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tv   [untitled]    October 23, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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top stories tonight the u.s. books a statement on libya at the u.n. security council that was proposed by russia basically resolving the government backed siege of clearly gadhafi former stronghold of bani walid. moscow says there is no rational explanation for washington's most recent diplomatic decision at the u.n. details from new york straight ahead. pictures here live from madrid thousands protesting tonight looming cuts being debated by parliament the pages close it would be very well we've got the latest from madrid ahead. plus a bomb of paint me as an obvious who's not ready to be america's commander in chief
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but he finds out right victory elusive though the final presidential t.v. shows. in this debate seen by many years protocol in this election governor romney and president obama were on the same page on pretty much everything i'll be back in just a few moments with more. of you what she run the world pleasure to have you with us it's eleven pm here in moscow my name's kevin owen vase is in our top story the u.s. has blocked a proposed statement to the u.n. security council drafted by russia calling for the conflict in libya's besieged city of bani walid to be resolved peacefully this is loyalist militias are mounting their offensive in the last stronghold of while gadhafi supporters the details from our correspondent reporting. the u.s.
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and western countries did not back the russian drafted press statement they said that they were they cited the need for further consultations now the russian envoy to the un vitaly churkin says in the aftermath of last month's deadly attack in benghazi that killed four americans it's quite surprising that the u.s. would be blocking a statement that is condemning the use of violence in dealing with libya's political problems churkin says it's very strange and the behavior of the u.s. delegation with respect to the russian. press statement in this situation is hard to rationally explain now this russian security council press statement on bani walid expressed grave concern about the escalation of violence in and around the city particularly the reports of growing civilian casualties including children the statement also called the living authorities to take urgent steps to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and to preserve the rights of all libyan citizens in the
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statement also stressed the need to promote national reconciliation inclusive political dialogue in libya it was quite surprising to many of us journalists that were at the u.n. stakeout to find that there was no agreement made on this this russian draft press statement that essentially condemns this violence violence that began in the beginning of october and we see is escalating but these conversations will clearly continue in the days to come. hungry. to flee their homes the people of burma will live in libya are seeing the whole. pro-government shelling the. city women and children all middle east correspondent paul asli it brings you up to date. police teacher bonnie has been on the go now for almost three weeks and almost by the day we are hearing and receiving reports of new atrocities being committed we are hearing from the photos and from the our witnesses reports of people being killed
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of the bodies on the dismembered of children being murdered at the same time we know that there is constant shelling this constant attack some also reports of the image and use of chemical weapons by these pro-government forces now according to eyewitnesses on the ground as well as doctors at the soon many of the people there are suffering from toxic gas poisoning and this does tie in the with unconfirmed reports that we have been receiving that gas shells are being used on the local population now earlier r.t. spoke with a man who has family in bunny why did he outlined for us the consequences and the circumstances in which they were surviving but we have not identified him because he is afraid of the safety of his family i spoke with my family on the last few days and they are telling me that this is. on the last few days. because there were there weren't. on this is the road there so they wanted the most care with the
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other families from the women's and the little kids there were women have the. pregnant woman have a baby. because the situation was that it. was really really strong bombing from outside of the kind of heavy guns the government . the government the what happened in between boehner wanted the messiah to start. after that a few days. out and he said that it's a war it's a good war against the wall and his mustard. but from all i really don't know all this is billions are fallen down over. the current of weapons a little. machines on the head i don't know what
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happened about the few there is the people of the norman ride. such a such a mess from the other side from the road of people in the news in the family as a human. right there for the criticism leveled against the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi the one thing that he did bring to the country was stability and many questions are being asked if indeed attrition today is better than it was a year ago you have in power and national transitional council that is largely quiet about all the atrocities that are going on inside the country we have heard from the human rights watch exposé of atrocities and crimes that have been committed in the city of misrata and in addition to this you have a nato armed militia that acts almost as if it is above the norm so certainly a lot of questions being asked and a lot of doubt being cast over whether or not the country is better off after
