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no way i'll probably see. the former libyan dictator stronghold is said to be sliding towards a humanitarian catastrophe. and america's wars and take the influence of big money out of politics the presidential candidates forced into the front lines or to get their voices heard in a t.v. debate aired by our team. and as you can health workers threatened to strike over pay also is a spate of negligence cases shines a spotlight on poor patient care. thank
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you for joining our team this wednesday with me karen. obama will lead in libya is said to be fast approaching a humanitarian disaster with no sign of the long siege of the city being resolved almost three weeks on all supply routes remain cut off with reports of dozens of people being killed by pro-government shelling some of the pictures impulse leaders report are graphic and upsetting. the siege of bani walid has been on the go for almost three weeks now and in the last week alone dozens of people have been killed and injured in the clashes between pro-government forces and bani walid fighters there are reports circulating that quote a libyan militia leader who says that the situation is under control and that the city has been cleared of gadhafi loyalists we are hearing the opposite from our sources on the ground they say that the situation is deteriorating by the minute
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we've also been receiving as of yet verified photographs and videos that show dead dismembered bodies as well as slain children and also the alleged chemical weapon which we are hearing from doctors on the scene as well as eyewitnesses on the ground that many people are suffering from toxic gas poisoning and this doesn't line up with as of yet unconfirmed reports we've been receiving of the gas shells being fired at the local population they are using machinery you moralists you. know. guys again it's just a few people children and no. good evening we would know you want to know want to. save our family. i got this time to make it work that. no one can stop them and they have unlimited money. while for many
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libyans since the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi was slain their lives have not changed anything for some it has deteriorated we are hearing from a number of people on the ground who say that for all his faults the one thing that gadhafi did bring the country was stability and there are a lot of mean parallels that are not been made between his regime and the current reign gadhafi for example was charged with using chemical weapon we are hearing the same kind of charges being made at the ruling regime at the same time going. duffey was embroiled in mass executions we've been hearing from human rights watch expose ase of atrocities as well as we look quietens that have been carried out separate to this we're also hearing reports of double standards from many in the international community people saying that on the one hand the waste is quick to criticize the regime of the syrian president bashar assad like they did with that of gadhafi but when you see the same kind of atrocities being carried out now in by
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me why did the international community is quiet so this is raising alarm bells russia's diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve the conflict involving waleed are deadlocked after the u.s. proposed a blocked a draft proposal rather at the u.n. security council the details from archies were reported on a new new york. the u.s. and western countries did not back the russian drafted press statement they said that they were they cited the need for further consultations now the russian envoy to the u.n. for telly churkin says in the aftermath of last month's deadly attack in benghazi that killed four americans it's quite surprising that the u.s. would be blocking a statement that is condemning the use of violence in dealing with libya's political problems embassador churkin says it's very strange and the behavior of the u.s. delegation with respect to the russian. press statement in this situation is hard to rationally explain now this russian draft security council press statement on
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bani walid expressed grave concern about the escalation of violence in and around the city in particularly the reports of growing civilian casualties including children the statement also called the living authorities to take urgent steps to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and to preserve the rights of all libyan citizens in the statement also stressed the need to promote national reconciliation inclusive political dialogue in libya it was quite surprising to many of us journalists that were at the u.n. stakeout to find that there was no agreement made on this this russian draft press statement that essentially condemns this violence violence that began in the beginning of october and we see is escalating but these conversations will clearly continue in the days to come after accusing colonel gadhafi of committing crimes against his people the u.s. wasted little time intervening in libya last year joseph chang political analyst
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from hong kong city university things washington is contradicting itself by blocking efforts to mediate a peaceful solution. it is certainly a case all hypocrisy and that will stand. whatever one's assessments of the motivations of russia the concern flow through many terrorism obvious the. authority over the national interest and the united states' influence in libya the united states certainly believes libya is very much in this ok or you know pocket of the united states and its major nato allies certainly wants to be in full control of the libyan situation. and oil interests one of the considerations and it does not want to see intervention into few rinses from other countries especially from russia bring america us foreign
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wars to a close withdraw corporate cash from politics and stop indefinite detention all election promises but not ones you'll find in the manifestos of barack obama or mitt romney there are other names on the ballot in the u.s. presidential election and are to help them air their views by broadcasting an alternative live debate aren't you going to care has been listening in. the four alternative candidates who were debating this tuesday night in chicago did raise a number of issues that were never even touched upon in the debates between mitt romney and barack obama there was a lot of critique of course they discuss money in politics their claim is that washington was bought and paid for by special interests they discuss the indefinite detention of americans see as the president obama's sign something that the two party candidates never talk about during the major debates and here is joel science remarks on the issue she's the nominee from the green party. trail of our
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civil liberties that the president has assumed dictatorial rights to put us in prison at his pleasure without charge or without trial among other things sweeping powers of the patriot act also something that you don't hear much about in the mainstream media the crackdown on whistleblowers by the obama administration and of course the military judging by their remarks he could very well understand why they are outsiders in this watch and all of them were saying the u.s. should stop military intervention and all of them do not see much difference between barack obama and mitt romney especially on foreign policy take a listen we're going to find ourselves with the continued heightened police state in this country we're going to find ourselves continuing to militarily intervene in the world which result has resulted in hundreds of millions of enemies to this country that wouldn't otherwise exist we know the republican democrats some differences but both of them morphed into a military square produced anti-democratic force that has betrayed.
