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football at the moment for me it's a dream to be here at us in a villa that is steady and to see the support of us from below makes me very emotional all them so much. it's been yet another week to forget for lance armstrong as the fallout from the u.s. anti-doping agency's accusations of drug abuse continue to reverberate the former cyclist stepping down as the chairman of the live strong cancer charity on wednesday armstrong form the foundation following his own successful battle with the illness sports manufacturer nike also a nice there to sever ties with the saying there's insurmountable evidence he misled the company for a decade meanwhile betsy andreu whose husband frankie ruled with armstrong in the u.s. postal team says they became victims of a smear campaign after testifying against the forty one year old. system. here.
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they an oral perth international golf tournament which is taking place in western australia has seen two on heralded players leading after the opening round michael hendry on a one hundred all come as a series of spain the men at the summit kemas there is cutting back to back birdies three times are on the course before this effort on the seventeenth took him to seven under hendry made eight birdies to match the kiwi argentina's and we are no grillo ended the day just one behind the leaders following a six under par sixty six paul casey is alongside following a trend under johnson on five under they also seek a share of the two million u.s. dollar price on. basketball with houston rockets point guard jeremy lin has the smith's concerns over his knee injury the twenty four year old missed the end of last season with the new york knicks because of the problem but insists he'll be fighting fit when the rockets begin their n.b.a. campaign against detroit on holiday. i'm not sure it's just
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a bit too. early on it was you know a little. bit whatever and now it's like you know now i'm feeling very. better every single day. you know we're just building up in a maybe two weeks or something like. being. you know i'm feeling great right now so i. really get. the opening up of formula one to women seems to have moved forward here are twenty nine year old from scotland joining a handful of ladies test driving the speed machines on the biggest motor sports stage of all susie wolf here pushing the f w thirty three to the limit stone britain joined that williams f one team in april as a development driver after completing practice time with the simulator she was a finally able to nab some genuine track time this week are currently no women driving right in former one and only five in total in the sport seventy two year history. going along the hangar straight the first time pulling through the gears
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that energy force and speed against it's really incredible it's a fantastic car to drive and it was emotional i've spent a long time preparing for this day it's been a long time dreaming of this day and finally it's here and i think the team did a fantastic job to prepare me for it in the really gave me through. this morning so far and hopefully now we can get some sticks on and try again in the afternoon and finally one football team in greece has come up with a novel way of getting around the country's economic turmoil to care for the last hour to be sponsored by two local praful the decision has caused controversy as you can imagine with league organizers banning the logos during much of saying it violates the sporting ideal and is on suitable for on the rate supporters the emblems of villa erotica soon as house of history appear in the pink shirts the team and indeed other squads throughout the country seek to find new ways to finance themselves amid drastic government cuts where some say they're more likely . it is simply a case of falseness levy go up with the music they advertise sports betting firms
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more news today is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for a show to rule the day. would be soo much brighter if you knew about susan from funds to freshen some.
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