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independence it was a lot of criticism leveled against gadhafi and knew there was a lot of silence in the international news of the moment of what was happening. that is the question why these double standards why is so much made of one aspect and some leaders want so much is being kept quiet about another. next to my language tired of growing austerity in madrid as parliament debates more cuts to be written into next year's budget after ratings joy move to slash the score for of spain's regions with mounting speculation of the country's close to asking for an e.u. lifeline what is really good at madrid. but you have several hundred people out on the streets of madrid right now actually that some of the people that i've spoken to earlier today have said that there actually are going to have about eighty five actions of protests this week alone he says any other week you are looking at hundreds of people are getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that it's already measures seem to cut those who suffer the most and that is the people that
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are at the lower half of the demographic financially speaking of course they say that the rich always find a way to get away but it's the other people that suffer if they're worried about the fact that all of their all of their social aids are being cut such as health care education support for the elderly in fact spain has the highest rate of unemployment for the youth it's all it's over fifty percent at this point the central bank has said the economy is shrinking so they find that the only way really the only thing they could do at this point is to get all of this to eat as much as possible as often as possible to come to the congress are the representatives to the parliament and shout what they believe is true and that is that these people do not represent them they do not understand their grievances or worries and they are doing nothing in order to help just common spaniards. who live to madrid now let's talk to journalist and right to go and very good if she would go things take time to be with this so small protests start should and the general
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strike planned in spain is not going to influence the government's budget decisions in any way though well i don't think the government feels pretty confident because they have a large majority in parliament and now they are emboldened by success they have you know regional elections which is not really a very representative region actually a stronghold of the of the ruling people's party but as i say bolt on them so no i don't think they are going to listen to the street where the prime minister is the truces he told the spanish senate today did need that the budget deficit targets could maybe be used but he won't give up on the. commitments to cut can actually do two things like that can he can commit himself to that well there is that the problem those deficit targets are impossible to meet everybody knows that so the government is counting on the e.u. to ease their star gets now the problem is that isn't it time it's just mean that
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the government is going to ease it's a seventy policy is in fact the e.u. has. extraordinary said that spain is doing too much is doing more than the specter so let's say that we have in spain. a very a very much of an activist prime minister who volunteers more austerity then it's neither it by the creditor quite an extraordinary thing i really despite some reports saying too much nonetheless moody's unimpressed moody's is graded four of spades regions including catalonia the country's wealthiest region as it is how much of a blow for spain is that. well it's indeed a blow it must be said that these regions do not. do not collect their own taxes so you know way whether they have a deficit or not depends on the central government and that is the reason why catalonia in particular is now clearly asking for nothing less than the candidates because they think that if they are downgraded to be they if they have these huge
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deficits they have is because there is a fiscal imbalance that there is that they are treated unfairly by the central government and i use another crisis that is quite a serious one because what we're talking about the world of the survival of spain as a united country i just turned twenty third of october what are your thoughts about whether spain will eventually ask for a bailout lot of people saying it's still almost inevitable and it could the eurozone evaluate if it did well it is inevitable but it's clear the first some problem or several different problems first of all the spanish government doesn't want to ask for the bailout. in there in the conditions that are offered because that would mean even more austerity over their cities are these already here and you see the protests in the streets they could it could spiral out of control and then on the other hand now there is something new and is that germany is not keen on spain asking for the bailout because that could open the way for what is known
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as mr drug use ice cream varies. by the european central bank to buy in and then limited quantities of bonds from the spanish debt the germans doesn't want to date on that and so they want to block the only way to block that he says spain not asking for the bailout so unless all these things are solved well it will take still a few weeks but yes i think ultimately spain will go for the bailout will go from sort of the program to the spanish journalist and writer on the live from madrid. the final u.s. presidential t.v. debate puts barack obama in the lead according to most polls but analysts are left but told while the candidate similarity details on that just ahead. it's perched atop a jar drug and a view from the tobolsk stretches as far as the eye can see. for
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a city to all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed but a chance i bear in railway but the a spiritual center. seems like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of orthodox worshippers of them selves and blessid water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. it doesn't matter if it's minus thirty it's a siberian tradition i do it myself every year for everyone to overcome their worst fears it is desirable to take the plunge. but that's a picture postcard church is the story of a city built by opportunist explorers political exiles and crafty fur traders.