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human and civil rights these candidates are going to be on balance but not in all states they were also talking about how hard it is for an independent candidate to get on those ballots in the u.s. that every state has its own intricate rules lots of signatures and that essentially it requires a lot of money to get on the ballot and all of these candidates know they don't stand a chance to win this election but as larry king the moderator of this debate said that their voices may not be counted on november the sixth but they deserve to be heard. before taking the stage third party candidates talked to apollo the event organizers and thom hartmann have the big picture here on our team he says the debate is opening the eyes of many voters and could shape the future of the nation's political system rather than changing political outcomes right now in this election cycle is it might get enough but particularly young people interested and
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involved in the political process that movement politics will bring about that change might take you know years of might take decades but i think that this is the sort of thing that begins and if we were to structurally change the electoral system in the united states if we were to require the media to carry free fair and open debates if we were to publicly funded candidates if we were to ban political advertising these are things that are done in many of the major democracies and so the world right now then i think it would be possible for these third party candidates to be remain true to their values and. have you know a successful electoral effort but as long as they are u.s. supreme court continues to assert that money it's is the same thing as speech that it's not property and corporations are not legal fictions that they're actually people it's going to be damn ard.
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georgia's president is to blame for the war with russia over supper thirty four years ago so says the leader of the country's newly elected ruling party lot of parties tom are now from the details. down so to ministers always blame to moscow for starting the war why this major change now. well georgia's prime minister in waiting bidzina ivanishvili who's opposition movement won in recent elections stood up in front of the georgian parliament under tact his opponent mikhail saakashvili and his party for provoking the two thousand and eight war over south ossetia calling it a grand provocation he addressed directly saakashvili m p's saying you are to blame for the current damaged relations with russia and that the americans and europeans recognize this. he went on to say that he does consider south asserted to be part
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of georgian territory but he's also hopeful for the future that maybe not tomorrow maybe not the day after but eventually these states or sisters of south are certain and also are scars yes that you another territory which was contested which can be agreed with russia and relations could then improve. the casualty figures for the five day war which started in august two thousand and eight range from the hundreds to over a thousand it started when georgian troops attacked the territory of south or setia russia then responded to protect its citizens living there and pushed the georgians out shortly afterwards russia recognize the independence of both south a settler and our cause you. are right our live from moscow developments are teens tom barton thankful. a deadly medical error has sent shock waves through people's trust in britain's healthy. service. we trust we trust
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a bit every word all i can think of any other word janay said this month also a catalogue of federal flaws in the u.k.'s health care system just as the government increasingly turns its back on doctors and nurses we were for sure. while the government in spain is accused of turning on the nation's most vulnerable with thousands protesting against more costs set out for next year all this just ahead. as his day starts at five am even earlier in the winter tending to his flock of story hundred sheep in the mountains and plains of t.v. thirty five years old it wasn't the life he dreamt of having studied accounting but he dition unfamiliar duty dictated that he would take on the care of these animals
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after his father. has just made camp at their winter farm stage setting up his ute the traditional two fenian round tent made of disc ins he's pleased to be back amongst his family as his job is a lonely one and tough going out in all weathers braving extremes of plus to minus forty degrees celcius says there are still there are certain difficulties there's not enough time for everything i'm almost alone my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and i miss mountains when i'm in town and i spend a lot of time here right now probably sort all most of us is simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's half the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into the industry now and it's really fit their could dial it all together. it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but they were no good they didn't take care of the sheep with all their
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heart they hurt the cattle. with people leaving them coming to the countryside the regions government is having to act making the life of the herd a more attractive than promising. to do so and lie still and organizing cooperatives for the sale of de products to ensure the herd it gets a higher fair price i sympathize with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life stay in the public's capital. but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pastoral way of life and looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm with more time on his hands he says matter of fact he can start to look for a new wife. welcome back to our two with me. british health workers are threatening
