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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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stop hiring government employees if you lay people off if the government invests less then obviously social care systems will suffer unemployment will go up people without jobs will consume less they will stop driving and so on companies will sell less trade will decrease as a result the budget will receive less money from taxes the fuel tax corporate tax the value added tax so it is very possible that there will be an even greater budget deficit even though government spending was cut now with the economic crisis and golf in europe france has also been shaken dramatically you've mentioned that stat is an enormous budget deficit is to be in this situation how dangerous is this situation actually and when and why it all went wrong and who's responsibility or whose fault is all this problems that could emerge the problem is that the french people were robbed of all their major powers in the area of economic fiscal and budgetary policy taxation diplomacy and military policy all these powers were
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transferred to someone else. and may ask who are these people those are there is the european commission in brussels the european central bank in frankfurt it handles the euro so this institution also pushes policies that lead to recession and finally nato and the i.m.f. which is based in washington d.c. they also impose financial diplomatic and military policies on all european countries a good example is the european approach to the situation in the middle east the syrian crisis it's very good that you mentioned syria and libya let's discuss a little bit france's foreign policy at the time of nicolas sarkozy the arab spring has just started and france has actually played has been very much involved and has played a central role in the libyan crisis what role does france play in the syrian crisis today as you recall. this is a difficult question because the coverage has been mainly. one sided
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a few years ago nobody had a serious problem with the assad regime the syrian president was invited by nicolas sarkozy to attend fresh national day celebrations but somehow he is now the devil incarnate i am not trying to defend the assad regime but we get all our reports from the syrian observatory for human rights basically two people in london presenting only one side of the conflict first of all i think the countries must observe international law and international law prohibits interference in the internal affairs of a foreign state so the first thing we need to do is to make sure that other countries don't interfere with the situations in syria and libya france no doubt has sided with the opposition but what kind of opposition is it that the opposition that enjoys wide support and sufficient funding it gets arms from saudi arabia qatar and nato countries and the u.s. in particular as such the current situation can be described as external aggression against a sovereign regime not
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a civil war i think that the french government is biased i don't think it's trying to resolve this crisis in earnest despite a new government coming to power the wall and replace our cozy no major diplomatic changes occurred the reason is what i've already mentioned france is a member of both nato and the e.u. so every decision has already been made for us the new government should reassess the situation and said we will look into this again alas the foreign minister mr fab you said exactly the same as his predecessor mr assad has to step down and on what grounds can we make this demand look at what is happening in libya what's been happening in iraq since the so-called western intervention in these countries are now hotbeds of islamism where christians are persecuted that iraq is a striking example hardly any christians live in iraq under saddam hussein they made up almost thirteen percent of the population what will happen to syria if we continue down this path the country might fall. part into emirates like libya into
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smaller hotbeds of instability like somalia sudan iraq or afghanistan. do you think france fredricka siddur its foreign policy on the you know. of course france should take a neutral stance and sees this policy of double standards remember the pussy riot case which stirred massive outrage in the west with western media calling russia a dictatorship but had similar to any sleep protests were raging in battering a tiny kingdom in the gulf seven protesters were sentenced to life in prison you see a life sentence is different to say the least from a two year sentence or pussy riot and all those bahrainis did was take part in a political protest but nobody in the west spoke of that because the u.s. fifth fleet is based in bahrain that country is protected by nato and this can no longer be tolerated and i believe that france should revert to its traditional policy of restoring justice in international relations this is the role we should play instead of taking sides about. what has the new french president brought to
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people runs. through mr all and got elected on promises he cannot keep it's a simple as that so what is going to happen is what's already happening mr owens does not have the resources he needs to change policies imposed by brussels the european commission or european central bank his election victory was a result of a misunderstanding and a few months into his term the french have already started to feel angry and i'm willing to bet my last dollar and please note i'm not at all happy about it that in a few months time the political situation in france is going to become very problematic is it going to stay like that is will status quo remain of holes debates and criticism of the european system are not allowed in france legally you do have such a right but in reality you don't it's as if it never existed it is prohibited for all major french mass media outlets. many french political parties criticize the