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in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslim. surrounded by enemies to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the location head of the says for the russians the. tabasco is one of the most popular places to send his tickle to santas not any people were exiled that once a giant bell that was used to incite riots was supposed to set a three hundred ten. the russian heiress across who led a revolt against an eight hundred twenty five known as the decemberists will stand here and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also served up some
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bitter irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office world tsar nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here and they led a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves was leading this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thoughts of a scape but within the year bizarre and his family would be dead. never again its political significance but the streets will always echo with a glorious past that will likely provide a livelihood for some habitants in the future.
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this is a guy from moscow and we came out fighting in an approach that paid off for most poles apparently but still there president obama failed to deal his republican rival a decisive blow to in the final pre-election faceoff obama took romney to task over his inexperience in global matters for stressing his own foreign policy achievements was going to shoot you can reports now the way the candidates actually view america's role of the world stage isn't actually that different. this debate showed that the candidates agree on a lot of things on some issues they were almost in sync with one another even using the same words it seemed the occasional big ring that happened between them was more for the sake of the debate rather than about real differences in the policies that they propose on iran for example they couldn't agree more with each other they were absolutely on the same page with regards to crippling sanctions on iran with
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regards to backing israel they were saying exactly the same things but president obama did say something interesting you said you think against the premature military action against iran governor romney's a vase if response to the same question suggested that he doesn't want to go there either he said i don't want to get into a hypothetical so then on of get is that governor romney showed himself as an added we could of the president's policy is there he said that he thinks the surge was successful that as the president of the united states he too would bring the troops home in twenty fourteen something that president obama says he's going to do on syria though they both agree that the u.s. should get outside and make sure that the next government in syria is friendly to the united states they both agreed although they did disagree on whether or not the u.s. should give them some heavy weapons to the rebels in syria that's what governor romney suggested whereas president obama at least seems to recognize the complexity of the situation on the ground take a listen for us to get more entanglement militarily in syria is
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a serious stuff and we have to do so making absolutely certain that we know who we are helping the we're not putting arms in the hands of folks who eventually could turn them against us or our allies in the region to a more general point governor romney kept using the word opportunity when talking about the revolutions in the middle east and north africa when talking about syria and it's very telling of the foreign policy that he's suggesting is very opportunistic with regards to syria he basically said that the u.s. should take advantage of the. crisis in syria to deliver a defeat to syria's an opportunity for us because syria plays an important role the middle east particular right now syria is iran's only ally in the arab world it's their route to the sea it's the route for them to arm hezbollah in lebanon which threatens of course our ally israel and so seeing syria remove assad is a very high priority for us the candidates did mention russia on a few occasions although there was no specific question about russia of course that
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hot mike moment came up the one between president obama and the marshes this spring when the u.s. president suggested that he would be more flexible to discuss america's missile defense plans in europe after the election and for that remark the president has come under an avalanche of criticism in washington criticism that came down to this basically how dare you be flexible with the russians or want to talk to them about security issues and governor romney during this debate has made a similar point of clear eyes on this i'm not going to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to russia or mr putin and i'm certainly not going to say to him i'll give you more flexibility you have to election after election you'll get more backbone the missile defense shield in europe is a longstanding sore point in the relations between the two countries moscow suggested many times resolving the issue by building the shale together but to no avail the only response russia has been getting from this administration was don't worry it's not against you but then they listen to candidate romney who calls
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russia an enemy and virtually election every statement on russia that candidate romney has made so far has actually played into the concerns that moscow has with regards to this schildt because russia then says ok president obama we believe you but what if maybe not this year but four years from now so along with the mindset of governor romney is alike to president how is he or she going to use those military bases so close to the washroom borders because that chilled is not a four year project it's a long running thing and despite this administration's more forthcoming official latitude they should still stands. you can call an r.t. america or helping third party candidates their views with big picture host tom hartman god in your long. this presidential election is not just about obama and romney there are also third party candidates on the ticket and they will influence its outcome see