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a walkout over the government's spending cuts unions say they're enduring a two year pay freeze which could be extended as well as an increased workload all of which is ruining medical staff morale what's more i mean national health service is already losing the trust of the people it serves as polly boycott now reports. clearly in agony but in supposedly safe hands in hospital that's what janine harvey says distort when she came down with severe hit pain last december despite over forty visits to doctors in three different hospitals janine cervical cancer went on diagnosed bombing in the city hospital doctors here failed to spot to mean hobbies cancer not once but twice all the hospitals missed it too exposing parts of the barren. that led to the death of the thirty three year old mother of four just months later her family now say they want to name the story to be heard so that
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others can avoid a similar traits at one point doctors even suggested that jeanine's excruciating pain was all in her mind but her post-mortem examination showed that a cancerous tumor had grown so large inside her that it had shattered her pelvic bone janine's family gets upset when people ask why they didn't pay for costly private care you know. is that you know why would we need to go private we felt we trust them we trusted their every word janine isn't the only patient to be failed by the n.h.s. some around perhaps six percent of deaths in hospitals. something has happened that potentially was avoidable and has potentially contributed to that that's one thousand patients a month a recent study by the national institute of health research says that one patient
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in ten is affected by potentially serious medical errors half of whom die as a result such as twenty two year old cane gorney she died from dehydration from a combination of misdiagnosis and what the coroner called the incompetence of n.h.s. star it's definitely a problem that patients are repeatedly coming to us with. reporting face. similar to that which happened to. the n.h.s. trust responsible for janine's care says we are extremely sorry for any distress calls to the family we can understand the need for on says and this is what our internal investigation process is about examining what lessons there ought to be learnt and making changes if there's. anything that needs to be changed janine's family are now turning their tragedy into forming a charity to give other people with complicated medical conditions a chance to get
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a second medical opinion privately before it's too late it's impossible for so many individual consultants to to make so many errors it must be the ceased it must be some major major or the lack of communication. negligence is leaving someone you know bent on knowing it's all i can't think of any other word for. months now alter. boy r t london. but it seems blowing the whistle can land you in prison especially for a former cia agent who revealed the torture of suspected terrorists he's been sentenced to two and a half years in prison as we report online. and who is this phantom football fan a strange figures spotted among celebrating porto fans on a photo taking during
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a away for a champions league match. anger over spanish austerity and deepens as thousands marched out to stop the government from imposing fresh cuts next year's budget will slash benefits further and leave even more of the population on the breadline our two reports from madrid. protests like this one are becoming something of a regularity in spain in fact we're being told told by people here that there are over eighty protests happening in madrid alone so there are hundreds happening all over the country now spain yours are highly dissatisfied with the way their government has been dealing with trying to solve the financial crisis in the country they're saying that the representatives who are sitting in the parliament are not representing the people who are standing here but their problems are not being even thought about in the parliament now one of these people worried about they're worried about the social programs first and foremost health care education aid for the elderly they are also worried about the fact that spain has one of the
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highest unemployment rates in the european union which is about twenty five percent it has the highest youth unemployment rate which is that over fifty percent right now now the international agency moody's has downgraded four of spain's regions including catalonia which is the richest regions in spain considering the fact that the country is going through its second recession in three years and with this downgrade right now with the central bank saying that spain's economy is shrinking and again with the unemployment going up we can we can assume that it's not long before spain is going to officially ask for a bailout it hasn't done it yet there is no nothing definite no different from nation but it does seem like spain is edging closer towards that point battered by cuts analysts predict spain could soon be the next economy burdened with an e.u. bailout but journalist and writer miguel entre model says prime minister mariano who is seems happy to push austerity to its limits. those deficit targets are
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impossible to meet everybody knows that so the government is counting on the e.u. to establish star gets now the problem is that isn't it targets doesn't mean that the government is going to ease. this in fact the e.u. has quite a extraordinary said that spain is doing too much is doing more than dyspeptic so let's say that we have in spain. a very a very much of an activist prime minister who volunteers more austerity than it's needed by the creditors quite an extraordinary thing i really now there's something new and is that germany is not keen on spain asking for the bailout because that would open the way for what is known as mr drug use ice cream that is a schema by the european central bank to buy in and limited quantities of bonds from the spanish debt the germans doesn't want that they don't want that and so they want to block the only way to block that he said spain not asking for the bailout so unless all these things are solved well it will take still