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e.u. decisions coming from brussels that normal democratic logic would be to discuss whether we should continue to be a part of this political structure or not our party is the first to offer its citizens the political possibility to step out of the european system to pull out of the treaty and by the way it is legally possible as article fifty of the e.u. treaty allows it but i should say that since creating this party i have run into major difficulties in advocating my position in major newspapers and french media outlets that the union only grows even though it's not functioning any longer switzerland and norway are not e.u. members and they are better off than other european countries furthermore inside the e.u. sweden denmark and the czech republic are not part of the eurozone and they are fairing better than eurozone members there is no reason to believe that things will worsen if we pull out of the e.u. and the eurozone ok another dollar a fan of the european union but what future you see it having. i am sure its future
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is bleak in any case people are now turning away from it for example fifty five percent of french voters opposed to the european constitution in a two thousand and five referendum but instead of saying ok our people are against it we need to have a real discussion to find out whether we really want to move closer to disaster we forced the european constitution on the people the case was far from democratic it's going overboard because i understand you say that the european union is the biggest threat for france but can france actually resolve its economic problems without european union. when you know the e.u. is aggravating our problems and not solving them but first of all every year france pours twenty one billion euro into the e.u. budget and the e.u. gives us from seven to fourteen billion back it means that every year we lose seven billion euro spent on funding you operational work or financial institutions that provide aid for easter. countries secondly if we leave the eurozone we will be able
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to determine our monetary policy on our own again to set interest and exchange rates none of which we can do now. thirdly people think that the e.u. makes a stronger but in what way. there aren't any examples of joint manufacturing projects that have been successful thanks to the e.u. many people believe that airbus an area on space launchers were the result of e.u. cooperation but that's completely wrong these projects are international and i support international cooperation there is also a moral aspect to the european integration crisis people understand that they can't control the process anymore we just need to take the power to determine our own future back into our hands and then more our will improve. you also known as a harsh critic of another membership of france's membership in nato why. nato
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was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine to counterbalance the soviet union does the soviet union still exist no moreover nato is engaged in the afghan war at the moment if you know what nato means nato stands for north atlantic treaty organization does afghanistan border the atlantic region nato has become a military alliance which is trying to impose its rules on the entire planet france has always been known to stand up to empires men on again let's not change the subject completely. provocative low budget u.s. made movie insulting islam has provoked into western protests throughout community all around the globe france is home to the biggest muslim community in the western europe around five million people is there anything here that they too could be inflamed ripples. i think that it's quite possible that some french muslims are shocked and rightly so i believe most of them are shocked i don't. it can lead to
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mass demonstrations though but since you mentioned it i'd like to elaborate on the issue personally i'm shocked that in western philosophy there's a will to confuse freedom of expression with obvious insults to other religions i think this is all part of the course that i disapprove of it's not only about islam you know what happened in russia with the widely covered pussy riot case it's not only about freedom of expression there are agencies organizations anglo-saxon power groups that are behind it poor thing or oil on the flames i can see that freedom of expression is regarded differently in different countries here in france we use what we call two sets of standards is often becomes a target for criticism but muslims themselves don't criticize other religions they don't do it because of one simple religious tenet moses and jesus are also considered prophets so muslims don't do that however there are some taboo topics in france which are never subject to criticism so before making any conclusions you need to find out who is behind all this we do have the right to advocate atheism or
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agnosticism but that's not what we see here it's something different someone is trying to sow seeds of discord and unrest poor oil on the flames on purpose with political and geo political motives in mind. it's perched atop a giant rock and the view from the tobolsk prevalent stretches as far as the eye can see up for a city that chilled all of siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed but a chance i bear in railway but the a spiritual center.