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a debate among this nation's major third party candidates right here on our t.v. like over twenty third. of the stories we're crossfire tonight turkey promotes itself as a regional leader in freedom but he front to imprison more germs than china on a run now in america media watchdogs exposed turkey as the world's leading jailer of importance of criticize the government we covered that story online. sunday on the calendar exactly ten years on from the moscow fear to save the left one hundred thirty dead after you don't call this go first time the counts from survivors in his victims' relatives on a website. we want to help response time to touch is business newsroom either run spread to stop oil exports of pressure from the west gets any tougher than you absolutely and it's the latest in
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a series of threats from tehran but it doesn't seem to work crude is lower the sour traders basically focus on bigger problems like the global economy and it's some pact on the oil demand rather than on a wrong now when it comes to equities wall street is having a pretty grof day worse than expected earnings which you say you want to report it and ninety eight percent drop in profits here in russia the markets ended the day with heavy losses more than to what a quarter percent for the r.t.s. you can see the ruble close the lower to the currency basket the euro this hour is trading we've heard to the u.s. dollar as you can see right there over in europe equities deep in depth one week low on tuesday same old problems in the euro zone. and just when corporate results and that's pretty much all the latest from the business desk here we love you but with us tomorrow not tomorrow oh ok shall wait to see was there that right
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financial fallout ahead as well here in our reports on air after this quick break. sigrid laboratory to mccurdy was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. he won't come to the. cricket so we are cowards this month the moon is the center of our universe the tides are forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and hundreds of batteries can store energy discover
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a new era of clean power driven by the moon technology update here on r.g.p. we've got the future of. what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the iran tightrope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads the two parties still dictate will there be chained to a selection of clothes guy if they are to beginning of two or twenty second.
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north almost terrorist attack. next hostages blunders into their lives and after the tragedy. still gives try to cross over the past. because their future. be ready. to go.
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back staffs are welcome to the kaiser report and march another black day for the banking industry oh wait i say day i meant decades banks or so have been very busy crashing global markets defrauding investors mr pallies and taxpayers ripping off the elderly reading global interest rates overthrowing governments and sponging off the taxpayer. these ever get the sense that soft love for bank stars just isn't working stacy herbert. max kaiser from that list this sounds like it's not
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but you know who the tough love this for cameron it's time to mug oh goody david cameron will distance hug a hoodie image on law and order tomorrow and promised to seek retribution against law breakers he mentioned nothing about the pinstripe wearing a hoodie right he said that red retribution is not a dirty word says david cameron referring to those who he sees in society as being lawbreakers and yobs and yet the city of london who sponsors david cameron is rife with yobs he is in fact king of the obs david cameron he should be aware he's king of the chads and king of the he should be wearing one of those burberry caps backwards and walk around number ten downing street of cordingley because he's a gangster bangsar supporter he says retribution is not
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a dirty word but he's lying there because he is the one that tells us it's time to stop bashing banks toure's yeah well i think it's time to dig in and bass some banks are in a way where you choke off from the source the evil elements that are corrupting society you say there is at the head of the river of corruption is before the four horses of the paper apocalypse barclays h.s.b.c. lloyds and royal bank of scotland those are the four horsemen of the paper apocalypse david cameron they're coming to town and you're there in your shabby burberry outfit by the way side by the roadside going yo yo i'm david cameron only you know what you need to get serious my man bro if you understand that you know just forget about the plugs worry about the frickin hole of cos coming down the pike from the baxters. well once they're in opposition then i'm sure you'll see
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some concern from the likes of david cameron about the banks for yobs but right now in opposition is labor ed miliband to demand f a x. faster on mis sold swaps ed miliband is going to ask the financial services authority otherwise known as the financial conduct authority why more is not being done to help the victims of swaps didn't mention about the fact that we should seek retribution against the banks stores the missile the swaps it is to go deeper further harder ed miliband to give up his missed selling stuff you need to identify that this is a fraudulent sales conducted by financial tourists and act accordingly. well here's what the government is concerned about remember now at the top of the show we said david cameron says we need to seek retribution against hoodies so here is according to this article in the telegraph is what the government is.


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