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a few weeks but yes i think ultimately spain will go for the bailout. time for more of the world's news in brief for this hour syria's rebels could soon be using u.s. made anti-aircraft weapons russia says the armed opposition now has some serious american foreign power at its disposal which washington authorities are yet to confirm meanwhile the u.n. envoy to syria says the government there has agreed to a cease fire during the four day muslim. and will design for sure on thursday. israeli air force has reportedly fired on gaza killing at least for hamas people two explosions struck the city in the latest series of air strikes in the region it's the second straight day of raids by israelis military tel aviv claims the offensive was in response to rocket attacks from the palestinian side of the strikes following a visit by the emir of qatar to the blockaded enclave the first arab leader to do so. a sudanese weapons production plant has been set ablaze after
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a massive explosion several people had to go to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation when the fire spread over a wide area the blaze has since been put out now and investigations underway into what calls the initial explosion. deadly protests have forced power the most president to backtrack on a law to sell state owned land near the panama canal three people have died in the clashes since friday another fifty were detained on monday tenants fear the sell off will read jobs and income nirvana a lucrative waterway they're offering to pay more rent instead so that the money can be used to tackle what's good. let's get some business news now with katie's soviet domination of the free global ratings agencies could become a thing of the past yeah that's right yet carrying several rating agencies from different countries all joining forces to create a global competitor to the u.s.
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banks by such it's a fit and s.m.p. sound imposed on the new race they be fully independent represented any culturally or individual business great nazis nicole. there are only three credit ratings agencies with global reach moody's standard and poor's and fitch and they are all american and some would say subject to the same kinds of rules street bias all three have had a bad financial crisis failing to predict in two thousand and eight the imminent downturn at the time they were giving the highest possible credit rating to securities sociate with the us housing market prompted the crisis they also failed to spot what was going on in iceland shortly before it collapsed and as recently as two thousand and nine moody's was saying that investor can sense about greece but perhaps misplaced but despite this less than stellar track record a new global agency is not going to have it all its own way it will need to
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establish its own credibility and this can only be done by showing long term accurate and reliable analysis and that is going to take some time. now stay with the top like the chairman of russia's day and day like nagin says that the new agency could change existing schema giving writings and make it more reliable. do you know that's the problem of raising agencies is that the money they make comes from the companies they rate and that could lead to a conflict of interest i think the only do is to create an agency that will get funding elsewhere ideally agencies should be paid by the ones who are interested in the credit worthiness of their potential investments in that case the rating will be lex prejudice. ok and just to be sure just to clarify let's get on to the russian market them because they are indeed climbing but it's also taking a bit of
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a bashing in the previous session she want to mention the process that she gave despite credit agency moody's we've just been chatting about them putting russia's energy giant on review not because of the wrist and debts involved also posting to this way the russian revolver is managing to get even a phone. time of in the last few weeks or so the euro is just a last off of the manufacturing data for the whole of the euro area contracts here with germany falling to a two month low but despite that we've got the equity markets actually continuing to gay and that's does this still reeling from encouraging chinese data that came out earlier on in the session ok now that is how business works now we talked to middle east expert professor against a man about the conflict in syria what impact the ousting of saddam regime could have on the region stay with us for that.
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you know fashionable side. radioactive fallout and betrayal. and clawed and clawed and clawed how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was a very bright to the servicemen concerned who will give them no problem protection and to the people of this country generally because all right you know like the
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full. the secrets of the tests. will come into the. prison cell were cowards this month to move is the center of our universe the tides of forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage brand new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and batteries can store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the mood. here on r.g.p. the future of. the new super secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build most sophisticated robot.


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