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seems like these are a yearly occurrence thousands of orthodox worshippers of them selves and blessid water to commemorate the baptism of jesus. it doesn't matter if it's minus thirty it's a siberian tradition i do it myself every year for everyone to overcome their worst fears it is desirable to take the plunge. but that's picture postcard churches the story of a city built by opportunist explorers political exiles and crafty fur traders. in the fifteen eighties the russians had only just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies to ball supposed to be their stronghold constructed on top of the city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian
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fire was the oil of its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the location head of the says for the russians. to moscow's one of the most popular places to send political dissent is not any people were exiled that once a giant bell that was used to incite riots was supposed to set a three hundred ten. the russian heiress across who led a revolt against the eighteen twenty five known as the decemberists will stand here and drove. there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also serves up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution. this is the office was nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life his whole family had been exiled here they led a fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves
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leading this ordinary normal countryside lifestyle they even had thought of escape but within the year bizarre and his family would be dead. never again its political significance but the streets will always go with a glorious past. like you provide the livelihood for some habitants in the future. will do the trick. for good solar power this must move is the center of our universe the tides are forever while the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods life costs as well as environmental damage brain new turbines
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boost efficiency will to simplify design and who needs batteries lakes can store energy discover a new air clean power driven by the moon. here on r.g.p. we've got the future of. the top stories and i'll see in the bin officials claimed they control bonnie twenty's the last tub of gadhafi supporting the country and our fourth of dozens of civilian victims after a three week siege needed to cries for an international rescue. separatist regions across europe are lining up to form a scotland's example which agreed independence referendum was among the things for asian found first how ground it made them growing outrage over the economic crisis and. the insults to stand we see. that our special coverage of the you are the presidential race the focus on foreign policy and what the pentagon pulls the moving through the ranks of a cyber pearl harbor. those are the headlines remind us you know what this sport.
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thank you to hello and welcome to this is work with me on cost and here's what's coming up. third signs a charm since he called champions league game week three with victory over odds are that their first win of the campaign. has stepped closer maria sharapova and serena williams qualified for the semifinals of the season ending the w.c. championship in turkey. and breaking through a younger russian amateur footballer is given a shot at fresh career. as gets a football first the second night's all the champions league action this week kicks off in st petersburg on of wednesday's elite or aiming to follow in the footsteps
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of fellow russian side sports uk and claim their first win at sir three attempts on the side standing in their way and protesting monks and minutes up north sydney's have reignited their continental quest just the one goal of the patrol few stadium and it came from the penalty spot alexander terry mcauliffe who the slotting home eighteen minutes from sign so one knows the final score meaning the russian champions league brought their opponents into third spot in group c. concert terrible start last sixteen football has now become exit and that's made before the challenge of places charges. and there was plenty of action elsewhere on the nights in these groups even managed to keep hold off the summits with the one nil win against melanne i.x. and manchester city now find themselves in third and fourth respectively in police following a three one victory for the home side in amsterdam while they're a group opponents dortmund took three points from real madrid in germany reality
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manager josie maurine of the banks that any team from the courts had can still make it to the next stage. is a very hard group. in this moment with this result there is still a gap between us and and the other two so when you will seven in six and there is a gap forces so three and one. and is a moment we and we are in the better situation to. to go but. why i can't. see the make ten points nine plus one they can make ten points. so i think cousin will have to think about do eleven. we feel. we told to be extremely offensive to attack lead to food banks now only works if you move very fast christiane and we're now the law is to hide in midfield so we didn't go on him closely he was so fast it
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was possible to defend at the speed he has but the most important thing today was to be brave and to defend well. here are the rest of wednesday's results a group of eight porto managed to keep their perfect record intact against kiev while another of the novel from croatia conceded. against your main and finally in group b. all of the course claimed their first win in three games against malta yet while arsenal could not hold their one hundred percent record after losing to a shot in london. we haven't played only to like we can afford us the big disappointment we haven't performed today. we like to be a comfort zone for whatever reasons but. it's a tough competition and they are a good side you know fun is they beat dortmund you know that we can them play really well so. there would have motive. to lie it is
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a link. really well we've won two games on the road we have seven points so i think i have to be happy now yes but there's still a long way to go well the way is not actually just three games but anyway still a lot of work to do. and let's move on to the consonance second most significant club event they were up a league where another two russian clubs are fighting for the title one is being who welcome as they are by john's next. on in the early match and the other is on gee who are facing european giants liverpool and england are in top form both at home mans in europe with seventeen when spray draws in just one point in their last twenty one game all competition. three players have been ruled out for the march with former chelsea player. and fellow midfielder today and it would be like a medal giving hiddink a major selection problem but the former barcelona and enter striker samuel it's
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all is expected in the starting eleven against liverpool top of the russian league while liverpool are down in twelfth place but hiddink still believes their home side are favorites. and you have to do to recognise that the premier league is one of the leading leagues in the world of football and although liverpool is not in the top three at this moment. they have as we have some experience players they know and they are going for this competition what i know as well to get further in europe. and that makes them favorites and not. it's already the third straight year that some of the world's most gifted football amateurs are given a unique chance to go professional this time around one of the top sixteen chosen from all over the globe is russian korea lots of the not who made it from zero to hero or are they on has the story. everyone's given
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a chance some take it others wasted and that's what separates winners from the losers good luck to fees the one who won the young russian relaunched his football career to reunite john's program seen tons of youngsters from all over the globe with no professional contracts early after a serious injury the eighteen year old had almost lost hope to return. for sure i try to come back and join spar talk look on what steve said turin sports schools but they weren't interested i was told i was too small they said to gain some weight and grow some muscles then try again if they like my skills but fitness has always been a priority for them. night jones gave love to another shot but he had to get through the local selection just one hundred hopefuls out of four thousand from across russia net up in my skills tests and games watched in assessed by pro
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coaches only four of them would be chosen to represent their country at the world finals in barcelona. i went there for nothing less but the victory i spent so many years playing football my parents helped me as much as they could but a year ago my dad lost faith in me as a player that was my motivation i had to win. with a global final being held in barcelona that was definitely in my favor i think i play a spanish style fast passing great vision good ball control that's my game and i think the coaches saw it in me training with the likes of him yes. and much drano putting his skills on show in one of the top one hundred contenders from all over the world and proving he had what it takes to make it to the last sixteen. of has already done that in style is good or lucky he's now set to embark on a world tour early next year with
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a chance to be signed by one of europe's top clubs at stake. myself and my teammates train with javier mascherano for a while frankly speaking i realize then even superstars were just human just like any of us and most of us could reach this level the gifted midfielder was once the night by some coaches in russia but he proved he deserved a second chance now it's time to take it to the next level but i think russia will do very well of the twenty world cup especially if they pay more attention to young and talented players. get elected has already learned one of the greatest lessons in life try not to waste the chances you are given and there will be very little you can the cheer. about well known r.t. . said it's now a year and championships in istanbul where
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a viral infection force that was droll defending champion patrick meat of all who will now be replaced by world number nine australian samantha stosur. i mean i never returned from the tournament. experience even then of the stress content cease. yeah i mean i don't like to be a rapper so. this separating her to. me action continued to ask of us exit from the servants and maria sharapova now tops the white one both of her own matches but mr abbas got the latest victim despite taking the first set against the russians seven five maria sharapova was two for down in the second but managed to battle back and take it seventy five as well for the same score the second straight day to be sure about that with serena williams in the semifinals. and sports as well but the big champion serena williams
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also claimed the second wind up championships with victory over french open champion big enough the american struggles for the simple seven sixty four weeks and through the second six weeks of leave her spot in istanbul semi's. while world number one victoria azarenka overcame angele kerber of germany six seven seven six six four it took the belorussian three hours and six minutes to edge her opponents and the victory moves a step closer to finish the year as world number one. and all the rubs eights is less than a couple of hours away but you can get more at any time when our you tube channel at r.t. sport news thank you for watching analyses and.
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more news today vorlon says once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations to rule the day . wealthy british style. markets why not so folks can. find out what's really happening to the global
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be written. what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage working the. pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads the two parties still dictate their future this election up close. to the fifty one artsy. the for.


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